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Yap Island - Yap Int. Airport
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
1720:54SW 12 G 228.00 Light Showers RainSCT016CB BKN030 OVC1207875 92%NA8129.691005.4
1719:53S 109.00 Light Showers RainSCT016CB BKN030 OVC1207976 92%NA8329.661004.6
1718:53S 16 G 2412.00OvercastSCT016CB BKN030 OVC1208276 84%NA9029.631003.5
1717:52S 12 G 2512.00OvercastSCT016CB BKN030 OVC1208176 84%NA8729.621003.2
1716:50S 169.00 Light Showers RainSCT016CB BKN130 OVC3007975 89%NA8329.611002.7
1715:51S 15 G 249.00 Light Showers RainSCT016CB BKN130 OVC3007875 837893%NA8129.611002.91.01
1714:50S 16 G 2510.00 Light Showers RainSCT016CB BKN130 OVC3008076 87%NA8529.641003.9
1713:50SE 1012.00OvercastSCT016CB BKN130 OVC3008377 84%NA9329.641003.7
1712:50S 1012.00OvercastSCT016CB BKN130 OVC3007977 92%NA8329.681005.10.81
1711:50S 147.00 Light Showers RainBKN015CB OVC0207876 93%NA8129.721006.6
1710:50S 13 G 219.00 Light Showers RainBKN015CB OVC0207876 94%NA8129.731006.9
1709:52SE 1612.00OvercastBKN016CB OVC1208177 817689%NA8829.721006.60.97
1708:50SE 129.00 Light Showers RainBKN016CB OVC1208077 92%NA8629.721006.4
1706:50SE 96.00 Light Showers RainBKN016CB OVC1307675 95%NA7529.681005.10.91
1705:52Vrbl 710.00 Light Showers RainBKN016CB OVC1307876 94%NA8129.661004.6
1704:50SE 129.00 Light Showers RainBKN016CB OVC1307775 94%NA7829.661004.4
1703:50SE 89.00 Light Showers RainBKN016CB OVC1307876 797895%NA8129.651004.00.66
1702:50Vrbl 710.00 Light Showers RainBKN016CB OVC1307876 91%NA8129.661004.4
1701:50Vrbl 610.00 Light Showers RainBKN016CB OVC1307875 90%NA8029.671004.9
1700:52SE 810.00 Light Showers RainSCT016CB BKN130 OVC3007976 92%NA8329.691005.60.01
1623:50SE 912.00OvercastSCT016CB BKN130 OVC3007976 90%NA8329.701005.9
1622:51Vrbl 612.00OvercastSCT016CB BKN130 OVC3007875 92%NA8129.711006.2
1621:51Vrbl 69.00 Light Showers RainBKN016CB OVC1207875 787693%NA8129.721006.62.05
1620:50SE 109.00 Light Showers RainBKN016CB OVC1207876 94%NA8129.711006.2
1619:50E 910.00 Light Showers RainBKN016CB OVC1207674 94%NA7629.681005.1
1618:50SE 89.00 Light Showers RainBKN016CB OVC1207876 94%NA8129.681005.11.56
1617:50SE 109.00 Light Showers RainBKN016CB OVC0307674 94%NA7629.671004.7
1616:50Vrbl 76.00 Showers RainBKN016CB OVC1207876 94%NA8129.641003.9
1615:50Vrbl 79.00 Light Showers RainBKN016CB OVC1207876 807794%NA8129.631003.50.40
1614:50E 1210.00 Light Showers RainBKN016CB OVC1207976 93%NA8329.651004.0
1613:50SE 1012.00OvercastBKN016CB OVC1208077 90%NA8629.641003.7
1612:50SE 1010.00 Light Showers RainBKN016CB OVC1207977 93%NA8329.681005.40.18
1611:50SE 129.00 Light Showers RainBKN016CB OVC1207876 93%NA8129.711006.1
1610:50SE 99.00 Light Showers RainBKN016CB OVC1207875 93%NA8129.721006.6
1609:50SE 99.00 Light Showers RainBKN016CB OVC1207775 787793%NA7829.741007.11.10
1608:50SE 1210.00 Light Showers RainBKN016CB BKN030 OVC1207775 94%NA7829.741007.1
1607:50SE 98.00 Light Showers RainBKN016CB OVC1207775 94%NA7829.721006.6
1606:52SE 148.00 Light Showers RainBKN016CB OVC1207876 93%NA8129.681005.40.31
1605:52SE 1410.00 Light Showers RainBKN016CB OVC1207876 93%NA8129.661004.6
1604:55SE 910.00 Light Showers RainBKN016CB OVC1207775 94%NA7829.661004.6
1603:50SE 1410.00 Light Showers RainBKN016CB OVC1207775 787794%NA7829.661004.61.23
1602:52SE 14 G 218.00 Light Showers RainBKN016CB OVC1207775 94%NA7829.661004.6
1601:50SE 14 G 2510.00 Light Showers RainBKN016CB BKN030 OVC1207775 94%NA7829.671004.9
1600:50SE 14 G 218.00 Light Showers RainBKN016CB OVC1207878 100%NA8129.681005.40.81
1523:50SE 129.00 Light Showers RainBKN016CB OVC1207775 94%NA7829.701005.7
1522:50S 98.00 Showers RainBKN016CB OVC1207876 94%NA8129.701005.7
1521:50SE 20 G 258.00 Light Showers RainBKN016CB OVC1207876 797893%NA8129.691005.60.60
1519:50SE 12 G 218.00 Light Showers RainBKN016CB OVC1207876 93%NA8129.651004.0
1518:50SE 18 G 238.00 Light Showers RainBKN016CB OVC1207875 93%NA8129.631003.50.23
1516:52SE 13 G 257.00 Light Showers RainBKN016CB OVC1207876 93%NA8129.601002.4
1515:50S 14 G 257.00 Light Showers RainBKN016CB OVC1207876 807893%NA8129.591002.00.21
1514:53SE 14 G 2810.00 Light Showers RainBKN016CB OVC1207876 91%NA8129.581001.8
1513:50SE 16 G 2810.00 Light Showers RainBKN016CB OVC1207876 93%NA8129.591002.2
1512:50SE 16 G 287.00 Light Showers RainBKN016CB OVC1207976 91%NA8329.611002.70.02
1511:56SE 16 G 2310.00 Light Showers RainSCT016CB BKN030 OVC1208077 90%NA8629.631003.5
1510:52SE 16 G 2512.00OvercastSCT016CB BKN030 OVC1208077 91%NA8629.661004.4
1509:53E 1012.00OvercastSCT016CB BKN030 OVC1208077 807890%NA8629.671004.70.11
1507:57E 14 G 269.00 Light Showers RainSCT016CB BKN030 OVC1207875 91%NA8129.661004.6
1506:54E 9 G 2012.00OvercastSCT016TCU BKN030 OVC1207976 90%NA8329.671004.70.10
1505:53E 12 G 229.00 Light Showers RainSCT016TCU BKN130 OVC3007876 93%NA8129.661004.6
1504:52E 13 G 2312.00OvercastSCT016TCU BKN130 OVC3008075 86%NA8529.641003.9
1503:53E 812.00OvercastSCT016TCU BKN130 OVC3008074 807884%NA8529.641003.90.01
1502:50NE 812.00OvercastSCT016TCU BKN130 OVC3007976 90%NA8329.651004.2
1501:51E 1312.00OvercastSCT016TCU BKN130 OVC3008075 85%NA8529.671004.9
1500:50E 1212.00OvercastSCT016TCU BKN130 OVC3008076 88%NA8529.691005.60.01
1423:52E 1212.00OvercastSCT016TCU BKN130 OVC3008076 88%NA8529.711006.1
1422:50E 910.00 Light Showers RainSCT016TCU BKN130 OVC3007876 92%NA8129.711006.2
1421:50E 1010.00 Light Showers RainSCT016TCU BKN130 OVC3008076 807889%NA8529.721006.40.18
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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