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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
1816:53N 8 G 167.00OvercastBKN005 OVC0082826 92%20NA30.011017.5
1815:53N 17 G 2610.00A Few CloudsFEW0093125 322979%20NA30.001016.8
1814:53N 17 G 2810.00A Few CloudsFEW0073125 79%20NA29.991016.8
1813:53N 21 G 2910.00Fair and BreezyCLR3125 79%18NA30.001016.9
1812:53N 22 G 2910.00Partly Cloudy and BreezySCT007 SCT0123126 82%18NA30.011017.1
1811:53N 17 G 2410.00Partly CloudyFEW008 SCT0133026 85%18NA30.021017.7
1810:53N 20 G 2610.00A Few CloudsFEW009 FEW0143024 79%17NA30.021017.7
1809:53N 15 G 2410.00A Few CloudsFEW0102922 292575%18NA30.011017.3
1808:53N 9 G 1810.00FairCLR2820 72%19NA30.001017.2
1807:53N 9 G 2510.00FairCLR2622 84%17NA29.991016.5
1806:53N 13 G 2510.00OvercastBKN008 OVC0142623 88%15NA29.961015.6
1805:53N 9 G 2810.00OvercastBKN006 OVC0132623 88%17NA29.941015.0
1804:53N 16 G 2810.00OvercastBKN010 OVC0132622 84%14NA29.941014.7
1803:53NA10.00A Few CloudsFEW0202619 272575%NANA29.931013.8
1802:53NW 810.00Mostly CloudyFEW008 SCT013 BKN0212521 85%16NA29.941014.5
1801:53N 23 G 336.00 Fog/Mist and BreezyCLR2522 88%10NA29.941014.5
1800:53N 236.00 Fog/Mist and BreezySCT003 BKN009 OVC0242624 92%11NA29.961014.9
1723:53N 12 G 1810.00Mostly CloudyBKN004 BKN0142724 89%16NA29.951014.6
1722:53N 16 G 2410.00Mostly CloudyFEW011 SCT036 BKN0422724 89%15NA29.941014.3
1721:53N 10 G 184.00 Light Snow Fog/MistSCT003 BKN008 OVC0412826 312792%19NA29.941014.10.010.24
1720:52NW 21 G 282.00 Light Snow Fog/Mist and BreezyOVC0032826 92%14NA29.911013.60.02
1719:53N 20 G 230.25 Heavy Snow Freezing FogVV0032927 92%16NA29.901013.30.07
1718:53N 70.25 Heavy Snow Freezing FogVV0022928 96%22NA29.891013.20.090.14
1717:53NW 13 G 220.50 Snow Freezing FogVV0053028 92%20NA29.861012.10.03
1716:53NW 100.50 Snow Freezing FogFEW006 BKN013 OVC0313129 92%22NA29.861011.70.02
1715:53N 17 G 263.00 Light SnowSCT037 SCT047 BKN0553526 363270%25NA29.871011.80.04
1714:53NW 28 G 3910.00Mostly Cloudy and WindySCT005 BKN0473430 85%21NA29.881012.0
1713:53NW 26 G 366.00 Light Snow Fog/Mist and WindySCT005 BKN012 OVC0213431 89%21NA29.891012.20.01
1712:53N 99.00OvercastSCT005 BKN011 OVC0203533 93%28NA29.901012.70.030.03
1711:53SW 9 G 1810.00OvercastBKN018 OVC0243630 79%29NA29.931013.5
1710:53S 15 G 2510.00OvercastBKN026 OVC0383428 79%24NA29.951014.2
1709:53SW 20 G 2810.00Partly CloudySCT0553626 362767%25NA29.951014.1
1708:53S 810.00FairCLR3224 73%25NA29.981015.4
1707:53N 810.00OvercastOVC0032826 92%20NA29.981015.9
1706:53Vrbl 310.00Mostly CloudyBKN0082724 89%NANA29.961015.1
1705:53N 9 G 1710.00OvercastOVC0122825 88%19NA29.971015.4
1704:53NA10.00OvercastOVC0072926 89%NANA29.971015.2
1703:53NW 18 G 2810.00OvercastOVC0132925 332985%17NA29.971015.40.03
1702:53NW 16 G 3310.00OvercastBKN015 BKN021 OVC0263025 82%19NA29.991015.7
1701:53NW 14 G 2410.00Mostly CloudySCT014 BKN0223026 85%19NA29.991015.9
1700:53NW 24 G 329.00 Light Snow and BreezyBKN013 BKN018 OVC0433127 85%18NA30.011016.30.020.03
1623:53NW 10 G 220.50 Light Snow FogVV0023231 96%24NA30.031017.20.01
1622:53N 12 G 251.00 Light Snow Fog/MistOVC0043231 96%23NA30.031017.2
1621:53NW 151.00 Light Snow Fog/MistOVC0033231 383296%22NA30.031017.0
1620:53NW 9 G 219.00 Light SnowFEW018 BKN031 BKN0403328 82%25NA30.031017.1
1619:53NW 1610.00FairCLR3427 76%24NA30.031017.3
1618:53N 610.00FairCLR3230 92%26NA30.041017.8
1617:53NW 1210.00Partly CloudyFEW003 SCT0073431 89%25NA30.041017.6
1616:53NW 810.00Mostly CloudySCT012 SCT017 BKN0273631 82%30NA30.041017.6
1615:53NW 1210.00Mostly CloudySCT014 BKN019 BKN0253529 373378%27NA30.061018.0
1614:53N 1610.00Mostly CloudyFEW013 SCT020 BKN0263630 79%26NA30.061018.0
1613:53NW 18 G 2610.00OvercastSCT010 BKN014 OVC0313530 82%24NA30.061018.3
1612:53N 17 G 2410.00OvercastBKN007 OVC0143531 85%25NA30.081019.0
1611:53NA10.00OvercastOVC0053330 89%NANA30.101019.7
1610:53Vrbl 6 G 1710.00OvercastOVC0073330 89%27NA30.111019.9
1609:53N 8 G 1810.00OvercastOVC0123329 332985%26NA30.101019.6
1608:53N 1010.00OvercastFEW010 SCT014 OVC0213228 85%24NA30.101019.2
1607:53NW 10 G 1710.00Mostly CloudySCT011 BKN0323127 85%22NA30.091019.1
1606:53N 26 G 3110.00Partly Cloudy and WindySCT0103026 85%16NA30.071018.3
1605:53N 33 G 4310.00Mostly Cloudy and WindyFEW007 BKN0153027 88%14NA30.041017.2
1604:53N 35 G 445.00 Light Snow Fog/Mist and WindyFEW002 SCT007 OVC0123027 88%14NA30.021016.5
1603:53NW 29 G 483.00 Light Snow Fog/Mist and WindyBKN006 BKN0113028 353092%15NA30.011016.0
1602:53NW 36 G 486.00 Light Snow Fog/Mist and WindyBKN006 OVC0163027 88%14NA30.001015.8
1601:53NW 331.00 Light Snow Fog/Mist and WindySCT004 OVC0083029 96%14NA30.011015.9
1600:53NW 241.00 Light Snow Fog/Mist and BreezyFEW003 OVC0073130 96%18NA30.021016.5
1523:53N 21 G 359.00Overcast and BreezyBKN014 BKN021 OVC0373229 88%20NA30.021016.3
1522:53NW 17 G 252.50 Light Snow Fog/MistOVC0053332 96%22NA30.021016.0
1521:53NW 1310.00OvercastFEW006 BKN013 OVC0303533 403593%26NA30.011015.60.04
1520:53W 70.75 Fog/MistSCT002 OVC0213635 97%30NA30.001015.3
1519:53SW 910.00OvercastFEW005 SCT019 OVC0423735 93%30NA29.991015.10.02
1518:53S 130.50 FogFEW004 BKN012 BKN0303837 97%30NA29.981015.00.010.02
1517:53SW 100.25 FogVV0024039 97%34NA29.971014.3
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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