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Salida Mountain, Monarch Pass
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
0716:50W 30 G 382.00 Light Snow and WindySCT005 BKN022 OVC030-0-6 78%-26NA30.01NA
0716:30W 28 G 364.00 Fog/Mist and WindySCT010 BKN022 OVC028-0-6 78%-25NA30.00NA
0716:14W 31 G 403.00Overcast with Haze and WindySCT009 BKN020 OVC027-0-6 78%-26NA29.99NA
0715:42W 32 G 385.00Overcast with Haze and WindySCT009 BKN025 OVC032-0-6 78%-27NA29.97NA
0715:34W 29 G 383.00Overcast with Haze and WindySCT009 SCT016 OVC030-0-6 78%-26NA29.97NA
0715:14W 33 G 393.00 Thunderstorm Fog/Mist and WindySCT006 SCT011 SCT019-0-4 84%-27NA29.96NA
0714:46W 32 G 482.50 Thunderstorm Light Snow and WindySCT014 BKN023 BKN030-0-4 84%-27NA29.94NA
0714:33W 33 G 433.00 Thunderstorm Fog/Mist and WindySCT013 BKN018 OVC0301-4 78%-25NA29.94NA
0714:09W 31 G 432.50 Thunderstorm Haze and WindySCT013 BKN019 OVC0301-4 78%-25NA29.93NA
0713:50W 40 G 491.50 Thunderstorm Light Snow and WindySCT014 BKN019 OVC038-0-4 84%-29NA29.91NA
0713:34W 40 G 512.50 Thunderstorm Light Snow and WindySCT020 BKN027 OVC039-0-4 84%-29NA29.91NA
0713:14W 30 G 453.00 Thunderstorm Haze and WindySCT013 BKN020 OVC0341-4 78%-25NA29.91NA
0712:54W 33 G 400.75 Thunderstorm Light Snow and WindyOVC014-0-4 84%-27NA29.91NA
0712:33W 29 G 411.50 Light Snow and WindyOVC0171-4 78%-24NA29.91NA
0712:14SW 28 G 451.50 Light Snow and WindySCT015 BKN021 OVC0351-4 78%-24NA29.91NA
0711:50W 33 G 441.00 Light Snow and WindyOVC0171-4 78%-25NA29.90NA
0711:33W 30 G 382.00 Fog/Mist and WindyBKN008 OVC0151-4 78%-25NA29.90NA
0711:14W 30 G 395.00Overcast with Haze and WindyBKN008 OVC0141-4 78%-25NA29.90NA
0710:52W 26 G 364.00Overcast with Haze and WindyBKN006 OVC011-0-6 78%-24NA29.91NA
0710:34W 22 G 333.00 Fog/Mist and BreezyBKN006 BKN011 OVC026-0-4 84%-23NA29.92NA
0710:13W 31 G 394.00 Fog/Mist and WindyBKN004 BKN008 OVC019-0-6 78%-26NA29.90NA
0709:54W 18 G 355.00 Fog/MistBKN003 OVC008-0-4 84%-21NA29.91NA
0709:34W 28 G 315.00Overcast with Haze and WindySCT003 BKN010 OVC013-0-6 78%-25NA29.89NA
0709:13W 2810.00Partly Cloudy and WindySCT012-2-6 84%-28NA29.88NA
0708:54W 24 G 297.00Fair and BreezyCLR-2-8 77%-26NA29.87NA
0708:34W 25 G 325.00Partly Cloudy with Haze and BreezySCT004-2-8 77%-27NA29.87NA
0708:06W 29 G 36NAMostly Cloudy and WindyBKN002 BKN006 BKN010-2-8 77%-28NA29.85NA
0707:50W 28 G 31NAOvercast and WindyBKN002 OVC007-0-6 78%-25NA29.84NA
0707:33W 26 G 350.50 Light Snow and WindyOVC002-0-6 78%-24NA29.84NA
0707:12W 28 G 390.25 Heavy Snow and WindyOVC0021-4 78%-24NA29.82NA
0706:54W 26 G 40NAOvercast and WindyBKN002 OVC0091-4 78%-23NA29.81NA
0706:32W 29 G 380.75 Light Snow and WindyOVC0041-4 78%-24NA29.80NA
0706:13W 31 G 370.50 Snow and WindyOVC0041-4 78%-25NA29.79NA
0705:54W 33 G 400.50 Snow and WindyOVC0021-4 78%-25NA29.77NA
0705:33W 35 G 430.50 Snow and WindyOVC0021-2 85%-26NA29.76NA
0705:13W 33 G 430.75 Snow and WindyOVC0041-2 85%-25NA29.76NA
0704:53W 37 G 430.50 Snow and WindyOVC0023-0 85%-24NA29.74NA
0704:32W 33 G 400.50 Heavy Snow and WindyOVC0023-0 85%-23NA29.75NA
0704:14W 36 G 410.50 Heavy Snow and WindyOVC0023-0 85%-24NA29.73NA
0703:53W 32 G 410.50 Snow and WindyOVC0043-0 85%-22NA29.74NA
0703:34W 35 G 410.50 Snow and WindyOVC0013-0 85%-23NA29.74NA
0703:07W 32 G 440.50 Snow and WindyOVC0015-0 78%-20NA29.73NA
0702:54W 36 G 450.25 Heavy Snow and WindyOVC00151 85%-21NA29.72NA
0702:34W 33 G 450.25 Heavy Snow and WindyOVC00151 85%-20NA29.72NA
0702:12W 37 G 510.15 Heavy Snow and WindyOVC00151 85%-21NA29.69NA
0701:54SW 38 G 550.15 Heavy Snow and WindyOVC00173 85%-19NA29.69NA
0701:32SW 33 G 450.25 Heavy Snow and WindyOVC00195 85%-14NA29.67NA
0701:13SW 36 G 510.25 Heavy Snow and WindyOVC00195 85%-15NA29.67NA
0700:54SW 38 G 47NAOvercast and WindyOVC001105 79%-14NA29.68NA
0700:32W 41 G 600.25 Heavy Snow and WindyOVC001107 85%-15NA29.67NA
0700:13W 55 G 74NAOvercast and WindyOVC001107 85%-18NA29.65NA
0623:54W 460.25 Thunderstorm Heavy Snow and WindyOVC001129 85%-13NA29.65NA
0623:32W 46 G 632.50 Light Snow and WindyBKN008 OVC014129 85%-13NA29.65NA
0623:13W 63 G 791.25 Thunderstorm Light Snow and WindySCT010 BKN018 OVC024129 85%-16NA29.63NA
0622:54W 51 G 1320.75 Light Snow and WindyOVC021129 85%-14NA29.63NA
0622:33W 45 G 690.50 Thunderstorm Light Snow and WindyOVC021129 85%-13NA29.64NA
0622:14W 44 G 700.75 Thunderstorm Light Snow and WindyBKN019 OVC025129 85%-13NA29.63NA
0621:53W 48 G 620.75 Thunderstorm Light Snow in Vicinity and WindyOVC018129 85%-14NA29.64NA
0621:33W 39 G 610.50 Thunderstorm Snow and WindyBKN006 OVC014129 85%-12NA29.64NA
0621:13W 46 G 61NAWindyNA129 85%-13NA29.63NA
0620:52W 37 G 52NAWindyNA129 85%-11NA29.65NA
0620:34W 37 G 48NAWindyNA129 85%-11NA29.66NA
0620:13SW 31 G 45NAWindyNA129 85%-10NA29.68NA
0619:54SW 35 G 45NAOvercast and WindyBKN003 BKN013 OVC035129 85%-11NA29.67NA
0619:34W 29 G 40NAOvercast and WindyBKN001 BKN006 OVC0101210 92%-9NA29.68NA
0619:14SW 30 G 40NAOvercast and WindyOVC0011210 92%-10NA29.68NA
0618:54SW 33 G 46NAOvercast and WindyOVC0011210 92%-10NA29.68NA
0618:34SW 30 G 38NAOvercast and WindyOVC0011210 92%-10NA29.69NA
0618:13SW 25 G 29NAOvercast and BreezyOVC0011210 92%-8NA29.70NA
0617:50SW 24 G 33NAOvercast and BreezyOVC0011210 92%-8NA29.71NA
0617:31SW 29 G 38NAOvercast and WindyOVC0011210 92%-9NA29.71NA
0617:12SW 31 G 40NAOvercast and WindyOVC0011210 92%-10NA29.70NA
0616:53SW 30 G 370.15 Light Snow and WindyOVC0011210 92%-10NA29.71NA
0616:34SW 25 G 330.15 Heavy Snow and BreezyOVC0011210 92%-8NA29.70NA
0616:13SW 26 G 370.25 Heavy Snow and WindyOVC001129 85%-8NA29.71NA
0615:52SW 26 G 390.15 Snow and WindyOVC0011210 92%-8NA29.72NA
0615:34SW 28 G 380.25 Snow and WindyOVC0011210 92%-9NA29.72NA
0615:11W 33 G 400.50 Light Snow and WindyOVC0011210 92%-10NA29.72NA
0614:52W 35 G 400.25 Snow and WindyOVC0011210 92%-11NA29.73NA
0614:33W 26 G 380.15 Heavy Snow and WindyOVC0011210 92%-8NA29.74NA
0614:12W 35 G 430.25 Snow and WindyOVC0031210 92%-11NA29.74NA
0613:54SW 29 G 390.75 Light Snow and WindyOVC0011410 85%-7NA29.74NA
0613:33W 31 G 391.75 Light Snow and WindyOVC0011210 92%-10NA29.74NA
0613:14SW 31 G 432.00 Fog/Mist and WindyOVC0011210 92%-10NA29.75NA
0612:50SW 30 G 370.25 Light Snow and WindyOVC001129 85%-10NA29.76NA
0612:34W 30 G 380.15 Freezing Fog and WindyOVC001129 85%-10NA29.77NA
0612:12W 25 G 370.25 Snow and BreezyOVC003129 85%-8NA29.78NA
0611:30W 30 G 3810.00Overcast and WindySCT019 BKN026 OVC041129 85%-10NA29.81NA
0611:03SW 26 G 37NAWindyNA129 85%-8NA29.83NA
0610:54SW 25 G 38NABreezyNA129 85%-8NA29.84NA
0610:32W 31 G 41NAWindyNA109 92%-13NA29.84NA
0610:12W 28 G 40NAWindyNA107 85%-12NA29.85NA
0609:53SW 26 G 36NAOvercast and WindyOVC070107 85%-11NA29.86NA
0609:27SW 24 G 38NABreezyNA95 85%-12NA29.86NA
0609:14W 26 G 36NAOvercast and WindyOVC07095 85%-12NA29.85NA
0608:51SW 24 G 35NAOvercast and BreezyOVC07095 85%-12NA29.85NA
0608:34W 24 G 31NAOvercast and BreezyOVC07093 78%-12NA29.85NA
0608:13W 24 G 30NAOvercast and BreezyOVC07073 85%-14NA29.85NA
0607:51SW 24 G 31NABreezyNA53 92%-17NA29.85NA
0607:33SW 24 G 33NABreezyNA51 85%-17NA29.84NA
0607:14SW 26 G 37NAWindyNA53 92%-18NA29.84NA
0606:53W 25 G 33NABreezyNA51 85%-17NA29.84NA
0606:34SW 26 G 33NAWindyNA51 85%-18NA29.84NA
0606:10SW 29 G 36NAMostly Cloudy and WindyBKN06551 85%-19NA29.83NA
0605:54SW 30 G 36NAWindyNA51 85%-19NA29.83NA
0605:10SW 31 G 40NAWindyNA51 85%-19NA29.82NA
0604:34SW 29 G 33NAOvercast and WindyOVC00251 85%-19NA29.83NA
0604:14SW 28 G 38NAOvercast and WindyOVC00251 85%-18NA29.83NA
0603:51SW 30 G 38NAOvercast and WindyOVC00251 85%-19NA29.84NA
0603:34SW 30 G 38NAOvercast and WindyOVC00251 85%-19NA29.83NA
0603:14SW 28 G 36NAOvercast and WindyOVC00251 85%-18NA29.84NA
0602:54SW 30 G 37NAOvercast and WindyOVC00251 85%-19NA29.84NA
0602:34SW 31 G 37NAOvercast and WindyOVC00251 85%-19NA29.84NA
0602:14SW 28 G 37NAOvercast and WindyOVC00251 85%-18NA29.85NA
0601:52SW 32 G 37NAOvercast and WindyOVC00253 92%-20NA29.86NA
0601:34SW 33 G 41NAOvercast and WindyOVC00273 85%-17NA29.85NA
0601:13SW 36 G 39NAOvercast and WindyOVC00273 85%-18NA29.85NA
0600:54SW 31 G 38NAOvercast and WindyOVC00293 78%-14NA29.85NA
0600:34SW 35 G 41NAOvercast and WindyOVC00293 78%-15NA29.85NA
0600:14SW 32 G 44NAOvercast and WindyOVC00293 78%-14NA29.85NA
0523:54SW 31 G 430.25 Heavy Snow and WindyOVC00295 85%-14NA29.86NA
0523:28SW 36 G 470.25 Heavy Snow and WindyOVC00295 85%-15NA29.85NA
0523:13SW 32 G 440.25 Heavy Snow and WindyOVC00295 85%-14NA29.86NA
0522:52SW 32 G 450.50 Snow and WindyOVC00295 85%-14NA29.86NA
0522:32SW 38 G 510.75 Fog/Mist and WindyOVC00295 85%-16NA29.85NA
0522:14SW 39 G 477.00Overcast and WindyOVC00495 85%-16NA29.85NA
0521:53SW 37 G 4710.00Overcast and WindyOVC00497 92%-16NA29.85NA
0521:34SW 37 G 5310.00Overcast and WindyOVC00895 85%-16NA29.84NA
0521:14SW 37 G 4910.00Overcast and WindySCT010 OVC013105 79%-14NA29.84NA
0520:54SW 33 G 4510.00Overcast and WindyOVC015105 79%-13NA29.85NA
0520:33SW 35 G 4610.00Overcast and WindyOVC019105 79%-14NA29.85NA
0520:14SW 35 G 4510.00Overcast and WindyOVC023103 72%-14NA29.85NA
0519:50SW 29 G 3810.00Overcast and WindyOVC025103 72%-12NA29.85NA
0519:26W 39 G 5410.00Overcast and WindyBKN027 BKN031 OVC045121 62%-12NA29.84NA
0519:14W 41 G 5110.00Mostly Cloudy and WindySCT031 SCT039 BKN045121 62%-12NA29.84NA
0518:53W 40 G 5110.00Partly Cloudy and WindySCT031 SCT040121 62%-12NA29.84NA
0518:34W 43 G 5510.00Partly Cloudy and WindySCT029 SCT037 SCT043123 67%-13NA29.84NA
0518:13W 48 G 6210.00Partly Cloudy and WindySCT021 SCT030 SCT037123 67%-14NA29.84NA
0517:53W 48 G 6010.00Mostly Cloudy and WindyBKN023 BKN028 BKN034145 67%-11NA29.83NA
0517:29W 48 G 677.00Overcast and WindyBKN017 OVC021149 79%-11NA29.83NA
0517:14W 51 G 6210.00Overcast and WindyOVC017149 79%-11NA29.82NA
0516:52W 48 G 5510.00Overcast and WindyOVC017169 73%-8NA29.83NA
0516:29W 47 G 6210.00Overcast and WindyBKN019 OVC026169 73%-8NA29.83NA
0516:11W 48 G 587.00Overcast and WindyBKN021 BKN026 OVC044189 68%-5NA29.82NA
0515:54W 53 G 6310.00Mostly Cloudy and WindySCT025 BKN036 BKN045189 68%-6NA29.80NA
0515:34W 49 G 6210.00Mostly Cloudy and WindySCT025 BKN032 BKN040189 68%-5NA29.82NA
0515:09W 52 G 704.00 Light Snow and WindySCT035 SCT050 SCT065185 58%-6NA29.80NA
0514:54W 55 G 721.75 Light Snow and WindySCT035 BKN044 BKN050185 58%-6NA29.81NA
0514:33W 49 G 751.50 Thunderstorm Light Snow in Vicinity and WindyBKN035 BKN044 OVC050195 53%-4NA29.80NA
0514:14W 59 G 780.75 Light Snow and WindyBKN026 BKN037 OVC046199 63%-6NA29.79NA
0513:54W 47 G 724.00Mostly Cloudy with Haze and WindySCT022 BKN033 BKN0431910 68%-4NA29.81NA
0513:34W 46 G 635.00Mostly Cloudy with Haze and WindyBKN023 BKN029 BKN0391810 73%-5NA29.82NA
0513:04W 40 G 665.00Mostly Cloudy with Haze and WindyBKN023 BKN035 BKN0441910 68%-2NA29.84NA
0512:54W 43 G 607.00Mostly Cloudy and WindySCT018 BKN023 BKN0331910 68%-3NA29.84NA
0512:33W 53 G 715.00 Light Snow and WindySCT019 BKN029 OVC0501910 68%-5NA29.83NA
0512:13W 46 G 585.00Overcast with Haze and WindySCT019 BKN029 OVC0491810 73%-5NA29.84NA
0511:48W 43 G 5410.00Overcast and WindySCT017 BKN033 OVC0481810 73%-4NA29.85NA
0511:31W 49 G 617.00Overcast and WindySCT015 BKN021 OVC0351810 73%-5NA29.86NA
0511:14W 45 G 4910.00Overcast and WindySCT016 BKN022 OVC0281810 73%-5NA29.86NA
0510:51W 33 G 4710.00Overcast and WindyOVC0191810 73%-2NA29.89NA
0510:34SW 33 G 5110.00Overcast and WindyOVC0211810 73%-2NA29.89NA
0510:14W 51 G 622.50 Light Snow and WindyOVC0231810 73%-6NA29.87NA
0509:53W 48 G 672.50Overcast with Haze and WindyOVC0251810 73%-5NA29.87NA
0509:34W 51 G 583.00 Light Snow and WindyOVC0251810 73%-6NA29.87NA
0509:11W 43 G 591.75 Light Snow and WindySCT019 OVC0271810 73%-4NA29.88NA
0508:29W 45 G 5110.00Overcast and WindyOVC0291810 73%-5NA29.86NA
0508:10W 35 G 4610.00Overcast and WindyOVC0311810 73%-3NA29.87NA
0507:53W 32 G 3810.00Overcast and WindyOVC0331810 73%-2NA29.87NA
0507:32SW 28 G 3910.00Overcast and WindyOVC0351810 73%-1NA29.88NA
0507:12W 35 G 4610.00Overcast and WindyOVC0371810 73%-3NA29.88NA
0506:53W 33 G 4510.00Overcast and WindyOVC0391812 79%-2NA29.89NA
0506:34SW 31 G 3710.00Overcast and WindySCT043 OVC0701812 79%-2NA29.89NA
0506:13SW 29 G 3810.00Overcast and WindySCT047 BKN060 OVC0801812 79%-1NA29.89NA
0505:54SW 26 G 3510.00Overcast and WindySCT036 BKN049 OVC0751812 79%-0NA29.90NA
0505:33SW 29 G 4010.00Overcast and WindySCT036 BKN060 OVC0701812 79%-1NA29.91NA
0505:13W 33 G 3910.00Overcast and WindySCT046 BKN060 OVC0701812 79%-2NA29.92NA
0504:54W 28 G 3610.00Overcast and WindySCT045 BKN060 OVC0701810 73%-1NA29.93NA
0504:34W 29 G 3610.00Overcast and WindyOVC0601910 68%0NA29.93NA
0504:13W 32 G 3810.00Overcast and WindySCT044 SCT065 OVC0701912 73%-1NA29.94NA
0503:51W 30 G 3910.00Overcast and WindyOVC0651912 73%-0NA29.95NA
0503:32W 3110.00Overcast and WindyOVC0651912 73%-0NA29.96NA
0503:14W 3210.00Mostly Cloudy and WindyBKN0751912 73%-1NA29.96NA
0502:53W 31 G 3510.00Partly Cloudy and WindySCT0751910 68%-0NA29.98NA
0502:34W 3210.00Partly Cloudy and WindySCT0401910 68%-1NA29.99NA
0502:14W 33 G 4310.00Overcast and WindyOVC0401910 68%-1NA30.01NA
0501:54W 32 G 3710.00Partly Cloudy and WindySCT0401910 68%-1NA30.02NA
0501:34W 35 G 4110.00Fair and WindyCLR1910 68%-1NA30.01NA
0501:13W 3210.00Fair and WindyCLR1910 68%-1NA30.01NA
0500:54W 37 G 4310.00Fair and WindyCLR1910 68%-2NA30.01NA
0500:30W 37 G 4410.00Fair and WindyCLR1910 68%-2NA30.02NA
0500:11W 35 G 4410.00Fair and WindyCLR1910 68%-1NA30.04NA
0423:54W 35 G 4410.00Fair and WindyCLR1912 73%-1NA30.05NA
0423:31W 35 G 4110.00Fair and WindyCLR1912 73%-1NA30.06NA
0423:14W 36 G 4110.00Fair and WindyCLR1810 73%-3NA30.07NA
0422:54W 3510.00Fair and WindyCLR1810 73%-3NA30.07NA
0422:34W 35 G 39NAFair and WindyCLR1910 68%-1NA30.08NA
0422:09W 39NAFair and WindyCLR1910 68%-2NA30.08NA
0421:53W 38 G 45NAFair and WindyCLR1910 68%-2NA30.08NA
0418:33W 44 G 52NAFair and WindyCLR189 68%-4NA30.10NA
0418:11W 46NAFair and WindyCLR187 62%-5NA30.11NA
0417:54W 46NAFair and WindyCLR189 68%-5NA30.11NA
0417:33W 44NAFair and WindyCLR189 68%-4NA30.11NA
0417:13W 43 G 46NAFair and WindyCLR197 58%-3NA30.12NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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