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Mount Washington
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
2703:50W 370.00 Light Showers Rain Fog and WindyVV0004646 100%36NANANA
2702:48W 330.06 Light Showers Rain Fog and WindyVV0014646 100%36NANANA
2701:51W 360.00 Drizzle Fog and WindyVV0004646 4945100%36NANANA
2700:50W 380.00 Light Showers Rain Fog and WindyVV0004646 100%36NANANA
2623:49W 37 G 400.00 Fog and WindyVV0004646 100%36NANANA
2622:52SW 32 G 400.06 Fog and WindyVV0014646 100%36NANANA
2621:50W 30 G 35100.00 Patches Fog and WindyFEW000 FEW005 SCT010 SCT060 BKN160 OVC1904845 87%39NANANA
2620:54SW 29 G 360.13 Fog and WindyVV0024848 100%39NANANA
2619:53SW 3070.00 Patches Fog and WindyFEW000 FEW001 SCT010 BKN160 BKN180 OVC2004845 564887%39NANANA
2618:51SW 1770.00 Patches FogFEW000 FEW002 SCT010 SCT015 BKN180 BKN2004846 94%42NANANA
2617:53W 1570.00Mostly CloudyFEW005 BKN010 BKN180 BKN2005246 82%NANANANA
2616:53W 1075.00Mostly CloudyBKN015 BKN180 BKN2005448 82%NANANANA
2615:50W 14 G 1880.00Mostly CloudyBKN015 BKN180 BKN2005446 77%NANANANA
2614:49S 1080.00Mostly CloudyBKN008 BKN2005245 77%NANANANA
2613:50S 890.00Mostly CloudyBKN009 BKN2005546 564772%NANANANA
2612:57Vrbl 590.00Mostly CloudyFEW003 BKN010 BKN2005545 67%NANANANA
2611:53NW 590.00Mostly CloudyBKN010 BKN2005045 82%48NANANA
2610:52Vrbl 590.00Partly CloudyFEW002 SCT006 SCT2005243 72%NANANANA
2609:53S 590.00A Few CloudsFEW000 FEW003 FEW0205041 71%48NANANA
2608:48S 290.00A Few CloudsFEW000 FEW2004839 71%NANANANA
2607:47E 390.00A Few CloudsFEW2204637 474371%NANANANA
2606:49NW 590.00A Few CloudsFEW2304623 40%44NANANA
2605:57N 1100.00A Few CloudsFEW2004623 40%NANANANA
2604:55E 5100.00A Few CloudsFEW1804327 53%40NANANA
2603:52N 3100.00ClearSKC4532 61%NANANANA
2602:54N 7100.00ClearSKC4328 57%39NANANA
2601:54N 7100.00ClearSKC4336 444276%39NANANA
2600:52N 8100.00ClearSKC4339 87%38NANANA
2523:59N 10100.00 Patches FogFEW0004343 98%37NANANA
2522:52N 100.06 FogVV0004343 100%37NANANA
2521:55N 130.06 FogVV0004343 100%36NANANA
2520:57NE 140.13 FogVV0024343 100%36NANANA
2519:50N 970.00Partly CloudySCT004 SCT0504543 474493%40NANANA
2518:52NE 123.00Mostly CloudyBKN004 BKN1204543 93%39NANANA
2517:47NE 1010.00Mostly CloudyBKN004 BKN1204643 87%41NANANA
2516:50NE 870.00Mostly CloudyBKN005 BKN0804639 76%42NANANA
2515:50N 60.50 FogBKN000 OVC0504646 100%43NANANA
2514:49NE 51.00OvercastBKN040 OVC1804643 87%44NANANA
2513:50E 123.00Mostly CloudyBKN010 BKN0504536 443671%39NANANA
2512:48E 130.06 FogVV0014141 100%34NANANA
2511:48E 200.00 FogVV0003939 100%29NANANA
2510:51E 21 G 280.00 Fog and BreezyVV0003737 100%26NANANA
2509:49E 180.06 FogVV0003737 100%27NANANA
2508:49E 15 G 240.06 FogVV0013636 100%27NANANA
2507:48E 90.00 FogVV0003939 4437100%33NANANA0.10
2506:48E 70.13 Light Drizzle FogVV0013939 100%34NANANA
2505:53N 70.19 Light Drizzle FogVV0024343 100%39NANANA
2504:57NW 90.19 Light Drizzle FogVV0024141 100%35NANANA
2503:55NW 50.06 Light Showers Rain FogVV0014343 100%40NANANA
2502:56Calm0.06 Light Drizzle FogVV0003737 100%NANANANA
2501:49SE 70.06 Light Rain FogVV0003737 4535100%32NANANA0.14
2500:59SE 20.06 Light Rain FogVV0003939 100%NANANANA
2423:54SE 120.13 Light Rain FogVV0013939 100%32NANANA
2422:51E 150.06 Light Rain FogVV0003737 100%28NANANA
2421:51E 160.06 Light Rain FogVV0013737 100%28NANANA
2420:55SE 170.13 Light Rain FogVV0023737 100%27NANANA
2419:47E 210.13 Light Rain Fog and BreezyVV0013737 3734100%26NANANA0.34
2418:52E 22 G 250.00 Light Rain Fog and BreezyVV0003434 100%22NANANA
2417:51E 30 G 350.00 Rain Fog and WindyVV0003636 100%23NANANA
2416:49E 38 G 450.00 Rain Fog and WindyVV0003636 100%22NANANA
2415:50E 29 G 390.00 Rain Fog and WindyVV0003636 100%23NANANA
2414:50SE 30 G 370.00 Rain Fog and WindyVV0003636 100%23NANANA
2413:51SE 310.00 Rain Fog and WindyVV0003636 4035100%23NANANA0.26
2412:49SE 39 G 440.00 Rain Fog and WindyVV0003636 100%22NANANA
2411:49SE 390.00 Rain Fog and WindyVV0003737 100%23NANANA
2410:48SE 310.00 Rain Fog and WindyVV0003737 100%24NANANA
2409:49SE 26 G 3610.00 Light Rain and WindyOVC0154136 81%31NANANA
2408:51SE 29 G 394.00 Light Rain and WindyBKN005 OVC0103936 87%27NANANA
2407:50SE 25 G 332.00 Light Rain and BreezyOVC0053936 463987%28NANANA
2406:51SE 22 G 293.00Overcast and BreezyOVC0034136 81%31NANANA
2405:53SE 170.13 FogVV0014141 100%33NANANA
2404:47S 210.00 Fog and BreezyVV0004545 100%37NANANA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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