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Barter Island, Barter Island LRRS Airport
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
2220:52W 2210.00A Few Clouds and BreezyFEW0432922 75%15NA30.101020.0
2219:52W 2210.00Fair and BreezyCLR2923 78%15NA30.101019.9
2218:52W 2110.00Partly Cloudy and BreezySCT0372923 78%16NA30.101020.0
2217:52W 26 G 3110.00Mostly Cloudy and WindyBKN0373024 79%16NA30.091019.7
2216:52W 26 G 3110.00Fair and WindyCLR3124 76%17NA30.091019.6
2215:52W 2510.00Fair and BreezyCLR3223 333069%19NA30.081019.4
2214:52W 30 G 3510.00Mostly Cloudy and WindyBKN0383224 73%18NA30.081019.3
2213:52W 3010.00A Few Clouds and WindyFEW0173325 72%19NA30.071018.9
2212:52W 28 G 3310.00Overcast and WindyOVC0383126 82%17NA30.061018.5
2211:52W 29 G 3510.00Mostly Cloudy and WindyBKN015 BKN0283226 79%18NA30.041018.0
2210:52W 30 G 3510.00Overcast and WindyOVC0173024 79%15NA30.021017.4
2209:52W 26 G 3210.00Partly Cloudy and WindySCT0213125 312979%17NA30.011016.9
2208:52W 2410.00Mostly Cloudy and BreezyBKN0103027 88%16NA30.001016.5
2207:52W 23 G 2610.00Overcast and BreezyBKN010 OVC0553027 88%17NA29.981016.0
2206:52W 2310.00Overcast and BreezyOVC0103027 88%17NA29.971015.4
2205:52W 23 G 2810.00Overcast and BreezyFEW010 OVC0903028 92%17NA29.961015.1
2204:52W 2210.00Overcast and BreezyFEW010 OVC0393028 92%17NA29.941014.7
2203:52W 24 G 309.00 Light Snow and BreezyBKN010 OVC0333028 313092%16NA29.931014.2
2202:52W 26 G 323.00 Light Snow Fog/Mist and WindyBKN006 BKN013 OVC0243028 92%16NA29.911013.4
2201:52W 28 G 3310.00Mostly Cloudy and WindyBKN012 BKN0903028 92%15NA29.881012.6
2200:52W 28 G 3210.00Overcast and WindyOVC0143127 85%17NA29.871012.3
2123:52W 2310.00Partly Cloudy and BreezySCT0803127 85%18NA29.871012.0
2122:52W 1810.00Mostly CloudyBKN0753127 85%19NA29.861011.9
2121:52W 2110.00A Few Clouds and BreezyFEW0703127 343185%18NA29.851011.5
2120:52W 26 G 3010.00Overcast and WindySCT016 OVC0803228 85%18NA29.831010.8
2119:52W 21 G 2810.00Overcast and BreezyOVC0853227 82%20NA29.831010.9
2118:52W 2410.00Overcast and BreezyOVC0803327 78%20NA29.821010.6
2117:52W 26 G 3310.00Partly Cloudy and WindySCT1003327 78%20NA29.821010.3
2116:52W 29 G 3610.00Overcast and WindyFEW016 OVC1003327 78%19NA29.811010.1
2115:52W 2310.00Overcast and BreezySCT016 BKN080 OVC1003328 353382%21NA29.811010.0
2114:52W 2210.00Partly Cloudy and BreezyFEW016 SCT0503429 82%22NA29.801009.8
2113:52W 25 G 3010.00A Few Clouds and BreezyFEW0553528 76%23NA29.791009.4
2112:52W 22 G 3010.00A Few Clouds and BreezyFEW0753428 79%22NA29.781009.2
2111:52W 26 G 3110.00Overcast and WindyOVC0753327 78%20NA29.771008.7
2110:52W 25 G 2910.00Overcast and BreezyOVC0703328 82%20NA29.761008.4
2109:52W 25 G 3010.00Overcast and BreezyOVC0603328 333082%20NA29.751008.2
2108:52W 2110.00Overcast and BreezyOVC0603227 82%20NA29.751008.1
2107:52SW 1610.00A Few CloudsFEW0603126 82%20NA29.751008.0
2106:52W 2210.00Partly Cloudy and BreezyFEW019 SCT0553127 85%18NA29.741007.8
2105:52W 25 G 3310.00Overcast and BreezyOVC0403227 82%19NA29.731007.4
2104:52W 2610.00Overcast and WindySCT022 SCT043 OVC0503227 82%18NA29.721007.0
2103:52W 23 G 3010.00Overcast and BreezySCT022 OVC0503227 333182%19NA29.711006.8
2102:52W 2510.00Mostly Cloudy and BreezySCT022 BKN0603126 82%17NA29.701006.5
2101:52SW 24 G 3010.00Overcast and BreezyBKN024 BKN055 OVC0803226 79%19NA29.701006.5
2100:52SW 2510.00Overcast and BreezyBKN024 OVC0703225 75%19NA29.691006.1
2023:52SW 31 G 3810.00Overcast and WindyFEW026 BKN055 OVC0803325 72%19NA29.681005.7
2022:52SW 29 G 4010.00Mostly Cloudy and WindyFEW042 BKN0703325 72%19NA29.681005.6
2021:52SW 26 G 3610.00Overcast and WindySCT044 SCT080 OVC0903323 353266%20NA29.671005.3
2020:52SW 25 G 3110.00Partly Cloudy and BreezyFEW060 SCT0753223 69%19NA29.661005.1
2019:52SW 2410.00Overcast and BreezyOVC0753323 66%20NA29.671005.2
2018:52SW 29 G 3810.00A Few Clouds and WindyFEW0703425 70%21NA29.661005.0
2017:52SW 29 G 3710.00Mostly Cloudy and WindyBKN0753524 64%22NA29.651004.8
2016:52W 32 G 3810.00Fair and WindyCLR3524 64%21NA29.641004.5
2015:52SW 29 G 3310.00Partly Cloudy and WindySCT0803527 352972%22NA29.641004.4
2014:52W 30 G 3510.00A Few Clouds and WindyFEW0233527 72%22NA29.641004.3
2013:52W 33 G 3910.00Fair and WindyCLR3527 72%21NA29.621003.7
2012:52W 33 G 3910.00Fair and WindyCLR3427 76%20NA29.611003.3
2011:52SW 24 G 3310.00Fair and BreezyCLR3426 73%22NA29.601003.1
2010:52SW 2210.00A Few Clouds and BreezyFEW0373324 70%21NA29.601003.0
2009:52SW 1210.00A Few CloudsFEW0553022 302472%20NA29.601003.0
2008:52SW 1310.00Mostly CloudySCT050 BKN0602621 81%15NA29.591002.6
2007:52S 1310.00FairCLR2522 88%13NA29.581002.3
2006:52S 1310.00FairCLR2624 92%15NA29.581002.3
2005:52S 1310.00A Few CloudsFEW1002724 89%16NA29.581002.3
2004:52SW 1010.00Mostly CloudyBKN1002824 85%19NA29.581002.4
2003:52SW 1210.00OvercastOVC1102926 292889%19NA29.581002.4
2002:52SW 1010.00OvercastOVC0652926 89%20NA29.581002.5
2001:52SW 1010.00OvercastOVC0602926 89%20NA29.591002.6
2000:52SW 99.00 Light SnowBKN060 OVC0702826 92%19NA29.591002.6
1923:52SW 89.00 Light SnowBKN060 OVC0802926 89%21NA29.591002.6
1922:52SW 99.00 Light SnowSCT036 BKN050 OVC0652927 92%21NA29.581002.4
1921:52SW 93.00 Light Snow Fog/MistSCT018 OVC0292927 302992%21NA29.591002.6
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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