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San Carlos Airport
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
1610:47W 1310.00Mostly CloudySCT033 SCT060 BKN0705241 67%NANA30.21NA
1609:47W 1210.00Mostly CloudyBKN037 BKN0465241 67%NANA30.20NA
1608:47W 78.00OvercastFEW029 BKN046 OVC0505043 76%47NA30.20NA
1607:47Calm10.00Mostly CloudySCT027 BKN036 BKN0444643 87%NANA30.19NA
1607:00Calm9.00Mostly CloudyFEW031 SCT039 BKN0494643 87%NANA30.18NA
1606:55W 310.00Mostly CloudyFEW022 SCT039 BKN0474643 87%NANA30.18NA
1606:47Vrbl 310.00Mostly CloudyFEW022 SCT029 BKN0484545 100%NANA30.18NA
1606:40W 310.00Mostly CloudyFEW022 SCT029 BKN0404545 100%NANA30.17NA
1606:35Calm7.00 Light RainSCT022 BKN029 BKN0404545 100%NANA30.17NA
1606:15Calm10.00Partly CloudyFEW028 SCT036 SCT0484543 93%NANA30.16NA
1606:00Calm9.00OvercastSCT026 BKN035 OVC0454543 93%NANA30.16NA
1605:55Calm8.00OvercastSCT027 BKN037 OVC0434543 93%NANA30.16NA
1605:40S 510.00OvercastBKN025 BKN031 OVC0404543 93%42NA30.16NA
1605:35S 66.00 Light RainBKN025 OVC0354543 93%42NA30.16NA
1605:15S 57.00OvercastFEW006 BKN027 OVC0364543 93%42NA30.14NA
1604:55S 33.00 Light RainSCT025 BKN036 OVC0604543 93%NANA30.15NA0.02
1604:40S 510.00OvercastFEW031 BKN041 OVC0654541 87%42NA30.14NA
1604:35S 510.00OvercastFEW029 BKN038 OVC0484543 93%42NA30.14NA
1604:15Calm6.00 Light RainBKN032 BKN042 BKN0554541 87%NANA30.14NA
1604:00W 310.00Mostly CloudyFEW020 SCT035 BKN0554541 87%NANA30.14NA0.02
1603:55W 310.00Mostly CloudyFEW020 SCT033 BKN0554541 87%NANA30.14NA0.02
1603:35NW 37.00 Light RainBKN033 OVC0434543 93%NANA30.14NA0.02
1603:20NW 510.00Mostly CloudySCT030 BKN040 BKN0504541 87%42NA30.14NA
1603:15NW 310.00Mostly CloudyFEW024 SCT030 BKN0384541 87%NANA30.13NA
1602:55NW 9 G 225.00 Light RainFEW027 BKN040 OVC0654645 93%41NA30.12NA0.02
1602:35SW 310.00Mostly CloudyFEW020 SCT031 BKN0444645 93%NANA30.12NA0.01
1602:20NE 64.00 Light RainFEW022 BKN028 OVC0434645 93%43NA30.11NA0.01
1602:15Calm3.00 Light RainSCT022 BKN028 OVC0494645 93%NANA30.12NA0.01
1602:00SE 310.00Mostly CloudyFEW004 SCT022 BKN0334645 93%NANA30.11NA
1601:55SE 59.00Mostly CloudyFEW004 SCT023 BKN0324645 93%44NA30.12NA
1601:35N 68.00 Light RainFEW021 BKN028 OVC0374543 93%42NA30.11NA
1601:20S 38.00 Light RainSCT029 BKN037 OVC0554543 93%NANA30.11NA
1601:15S 39.00 Light RainSCT029 BKN037 BKN0554541 87%NANA30.11NA
1601:00S 310.00Partly CloudyFEW036 SCT042 SCT0604541 87%NANA30.10NA
1600:55S 310.00Partly CloudySCT038 SCT0444541 87%NANA30.11NA
1600:40SE 510.00Mostly CloudyFEW025 FEW032 BKN0374541 87%42NA30.10NA
1600:35S 610.00Mostly CloudyFEW022 FEW029 BKN0374541 87%42NA30.10NA
1600:15S 69.00Mostly CloudyFEW020 SCT036 BKN0474541 87%42NA30.10NA
1600:00SW 610.00Mostly CloudyFEW003 SCT027 BKN0454641 82%43NA30.10NA0.04
1523:55SW 610.00OvercastFEW003 SCT029 OVC0454641 82%43NA30.09NA0.04
1523:40W 8 G 202.00 Light RainSCT003 OVC0284641 82%42NA30.10NA0.04
1523:35W 14 G 203.00 Light RainBKN028 BKN039 OVC0604641 82%40NA30.11NA0.03
1523:15SW 86.00 Light RainSCT029 SCT065 BKN0704541 87%41NA30.09NA
1522:55S 510.00Mostly CloudyFEW034 SCT050 BKN0654541 87%42NA30.09NA
1522:40S 710.00Mostly CloudyFEW050 BKN0754541 87%41NA30.09NA
1522:35S 610.00Partly CloudySCT050 SCT0754541 87%42NA30.09NA
1522:20S 610.00A Few CloudsFEW037 FEW0484541 87%42NA30.09NA
1522:15S 510.00Partly CloudyFEW035 SCT042 SCT0484541 87%42NA30.09NA
1521:55S 37.00Mostly CloudyFEW035 BKN044 BKN0554541 87%NANA30.09NA
1521:40S 610.00Mostly CloudyFEW035 FEW047 BKN0554541 87%42NA30.09NA
1521:35S 610.00Mostly CloudyFEW035 SCT055 BKN1004541 87%42NA30.08NA
1521:20SW 310.00Partly CloudyFEW030 SCT0374541 87%NANA30.08NA
1521:15SE 310.00Partly CloudyFEW030 SCT0374543 93%NANA30.08NA
1518:50Vrbl 310.00A Few CloudsFEW035 FEW0504641 82%NANA30.05NA
1517:47W 810.00Mostly CloudySCT035 BKN0554839 71%44NA30.03NA
1516:48W 810.00Mostly CloudySCT038 SCT048 BKN0605041 71%47NA30.02NA
1515:47W 610.00A Few CloudsFEW0355041 71%48NA30.02NA
1514:47W 88.00Mostly CloudyFEW032 FEW041 BKN0554841 76%44NA30.00NA
1512:47W 39.00Mostly CloudyFEW026 FEW040 BKN0555041 71%NANA30.01NA
1511:49SW 13 G 1710.00Mostly CloudyFEW055 BKN0755439 58%NANA30.02NA
1510:47SW 95.00 Light RainSCT025 BKN0705039 67%46NA30.00NA
1509:47SE 810.00Mostly CloudyFEW028 SCT036 BKN0604841 76%44NA30.00NA
1508:51Vrbl 310.00Mostly CloudyFEW028 SCT033 BKN0604539 81%NANA29.99NA
1507:47Vrbl 510.00OvercastFEW032 BKN047 OVC0604637 71%44NA29.96NA
1507:00W 610.00OvercastFEW036 BKN047 OVC0904837 66%45NA29.95NA
1506:55SW 510.00OvercastSCT047 BKN070 OVC0854837 66%46NA29.95NA
1506:54SW 510.00OvercastSCT047 BKN070 OVC0854837 66%46NA29.95NA
1506:40Calm10.00Mostly CloudyFEW043 SCT050 BKN0704839 71%NANA29.95NA
1506:35Calm10.00Mostly CloudyFEW038 SCT047 BKN0804839 71%NANA29.95NA
1506:15W 310.00Partly CloudyFEW035 SCT048 SCT0704839 71%NANA29.94NA
1506:00Calm10.00Partly CloudyFEW030 FEW034 SCT0854839 71%NANA29.94NA
1505:55W 510.00Partly CloudyFEW030 SCT060 SCT1004841 76%46NA29.94NA
1505:40W 79.00OvercastSCT032 BKN048 OVC0754839 71%45NA29.94NA
1505:35SW 69.00OvercastFEW034 BKN048 OVC0604841 76%45NA29.94NA
1505:15S 610.00Mostly CloudyFEW050 SCT070 BKN0804641 82%43NA29.93NA
1504:55S 610.00Mostly CloudyBKN0904641 82%43NA29.93NA
1504:40S 310.00Mostly CloudyBKN0904841 76%NANA29.92NA
1504:35S 310.00Mostly CloudyBKN0904841 76%NANA29.92NA
1504:20SE 310.00Mostly CloudyBKN0904641 82%NANA29.92NA
1504:15Calm10.00Mostly CloudyBKN0904841 76%NANA29.92NA
1503:55Calm10.00A Few CloudsFEW039 FEW0454841 76%NANA29.91NA
1503:40NW 510.00Mostly CloudyFEW036 SCT044 BKN0804841 76%46NA29.92NA
1503:35NW 510.00Mostly CloudyFEW036 SCT044 BKN0705041 71%48NA29.92NA
1503:20W 910.00Mostly CloudyFEW050 SCT060 BKN0755039 67%46NA29.92NA
1503:15W 1010.00Mostly CloudyFEW050 BKN060 BKN0755039 67%46NA29.91NA
1502:55W 1010.00Partly CloudyFEW060 SCT0755041 71%46NA29.91NA
1502:35W 810.00A Few CloudsFEW0465043 76%47NA29.91NA
1502:20W 310.00A Few CloudsFEW0335043 76%NANA29.91NA
1502:15SW 710.00A Few CloudsFEW033 FEW0425043 76%47NA29.90NA
1501:55W 710.00Partly CloudyFEW027 SCT033 SCT0464841 76%45NA29.90NA0.05
1501:40SW 124.00 Light RainFEW025 BKN031 OVC0494641 82%40NA29.89NA0.05
1501:35SW 94.00 Light RainBKN031 OVC0404641 82%41NA29.89NA0.04
1501:15W 24 G 325.00 Light Rain and BreezyFEW004 BKN030 OVC0355045 82%43NA29.90NA0.01
1501:00SW 64.00 Light RainFEW004 BKN033 OVC0605045 82%48NA29.88NA0.01
1500:55SW 74.00Overcast with HazeFEW004 BKN030 OVC0505043 76%47NA29.88NA0.01
1500:35SW 10 G 213.00 Light RainFEW004 BKN034 OVC0605043 76%46NA29.86NA
1500:15S 710.00OvercastSCT029 BKN050 OVC0555046 88%47NA29.86NA
1500:00SE 310.00 Light RainSCT029 BKN046 OVC0555046 88%NANA29.86NA
1423:55SW 310.00OvercastSCT030 BKN046 OVC0605046 88%NANA29.86NA
1423:40SW 59.00OvercastBKN032 BKN049 OVC0505045 82%48NA29.85NA
1423:35SW 55.00 Light RainBKN032 OVC0505046 88%48NA29.85NA
1423:15SW 94.00 Light RainBKN032 OVC0855046 88%46NA29.85NA
1422:55W 1210.00OvercastFEW021 BKN033 OVC0855046 88%45NA29.84NA0.07
1422:40W 9 G 165.00 Light RainFEW003 SCT021 BKN0275046 88%46NA29.84NA0.07
1422:35W 85.00 Light RainFEW003 SCT021 BKN0275046 88%47NA29.84NA0.07
1422:15W 17 G 244.00 RainSCT030 OVC0375245 77%NANA29.84NA0.01
1421:55SW 12 G 204.00 Light RainFEW029 BKN035 OVC0435445 72%NANA29.82NA
1421:40S 109.00 Light RainBKN035 OVC0475443 67%NANA29.80NA
1421:35S 910.00OvercastBKN035 BKN044 OVC0505443 67%NANA29.80NA
1421:20SE 10 G 1610.00OvercastBKN035 OVC0505245 77%NANA29.80NA
1421:15SE 10 G 1710.00OvercastBKN035 OVC0505045 82%46NA29.80NA
1420:47SE 1010.00OvercastBKN035 OVC0505245 77%NANA29.80NA
1419:47SW 610.00Partly CloudySCT0345241 67%NANA29.79NA
1418:47SW 610.00OvercastSCT034 BKN046 OVC0805441 63%NANA29.78NA
1417:47SW 810.00Mostly CloudySCT037 BKN0465441 63%NANA29.74NA
1415:57SW 1210.00Mostly CloudySCT026 SCT036 BKN0555446 77%NANA29.68NA
1414:47SW 168.00Mostly CloudyBKN0335548 77%NANA29.64NA
1413:47W 88.00Mostly CloudyFEW031 SCT049 BKN0705448 82%NANA29.62NA
1412:47Calm8.00OvercastFEW019 BKN043 OVC0975448 82%NANA29.59NA
1411:47Calm8.00Mostly CloudySCT024 SCT032 BKN0475248 88%NANA29.58NA
1410:58W 71.75 Light RainBKN0325248 88%NANA29.57NA
1409:54S 84.00 Light RainFEW024 SCT030 OVC0705448 82%NANA29.51NA
1408:47S 96.00 Fog/MistSCT024 BKN034 OVC0705548 77%NANA29.50NA
1407:50Calm10.00Mostly CloudyBKN0215548 77%NANA29.49NA
1406:55SW 17 G 2410.00Partly CloudyFEW026 SCT042 SCT0495550 82%NANA29.46NA
1406:54SW 16 G 2410.00Mostly CloudyFEW026 SCT042 BKN0505550 82%NANA29.46NA
1406:40SW 16 G 2310.00Mostly CloudyFEW005 FEW015 BKN0245550 82%NANA29.44NA
1406:35SW 14 G 2410.00Mostly CloudyFEW005 SCT015 BKN0245552 88%NANA29.43NA
1406:15SW 23 G 303.00 Fog/Mist and BreezyBKN005 OVC0135554 94%NANA29.42NA
1405:55W 15 G 312.50 Light RainBKN006 BKN013 OVC0285554 94%NANA29.41NA
1405:40SW 24 G 352.50 Fog/Mist and BreezyFEW005 SCT011 BKN0175957 94%NANA29.41NA
1405:35SW 22 G 312.50 Fog/Mist and BreezyFEW005 SCT011 BKN0175957 94%NANA29.39NA
1405:20SW 23 G 353.00 Fog/Mist and BreezyFEW005 SCT016 BKN0236157 88%NANA29.38NA
1405:15S 18 G 325.00 Fog/MistFEW006 BKN016 OVC0236157 88%NANA29.38NA
1404:55S 24 G 364.00 Fog/Mist and BreezyFEW010 SCT017 BKN0236157 88%NANA29.37NA
1404:40S 20 G 312.50 Fog/MistFEW008 SCT016 OVC0286159 94%NANA29.35NA
1404:35S 18 G 302.50 Light RainFEW007 SCT016 OVC0286159 94%NANA29.35NA
1404:20S 17 G 313.00 Fog/MistFEW011 SCT016 BKN0236359 88%NANA29.37NA
1404:15S 23 G 322.50 Light Rain and BreezyFEW011 SCT016 BKN0236357 83%NANA29.37NA
1403:55S 21 G 335.00 Fog/Mist and BreezyFEW013 SCT023 OVC0286357 83%NANA29.37NA0.01
1403:35S 24 G 322.00 Light Rain and BreezySCT004 SCT019 OVC0306359 88%NANA29.37NA0.01
1403:20S 25 G 354.00 Light Rain and BreezyFEW005 BKN027 OVC0336359 88%NANA29.37NA
1403:15S 21 G 323.00 Fog/Mist and BreezyFEW005 SCT019 BKN0276359 88%NANA29.37NA
1403:00S 21 G 334.00 Fog/Mist and BreezyFEW011 SCT025 OVC0326359 88%NANA29.38NA
1402:55S 20 G 325.00 Light RainFEW007 SCT017 OVC0306359 88%NANA29.38NA
1402:35S 15 G 282.00 Light RainSCT004 BKN016 OVC0306359 88%NANA29.38NA
1402:20S 17 G 294.00 Fog/MistSCT010 BKN025 OVC0406359 88%NANA29.39NA
1402:15S 23 G 305.00 Fog/Mist and BreezyFEW006 BKN025 OVC0326359 88%NANA29.38NA
1401:55S 20 G 281.75 Fog/MistSCT004 BKN016 OVC0286359 88%NANA29.40NA0.01
1401:40S 20 G 242.50 Fog/MistFEW013 BKN030 OVC0656359 88%NANA29.41NA
1401:35S 18 G 284.00 Fog/MistFEW011 BKN028 OVC0856359 88%NANA29.41NA
1401:20SE 22 G 297.00 Light Rain and BreezyFEW004 SCT030 BKN0506359 88%NANA29.41NA
1401:15S 16 G 267.00OvercastFEW003 BKN030 OVC1006359 88%NANA29.43NA
1401:00S 20 G 385.00 Fog/MistFEW003 BKN027 OVC0656359 88%NANA29.43NA
1400:55S 22 G 364.00 Fog/Mist and BreezyFEW003 SCT023 BKN0316359 88%NANA29.42NA
1400:35SE 20 G 255.00 Fog/MistFEW004 SCT024 BKN0336159 94%NANA29.43NA
1400:15SE 17 G 282.00 Light RainSCT004 BKN025 OVC0386159 94%NANA29.45NA
1400:00S 17 G 225.00 Light RainSCT021 BKN027 OVC0416359 88%NANA29.45NA
1323:55S 15 G 227.00 Light RainSCT021 OVC0276359 88%NANA29.46NA
1323:40SE 14 G 189.00OvercastBKN022 OVC0295959 100%NANA29.46NA
1323:35SE 13 G 2010.00OvercastBKN020 OVC0265959 100%NANA29.48NA
1323:15SE 15 G 217.00OvercastBKN022 BKN029 OVC0375957 94%NANA29.48NA
1322:55SE 10 G 1710.00OvercastBKN022 OVC0275957 94%NANA29.50NA
1322:40SE 10 G 175.00 Light RainFEW016 OVC0245957 94%NANA29.51NA
1322:35SE 9 G 175.00 Fog/MistBKN022 OVC0275959 100%NANA29.51NA
1322:15SE 10 G 173.00 Light RainFEW004 SCT015 OVC0225757 100%NANA29.53NA
1321:55SE 9 G 182.50 Light RainFEW005 BKN016 OVC0235757 100%NANA29.53NA
1321:40SE 124.00 Light RainBKN018 OVC0265957 94%NANA29.54NA
1321:35SE 124.00 Light RainBKN017 OVC0265957 94%NANA29.53NA
1321:15SE 126.00 Fog/MistSCT023 BKN029 OVC0805957 94%NANA29.53NA
1320:47SE 94.00 Light RainSCT010 BKN037 OVC0855957 94%NANA29.55NA
1319:50SE 14 G 2010.00OvercastOVC0186157 88%NANA29.55NA
1318:50SE 12 G 1710.00OvercastOVC0205957 94%NANA29.55NA
1317:47E 9 G 1810.00OvercastOVC0206155 83%NANA29.56NA
1316:55SE 13 G 2110.00OvercastOVC0206355 77%NANA29.57NA
1315:47SE 14 G 2510.00OvercastBKN022 OVC0306357 83%NANA29.57NA
1314:47SE 14 G 249.00OvercastBKN023 BKN029 OVC0416355 77%NANA29.54NA
1313:50SE 17 G 308.00OvercastBKN023 OVC0296155 83%NANA29.53NA
1312:47E 12 G 223.00 Light RainBKN022 OVC0275755 94%NANA29.54NA
1311:47E 10 G 223.00 Light RainBKN019 OVC0255452 94%NANA29.56NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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