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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
2118:35S 127.00FairCLR9957 25%NA9829.97NA
2118:15S 13 G 206.00Fair with HazeCLR9957 25%NA9829.97NA
2117:55S 10 G 235.00Fair with HazeCLR10057 24%NA9929.97NA
2117:35S 10 G 215.00Fair with HazeCLR10057 24%NA9929.98NA
2117:15S 13 G 206.00Fair with HazeCLR10057 24%NA9929.97NA
2116:55S 15 G 228.00FairCLR10059 25%NA10029.98NA
2116:35S 15 G 247.00FairCLR10059 25%NA10029.98NA
2116:15S 15 G 215.00Fair with HazeCLR10061 27%NA10129.99NA
2115:55S 16 G 235.00Fair with HazeCLR10061 27%NA10129.99NA
2115:35S 17 G 247.00FairCLR9961 29%NA10030.00NA
2115:15S 15 G 265.00Fair with HazeCLR9963 31%NA10130.01NA
2114:55S 14 G 245.00Fair with HazeCLR9961 29%NA10030.02NA
2114:35S 12 G 225.00Fair with HazeCLR9961 29%NA10030.02NA
2114:15S 12 G 216.00Fair with HazeCLR9761 30%NA9730.03NA
2113:55S 6 G 225.00Fair with HazeCLR9763 32%NA9830.03NA
2113:35S 18 G 245.00Fair with HazeCLR9763 32%NA9830.03NA
2113:15S 12 G 188.00FairCLR9564 36%NA9730.04NA
2112:55S 15 G 238.00FairCLR9364 39%NA9530.05NA
2112:35S 8 G 188.00FairCLR9364 39%NA9530.06NA
2112:15S 13 G 216.00Fair with HazeCLR9364 39%NA9530.06NA
2111:55S 12 G 227.00FairCLR9164 41%NA9330.07NA
2111:35S 10 G 226.00Fair with HazeCLR9068 49%NA9430.07NA
2111:15S 10 G 185.00Fair with HazeCLR9068 49%NA9430.07NA
2110:55S 13 G 176.00Fair with HazeCLR9070 52%NA9630.07NA
2110:35S 15 G 215.00Fair with HazeCLR8870 55%NA9330.07NA
2110:15S 14 G 205.00A Few Clouds with HazeFEW0288870 55%NA9330.07NA
2109:55S 155.00A Few Clouds with HazeFEW026 FEW0318672 62%NA9230.07NA
2109:35S 14 G 239.00Partly CloudyFEW019 FEW023 SCT0318473 70%NA9030.07NA
2109:15S 86.00Partly Cloudy with HazeSCT0198273 74%NA8730.07NA
2108:55S 10 G 176.00Partly Cloudy with HazeSCT0198273 74%NA8730.07NA
2108:35SE 10 G 169.00Partly CloudySCT0198273 74%NA8730.06NA
2108:15S 87.00FairCLR8173 79%NA8630.06NA
2107:55SE 55.00Fair with HazeCLR7973 84%NA8330.06NA
2107:35SE 65.00 Fog/MistCLR7773 89%NA7830.06NA
2107:15Calm7.00FairCLR7772 83%NA7830.06NA
2106:55S 67.00FairCLR7772 83%NA7830.05NA
2106:35S 57.00FairCLR7972 79%NA8230.04NA
2106:15S 610.00FairCLR7972 79%NA8230.04NA
2105:55S 510.00FairCLR7972 79%NA8230.03NA
2105:35S 510.00FairCLR7972 79%NA8230.03NA
2105:15S 59.00A Few CloudsFEW0257972 79%NA8230.02NA
2104:55S 58.00A Few CloudsFEW0257972 79%NA8230.02NA
2104:35S 77.00A Few CloudsFEW0257972 79%NA8230.02NA
2104:15S 79.00FairCLR7972 79%NA8230.01NA
2103:55S 810.00FairCLR7972 79%NA8230.01NA
2103:35S 57.00FairCLR7972 79%NA8230.01NA
2103:15S 68.00FairCLR7972 79%NA8230.00NA
2102:55S 68.00FairCLR8172 74%NA8530.01NA
2102:35S 86.00Fair with HazeCLR8170 70%NA8530.01NA
2102:15S 910.00FairCLR8170 70%NA8530.01NA
2101:55S 127.00FairCLR8270 66%NA8630.02NA
2101:35S 10 G 1710.00FairCLR8270 66%NA8630.02NA
2101:15S 12 G 178.00FairCLR8270 66%NA8630.02NA
2100:55S 10 G 168.00FairCLR8270 66%NA8630.01NA
2100:35S 12 G 2010.00FairCLR8470 62%NA8830.01NA
2100:15S 13 G 209.00FairCLR8470 62%NA8830.00NA
2023:55S 108.00FairCLR8468 58%NA8730.00NA
2023:35S 129.00FairCLR8470 62%NA8830.00NA
2023:15S 10 G 168.00FairCLR8470 62%NA8829.99NA
2022:55S 910.00FairCLR8470 62%NA8829.99NA
2022:35S 108.00FairCLR8470 62%NA8829.99NA
2022:15SE 9 G 1610.00FairCLR8670 59%NA9129.98NA
2021:55SE 99.00FairCLR8870 55%NA9329.98NA
2021:35SE 810.00FairCLR8868 52%NA9229.96NA
2021:15SE 89.00FairCLR8868 52%NA9229.95NA
2020:55SE 8 G 188.00FairCLR9068 49%NA9429.94NA
2020:35SE 14 G 218.00FairCLR9166 44%NA9429.93NA
2020:15SE 10 G 177.00FairCLR9163 38%NA9129.92NA
2019:55Calm9.00FairCLR9363 36%NA9429.91NA
2019:35S 88.00FairCLR9561 32%NA9529.90NA
2019:15S 9 G 178.00FairCLR9761 30%NA9729.91NA
2018:55S 126.00Fair with HazeCLR9961 29%NA10029.91NA
2018:35S 108.00FairCLR9961 29%NA10029.91NA
2018:15S 12 G 169.00FairCLR9961 29%NA10029.91NA
2017:55SE 87.00FairCLR9963 31%NA10129.91NA
2017:35S 108.00FairCLR9961 29%NA10029.91NA
2017:15S 14 G 188.00FairCLR9963 31%NA10129.91NA
2016:55S 13 G 168.00FairCLR9963 31%NA10129.91NA
2016:35S 12 G 185.00Fair with HazeCLR9963 31%NA10129.92NA
2016:15S 9 G 178.00FairCLR9963 31%NA10129.92NA
2015:55S 95.00Fair with HazeCLR9963 31%NA10129.93NA
2015:35S 13 G 206.00Fair with HazeCLR9764 34%NA9929.94NA
2015:15S 13 G 228.00FairCLR9763 32%NA9829.94NA
2014:55S 15 G 226.00Fair with HazeCLR9763 32%NA9829.96NA
2014:35S 15 G 2210.00FairCLR9566 39%NA9829.97NA
2014:15S 12 G 225.00Fair with HazeCLR9564 36%NA9729.98NA
2013:55S 13 G 218.00FairCLR9364 39%NA9529.98NA
2013:35S 14 G 2210.00FairCLR9364 39%NA9529.99NA
2013:15S 14 G 247.00FairCLR9364 39%NA9529.99NA
2012:55S 13 G 209.00FairCLR9366 41%NA9630.00NA
2012:35S 8 G 214.00Fair with HazeCLR9166 44%NA9430.00NA
2012:15S 13 G 208.00FairCLR9168 46%NA9530.01NA
2011:55S 10 G 187.00FairCLR9068 49%NA9430.01NA
2011:35S 15 G 237.00FairCLR8868 52%NA9230.01NA
2011:15S 15 G 216.00Fair with HazeCLR9070 52%NA9630.01NA
2010:55S 14 G 217.00A Few CloudsFEW0308870 55%NA9330.02NA
2010:35S 14 G 207.00A Few CloudsFEW0308670 59%NA9130.01NA
2010:15S 14 G 218.00A Few CloudsFEW0268472 66%NA8930.00NA
2009:55S 10 G 207.00A Few CloudsFEW0228272 70%NA8630.01NA
2009:35S 147.00A Few CloudsFEW0188272 70%NA8630.01NA
2009:15S 107.00FairCLR8172 74%NA8530.00NA
2008:55S 77.00FairCLR7972 79%NA8230.00NA
2008:35S 78.00FairCLR7972 79%NA8230.00NA
2008:15S 87.00FairCLR7772 83%NA7830.00NA
2007:55S 66.00Fair with HazeCLR7972 79%NA8230.00NA
2007:35S 77.00FairCLR7972 79%NA8229.99NA
2007:15S 68.00FairCLR7972 79%NA8229.99NA
2006:55S 108.00FairCLR7772 83%NA7829.98NA
2006:35S 910.00FairCLR7772 83%NA7829.97NA
2006:15S 85.00Fair with HazeCLR7972 79%NA8229.96NA
2005:55S 79.00FairCLR7970 74%NA8229.96NA
2005:35S 68.00FairCLR7970 74%NA8229.95NA
2005:15S 89.00FairCLR7970 74%NA8229.95NA
2004:55S 610.00FairCLR7970 74%NA8229.95NA
2004:35S 75.00Fair with HazeCLR8170 70%NA8529.95NA
2004:15S 67.00FairCLR8170 70%NA8529.94NA
2003:55S 79.00FairCLR8170 70%NA8529.94NA
2003:35S 810.00FairCLR8170 70%NA8529.94NA
2003:15S 10 G 168.00FairCLR8170 70%NA8529.93NA
2002:55S 9 G 178.00FairCLR8168 66%NA8429.93NA
2002:35S 97.00FairCLR8170 70%NA8529.93NA
2002:15S 108.00FairCLR8170 70%NA8529.93NA
2001:55S 99.00FairCLR8170 70%NA8529.93NA
2001:35SE 89.00FairCLR8170 70%NA8529.93NA
2001:15SE 68.00FairCLR7970 74%NA8229.93NA
2000:55SE 510.00FairCLR7970 74%NA8229.93NA
2000:35SE 69.00FairCLR7972 79%NA8229.93NA
2000:15SE 68.00FairCLR8170 70%NA8529.93NA
1923:55SE 78.00FairCLR8170 70%NA8529.93NA
1923:35SE 68.00FairCLR8170 70%NA8529.93NA
1923:15SE 77.00FairCLR8170 70%NA8529.93NA
1922:55SE 75.00Fair with HazeCLR8270 66%NA8629.93NA
1922:35SE 88.00FairCLR8270 66%NA8629.93NA
1922:15SE 57.00FairCLR8270 66%NA8629.92NA
1921:55SE 88.00FairCLR8468 58%NA8729.92NA
1921:35SE 710.00FairCLR8668 55%NA8929.90NA
1921:15SE 39.00FairCLR8666 52%NA8829.89NA
1920:55Calm7.00FairCLR8664 49%NA8829.88NA
1920:35Calm9.00FairCLR8864 46%NA9029.88NA
1920:15Calm9.00FairCLR8864 46%NA9029.88NA
1919:55Calm8.00FairCLR8864 46%NA9029.88NA
1919:35Calm6.00Fair with HazeCLR9064 43%NA9229.88NA
1919:15S 36.00Fair with HazeCLR9064 43%NA9229.87NA
1918:55Calm6.00Fair with HazeCLR9063 41%NA9129.88NA
1918:35Calm8.00FairCLR9063 41%NA9129.88NA
1918:15SW 57.00FairCLR9061 38%NA9029.88NA
1917:55SW 65.00Fair with HazeCLR9163 38%NA9129.88NA
1917:35SW 86.00Fair with HazeCLR9061 38%NA9029.87NA
1917:15SW 99.00FairCLR9159 34%NA9029.88NA
1916:55SW 98.00FairCLR9161 36%NA9129.88NA
1916:35S 12 G 187.00FairCLR9161 36%NA9129.89NA
1916:15SW 18 G 2210.00FairCLR9361 34%NA9329.89NA
1915:55S 13 G 226.00Fair with HazeCLR9161 36%NA9129.90NA
1915:35S 14 G 228.00FairCLR9161 36%NA9129.91NA
1915:15SW 17 G 236.00Fair with HazeCLR9361 34%NA9329.92NA
1914:55S 127.00FairCLR9061 38%NA9029.93NA
1914:35SW 13 G 209.00FairCLR9063 41%NA9129.94NA
1914:15S 108.00FairCLR9063 41%NA9129.94NA
1913:55SW 109.00FairCLR8864 46%NA9029.95NA
1913:35S 13 G 208.00FairCLR9064 43%NA9229.96NA
1913:15SW 137.00A Few CloudsFEW1008664 49%NA8829.97NA
1912:55SW 15 G 188.00A Few CloudsFEW1008664 49%NA8829.98NA
1912:35SW 159.00FairCLR8466 55%NA8629.98NA
1912:15SW 105.00Fair with HazeCLR8466 55%NA8629.98NA
1911:55SW 87.00FairCLR8466 55%NA8629.99NA
1911:35S 127.00FairCLR8466 55%NA8629.99NA
1911:15SW 148.00FairCLR8266 58%NA8429.99NA
1910:55SW 14 G 179.00FairCLR8268 62%NA8529.99NA
1910:35S 125.00Fair with HazeCLR8168 66%NA8429.98NA
1910:15S 97.00FairCLR8168 66%NA8429.98NA
1909:55S 89.00FairCLR8170 70%NA8529.98NA
1909:35S 58.00FairCLR7972 79%NA8229.98NA
1909:15S 59.00FairCLR7972 79%NA8229.97NA
1908:55Calm7.00FairCLR7572 89%NANA29.97NA
1908:35Calm6.00Fair with HazeCLR7572 89%NANA29.96NA
1908:15Calm5.00Fair with HazeCLR7570 83%NANA29.96NA
1907:55Calm7.00FairCLR7370 89%NANA29.96NA
1907:35Calm9.00FairCLR7370 89%NANA29.96NA
1907:15Calm9.00FairCLR7370 89%NANA29.96NA
1906:55NA10.00FairCLR7570 83%NANA29.95NA
1906:35Calm7.00FairCLR7370 89%NANA29.94NA
1906:15Calm9.00FairCLR7370 89%NANA29.94NA
1905:55Calm8.00FairCLR7368 83%NANA29.93NA
1905:35Calm9.00FairCLR7370 89%NANA29.93NA
1905:15Calm10.00FairCLR7368 83%NANA29.93NA
1904:55Calm9.00FairCLR7368 83%NANA29.93NA
1904:35Calm9.00FairCLR7570 83%NANA29.93NA
1904:15Calm10.00FairCLR7568 78%NANA29.93NA
1903:55Calm9.00FairCLR7568 78%NANA29.93NA
1903:35Calm8.00FairCLR7568 78%NANA29.94NA
1903:15SW 39.00FairCLR7568 78%NANA29.94NA
1902:55Calm10.00FairCLR7768 74%NA7929.94NA
1902:35Calm9.00FairCLR7768 74%NA7929.94NA
1902:15Calm10.00FairCLR7768 74%NA7929.94NA
1901:55Calm10.00FairCLR7968 70%NA8129.94NA
1901:35Calm9.00FairCLR7968 70%NA8129.95NA
1901:15Calm9.00FairCLR7968 70%NA8129.95NA
1900:55Calm10.00A Few CloudsFEW0417968 70%NA8129.95NA
1900:35W 39.00A Few CloudsFEW0417968 70%NA8129.95NA
1900:15W 68.00FairCLR7968 70%NA8129.94NA
1823:55SW 510.00FairCLR7970 74%NA8229.94NA
1823:35Calm9.00FairCLR7968 70%NA8129.93NA
1823:15Calm7.00FairCLR8168 66%NA8429.93NA
1822:55Calm7.00FairCLR8168 66%NA8429.93NA
1822:35NW 55.00Fair with HazeCLR8270 66%NA8629.93NA
1822:15N 58.00FairCLR8270 66%NA8629.92NA
1821:55Calm8.00FairCLR8270 66%NA8629.92NA
1821:35NE 38.00FairCLR8470 62%NA8829.91NA
1821:15Calm6.00Fair with HazeCLR8470 62%NA8829.91NA
1820:55W 69.00FairCLR8268 62%NA8529.90NA
1820:35Calm10.00FairCLR8268 62%NA8529.88NA
1820:15E 38.00FairCLR8468 58%NA8729.88NA
1819:55NE 59.00FairCLR8468 58%NA8729.88NA
1819:35NE 810.00FairCLR8866 49%NA9129.88NA
1819:15Calm7.00FairCLR8866 49%NA9129.87NA
1818:55NE 38.00 Thunderstorm in VicinityCLR8866 49%NA9129.88NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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