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Le Lamentin
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
2012:00E 10NA Thunderstorm RainBKN032 BKN044 BKN052 SCT012CB BKN015TCU9075 63%NA101NANA
2011:30E 9NA Thunderstorm RainBKN031 BKN041 SCT012CB BKN015TCU9075 63%NA101NANA
2011:00E 9NA Showers RainBKN032 BKN041 BKN052 SCT018TCU SCT0259075 63%NA101NANA
2010:30E 8NA Showers RainBKN029 SCT018TCU SCT0258875 66%NA98NANA
2010:00E 7NA Showers RainBKN028 BKN041 SCT018TCU SCT0258875 66%NA98NANA
2009:30E 7NA Showers RainBKN025 BKN032 SCT018TCU SCT0258875 66%NA98NANA
2009:00E 7NA Showers RainSCT018 BKN026 BKN033 SCT018TCU SCT0258475 74%NA92NANA
2008:30E 6NA Showers RainFEW015 SCT027 SCT018TCU SCT0258477 79%NA94NANA
2008:00E 3NA Showers RainSCT018TCU SCT0258277 84%NA90NANA
2007:30Vrbl 17 G 29NA Thunderstorm RainSCT007 SCT010CB BKN014TCU8177 89%NA88NANA
2007:00Vrbl 17 G 29NA Thunderstorm RainSCT007 SCT010CB BKN014TCU7975 89%NA83NANA
2006:30Vrbl 17 G 29NA Thunderstorm RainSCT007 SCT010CB BKN014TCU7775 94%NA78NANA
2006:00SE 3NA Showers RainSCT012CB BKN015TCU7573 94%NANANANA
2005:30SE 5NA Showers RainSCT012CB BKN015TCU7573 94%NANANANA
2005:00E 2NA Showers RainSCT012CB BKN015TCU7573 94%NANANANA
2004:30SE 3NA Showers RainSCT012CB BKN015TCU7573 94%NANANANA
2004:00SE 3NA Showers RainBKN018TCU7573 94%NANANANA
2003:30Vrbl 3NA Showers RainSCT018 SCT034 BKN018TCU7573 94%NANANANA
2003:00SE 2NA Showers RainFEW014 SCT027 BKN018TCU7775 94%NA78NANA
2002:30SE 5NA Showers RainFEW014 BKN018TCU7775 94%NA78NANA
2002:00SE 3NA Showers RainBKN018TCU7773 89%NA78NANA
2001:30E 5NA Showers RainFEW015 SCT070 BKN090 SCT012CB BKN015TCU7773 89%NA78NANA
2001:00Vrbl 2NA Showers RainNA7773 89%NA78NANA
2000:30Vrbl 2NA Showers RainNA7773 89%NA78NANA
2000:00N 6NA Showers RainSCT012CB BKN015TCU7773 89%NA78NANA
1923:30NE 5NA Showers RainNA7973 84%NA83NANA
1923:00Vrbl 3NA Showers RainNA8175 84%NA87NANA
1922:30SE 6NA Showers RainNA8175 84%NA87NANA
1922:00SE 7NA Showers RainNA8175 84%NA87NANA
1921:30Vrbl 3NA Showers RainNA8175 84%NA87NANA
1921:00E 3NA Showers RainNA8175 84%NA87NANA
1920:30NE 3NA Showers RainSCT012CB BKN015TCU8275 79%NA89NANA
1920:00E 5NA Showers RainSCT025 SCT0408275 79%NA89NANA
1919:30E 5NA Showers RainSCT012CB BKN015TCU8275 79%NA89NANA
1919:00E 7NA Showers RainNA8275 79%NA89NANA
1918:30E 8NA Showers RainSCT020TCU8275 79%NA89NANA
1918:00E 12NA Showers RainFEW024 SCT020TCU8473 70%NA90NANA
1917:30E 9NA Showers RainFEW028 SCT020TCU8673 66%NA93NANA
1917:00E 9NA Showers RainBKN031 BKN037 BKN045 SCT020TCU8873 62%NA96NANA
1916:30SE 12NA Showers RainBKN033 BKN054 SCT020TCU8873 62%NA96NANA
1916:00E 8NA Showers RainNA8872 59%NA95NANA
1915:30SE 12NA Showers RainNA9073 59%NA99NANA
1915:00E 9NA Showers RainNA9072 55%NA97NANA
1914:30E 12NA Showers RainSCT020TCU9073 59%NA99NANA
1914:00SE 12NA Showers RainFEW036 SCT020TCU9073 59%NA99NANA
1913:30E 13NA Showers RainSCT020TCU9073 59%NA99NANA
1913:00SE 13NA Showers RainFEW054 SCT018TCU9073 59%NA99NANA
1912:30E 12NA Showers RainSCT045 SCT018TCU9072 55%NA97NANA
1912:00SE 12NA Showers RainSCT018TCU9073 59%NA99NANA
1911:30E 13NA Showers RainFEW039 SCT018TCU9072 55%NA97NANA
1911:00SE 10NA Showers RainFEW035 SCT018TCU9073 59%NA99NANA
1910:30SE 10NA Showers RainFEW032 SCT018TCU8873 62%NA96NANA
1910:00SE 10NA Showers RainSCT032 SCT042 SCT018TCU8875 66%NA98NANA
1909:30E 12NA Showers RainFEW028 SCT018TCU8873 62%NA96NANA
1909:00E 9NA Showers RainFEW023 SCT056 BKN066 SCT018TCU8875 66%NA98NANA
1908:30Vrbl 3NA Showers RainNA8475 74%NA92NANA
1908:00Vrbl 3NA Showers RainFEW024 SCT018TCU8277 84%NA90NANA
1907:30E 5NA Showers RainSCT018TCU8277 84%NA90NANA
1907:00Vrbl 2NA Showers RainFEW019 SCT018TCU7977 94%NA83NANA
1906:30Vrbl 3NA Showers RainFEW019 SCT029 BKN039 SCT018TCU7775 94%NA78NANA
1906:00Vrbl 2NA Showers RainFEW024 SCT018TCU7775 94%NA78NANA
1905:30E 3NA Showers RainFEW019 SCT037 SCT018TCU7575 100%NANANANA
1905:00SE 3NA Showers RainSCT018 SCT030 BKN036 SCT018TCU7575 100%NANANANA
1904:30Vrbl 2NA Showers RainSCT018TCU7775 94%NA78NANA
1904:00Vrbl 2NA Showers RainFEW020 SCT018TCU7775 94%NA78NANA
1903:30Vrbl 2NA Showers RainSCT018TCU7775 94%NA78NANA
1903:00Vrbl 2NA Showers RainNA7775 94%NA78NANA
1902:30NE 5NA Showers RainFEW021 SCT064 BKN094 SCT018TCU7773 89%NA78NANA
1902:00SE 3NA Light Rain Showers RainFEW018 SCT018TCU7775 94%NA78NANA
1901:30NE 1NA Showers RainFEW019 SCT082 BKN100 SCT018TCU7975 89%NA83NANA
1901:00Vrbl 2NA Showers RainNA7975 89%NA83NANA
1900:30Vrbl 3NA Light Rain Showers RainNA7973 84%NA83NANA
1900:00Vrbl 1NA Showers RainFEW037 SCT018TCU7975 89%NA83NANA
1823:30NE 3NA Showers RainSCT018TCU7975 89%NA83NANA
1823:00E 3NA Showers RainSCT018TCU7975 89%NA83NANA
1822:30Vrbl 1NA Showers RainNA7975 89%NA83NANA
1822:00NE 3NA Showers RainSCT018TCU7975 89%NA83NANA
1821:30CalmNA Showers RainSCT018TCU8175 84%NA87NANA
1821:00CalmNA Showers RainSCT018TCU8175 84%NA87NANA
1820:30SE 3NA Showers RainSCT018TCU8173 79%NA86NANA
1820:00SE 3NA Showers RainFEW025 SCT110 SCT018TCU8175 84%NA87NANA
1819:30CalmNAMostly CloudyBKN0308275 79%NA89NANA
1819:00SE 2NAMostly CloudyBKN024 BKN0308275 79%NA89NANA
1818:30CalmNANANA8275 79%NA89NANA
1818:00CalmNAMostly CloudyBKN0308275 79%NA89NANA
1817:30Vrbl 2NAMostly CloudyBKN0308277 84%NA90NANA
1817:00E 12NA Light Rain Fog/MistBKN0308277 84%NA90NANA
1816:30E 12NAMostly CloudyBKN0308675 70%NA95NANA
1816:00E 12NA Showers RainBKN0308675 70%NA95NANA
1815:30E 12NA Showers RainBKN0308872 59%NA95NANA
1815:00E 12NA Showers RainNA8873 62%NA96NANA
1814:30SE 9NA Showers RainNA9073 59%NA99NANA
1814:00E 12NA Showers RainFEW033 BKN078 BKN088 BKN018TCU9075 63%NA101NANA
1813:30SE 10NA Showers RainSCT015CB BKN0208875 66%NA98NANA
1813:00E 12NA Showers RainSCT015CB BKN0209072 55%NA97NANA
1812:30E 12NA Showers RainNA8875 66%NA98NANA
1812:00E 12NA Showers RainSCT015CB BKN0208875 66%NA98NANA
1811:30E 12NA Showers RainFEW028 BKN034 BKN043 SCT015CB BKN0208873 62%NA96NANA
1811:00E 12NA Showers RainNA8873 62%NA96NANA
1810:30Vrbl 3NA Showers RainNA8875 66%NA98NANA
1810:00N 5NA Showers RainNA8675 70%NA95NANA
1809:30E 12NA Light Rain Showers RainFEW028 BKN049 OVC066 BKN018TCU BKN0208473 70%NA90NANA
1809:00SE 5NA Showers RainFEW030 BKN068 BKN018TCU BKN0208475 74%NA92NANA
1808:30SE 6NA Showers RainFEW032 BKN018TCU BKN0208475 74%NA92NANA
1808:00Vrbl 2NAPartly CloudyFEW023 SCT0428475 74%NA92NANA
1807:30Vrbl 2NAPartly CloudySCT0278177 89%NA88NANA
1807:00Vrbl 2NANANA7775 94%NA78NANA
1806:30E 2NANANA7575 100%NANANANA
1806:00Vrbl 2NAA Few CloudsFEW0247573 94%NANANANA
1805:30SE 3NANANA7573 94%NANANANA
1805:00SE 3NANANA7573 94%NANANANA
1804:30SE 3NANANA7573 94%NANANANA
1804:00Vrbl 2NANANA7573 94%NANANANA
1803:30E 3NAA Few CloudsFEW0207573 94%NANANANA
1803:00SE 3NAPartly CloudyFEW022 SCT0287573 94%NANANANA
1802:30CalmNANANA7773 89%NA78NANA
1802:00Vrbl 2NAA Few CloudsFEW0227773 89%NA78NANA
1801:30CalmNANANA7773 89%NA78NANA
1801:00CalmNANANA7773 89%NA78NANA
1800:30Vrbl 2NAA Few CloudsFEW0337975 89%NA83NANA
1800:00CalmNAA Few CloudsFEW0307975 89%NA83NANA
1723:00NE 3NAMostly CloudyFEW021 BKN0377975 89%NA83NANA
1722:00Vrbl 2NAA Few CloudsFEW0428175 84%NA87NANA
1721:00Vrbl 2NAMostly CloudyFEW023 BKN043 BKN0498175 84%NA87NANA
1720:00Vrbl 3NAMostly CloudyFEW023 BKN0378175 84%NA87NANA
1719:30E 5NAOvercastFEW024 OVC0368275 79%NA89NANA
1719:00E 7NAPartly CloudyFEW024 SCT0348275 79%NA89NANA
1718:00SE 12NAA Few CloudsFEW0268473 70%NA90NANA
1717:30SE 12NAMostly CloudyBKN030 BKN0448673 66%NA93NANA
1717:00SE 10NAA Few CloudsFEW0318673 66%NA93NANA
1716:00S 10NAA Few CloudsFEW0378873 62%NA96NANA
1715:00SE 9NAMostly CloudyFEW033 SCT058 BKN0929072 55%NA97NANA
1714:00SE 12NAPartly CloudySCT025 SCT0359073 59%NA99NANA
1713:00SE 12NAMostly CloudyFEW030 BKN036 BKN0509075 63%NA101NANA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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