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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
2002:15W 1010.00FairCLR5754 88%NANA29.98NA
2001:55W 10 G 1610.00FairCLR5754 88%NANA29.97NA
2001:35W 9 G 1610.00FairCLR5754 88%NANA29.98NA
2001:15W 1210.00FairCLR5754 88%NANA29.98NA
2000:55W 1010.00FairCLR5752 82%NANA29.98NA
2000:35W 1010.00FairCLR5752 82%NANA29.98NA
2000:15W 1210.00FairCLR5752 82%NANA29.98NA
1923:55W 12 G 1810.00FairCLR5752 82%NANA29.98NA
1923:35W 14 G 2210.00FairCLR5750 77%NANA29.98NA
1923:15W 12 G 1710.00A Few CloudsFEW0505750 77%NANA29.97NA
1922:55W 10 G 1810.00Partly CloudyFEW050 SCT0555750 77%NANA29.97NA
1922:35W 9 G 16NAFairCLR5748 72%NANA29.97NA
1922:15W 1210.00FairCLR5748 72%NANA29.97NA
1921:55W 12 G 1810.00FairCLR5748 72%NANA29.96NA
1921:35W 10 G 1610.00FairCLR5746 67%NANA29.96NA
1921:15W 1310.00A Few CloudsFEW0505746 67%NANA29.95NA
1920:55W 9 G 1710.00A Few CloudsFEW0475746 67%NANA29.95NA
1920:35W 1210.00A Few CloudsFEW0475745 63%NANA29.95NA
1920:15W 12 G 1710.00Partly CloudyFEW044 SCT0505945 59%NANA29.95NA
1919:55W 9 G 1610.00Partly CloudySCT0495743 59%NANA29.95NA
1919:35W 10 G 1610.00Partly CloudySCT0505941 51%NANA29.95NA
1919:15W 12 G 2010.00Partly CloudyFEW039 SCT0505941 51%NANA29.95NA
1918:55W 12 G 1810.00FairCLR5941 51%NANA29.95NA
1918:35W 1010.00FairCLR5941 51%NANA29.95NA
1918:15W 13 G 2110.00FairCLR6141 48%NANA29.95NA
1917:55W 10 G 2410.00FairCLR6139 45%NANA29.94NA
1917:35W 13 G 2110.00FairCLR6337 39%NANA29.94NA
1917:15W 8 G 1710.00FairCLR6336 37%NANA29.94NA
1916:55W 13 G 2110.00FairCLR6334 34%NANA29.94NA
1916:35W 1410.00FairCLR6434 32%NANA29.94NA
1916:15W 15 G 2310.00FairCLR6434 32%NANA29.94NA
1915:55W 14 G 2310.00FairCLR6437 37%NANA29.94NA
1915:35W 14 G 2110.00FairCLR6439 40%NANA29.95NA
1915:15W 12 G 2210.00FairCLR6441 43%NANA29.95NA
1914:55W 10 G 2110.00FairCLR6345 52%NANA29.95NA
1914:35W 1510.00FairCLR6343 49%NANA29.95NA
1914:15W 15 G 2310.00FairCLR6343 49%NANA29.97NA
1913:55W 14 G 2310.00FairCLR6143 52%NANA29.97NA
1913:35W 1610.00FairCLR6143 52%NANA29.98NA
1913:15W 15 G 2310.00FairCLR5943 55%NANA29.99NA
1912:55W 14 G 2110.00FairCLR5945 59%NANA30.00NA
1912:35W 1410.00FairCLR5946 63%NANA30.01NA
1912:15W 14 G 2110.00Partly CloudySCT0315946 63%NANA30.01NA
1911:55W 10 G 1810.00A Few CloudsFEW0275748 72%NANA30.02NA
1911:35W 9 G 1810.00Partly CloudySCT025 SCT0305750 77%NANA30.03NA
1911:15W 15 G 2410.00FairCLR5548 77%NANA30.03NA
1910:55W 13 G 2110.00FairCLR5548 77%NANA30.03NA
1910:35W 12 G 1810.00Partly CloudySCT0205448 82%NANA30.04NA
1910:15W 9 G 1810.00Mostly CloudyBKN0195248 88%NANA30.04NA
1909:55W 10 G 1610.00OvercastBKN017 OVC0225046 88%46NA30.04NA
1909:35W 10 G 1710.00Mostly CloudySCT016 BKN0215046 88%46NA30.04NA
1909:15W 13 G 1810.00FairCLR5046 88%45NA30.04NA
1908:55W 1210.00FairCLR4846 94%43NA30.03NA
1908:35W 910.00FairCLR4646 100%41NA30.03NA
1908:15W 1010.00FairCLR4545 100%40NA30.03NA
1907:55W 1010.00FairCLR4545 100%40NA30.02NA
1907:35W 910.00FairCLR4545 100%40NA30.02NA
1907:15W 910.00FairCLR4545 100%40NA30.02NA
1906:55W 1010.00FairCLR4343 100%37NA30.01NA
1906:35W 810.00FairCLR4343 100%38NA30.01NA
1906:15W 910.00FairCLR4343 100%38NA30.01NA
1905:55W 810.00FairCLR4343 100%38NA30.01NA
1905:35W 810.00FairCLR4343 100%38NA30.01NA
1905:15W 810.00FairCLR4343 100%38NA30.01NA
1904:55W 910.00A Few CloudsFEW0374343 100%38NA30.01NA
1904:35W 710.00FairCLR4343 100%39NA30.00NA
1904:15W 810.00FairCLR4543 93%41NA30.00NA
1903:55W 710.00FairCLR4543 93%41NA30.00NA
1903:35W 710.00FairCLR4543 93%41NA30.00NA
1903:15W 810.00FairCLR4545 100%41NA30.00NA
1902:55W 610.00FairCLR4343 100%39NA30.01NA
1902:35W 610.00FairCLR4545 100%42NA30.01NA
1902:15W 610.00Partly CloudyFEW028 SCT0384543 93%42NA30.00NA
1901:55W 710.00OvercastSCT029 OVC0384645 93%42NA30.00NA
1901:35Vrbl 610.00OvercastSCT030 OVC0394645 93%43NA30.00NA
1901:15Vrbl 7 G 1410.00OvercastFEW023 SCT031 OVC0404643 87%42NA30.00NA
1900:55W 10 G 1610.00OvercastSCT023 BKN031 OVC0484843 82%44NA29.99NA
1900:35W 1310.00OvercastFEW035 OVC0494643 87%40NA29.98NA
1900:15W 1010.00Mostly CloudyFEW035 SCT042 BKN0474643 87%41NA29.98NA
1823:55W 810.00OvercastSCT030 BKN038 OVC0504645 93%42NA29.98NA
1823:35W 610.00OvercastBKN036 BKN047 OVC0554645 93%43NA29.98NA
1823:15W 610.00Mostly CloudyFEW038 BKN050 BKN0554545 100%42NA29.98NA
1822:55W 610.00Mostly CloudySCT050 BKN0604545 100%42NA29.99NA
1822:35W 710.00Mostly CloudyBKN0554543 93%41NA29.99NA
1822:15W 710.00OvercastFEW042 OVC0504645 93%42NA29.99NA
1821:55W 710.00OvercastSCT043 OVC0504645 93%42NA29.99NA
1821:35W 610.00OvercastSCT043 OVC0504645 93%43NA29.98NA
1821:15W 610.00OvercastFEW046 OVC0554643 87%43NA29.98NA
1820:55W 610.00OvercastOVC0554543 93%42NA29.98NA
1820:35W 710.00OvercastOVC0604543 93%41NA29.98NA
1820:15W 710.00OvercastFEW041 OVC0604545 100%41NA29.98NA
1819:55W 810.00OvercastFEW031 FEW041 OVC0604543 93%41NA29.98NA
1819:35W 610.00OvercastSCT028 SCT037 OVC0654543 93%42NA29.97NA
1819:15Vrbl 5 G 135.00 Light RainBKN027 OVC0314543 93%42NA29.97NA
1818:55Vrbl 5 G 1310.00OvercastBKN030 BKN038 OVC0654641 82%44NA29.97NA
1818:35Vrbl 610.00OvercastBKN055 OVC0654641 82%43NA29.96NA
1818:15W 710.00OvercastOVC0554643 87%42NA29.95NA
1817:55W 810.00OvercastOVC0604641 82%42NA29.95NA
1817:35W 810.00OvercastFEW030 OVC0554641 82%42NA29.95NA
1817:15W 13 G 2010.00OvercastFEW030 FEW039 OVC0554639 76%40NA29.95NA
1816:55Vrbl 7 G 1510.00OvercastSCT027 BKN049 OVC0554641 82%42NA29.94NA
1816:35Vrbl 610.00 Light DrizzleSCT027 SCT040 OVC0604841 76%45NA29.94NA
1816:15Vrbl 6 G 1310.00OvercastFEW031 OVC0604841 76%45NA29.94NA
1815:55W 1010.00OvercastFEW042 OVC0554841 76%44NA29.94NA
1815:35W 910.00OvercastFEW031 SCT044 OVC0554839 71%44NA29.93NA
1815:15Vrbl 3 G 1210.00OvercastFEW028 FEW033 OVC0604841 76%NANA29.93NA
1814:55Vrbl 6 G 1310.00OvercastOVC0604841 76%45NA29.93NA
1814:35Vrbl 7 G 1410.00OvercastOVC0654841 76%45NA29.93NA
1814:15Vrbl 7 G 1810.00OvercastFEW028 SCT045 OVC0654841 76%45NA29.92NA
1813:55Vrbl 5 G 1210.00OvercastFEW025 SCT050 OVC0704841 76%46NA29.92NA
1813:35Vrbl 5 G 1410.00OvercastFEW032 SCT048 OVC0704641 82%44NA29.92NA
1813:15Vrbl 7 G 1410.00OvercastFEW023 FEW030 OVC0704841 76%45NA29.92NA
1812:55NW 8 G 1610.00OvercastFEW023 SCT033 OVC0704843 82%44NA29.92NA
1812:35Vrbl 6 G 1210.00OvercastSCT021 BKN034 OVC0704643 87%43NA29.92NA
1812:15Vrbl 39.00 Light RainFEW017 SCT023 BKN0294643 87%NANA29.92NA
1811:55NW 9 G 1510.00OvercastFEW031 BKN060 OVC0704645 93%41NA29.92NA
1811:35W 6 G 1310.00OvercastFEW024 BKN060 OVC0754645 93%43NA29.91NA
1811:15W 8 G 1710.00Mostly CloudySCT024 SCT033 BKN0604545 100%41NA29.91NA
1810:55Vrbl 7 G 139.00 Light RainFEW023 SCT030 SCT0414543 93%41NA29.91NA0.06
1810:35NW 9 G 186.00 Light RainSCT009 SCT013 SCT0184543 93%40NA29.91NA
1810:15Vrbl 63.00 Light RainBKN008 BKN012 BKN0204545 100%42NA29.89NA
1809:55W 710.00 Light DrizzleSCT007 SCT011 BKN0204646 100%42NA29.88NA0.01
1809:35Vrbl 6 G 147.00 Light DrizzleSCT009 BKN014 BKN0184545 100%42NA29.87NA
1809:15W 810.00OvercastBKN008 BKN014 OVC0214645 93%42NA29.87NA
1808:55W 9 G 157.00 Light DrizzleFEW010 BKN015 OVC0244545 100%40NA29.87NA0.16
1808:35W 12 G 202.50 Light RainFEW014 BKN019 OVC0294545 100%39NA29.86NA
1808:15NW 8 G 172.50 RainSCT008 BKN013 OVC0304545 100%41NA29.85NA
1807:55W 9 G 165.00 Light RainSCT007 BKN010 OVC0154646 100%41NA29.84NA0.06
1807:35W 9 G 159.00 Light RainBKN007 BKN014 OVC0304646 100%41NA29.84NA
1807:15W 109.00OvercastSCT006 BKN030 OVC0404646 100%41NA29.83NA
1806:55W 1210.00OvercastBKN005 OVC0084646 100%40NA29.83NA
1806:35W 10 G 1610.00OvercastBKN004 OVC0084646 100%41NA29.82NA
1806:15W 910.00OvercastBKN005 BKN009 OVC0244646 100%41NA29.82NA
1805:55W 910.00OvercastBKN006 OVC0104646 100%41NA29.81NA0.12
1805:35Vrbl 6 G 156.00 RainSCT007 BKN012 OVC0214646 100%43NA29.81NA
1805:15W 8 G 165.00 RainFEW008 BKN014 OVC0364646 100%42NA29.81NA
1804:55Vrbl 6 G 148.00 Light RainBKN015 OVC0224646 100%43NA29.80NA0.03
1804:35W 1010.00OvercastBKN022 BKN029 OVC0404646 100%41NA29.79NA
1804:15SW 9 G 1510.00OvercastFEW029 BKN041 OVC0704646 100%41NA29.79NA
1803:55SW 910.00OvercastSCT037 BKN043 OVC0704646 100%41NA29.80NA0.09
1803:35SW 8 G 166.00 Light RainSCT026 SCT031 OVC0384646 100%42NA29.80NA
1803:15W 125.00 RainFEW020 SCT026 OVC0394646 100%40NA29.82NA
1802:55W 108.00 Light RainSCT029 OVC0404646 100%41NA29.82NA0.11
1802:35W 105.00 RainFEW009 SCT021 BKN0284646 100%41NA29.82NA
1802:15W 75.00 Light RainFEW009 SCT017 BKN0234646 100%42NA29.83NA
1801:55SW 610.00OvercastFEW023 BKN027 OVC0404646 100%43NA29.82NA0.05
1801:35SW 610.00OvercastBKN026 OVC0344646 100%43NA29.82NA
1801:15W 64.00 Light RainSCT027 BKN031 OVC0384646 100%43NA29.83NA
1800:55W 10 G 177.00 Light RainSCT028 OVC0384646 100%41NA29.84NA0.03
1800:35W 79.00Mostly CloudyFEW014 SCT025 BKN0294646 100%42NA29.84NA
1800:15SW 710.00OvercastSCT029 BKN034 OVC0434646 100%42NA29.84NA
1723:55SW 710.00OvercastBKN019 BKN029 OVC0354646 100%42NA29.84NA0.13
1723:35W 54.00 Light RainSCT018 BKN023 OVC0354646 100%44NA29.85NA
1723:15W 54.00 RainFEW004 SCT025 BKN0294646 100%44NA29.86NA
1722:55W 74.00 Light RainBKN027 OVC0364646 100%42NA29.86NA0.11
1722:35W 78.00 Light RainFEW028 BKN037 OVC0424646 100%42NA29.86NA
1722:15W 12 G 225.00 Light RainFEW029 OVC0414646 100%40NA29.86NA
1721:55W 149.00 Light RainBKN043 BKN055 OVC0705043 76%45NA29.86NA
1721:35W 910.00OvercastSCT046 BKN055 OVC0705041 71%46NA29.85NA
1721:15W 8 G 1610.00OvercastFEW050 OVC0555041 71%47NA29.84NA
1720:55W 710.00OvercastOVC0555043 76%47NA29.84NA
1720:35W 810.00OvercastBKN060 BKN070 OVC0855043 76%47NA29.84NA
1720:15W 810.00OvercastSCT060 OVC0855043 76%47NA29.84NA
1719:55W 810.00OvercastOVC0605043 76%47NA29.84NA
1719:35W 810.00OvercastFEW044 BKN055 OVC0655041 71%47NA29.84NA
1719:15W 910.00OvercastSCT040 BKN048 OVC0705041 71%46NA29.83NA
1718:55W 1410.00OvercastBKN041 BKN048 OVC0755041 71%45NA29.83NA
1718:35W 710.00Mostly CloudyFEW050 BKN0705041 71%47NA29.82NA
1718:15W 910.00Partly CloudyFEW050 SCT0655039 67%46NA29.82NA
1717:55W 9 G 2210.00Partly CloudyFEW050 SCT0655239 62%NANA29.81NA
1717:35W 8 G 2010.00Partly CloudyFEW046 SCT0655241 67%NANA29.80NA
1717:15NW 8 G 1510.00Partly CloudySCT046 SCT0605245 77%NANA29.80NA
1716:55W 12 G 1810.00A Few CloudsFEW0605245 77%NANA29.80NA
1716:35W 1210.00Partly CloudySCT050 SCT0605445 72%NANA29.79NA
1716:15W 9 G 1810.00OvercastBKN050 OVC0605245 77%NANA29.80NA
1715:55W 9 G 1810.00Mostly CloudyBKN055 BKN0655245 77%NANA29.80NA
1715:35Vrbl 8 G 1810.00Mostly CloudySCT043 SCT048 BKN0555046 88%47NA29.80NA
1715:15W 10 G 2010.00OvercastOVC0465046 88%46NA29.80NA
1714:55NW 8 G 2210.00OvercastBKN045 BKN050 OVC1205441 63%NANA29.79NA
1714:35W 16 G 2910.00Mostly CloudyFEW038 BKN049 BKN1105541 59%NANA29.77NA
1714:15W 13 G 2410.00Mostly CloudyBKN036 BKN047 BKN0555543 63%NANA29.77NA
1713:55W 16 G 2610.00OvercastFEW033 BKN038 OVC0555445 72%NANA29.78NA
1713:35W 14 G 2210.00OvercastSCT033 BKN039 OVC0555443 67%NANA29.79NA
1713:15W 17 G 2510.00OvercastBKN033 OVC0425445 72%NANA29.78NA
1712:55W 14 G 2510.00OvercastSCT027 BKN032 OVC0465445 72%NANA29.79NA
1712:35W 9 G 2310.00OvercastSCT023 BKN031 OVC0495446 77%NANA29.79NA
1712:15W 10 G 2210.00OvercastBKN023 OVC0335248 88%NANA29.80NA
1711:55W 13 G 1810.00OvercastSCT021 BKN025 OVC0355248 88%NANA29.80NA
1711:35W 10 G 2010.00 Light DrizzleSCT020 BKN026 OVC0345248 88%NANA29.80NA
1711:15W 15 G 2210.00OvercastSCT021 BKN027 OVC0325246 82%NANA29.80NA
1710:55W 17 G 2410.00OvercastBKN021 OVC0275246 82%NANA29.80NA
1710:35W 13 G 2410.00OvercastBKN020 OVC0255246 82%NANA29.80NA
1710:15W 13 G 2110.00Mostly CloudySCT018 SCT022 BKN0375448 82%NANA29.80NA
1709:55W 13 G 2110.00Mostly CloudySCT018 SCT024 BKN0385248 88%NANA29.80NA
1709:35W 12 G 2010.00OvercastSCT018 BKN025 OVC0395248 88%NANA29.80NA
1709:15W 13 G 1810.00OvercastSCT025 BKN031 OVC0405048 94%45NA29.80NA
1708:55W 16 G 2210.00OvercastFEW016 BKN024 OVC0285048 94%44NA29.80NA
1708:35W 1310.00Mostly CloudyFEW017 BKN024 BKN0755048 94%45NA29.80NA
1708:15SW 910.00Mostly CloudyBKN017 BKN022 BKN0705048 94%46NA29.80NA
1707:55W 8 G 1610.00Mostly CloudyBKN017 BKN0705048 94%47NA29.79NA
1707:35W 910.00OvercastSCT017 BKN022 OVC0704848 100%44NA29.79NA
1707:15W 10 G 1810.00OvercastFEW017 BKN021 OVC0855048 94%46NA29.79NA
1706:55W 10 G 1610.00OvercastFEW021 BKN080 OVC0955048 94%46NA29.78NA
1706:35W 1310.00OvercastSCT022 BKN029 OVC0955048 94%45NA29.78NA
1706:15W 10 G 1610.00OvercastSCT022 SCT027 OVC0705048 94%46NA29.78NA
1705:55W 1210.00OvercastSCT019 BKN075 OVC0855048 94%45NA29.78NA
1705:35W 10 G 1710.00OvercastSCT018 BKN065 OVC0805048 94%46NA29.78NA
1705:15W 1010.00OvercastOVC0605048 94%46NA29.78NA
1704:55W 1010.00Mostly CloudyBKN0605048 94%46NA29.78NA
1704:35W 1010.00Partly CloudyFEW060 SCT075 SCT0904848 100%44NA29.78NA
1704:15W 9 G 1710.00Mostly CloudyFEW048 SCT060 BKN0755048 94%46NA29.78NA
1703:55W 1210.00Mostly CloudyFEW050 SCT075 BKN0904848 100%43NA29.78NA
1703:35W 910.00OvercastFEW030 OVC0705048 94%46NA29.79NA
1703:15W 810.00OvercastFEW055 OVC0705050 100%47NA29.79NA
1702:55W 810.00 Light RainFEW033 SCT045 BKN0555050 100%47NA29.79NA
1702:35W 910.00OvercastFEW048 BKN065 OVC0755048 94%46NA29.80NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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