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Buffalo, Greater Buffalo International Airport
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
0203:54S 310.00OvercastOVC0274428 53%NANA30.191022.6
0202:54E 510.00OvercastOVC0324329 58%40NA30.201023.0
0201:54SE 610.00 Light RainBKN034 OVC0444429 55%41NA30.221023.9
0200:54S 13 G 2110.00OvercastOVC0554525 484246%39NA30.221023.9
0123:54S 810.00Mostly CloudyFEW060 BKN080 BKN1404421 40%39NA30.221024.0
0122:54S 910.00Mostly CloudyFEW100 BKN1604320 40%38NA30.231024.3
0121:54S 1010.00Mostly CloudyFEW100 BKN1804320 40%37NA30.241024.5
0120:54S 1310.00Mostly CloudyBKN230 BKN2804320 40%36NA30.251025.1
0119:54S 1010.00Mostly CloudyBKN220 BKN2704521 39%40NA30.261025.5
0118:54S 1210.00Mostly CloudySCT220 BKN2704821 524734%43NA30.261025.4
0117:54SE 12 G 2210.00Mostly CloudyFEW220 BKN2705021 32%45NA30.261025.4
0116:54SE 1210.00Mostly CloudyBKN2705222 31%NANA30.281025.8
0115:54SE 910.00Mostly CloudyBKN2505122 32%NANA30.291026.4
0114:54SE 9 G 1810.00Mostly CloudyBKN2705021 32%46NA30.311027.3
0113:54S 610.00Mostly CloudyBKN2704920 32%46NA30.341028.0
0112:54S 810.00Partly CloudySCT2704719 472833%43NA30.371029.0
0111:54S 14 G 2110.00A Few CloudsFEW2704518 34%39NA30.401030.3
0110:54SW 1210.00A Few CloudsFEW180 FEW2704320 40%37NA30.431031.2
0109:54S 1510.00A Few CloudsFEW120 FEW2703920 46%31NA30.441031.8
0108:54S 1410.00A Few CloudsFEW1203519 52%26NA30.451032.0
0107:54S 910.00A Few CloudsFEW1203118 59%23NA30.441031.9
0106:54S 810.00A Few CloudsFEW1202817 292563%20NA30.431031.5
0105:54S 710.00A Few CloudsFEW1202717 66%19NA30.421031.2
0104:54S 710.00Partly CloudySCT1202817 63%21NA30.411030.9
0103:54S 710.00Mostly CloudyBKN1102617 69%18NA30.401030.7
0102:54S 810.00A Few CloudsFEW1102617 69%18NA30.401030.7
0101:54S 710.00Partly CloudySCT1102619 75%18NA30.401030.8
0100:54SW 710.00Mostly CloudyBKN1102820 312672%21NA30.401030.6
2923:54W 1210.00Mostly CloudyFEW080 BKN1003119 61%22NA30.391030.2
2922:54SW 910.00A Few CloudsFEW1202918 63%21NA30.381030.1
2921:54W 710.00Mostly CloudyBKN1402616 66%18NA30.401030.6
2920:54W 710.00Mostly CloudyFEW045 BKN1402614 60%18NA30.411031.0
2919:54W 810.00A Few CloudsFEW032 FEW045 FEW1402613 57%18NA30.411030.9
2918:54W 1410.00Mostly CloudySCT035 BKN040 BKN0552612 282555%14NA30.411030.8
2917:54SW 17 G 2610.00Mostly CloudyBKN044 BKN0502612 55%13NA30.391030.4
2916:54W 17 G 3110.00Mostly CloudyBKN045 BKN0652710 49%14NA30.381030.1
2915:54W 18 G 3010.00Mostly CloudyBKN050279 46%14NA30.371029.6
2914:54W 20 G 3210.00Mostly CloudyBKN050 BKN0552810 47%15NA30.351029.0
2913:54W 21 G 3310.00Mostly Cloudy and BreezyFEW040 BKN048 BKN055269 48%12NA30.351029.1
2912:54W 16 G 269.00 Light SnowSCT037 BKN045 BKN0552510 252153%12NA30.361029.2
2911:54W 20 G 295.00 Light SnowSCT042 BKN0552412 60%9NA30.361029.4
2910:54W 20 G 366.00 Light SnowFEW033 BKN045 BKN0602311 60%8NA30.361029.2
2909:54W 20 G 3210.00Mostly CloudyBKN040 BKN055239 55%8NA30.341028.5
2908:54W 21 G 3110.00Mostly Cloudy and BreezyFEW034 BKN0552210 60%7NA30.311027.8
2907:54W 21 G 3510.00Mostly Cloudy and BreezyFEW020 BKN0602111 65%5NA30.291026.8
2906:54W 16 G 283.00 Light SnowBKN016 BKN025 OVC0392115 232078%7NA30.231024.9
2905:54W 139.00 Light SnowFEW0252213 68%10NA30.191023.6
2904:54W 15 G 219.00 Light SnowFEW041 SCT050 BKN0702211 63%9NA30.161022.3
2903:54W 13 G 249.00 Light SnowFEW035 OVC0602212 66%10NA30.141021.7
2902:54W 17 G 2910.00 Light SnowFEW035 OVC0602310 57%9NA30.131021.3
2901:54W 18 G 339.00 Light SnowFEW038 OVC050239 55%9NA30.141021.4
2900:54W 18 G 269.00 Light SnowFEW016 SCT043 OVC0552312 282263%9NA30.111020.4
2823:54W 22 G 315.00 Light Snow and BreezySCT010 BKN023 OVC0602316 74%8NA30.081019.1
2822:54W 149.00 Light SnowSCT025 BKN033 OVC0602517 72%13NA30.051018.3
2821:54W 16 G 319.00 Light SnowFEW035 BKN0552514 63%12NA30.031017.5
2820:54W 23 G 359.00 Light Snow and BreezySCT031 BKN0482414 65%9NA29.991016.1
2819:54W 21 G 381.25 Light Snow Fog/Mist and BreezySCT015 BKN030 BKN0602420 84%9NA29.931014.1
2818:54W 28 G 449.00 Light Snow and WindyBKN049 OVC0702815 452858%13NA29.841010.9
2817:54W 29 G 489.00 Light Snow and WindySCT023 BKN030 OVC0342918 63%14NA29.761008.1
2816:54W 28 G 439.00 Light Snow and WindyBKN027 OVC0333223 69%18NA29.661004.8
2815:54W 23 G 407.00 Light Snow and BreezyBKN019 BKN027 OVC0463327 78%21NA29.571001.9
2814:54SW 22 G 3910.00Overcast and BreezyFEW009 BKN017 OVC0243831 76%27NA29.47998.4
2813:54SW 17 G 2810.00OvercastBKN008 OVC0144340 89%35NA29.38995.2
2812:54SW 31 G 5310.00 Light Rain and WindyBKN011 BKN021 OVC0374541 644586%35NA29.31992.60.05
2811:54SW 23 G 3610.00Mostly Cloudy and BreezyBKN040 BKN085 BKN140 BKN2606453 68%NANA29.26990.8
2810:54S 24 G 3210.00Mostly Cloudy and BreezyFEW037 FEW085 BKN140 BKN2806254 75%NANA29.26990.8
2809:54S 20 G 3010.00Mostly CloudyFEW037 SCT065 BKN110 BKN170 BKN3006155 81%NANA29.29991.70.05
2808:54SW 20 G 3510.00 Light RainSCT023 BKN033 BKN041 BKN2005853 84%NANA29.31992.70.05
2807:54S 17 G 2510.00OvercastOVC0335852 81%NANA29.31992.5
2806:54S 1310.00 Light RainOVC0355651 565284%NANA29.32992.90.010.28
2805:54SE 810.00OvercastOVC0345551 87%NANA29.35993.90.04
2804:54SE 1410.00 Light RainBKN031 BKN038 OVC0955350 89%NANA29.36994.10.10
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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