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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
0707:55NW 9 G 18NANANA4134 76%35NA30.68NA
0707:35NW 17 G 23NANANA4134 76%33NA30.67NA
0707:15NW 16 G 24NANANA3932 75%30NA30.66NA
0706:55NW 13 G 21NANANA3734 87%29NA30.66NA
0706:35NW 16 G 26NANANA3734 87%28NA30.66NA
0706:15NW 16 G 24NANANA3734 87%28NA30.66NA
0705:55NW 12 G 17NANANA3734 87%29NA30.65NA
0705:35NW 8 G 22NANANA3734 87%31NA30.65NA
0705:15NW 9 G 17NANANA3734 87%30NA30.64NA
0704:55NW 7NANANA3734 87%32NA30.64NA
0704:35NW 9 G 24NANANA3734 87%30NA30.64NA
0704:15NW 12 G 20NANANA3934 81%32NA30.63NA
0703:55NW 8NANANA3934 81%33NA30.63NA
0703:35NW 10NANANA3934 81%32NA30.63NA
0703:15NW 9NANANA4134 76%35NA30.63NA
0702:55NW 10NANANA4134 76%35NA30.64NA
0702:35NW 14NANANA4134 76%33NA30.63NA
0702:15NW 9NANANA4134 76%35NA30.63NA
0701:55NW 8NANANA4134 76%36NA30.63NA
0701:35NW 12 G 16NANANA4134 76%34NA30.63NA
0701:15NW 16NANANA4134 76%33NA30.63NA
0700:55NW 8NANANA3736 93%31NA30.64NA
0700:35NW 14 G 21NANANA3934 81%31NA30.63NA
0700:15NW 9 G 18NANANA3934 81%33NA30.63NA
0623:55NW 14 G 23NANANA4134 76%33NA30.63NA
0623:35W 16 G 21NANANA4134 76%33NA30.63NA
0623:15W 17NANANA4134 76%33NA30.63NA
0622:55W 18NANANA4134 76%32NA30.63NA
0622:35W 16NANANA4134 76%33NA30.63NA
0622:15NW 20NANANA4134 76%32NA30.61NA
0621:55W 17NANANA4134 76%33NA30.62NA
0621:35W 17NANANA4134 76%33NA30.63NA
0621:15W 20 G 24NANANA4136 81%32NA30.62NA
0620:55W 18 G 25NANANA4136 81%32NA30.62NA
0620:35NW 21 G 29NABreezyNA4336 76%34NA30.62NA
0620:15W 20NANANA4336 76%34NA30.62NA
0619:55NW 21 G 26NABreezyNA4334 71%34NA30.60NA
0619:35NW 22 G 29NABreezyNA4336 76%34NA30.61NA
0619:15NW 18 G 24NANANA4336 76%35NA30.61NA
0618:55NW 15 G 20NANANA4336 76%36NA30.63NA
0618:35NW 7NANANA4336 76%39NA30.63NA
0618:15NW 3NANANA4336 76%NANA30.63NA
0617:55NW 8NANANA4337 81%38NA30.63NA
0617:35NW 15 G 21NANANA4337 81%36NA30.64NA
0617:15NW 12 G 20NANANA4339 87%37NA30.63NA
0616:55N 7 G 24NANANA4341 93%39NA30.62NA
0616:35NE 7 G 17NANANA4541 87%41NA30.62NA
0616:15NW 18 G 23NANANA4641 82%39NA30.62NA
0615:55E 6NANANA4839 71%45NA30.62NA
0615:35N 3NANANA4839 71%NANA30.63NA
0615:15N 6NANANA4837 66%45NA30.63NA
0614:55CalmNANANA5037 62%NANA30.64NA
0614:35N 6NANANA5041 71%48NA30.64NA
0614:15N 3NANANA4841 76%NANA30.65NA
0613:55N 5NANANA5041 71%48NA30.65NA
0613:35N 6NANANA4841 76%45NA30.65NA
0613:15NW 8NANANA4641 82%42NA30.65NA
0612:55NW 8NANANA4641 82%42NA30.66NA
0612:35NW 6NANANA4541 87%42NA30.66NA
0612:15NE 9NANANA4339 87%38NA30.66NA
0611:55NE 7NANANA4539 81%41NA30.66NA
0611:35NW 6NANANA4539 81%42NA30.65NA
0611:15N 5NANANA4537 76%42NA30.65NA
0610:55NW 8NANANA4539 81%41NA30.64NA
0610:35N 8 G 18NANANA4337 81%38NA30.64NA
0610:15NW 9 G 20NANANA4337 81%38NA30.63NA
0609:55N 8 G 16NANANA4339 87%38NA30.64NA
0609:35NW 8 G 18NANANA4137 87%36NA30.64NA
0609:15N 8NANANA4139 93%36NA30.63NA
0608:55NW 10NANANA3937 93%32NA30.63NA
0608:35NW 13 G 18NANANA3936 87%31NA30.63NA
0608:15NW 17NANANA3736 93%27NA30.63NA
0607:55NW 15NANANA3936 87%31NA30.63NA
0607:35NW 15NANANA3736 93%28NA30.62NA
0607:15NW 21NABreezyNA3736 93%26NA30.60NA
0606:55NW 15 G 22NANANA3736 93%28NA30.61NA
0606:35NW 10NANANA3636 100%29NA30.60NA
0606:15W 9NANANA3636 100%29NA30.60NA
0605:55W 8NANANA3636 100%30NA30.60NA
0605:35NW 7NANANA3636 100%30NA30.60NA
0605:15W 7NANANA3736 93%32NA30.60NA
0604:55NW 9NANANA3737 100%30NA30.59NA
0604:35SE 5NANANA4137 87%38NA30.59NA
0604:15S 12NANANA4137 87%34NA30.59NA
0603:55SE 12NANANA4137 87%34NA30.58NA
0603:35SE 8 G 21NANANA4137 87%36NA30.58NA
0603:15SE 14NANANA3937 93%31NA30.58NA
0602:55SE 23NABreezyNA3936 87%28NA30.58NA
0602:35NANANANA4136 81%NANA30.57NA
0602:15SE 16NANANA4136 81%33NA30.58NA
0601:55SE 20NANANA4136 81%32NA30.58NA
0601:35SE 20 G 25NANANA4136 81%32NA30.58NA
0601:15SE 16NANANA4136 81%33NA30.59NA
0600:55S 6 G 17NANANA4336 76%39NA30.60NA
0600:35S 9NANANA4336 76%38NA30.60NA
0600:15S 10NANANA4134 76%35NA30.61NA
0523:55SW 7NANANA4134 76%36NA30.62NA
0523:35W 14 G 17NANANA4334 71%36NA30.62NA
0523:15W 9NANANA4136 81%35NA30.63NA
0522:55W 10 G 21NANANA3936 87%32NA30.63NA0.05
0522:35NW 15 G 18NANANA3736 93%28NA30.63NA0.04
0522:15NW 14 G 21NANANA3736 93%28NA30.63NA0.01
0521:55N 10NANANA3737 100%30NA30.63NA0.02
0521:35NW 12 G 17NANANA3736 93%29NA30.62NA
0521:15NW 9 G 23NANANA3737 100%30NA30.63NA
0520:55W 9NANANA3737 100%30NA30.64NA
0520:35NW 9 G 16NANANA3737 100%30NA30.63NA
0520:15NW 7NANANA3736 93%32NA30.63NA
0519:55E 7NANANA3736 93%32NA30.63NA0.02
0519:35NE 5NANANA3737 100%33NA30.63NA
0519:15E 9NANANA3737 100%30NA30.63NA
0518:55NW 8 G 16NANANA3737 100%31NA30.63NA
0518:35NW 9NANANA3937 93%33NA30.63NA
0518:15NW 8NANANA3937 93%33NA30.63NA
0517:55N 7NANANA3737 100%32NA30.63NA
0517:35N 8NANANA3937 93%33NA30.64NA
0517:15E 6NANANA4337 81%39NA30.64NA
0516:55E 13 G 18NANANA4136 81%34NA30.65NA0.05
0516:35SE 10 G 24NANANA3937 93%32NA30.66NA0.04
0516:15S 15 G 21NANANA3937 93%31NA30.66NA0.03
0515:55W 12 G 26NANANA4139 93%34NA30.65NA0.04
0515:35SW 7NANANA4337 81%39NA30.65NA
0515:15SE 3NANANA4336 76%NANA30.66NA
0514:55NANANANA4137 87%NANA30.65NA0.01
0514:35NANANANA4337 81%NANA30.66NA
0514:15SE 6NANANA4341 93%39NA30.67NA
0513:55E 6 G 20NANANA4337 81%39NA30.66NA
0513:35NE 10NANANA4337 81%37NA30.66NA
0513:15NE 9NANANA4137 87%35NA30.66NA
0512:55NW 7 G 17NANANA4337 81%39NA30.66NA0.02
0512:35NE 9NANANA4136 81%35NA30.66NA0.02
0512:15SE 9NANANA4636 66%41NA30.67NA
0511:55NE 3NANANA4836 62%NANA30.66NA
0511:35N 5NANANA5237 58%NANA30.66NA
0511:15NE 6NANANA5036 58%48NA30.66NA
0510:55N 3NANANA5036 58%NANA30.66NA
0510:35NE 3NANANA5237 58%NANA30.67NA
0510:15N 3NANANA5237 58%NANA30.67NA
0509:55CalmNANANA5037 62%NANA30.67NA
0509:35N 3NANANA5036 58%NANA30.67NA
0509:15N 6 G 18NANANA5036 58%48NA30.67NA
0508:55CalmNANANA5036 58%NANA30.67NA
0508:35CalmNANANA4836 62%NANA30.67NA
0508:15N 6 G 16NANANA4634 62%43NA30.66NA
0507:55NW 10NANANA4634 62%41NA30.66NA
0507:35NW 12NANANA4534 66%39NA30.65NA
0507:15NW 16NANANA4534 66%38NA30.65NA
0506:55NW 16NANANA4532 61%38NA30.64NA
0506:35W 16NANANA4532 61%38NA30.64NA
0506:15W 15NANANA4532 61%38NA30.64NA
0505:55W 16NANANA4532 61%38NA30.64NA
0505:35W 8NANANA4532 61%41NA30.64NA
0505:15W 14NANANA4632 57%40NA30.64NA
0504:55W 12 G 16NANANA4632 57%40NA30.63NA
0504:35W 14NANANA4632 57%40NA30.63NA
0504:15W 15NANANA4632 57%40NA30.63NA
0503:55NW 9NANANA4532 61%40NA30.63NA
0503:35W 9 G 16NANANA4632 57%41NA30.63NA
0503:15W 13NANANA4632 57%40NA30.63NA
0502:55W 14 G 18NANANA4632 57%40NA30.63NA
0502:35W 14NANANA4632 57%40NA30.63NA
0502:15W 14NANANA4632 57%40NA30.64NA
0501:55W 14 G 17NANANA4634 62%40NA30.63NA
0501:35W 16NANANA4634 62%39NA30.64NA
0501:15W 16NANANA4634 62%39NA30.64NA
0500:55W 14NANANA4632 57%40NA30.64NA
0500:35W 17NANANA4630 53%39NA30.65NA
0500:15W 9 G 16NANANA4630 53%41NA30.65NA
0423:55W 5NANANA4630 53%44NA30.66NA
0423:35W 6 G 10NANANA4630 53%43NA30.66NA
0423:15W 12NANANA4630 53%40NA30.66NA
0422:55SE 6NANANA4632 57%43NA30.66NA
0422:35S 8NANANA4632 57%42NA30.66NA
0422:15SE 7NANANA4532 61%41NA30.66NA
0421:55SE 8NANANA4532 61%41NA30.66NA
0421:35SE 8NANANA4532 61%41NA30.65NA
0421:15S 6 G 22NANANA4534 66%42NA30.65NA
0420:55SE 14 G 25NANANA4534 66%39NA30.65NA
0420:35SE 13NANANA4632 57%40NA30.65NA
0420:15W 13NANANA4632 57%40NA30.65NA
0419:55W 8NANANA4632 57%42NA30.65NA
0419:35W 12NANANA4634 62%40NA30.65NA
0419:15SE 23 G 29NABreezyNA4634 62%38NA30.63NA
0418:55SE 9NANANA4634 62%41NA30.63NA0.02
0418:35SE 14NANANA4836 62%42NA30.63NA0.02
0418:15NE 7NANANA5237 58%NANA30.63NA
0417:55W 5 G 20NANANA5432 44%NANA30.64NA
0417:35W 13 G 21NANANA5532 41%NANA30.64NA
0417:15SW 8 G 17NANANA5432 44%NANA30.63NA
0416:55W 24 G 32NABreezyNA5532 41%NANA30.62NA
0416:35SW 6NANANA5436 51%NANA30.64NA
0416:15SE 15 G 22NANANA5034 54%45NA30.64NA
0415:55S 13 G 26NANANA5236 54%NANA30.64NA0.01
0415:35SE 22 G 29NABreezyNA4636 66%38NA30.64NA0.01
0415:15SE 23 G 28NABreezyNA4836 62%40NA30.64NA0.01
0414:55E 10 G 22NANANA5034 54%46NA30.64NA
0414:35NE 7NANANA5237 58%NANA30.64NA
0414:15N 5NANANA5437 54%NANA30.64NA
0413:55NW 9NANANA5239 62%NANA30.64NA
0413:35N 3NANANA5241 67%NANA30.64NA
0413:15NW 13 G 22NANANA5241 67%NANA30.64NA
0412:55N 6NANANA5237 58%NANA30.65NA
0412:35N 6NANANA5239 62%NANA30.65NA
0412:15N 6 G 18NANANA5239 62%NANA30.65NA
0411:55N 6NANANA5037 62%48NA30.65NA
0411:35N 5 G 16NANANA5037 62%48NA30.65NA
0411:15N 5NANANA5039 67%48NA30.64NA
0410:55NW 7 G 16NANANA5041 71%47NA30.64NA
0410:35NE 3NANANA4841 76%NANA30.63NA
0410:15N 3NANANA4639 76%NANA30.63NA
0409:55NE 3NANANA4637 71%NANA30.63NA
0409:35NW 7 G 16NANANA4637 71%42NA30.63NA
0409:15NW 13 G 22NANANA4637 71%40NA30.62NA
0408:55NW 18 G 25NANANA4634 62%39NA30.61NA
0408:35NW 17 G 24NANANA4534 66%38NA30.60NA
0408:15NW 17 G 24NANANA4534 66%38NA30.60NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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