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Blanding Municipal Airport
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
1101:35Calm10.00NANA458 21%NANA29.94NA
1101:15N 610.00NANA439 24%39NA29.94NA
1100:55NW 1010.00NANA448 23%39NA29.94NA
1100:35NW 13 G 1810.00NANA438 24%36NA29.94NA
1100:15N 1310.00NANA429 25%35NA29.94NA
1023:55N 12 G 1710.00NANA449 762123%38NA29.94NA
1023:35N 13 G 1810.00NANA459 22%39NA29.94NA
1023:15NW 1210.00NANA459 22%39NA29.94NA
1022:55N 1310.00NANA458 22%39NA29.94NA
1022:35N 12 G 1810.00NANA448 22%38NA29.95NA
1022:15NW 1310.00NANA448 22%38NA29.95NA
1021:55N 1010.00NANA447 22%39NA29.95NA
1021:35NW 1310.00NANA446 21%38NA29.95NA
1021:15NW 810.00NANA486 17%44NA29.95NA
1020:55N 610.00NANA545 13%NANA29.95NA
1020:35W 310.00NANA567 14%NANA29.94NA
1020:15W 310.00NANA587 13%NANA29.94NA
1019:55W 710.00NANA619 13%NANA29.94NA
1019:35W 7 G 2010.00NANA638 11%NANA29.94NA
1019:15W 12 G 2110.00NANA647 10%NANA29.94NA
1018:55W 14 G 2010.00NANA656 9%NANA29.94NA
1018:35W 12 G 2410.00NANA665 9%NANA29.94NA
1018:15W 18 G 2310.00NANA674 8%NANA29.93NA
1017:55W 14 G 2610.00NANA675 76218%NANA29.93NA
1017:35W 12 G 1810.00NANA674 8%NANA29.93NA
1017:15SW 14 G 2210.00NANA684 8%NANA29.94NA
1016:55SW 14 G 2010.00NANA685 8%NANA29.94NA
1016:35SW 7 G 2210.00NANA685 8%NANA29.95NA
1016:15W 14 G 2310.00NANA686 9%NANA29.95NA
1015:55SE 6 G 2010.00NANA686 8%NANA29.97NA
1015:35SW 9 G 2110.00NANA676 9%NANA29.97NA
1015:15S 14 G 2210.00NANA677 9%NANA29.98NA
1014:55S 15 G 2210.00NANA678 10%NANA29.99NA
1014:35SW 10 G 2210.00NANA667 10%NANA30.00NA
1014:15SW 12 G 2210.00NANA667 10%NANA30.01NA
1013:55SW 15 G 2110.00NANA658 10%NANA30.01NA
1013:35SW 13 G 2210.00NANA648 11%NANA30.03NA
1013:15S 14 G 2110.00NANA649 11%NANA30.04NA
1012:55S 13 G 2110.00NANA628 11%NANA30.06NA
1012:35S 12 G 2210.00NANA628 12%NANA30.07NA
1012:15SW 910.00NANA618 12%NANA30.08NA
1011:55S 13 G 1710.00NANA608 762112%NANA30.08NA
1011:35SW 8 G 1710.00NANA598 13%NANA30.09NA
1011:15S 810.00NANA588 13%NANA30.10NA
1010:55S 1210.00NANA577 14%NANA30.10NA
1010:35S 910.00NANA567 14%NANA30.10NA
1010:15SW 710.00NANA557 14%NANA30.10NA
1009:55SW 710.00NANA546 14%NANA30.10NA
1009:35SW 710.00NANA536 14%NANA30.10NA
1009:15SW 310.00NANA526 15%NANA30.10NA
1008:55W 910.00NANA516 16%NANA30.10NA
1008:35W 610.00NANA498 19%46NA30.10NA
1008:15NW 510.00NANA4411 27%41NA30.10NA
1007:55N 610.00NANA389 30%33NA30.10NA
1007:35NW 610.00NANA337 34%27NA30.10NA
1007:15N 810.00NANA316 35%24NA30.10NA
1006:50N 610.00NANA306 35%24NA30.10NA
1006:35N 910.00NANA296 37%21NA30.10NA
1006:15NW 710.00NANA306 36%23NA30.10NA
1005:55W 710.00NANA315 762133%24NA30.10NA
1005:35N 810.00NANA324 30%25NA30.10NA
1005:15N 910.00NANA334 30%25NA30.10NA
1004:55Calm10.00NANA363 25%NANA30.10NA
1004:30Calm10.00NANA354 27%NANA30.10NA
1004:10NE 710.00NANA334 30%27NA30.10NA
1003:55NW 610.00NANA354 27%30NA30.10NA
1003:35NE 510.00NANA374 25%33NA30.10NA
1003:15Calm10.00NANA383 23%NANA30.11NA
1002:55N 1010.00NANA403 21%34NA30.11NA
1002:35NE 610.00NANA394 23%35NA30.12NA
1002:15N 310.00NANA365 27%NANA30.12NA
1001:50W 710.00NANA385 25%33NA30.12NA
1001:35W 310.00NANA375 26%NANA30.12NA
1001:15N 12 G 1610.00NANA366 28%28NA30.10NA
1000:55N 910.00NANA376 27%30NA30.10NA
1000:35N 1410.00NANA386 26%30NA30.10NA
1000:15N 1510.00NANA396 25%31NA30.10NA
0923:55N 1410.00NANA396 762125%31NA30.11NA
0923:35N 1610.00NANA386 26%29NA30.11NA
0923:15N 1610.00NANA414 21%33NA30.11NA
0922:55N 7 G 2010.00NANA442 18%40NA30.12NA
0922:35N 610.00NANA442 17%41NA30.12NA
0922:15N 10 G 2010.00NANA462 16%41NA30.12NA
0921:55N 5 G 2010.00NANA452 17%42NA30.12NA
0921:35N 810.00NANA433 19%38NA30.12NA
0921:15N 13 G 1710.00NANA434 19%36NA30.12NA
0920:55N 1210.00NANA444 19%38NA30.11NA
0920:35N 1010.00NANA444 19%39NA30.10NA
0920:15NW 910.00NANA474 16%43NA30.10NA
0919:55NW 1310.00NANA514 14%NANA30.10NA
0919:35NW 1010.00NANA564 12%NANA30.10NA
0919:15NW 1210.00NANA584 11%NANA30.10NA
0918:55N 14 G 2110.00NANA604 11%NANA30.09NA
0918:35N 8 G 2110.00NANA614 10%NANA30.10NA
0918:15NW 15 G 2110.00NANA625 10%NANA30.09NA
0917:55NW 16 G 2310.00NANA635 762110%NANA30.09NA
0917:35NW 8 G 2210.00NANA634 9%NANA30.10NA
0917:15NW 8 G 1810.00NANA644 9%NANA30.10NA
0916:55NW 18 G 2410.00NANA644 9%NANA30.10NA
0916:35NW 17 G 2510.00NANA644 9%NANA30.10NA
0916:15NW 16 G 2510.00NANA645 9%NANA30.10NA
0915:55NW 14 G 2210.00NANA654 9%NANA30.10NA
0915:35N 16 G 2310.00NANA644 9%NANA30.11NA
0915:15NW 14 G 2510.00NANA643 9%NANA30.11NA
0914:55NW 15 G 2410.00NANA644 9%NANA30.12NA
0914:35NW 16 G 2810.00NANA644 9%NANA30.12NA
0914:15NW 16 G 2510.00NANA644 9%NANA30.13NA
0913:55NW 15 G 2610.00NANA634 9%NANA30.13NA
0913:35NW 22 G 2810.00BreezyNA622 9%NANA30.13NA
0913:15W 16 G 2610.00NANA614 10%NANA30.13NA
0912:55NW 22 G 2510.00BreezyNA613 9%NANA30.14NA
0912:35NW 21 G 2610.00BreezyNA614 10%NANA30.14NA
0912:15W 20 G 2610.00NANA605 11%NANA30.14NA
0911:55W 16 G 2310.00NANA606 762111%NANA30.15NA
0911:35NW 18 G 2610.00NANA597 12%NANA30.15NA
0911:15NW 15 G 2410.00NANA586 12%NANA30.15NA
0910:55NW 13 G 2110.00NANA577 13%NANA30.15NA
0910:35NW 14 G 2410.00NANA569 15%NANA30.15NA
0910:15NW 20 G 2510.00NANA5510 16%NANA30.14NA
0909:55NW 20 G 2510.00NANA5310 17%NANA30.14NA
0909:35NW 23 G 3010.00BreezyNA539 17%NANA30.13NA
0909:15NW 18 G 2610.00NANA5210 18%NANA30.13NA
0908:55NW 18 G 2910.00NANA5110 19%NANA30.12NA
0908:35NW 15 G 2210.00NANA5013 22%45NA30.12NA
0908:15N 12 G 1810.00NANA4714 26%42NA30.11NA
0907:55NW 510.00NANA4313 29%40NA30.10NA
0907:35N 1010.00NANA3912 33%32NA30.10NA
0907:15N 13 G 1810.00NANA3612 38%27NA30.09NA
0906:55N 13 G 1710.00NANA3612 37%27NA30.08NA
0906:35N 1010.00NANA3911 33%32NA30.06NA
0906:15NW 810.00NANA4111 29%36NA30.06NA
0905:55NW 1410.00NANA3911 762131%31NA30.04NA
0905:30NW 1010.00NANA3911 31%32NA30.04NA
0905:15NW 1010.00NANA4010 29%34NA30.03NA
0904:55W 12 G 1710.00NANA4110 27%34NA30.03NA
0904:35W 13 G 1610.00NANA4110 27%34NA30.03NA
0904:10NW 810.00NANA4010 30%35NA30.03NA
0903:55NW 910.00NANA4010 29%34NA30.02NA
0903:30NW 610.00NANA4110 28%37NA30.02NA
0903:15NW 810.00NANA3810 32%32NA30.01NA
0902:55N 810.00NANA3910 30%33NA30.01NA
0902:35NW 710.00NANA4010 28%35NA30.01NA
0902:15NW 1010.00NANA419 27%35NA30.01NA
0901:55NW 1010.00NANA439 24%37NA30.00NA
0901:35NW 810.00NANA469 23%42NA30.00NA
0901:15NW 710.00NANA479 21%44NA30.00NA
0900:55Calm10.00NANA479 21%NANA29.99NA
0900:35NW 1210.00NANA509 19%45NA30.00NA
0900:15NW 13 G 1810.00NANA509 18%45NA29.99NA
0823:55NW 14 G 1810.00NANA519 762118%NANA29.98NA
0823:35NW 12 G 1810.00NANA508 18%45NA29.98NA
0823:15NW 1310.00NANA516 16%NANA29.98NA
0822:55NW 1410.00NANA516 16%NANA29.98NA
0822:35NW 12 G 1710.00NANA526 15%NANA29.98NA
0822:15NW 1310.00NANA535 14%NANA29.98NA
0821:55N 1410.00NANA555 13%NANA29.97NA
0821:35N 1510.00NANA556 14%NANA29.97NA
0821:15NW 1410.00NANA557 14%NANA29.96NA
0820:55NW 15 G 2210.00NANA578 14%NANA29.95NA
0820:35NW 1510.00NANA549 16%NANA29.94NA
0820:15NW 710.00NANA579 15%NANA29.93NA
0819:55NW 1010.00NANA6010 14%NANA29.93NA
0819:35NW 10 G 1610.00NANA6311 13%NANA29.92NA
0819:15NW 1210.00NANA6412 13%NANA29.92NA
0818:55NW 17 G 3010.00NANA6512 12%NANA29.92NA
0818:35NW 22 G 2610.00BreezyNA6612 12%NANA29.92NA
0818:15W 17 G 2510.00NANA6713 12%NANA29.92NA
0817:55NW 14 G 2410.00NANA6813 762112%NANA29.92NA
0817:35NW 20 G 2910.00NANA6913 12%NANA29.93NA
0817:15W 18 G 3310.00NANA6813 11%NANA29.92NA
0816:55W 22 G 3110.00BreezyNA6913 11%NANA29.92NA
0816:35W 18 G 3210.00NANA7012 10%NANA29.92NA
0816:15W 15 G 2510.00NANA7012 11%NANA29.92NA
0815:55SW 14 G 2410.00NANA7013 11%NANA29.92NA
0815:35W 23 G 2910.00BreezyNA7013 11%NANA29.92NA
0815:15W 2410.00BreezyNA6813 12%NANA29.93NA
0814:55SE 710.00NANA6813 12%NANA29.94NA
0814:35SW 14 G 2210.00NANA7014 11%NANA29.95NA
0814:15S 16 G 2410.00NANA6914 12%NANA29.95NA
0813:55S 17 G 2410.00NANA6713 12%NANA29.96NA
0813:35S 8 G 2010.00NANA6713 12%NANA29.98NA
0813:15SW 12 G 2110.00NANA6613 12%NANA29.99NA
0812:55S 12 G 2110.00NANA6512 13%NANA30.00NA
0812:35S 9 G 2010.00NANA6412 13%NANA30.01NA
0812:15S 12 G 2110.00NANA6412 13%NANA30.02NA
0811:55S 10 G 2010.00NANA6211 762113%NANA30.03NA
0811:35S 1010.00NANA6010 14%NANA30.04NA
0811:15S 810.00NANA599 14%NANA30.05NA
0810:55S 610.00NANA579 14%NANA30.06NA
0810:35SE 1010.00NANA568 14%NANA30.06NA
0810:15S 810.00NANA557 14%NANA30.06NA
0809:55S 1010.00NANA557 15%NANA30.06NA
0809:35S 710.00NANA538 16%NANA30.06NA
0809:15E 310.00NANA518 17%NANA30.07NA
0808:55E 510.00NANA498 18%47NA30.07NA
0808:35E 510.00NANA488 19%46NA30.07NA
0808:15Calm10.00NANA469 21%NANA30.07NA
0807:55NE 310.00NANA4210 27%NANA30.07NA
0807:35NE 710.00NANA398 28%34NA30.07NA
0807:15Calm10.00NANA368 32%NANA30.06NA
0806:55NE 610.00NANA368 31%31NA30.06NA
0806:35NE 810.00NANA388 28%32NA30.06NA
0806:15E 310.00NANA397 27%NANA30.06NA
0805:55Calm10.00NANA397 762126%NANA30.06NA
0805:35NE 310.00NANA388 28%NANA30.05NA
0805:15N 610.00NANA398 28%35NA30.04NA
0804:55N 310.00NANA408 26%NANA30.04NA
0804:35Calm10.00NANA417 25%NANA30.05NA
0804:15NE 310.00NANA3610 33%NANA30.06NA
0803:55N 810.00NANA379 32%31NA30.07NA
0803:30N 1310.00NANA399 29%31NA30.07NA
0803:15NW 9 G 1710.00NANA3910 30%33NA30.07NA
0802:55N 810.00NANA3910 30%33NA30.08NA
0802:35NW 310.00NANA409 27%NANA30.08NA
0802:15NW 310.00NANA409 28%NANA30.09NA
0801:55NW 510.00NANA3911 31%35NA30.10NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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