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Watonga, Watonga Airport
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
1810:35N 20 G 3110.00OvercastOVC0255744 64%NANA30.00NA
1810:15NW 22 G 3010.00Mostly Cloudy and BreezyBKN0235946 62%NANA29.98NA
1809:55NW 18 G 3710.00Mostly CloudyBKN0316047 62%NANA29.96NA
1809:35NW 18 G 36NAMostly CloudyBKN0316048 65%NANA29.94NA
1809:15NW 24 G 3210.00Partly Cloudy and BreezySCT026 SCT0316149 64%NANA29.92NA
1808:55W 23 G 3310.00Mostly Cloudy and BreezyBKN024 BKN0315947 64%NANA29.91NA
1808:35W 26 G 3610.00Mostly Cloudy and WindyBKN020 BKN0306752 59%NANA29.89NA
1808:15SW 20 G 2410.00Mostly CloudySCT018 SCT024 BKN0317165 81%NANA29.85NA
1807:55SW 127.00Partly CloudySCT016 SCT025 SCT0307166 87%NANA29.85NA
1807:35SW 16 G 217.00Partly CloudySCT017 SCT023 SCT0337066 87%NANA29.84NA
1807:15SW 18 G 237.00 Fog/MistBKN015 BKN022 BKN0307066 87%NANA29.83NA
1806:55S 13 G 247.00OvercastOVC0157067 717088%NANA29.80NA
1806:35S 17 G 247.00OvercastOVC0137167 87%NANA29.80NA
1806:15S 17 G 257.00OvercastOVC0157167 87%NANA29.79NA
1805:55S 20 G 2810.00OvercastOVC0157167 87%NANA29.78NA
1805:35S 17 G 2610.00OvercastOVC0137167 86%NANA29.79NA
1805:15S 16 G 247.00OvercastOVC0137167 87%NANA29.79NA
1804:55S 14 G 237.00OvercastOVC0117167 87%NANA29.79NA
1804:30S 18 G 227.00OvercastOVC0117167 88%NANA29.79NA
1804:15S 16 G 237.00OvercastOVC0117167 88%NANA29.79NA
1803:55S 16 G 237.00OvercastOVC0117167 88%NANA29.80NA
1803:35S 16 G 207.00OvercastOVC0137067 88%NANA29.80NA
1803:15S 15 G 257.00OvercastOVC0137167 88%NANA29.81NA
1802:55S 17 G 247.00OvercastOVC0137067 89%NANA29.81NA
1802:35S 16 G 237.00Mostly CloudyBKN0137067 90%NANA29.82NA
1802:15S 187.00Mostly CloudyBKN0157067 89%NANA29.82NA
1801:35S 16 G 2510.00Mostly CloudyBKN0157166 87%NANA29.83NA
1801:15S 18 G 2810.00Partly CloudySCT0157166 85%NANA29.83NA
1800:55S 17 G 2610.00FairCLR7166 847183%NANA29.84NA
1800:35S 20 G 2810.00FairCLR7265 81%NANA29.85NA
1800:15S 16 G 2410.00FairCLR7266 81%NANA29.84NA
1723:55S 20 G 2610.00FairCLR7266 81%NANA29.85NA
1723:35S 16 G 2410.00FairCLR7366 78%NANA29.85NA
1723:15S 16 G 2510.00FairCLR7366 77%NANA29.85NA
1722:55S 17 G 2510.00FairCLR7466 77%NANA29.85NA
1722:35S 16 G 2510.00FairCLR7466 75%NANA29.85NA
1722:15SE 16 G 2310.00FairCLR7566 75%NANA29.84NA
1721:55S 15 G 2410.00FairCLR7566 74%NANA29.84NA
1721:35S 14 G 2210.00FairCLR7565 71%NANA29.83NA
1721:15SE 1310.00FairCLR7665 70%NA7829.83NA
1720:55SE 15 G 2210.00FairCLR7765 66%NA7929.82NA
1720:35S 16 G 2410.00FairCLR7864 63%NA8029.82NA
1720:15S 18 G 2410.00FairCLR7864 61%NA8029.82NA
1719:55S 15 G 2110.00FairCLR8063 57%NA8129.82NA
1719:35S 14 G 2410.00FairCLR8163 54%NA8229.81NA
1719:15S 17 G 2410.00FairCLR8363 51%NA8429.81NA
1718:55S 18 G 2510.00FairCLR8460 887844%NA8429.81NA
1718:35S 15 G 2610.00FairCLR8559 41%NA8529.81NA
1718:15S 20 G 2410.00FairCLR8658 38%NA8529.80NA
1717:55S 18 G 2610.00FairCLR8758 37%NA8629.81NA
1717:35S 18 G 2910.00Partly CloudySCT0908757 37%NA8629.81NA
1717:15S 1510.00FairCLR8757 36%NA8629.81NA
1716:55S 18 G 2510.00FairCLR8756 35%NA8629.81NA
1716:35S 21 G 2810.00Fair and BreezyCLR8757 36%NA8629.82NA
1716:15S 20 G 2510.00FairCLR8756 35%NA8629.82NA
1715:55S 20 G 2510.00FairCLR8756 35%NA8629.83NA
1715:35S 18 G 2410.00FairCLR8658 38%NA8529.84NA
1715:15S 18 G 2610.00FairCLR8659 40%NA8529.85NA
1714:55S 18 G 2610.00FairCLR8558 40%NA8429.86NA
1714:35S 14 G 2110.00FairCLR8461 46%NA8429.87NA
1714:15S 17 G 2410.00Partly CloudySCT0488361 46%NA8329.88NA
1713:55S 14 G 2210.00FairCLR8265 57%NA8429.90NA
1713:35S 13 G 2110.00FairCLR8165 60%NA8329.91NA
1713:15S 1610.00FairCLR8066 61%NA8229.92NA
1712:55SE 2010.00FairCLR7865 794965%NA8029.92NA
1712:35SE 1310.00FairCLR7966 65%NA8129.93NA
1712:15SE 1510.00FairCLR7866 67%NA8029.94NA
1711:55SE 1410.00FairCLR7866 65%NA8029.94NA
1711:35SE 1310.00FairCLR7766 68%NA7929.95NA
1711:15SE 1010.00FairCLR7765 66%NA7929.95NA
1710:55S 1410.00FairCLR7766 69%NA7929.96NA
1710:35S 1310.00FairCLR7565 70%NANA29.96NA
1710:15SE 1010.00FairCLR7461 64%NANA29.96NA
1709:55E 810.00FairCLR7160 67%NANA29.96NA
1709:35SE 710.00FairCLR7159 67%NANA29.97NA
1709:15SE 810.00FairCLR6855 64%NANA29.97NA
1708:55SE 710.00FairCLR6552 61%NANA29.97NA
1708:35Calm10.00FairCLR6150 67%NANA29.96NA
1708:15Calm10.00FairCLR5948 68%NANA29.96NA
1707:55Calm10.00FairCLR5548 77%NANA29.96NA
1707:35Calm10.00FairCLR5446 74%NANA29.96NA
1706:55Calm10.00Partly CloudySCT029 SCT0345146 584981%NANA29.94NA
1706:35Calm10.00OvercastOVC0295247 82%NANA29.94NA
1706:15Calm10.00OvercastOVC0295146 86%NANA29.94NA
1705:55S 610.00OvercastOVC0335046 86%48NA29.93NA
1705:35Calm10.00OvercastOVC0335147 85%NANA29.93NA
1705:15E 310.00OvercastOVC0335247 81%NANA29.92NA
1704:55Calm10.00OvercastOVC0355347 79%NANA29.92NA
1704:35Calm10.00OvercastOVC0355247 83%NANA29.92NA
1704:15Calm10.00OvercastOVC0375248 84%NANA29.92NA
1703:55Calm10.00OvercastOVC0395348 83%NANA29.92NA
1703:35Calm10.00OvercastOVC0415348 83%NANA29.92NA
1703:15E 310.00OvercastOVC0415348 81%NANA29.92NA
1702:55S 510.00OvercastOVC0415647 72%NANA29.91NA
1702:35S 310.00OvercastOVC0455548 77%NANA29.91NA
1702:15Calm10.00OvercastOVC0455548 79%NANA29.91NA
1701:55Calm10.00OvercastOVC0475448 81%NANA29.91NA
1701:35Calm10.00OvercastOVC0475648 75%NANA29.91NA
1701:15Calm10.00OvercastOVC0495747 72%NANA29.91NA
1700:55Calm10.00OvercastOVC0495847 795667%NANA29.91NA
1700:35S 310.00OvercastOVC0495847 67%NANA29.91NA
1700:15Calm10.00OvercastOVC0495947 64%NANA29.91NA
1623:55Calm10.00OvercastOVC0495847 66%NANA29.91NA
1623:35S 510.00OvercastOVC0496046 59%NANA29.90NA
1623:15Calm10.00OvercastOVC0495847 65%NANA29.90NA
1622:55SW 310.00OvercastOVC0476046 61%NANA29.89NA
1622:35SW 310.00OvercastOVC0455848 70%NANA29.88NA
1622:15Calm10.00OvercastOVC0436146 58%NANA29.87NA
1621:55N 510.00OvercastOVC0416446 52%NANA29.86NA
1621:35N 610.00OvercastOVC0466446 52%NANA29.85NA
1621:15N 710.00OvercastOVC0506545 48%NANA29.84NA
1620:55NW 710.00OvercastOVC0506844 42%NANA29.83NA
1620:35NW 310.00OvercastOVC0506944 40%NANA29.82NA
1620:15NW 610.00OvercastOVC0466945 42%NANA29.81NA
1619:55NW 810.00Mostly CloudyBKN042 BKN0497245 38%NANA29.80NA
1619:35W 1010.00Mostly CloudyBKN0497545 34%NANA29.78NA
1619:15W 1410.00OvercastOVC0497845 31%NA7829.77NA
1618:55NW 16 G 2310.00OvercastSCT036 BKN045 OVC0507944 837829%NA7929.76NA
1618:35W 18 G 287.00Mostly CloudySCT040 BKN047 BKN0508141 24%NA7929.74NA
1618:15W 20 G 2810.00FairCLR8140 23%NA7929.73NA
1617:55W 22 G 2610.00Fair and BreezyCLR8238 21%NA8029.72NA
1617:35SW 2210.00Fair and BreezyCLR8338 20%NA8129.71NA
1617:15W 18 G 3010.00FairCLR8336 19%NA8129.71NA
1616:55W 21 G 3110.00Fair and BreezyCLR8337 19%NA8129.71NA
1616:35W 21 G 3210.00Fair and BreezyCLR8336 19%NA8129.71NA
1616:15W 21 G 3310.00Fair and BreezyCLR8237 20%NA8029.71NA
1615:55W 26 G 3510.00Fair and WindyCLR8335 18%NA8029.71NA
1615:35W 22 G 3710.00Fair and BreezyCLR8334 18%NA8029.70NA
1615:15W 18 G 3110.00FairCLR8234 17%NA8029.70NA
1614:55SW 24 G 3110.00Fair and BreezyCLR8233 17%NA8029.71NA
1614:35W 23 G 3310.00Fair and BreezyCLR8135 19%NA7929.71NA
1614:15W 28 G 3310.00Fair and WindyCLR8136 20%NA7929.72NA
1613:55SW 21 G 3610.00Fair and BreezyCLR8034 19%NA7929.71NA
1613:35W 24 G 3210.00Fair and BreezyCLR7933 19%NA7829.71NA
1613:15W 2110.00Fair and BreezyCLR7933 19%NA7829.71NA
1612:55W 28 G 3710.00Fair and WindyCLR7934 805519%NA7829.72NA
1612:35SW 26 G 3310.00Fair and WindyCLR7833 19%NA7729.72NA
1612:15SW 23 G 3010.00Fair and BreezyCLR7732 19%NA7729.72NA
1611:55SW 17 G 2610.00FairCLR7634 22%NA7729.72NA
1611:35W 23 G 2910.00Fair and BreezyCLR7534 22%NANA29.72NA
1611:15W 1810.00FairCLR7434 23%NANA29.72NA
1610:55W 18 G 2510.00FairCLR7234 24%NANA29.71NA
1610:35SW 18 G 255.00Fair with HazeCLR7134 26%NANA29.71NA
1610:15SW 18NAFairCLR6935 29%NANA29.71NA
1609:55SW 18 G 2510.00FairCLR6735 31%NANA29.70NA
1609:35SW 16 G 2410.00FairCLR6433 31%NANA29.70NA
1609:15NANAFairCLR6432 30%NANANANA
1608:55SW 21 G 2810.00Fair and BreezyCLR6531 29%NANA29.69NA
1608:35SW 24 G 3310.00Fair and BreezyCLR6531 28%NANA29.69NA
1608:15SW 1810.00FairCLR6232 32%NANA29.68NA
1607:55SW 1610.00FairCLR5934 40%NANA29.68NA
1607:35SW 1710.00FairCLR5836 44%NANA29.67NA
1607:15SW 1310.00FairCLR5737 48%NANA29.65NA
1606:55SW 1410.00FairCLR5340 715262%NANA29.65NA
1606:35SW 910.00FairCLR5541 59%NANA29.65NA
1606:15SW 810.00FairCLR5643 62%NANA29.63NA
1605:55SW 910.00FairCLR5848 69%NANA29.64NA
1605:35SW 910.00FairCLR6350 61%NANA29.64NA
1605:15SW 13 G 2010.00FairCLR6658 75%NANA29.64NA
1604:55SW 1310.00FairCLR6863 84%NANA29.64NA
1604:35SW 15 G 2110.00Partly CloudySCT019 SCT025 SCT0406965 90%NANA29.63NA
1604:15SW 1710.00Mostly CloudySCT016 BKN027 BKN0397066 88%NANA29.63NA
1603:55S 22 G 3110.00Mostly Cloudy and BreezyBKN026 BKN043 BKN1207166 85%NANA29.62NA
1603:35SW 23 G 3010.00Overcast and BreezySCT027 BKN031 OVC0487067 88%NANA29.61NA
1603:15S 18 G 2510.00OvercastSCT015 BKN043 OVC0507067 89%NANA29.61NA
1602:55S 16 G 2510.00Mostly CloudyBKN013 BKN0487067 90%NANA29.62NA
1602:35S 18 G 2910.00OvercastOVC0137067 89%NANA29.62NA
1602:15S 22 G 3110.00Overcast and BreezyOVC0137167 89%NANA29.62NA
1601:35S 22 G 3310.00Overcast and BreezyOVC0137167 89%NANA29.63NA
1601:15S 22 G 3110.00 Thunderstorm in Vicinity and BreezyOVC0137167 90%NANA29.64NA
1600:55S 20 G 2910.00OvercastOVC0137067 726991%NANA29.64NA0.010.01
1600:35S 20 G 3510.00 Thunderstorm Light RainOVC0137067 90%NANA29.65NA0.01
1600:15S 17 G 3210.00OvercastBKN017 OVC1007067 90%NANA29.65NA
1523:55S 23 G 3110.00 Light Rain and BreezyOVC0177167 87%NANA29.64NA
1523:35S 18 G 2910.00OvercastOVC0177166 83%NANA29.65NA
1523:15S 20 G 3310.00OvercastOVC0157166 83%NANA29.67NA
1522:55S 22 G 2910.00Overcast and BreezyOVC0157165 83%NANA29.67NA
1522:35S 20 G 3310.00OvercastOVC0157065 84%NANA29.67NA
1522:15S 15 G 2210.00Mostly CloudyBKN0176965 87%NANA29.67NA
1521:55S 1310.00Mostly CloudyBKN0176964 86%NANA29.66NA
1521:35SE 1610.00Mostly CloudyBKN0196964 84%NANA29.64NA
1521:15S 15 G 2210.00OvercastOVC0196964 84%NANA29.65NA
1520:55S 15 G 2310.00OvercastOVC0197064 82%NANA29.68NA
1520:35S 1410.00OvercastOVC0197064 82%NANA29.68NA
1520:15S 16 G 2510.00OvercastOVC0177164 81%NANA29.69NA
1519:55S 16 G 2510.00OvercastOVC0197165 81%NANA29.67NA
1519:35S 18 G 2410.00OvercastOVC0197165 79%NANA29.66NA
1519:15S 16 G 2310.00OvercastOVC0197265 79%NANA29.68NA
1518:55S 17 G 2510.00Mostly CloudyBKN0177265 787279%NANA29.65NA
1518:35S 14 G 2410.00Partly CloudySCT0157366 80%NANA29.64NA
1518:15SE 22 G 3310.00Mostly Cloudy and BreezyBKN0157466 77%NANA29.65NA
1517:55SE 23 G 3210.00Mostly Cloudy and BreezyBKN0157466 77%NANA29.65NA
1517:35SE 24 G 3610.00Overcast and BreezyOVC0157567 78%NANA29.66NA
1517:15SE 18 G 2610.00Mostly CloudyBKN0197668 76%NA7729.65NA
1516:55SE 18 G 3310.00Partly CloudySCT0197567 76%NANA29.66NA
1516:35SE 22 G 2810.00Partly Cloudy and BreezySCT0217768 74%NA7929.66NA
1516:15SE 16 G 2410.00Partly CloudySCT0217567 76%NANA29.69NA
1515:55SE 1510.00FairCLR7466 77%NANA29.70NA
1515:35SE 1510.00Partly CloudySCT0187466 75%NANA29.71NA
1515:15SE 1510.00Mostly CloudyBKN0187466 77%NANA29.73NA
1514:55SE 1510.00Mostly CloudyBKN0187466 77%NANA29.73NA
1514:35SE 18 G 2610.00Mostly CloudyBKN018 BKN0237466 77%NANA29.75NA
1514:15S 18 G 2410.00Partly CloudySCT0167466 77%NANA29.76NA
1513:55S 16 G 3010.00Mostly CloudyBKN0167366 80%NANA29.77NA
1513:35S 17 G 2610.00Partly CloudySCT0167366 79%NANA29.79NA
1513:15SE 1710.00FairCLR7465 75%NANA29.77NA
1512:55S 1310.00Partly CloudySCT016 SCT100 SCT1207265 736579%NANA29.79NA
1512:35S 1310.00Partly CloudySCT016 SCT100 SCT1207165 80%NANA29.80NA
1512:15S 1310.00Partly CloudySCT0147265 78%NANA29.81NA
1511:55S 10 G 1610.00Partly CloudySCT0147165 82%NANA29.80NA
1511:35S 14 G 2010.00Mostly CloudyBKN0127064 83%NANA29.82NA
1511:15S 1210.00OvercastOVC0126964 85%NANA29.83NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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