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Agana, Guam International Airport
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºC)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (cm)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
0113:54S 1616Partly CloudySCT01931.125.6 73%NA38.975.821009.9
0112:54S 1316A Few CloudsFEW02031.123.9 66%NA36.775.87NA
0111:51S 1616Mostly CloudySCT020 SCT026 BKN10031.126.1 75%NA39.475.92NA
0110:54Vrbl 1116Mostly CloudySCT018 BKN027 BKN03630.625.6 75%NA37.875.971011.9
0110:45SE 1016Mostly CloudySCT018 BKN029 BKN03531.126.1 75%NA39.475.97NA
0109:46E 1416Mostly CloudySCT018 BKN0253026.1 79%NA37.276.02NA
0108:54SE 1116Partly CloudySCT01628.926.1 84%NA35.675.97NA
0108:38SE 1316Partly CloudyFEW018 SCT022 SCT03028.926.1 84%NA35.675.97NA
0108:28SE 1016Mostly CloudySCT018 BKN02528.926.1 84%NA35.675.97NA
0107:54SE 816Partly CloudyFEW018 SCT03728.325.6 85%NA33.975.951011.6
0106:54SE 5A Few CloudsFEW01627.226.1 94%NA31.775.87NA
0105:54S 816FairCLR26.725 90%NA3075.841010.4
0104:54SE 1016FairCLR26.125 94%NA28.375.791009.8
0103:54SE 816FairCLR26.125 26.726.194%NA28.375.771009.5
0102:54SE 1016A Few CloudsFEW01326.725.6 94%NA3075.741009.0
0101:54SE 816A Few CloudsFEW01327.225 89%NA31.175.77NA
0100:54SE 816FairCLR27.225 89%NA31.175.79NA
3023:54SE 516Partly CloudyFEW008 SCT03126.125 94%NA28.375.79NA
3023:37Calm16OvercastFEW008 OVC03126.125 94%NA28.375.82NA
3023:25Calm16Mostly CloudyBKN02926.125 94%NA28.375.84NA
3022:54Calm11FairCLR26.125 94%NA28.375.84NA
3021:54Calm10 Fog/MistFEW05027.225 89%NA31.175.84NA
3020:54S 811 Light RainFEW11026.725 90%NA3075.821010.10.03
3019:54SE 108 Light Rain Fog/MistFEW010 BKN11026.125 94%NA28.375.82NA
3018:54SE 811 RainFEW075 BKN100 OVC11026.123.9 89%NA28.375.79NA
3017:54SE 88 Light Rain Fog/MistSCT10026.123.9 89%NA28.375.77NA
3016:54SW 511 RainFEW027 BKN050 OVC08525.624.4 93%NA27.275.691008.50.13
3016:41S 811 RainFEW009 BKN055 OVC09526.123.9 89%NA28.375.69NA
3016:13SE 1011OvercastSCT027 BKN039 OVC05526.123.9 89%NA28.375.69NA
3015:54SE 83 Light Rain Fog/MistBKN042 BKN060 OVC0752523.9 94%NA25.675.64NA
3015:45Calm3 Light Rain Fog/MistBKN042 OVC0702523.9 94%NA25.675.64NA
3015:35S 82 Rain Fog/MistBKN035 OVC0702523.9 94%NA25.675.64NA
3014:57SW 163 Heavy Rain Fog/MistFEW007 BKN012 OVC03026.125 94%NA28.375.64NA
3014:54SW 213 Rain Fog/MistSCT010 BKN026 OVC03226.124.4 90%NA28.375.641007.70.08
3014:45W 1611 Light Rain Fog/MistSCT009 BKN015 OVC03226.123.9 89%NA28.375.62NA
3014:35SW G 2911Mostly CloudyBKN011 BKN02027.225 89%NA31.175.64NA
3014:16Calm8Mostly Cloudy with HazeFEW016 SCT026 BKN08027.826.1 89%NA32.875.62NA
3014:04SE G 268 Light Rain Fog/MistSCT016 BKN026 BKN04127.826.1 89%NA32.875.62NA
3013:54S 1016 Light RainSCT018 BKN03131.125 70%NA37.875.64NA
3013:42SE 1416Partly CloudySCT01931.125 70%NA37.875.62NA
3013:34SE G 3211 Light RainSCT019 BKN02431.125 70%NA37.875.64NA
3012:54S G 3216Partly CloudyFEW018 SCT04930.625 72%NA37.275.641007.70.64
3011:51SE 1616 ThunderstormFEW014 SCT029 BKN04328.926.1 84%NA35.675.72NA
3011:31S 1016 ThunderstormSCT014 BKN023 BKN0383027.2 84%NA38.975.74NA
3010:59S G 325 Heavy RainFEW019 BKN030 OVC06527.223.9 84%NA30.675.74NA
3010:54S G 323 Heavy Rain Fog/MistFEW017 BKN026 OVC04727.826.1 89%NA32.875.77NA
3010:18S 1616Mostly CloudyFEW015 SCT020 BKN02731.126.1 75%NA39.475.77NA
3009:54S 1014 Light RainFEW012 SCT039 BKN08029.426.1 3026.182%NA36.775.771009.30.03
3009:24SE 1116Mostly CloudySCT017 SCT023 BKN03328.926.1 84%NA35.675.77NA
3008:54SE 1116Mostly CloudySCT019 BKN02628.926.1 84%NA35.675.77NA
3007:54SE 516FairCLR27.825 84%NA32.275.67NA
3006:54S 8FairCLR27.225 88%NA31.175.641007.5
3006:38S 10A Few CloudsFEW01627.225 89%NA31.175.64NA
3005:54S 1416Mostly CloudyBKN01827.225 89%NA31.175.59NA
3004:54S 816A Few CloudsFEW11026.123.9 89%NA28.375.59NA
3003:54S 816A Few CloudsFEW11026.123.9 89%NA28.375.62NA
3002:54S 1316FairCLR26.124.4 90%NA28.375.571006.7
3001:54S 1916Partly CloudyFEW011 SCT01727.225 89%NA31.175.62NA
3001:44S G 3416Mostly CloudySCT011 BKN01727.225 89%NA31.175.62NA
3000:54S 1416FairCLR27.225 89%NA31.175.67NA
2923:54S 1416FairCLR27.225 89%NA31.175.69NA
2923:09SE 1116Partly CloudySCT00626.125 94%NA28.375.69NA
2922:54SE 1011Mostly CloudyBKN00626.125 94%NA28.375.721008.60.08
2921:54SE 1616 Light RainFEW00826.125 94%NA28.375.77NA
2920:54SE 816FairCLR25.624.4 93%NA27.275.741009.1
2919:54SE 511FairCLR26.123.9 89%NA28.375.72NA
2918:54Calm16Partly CloudyFEW048 SCT12025.623.9 90%NA26.775.67NA1.04
2917:54NE 511 Light RainBKN031 BKN065 BKN0952522.8 89%NA25.675.62NA
2917:44E 56 Heavy Rain Fog/MistFEW007 OVC0322523.9 94%NA25.675.59NA
2917:35Vrbl 52 Heavy Rain Fog/MistFEW007 OVC0282523.9 94%NA25.675.62NA
2917:18Vrbl 55 Heavy Rain Fog/MistFEW014 BKN022 OVC0382523.9 94%NA25.675.62NA
2916:54Calm16A Few CloudsFEW03927.825 85%NA32.275.571006.6
2915:54Calm11 Light RainCLR27.225 29.426.788%NA31.175.541006.10.2
2914:54S 511 Light RainSCT042 SCT050 BKN07527.225 88%NA31.175.461005.3
2913:54S 1111Partly CloudyFEW044 SCT055 SCT07527.226.1 94%NA31.775.49NA
2912:54S 1416 Light RainFEW042 SCT05027.225 89%NA31.175.54NA
2911:52S 145 Rain Fog/MistSCT009 BKN023 OVC07027.226.1 94%NA31.775.59NA
2911:33S 1311 Light RainFEW020 BKN055 OVC10027.226.1 94%NA31.775.59NA
2911:02S 14OvercastFEW016 BKN022 OVC06028.925 79%NA34.475.59NA
2910:54S G 3216Mostly CloudyFEW018 SCT023 BKN04629.425 77%NA35.675.591006.9
2909:54S G 3716Mostly CloudyFEW018 SCT034 BKN05028.926.1 84%NA35.675.59NA
2908:54S G 3916Partly CloudySCT018 SCT035 SCT04628.325.6 85%NA33.975.541006.2
2907:54S G 3716 Light RainFEW018 SCT027 BKN05527.225 89%NA31.175.49NA
2906:54S 1016Partly CloudyFEW024 SCT10027.225 89%NA31.175.44NA
2905:54S 1316 Light RainFEW039 BKN060 BKN08527.226.1 94%NA31.775.39NA
2904:54S 1016A Few CloudsFEW06027.826.1 89%NA32.875.36NA
2903:54SW 1416FairCLR26.126.1 100%NA28.975.34NA
2902:54SW 1416OvercastOVC09526.725.6 95%NA3075.391004.3
2902:33SW 1416OvercastOVC09526.126.1 100%NA28.975.39NA
2901:54SW 1616 ThunderstormOVC09027.226.1 94%NA31.775.41NA
2901:14SW 1616 ThunderstormFEW055 BKN09027.226.1 94%NA31.775.41NA
2900:54SW 1616A Few CloudsFEW05527.225.6 91%NA31.775.441004.90.03
2823:54W 1016FairCLR27.226.1 94%NA31.775.49NA
2822:54W 1316Mostly CloudyBKN07026.125.6 97%NA28.975.511006.00.03
2821:54SW 516OvercastSCT012 OVC08027.225 89%NA31.175.57NA
2821:47S 816 Unknown PrecipBKN012 BKN080 NA-23.9NA75.59NA
2820:54W 1616Partly CloudyFEW007 SCT01327.226.1 94%NA31.775.51NA
2820:46W 1916Mostly CloudyFEW009 BKN01327.226.1 94%NA31.775.54NA
2820:32W 1916OvercastFEW007 BKN015 OVC11027.226.1 94%NA31.775.54NA
2820:23W 1316OvercastBKN011 BKN019 OVC11027.226.1 94%NA31.775.57NA
2819:54W 2116Mostly CloudyFEW009 SCT012 BKN01825.625 98%NA27.275.511006.1
2819:31W 1411 Light RainSCT015 BKN041 BKN0902525 100%NA25.675.51NA
2818:54W 244 Thunderstorm Heavy RainFEW070 BKN11025.623.3 87%NA26.775.341003.70.085.08
2818:14W G 374 Thunderstorm Heavy RainSCT007 SCT080 BKN10023.923.9 100%NANA75.49NA
2818:02W 214 Thunderstorm Heavy RainFEW001 BKN026 OVC09526.123.9 89%NA28.375.49NA
2817:54W 214 Thunderstorm Heavy Rain Fog/MistSCT033 OVC08524.423.9 97%NA23.975.491005.62.64
2817:46W 244 Thunderstorm Heavy Rain Fog/MistBKN031 BKN070 OVC0852523.9 94%NA25.675.49NA
2817:16E 164 Thunderstorm Heavy Rain Fog/MistBKN023 OVC0312523.9 94%NA25.675.54NA
2816:50S 114 Thunderstorm Heavy Rain Fog/MistFEW013 BKN038 OVC04926.125 94%NA28.375.51NA
2816:45S 101 Thunderstorm Heavy Rain Fog/MistFEW013 BKN029 OVC04926.123.9 89%NA28.375.51NA
2816:18Calm1 Heavy Rain Fog/MistSCT008 BKN015 OVC02927.226.1 94%NA31.775.51NA
2815:54SE 811 Light RainFEW012 OVC02927.827.2 94%NA33.975.49NA
2815:24NW 88 RainFEW010 BKN018 OVC03027.827.2 94%NA33.975.44NA
2815:18W 133 Heavy Rain Fog/MistBKN014 OVC03027.826.1 89%NA32.875.44NA
2814:50NW 1316OvercastSCT014 BKN026 OVC07028.926.1 84%NA35.675.44NA
2814:41NW 816Mostly CloudySCT014 SCT026 BKN06028.926.1 84%NA35.675.44NA
2814:33NW 1016Mostly CloudySCT012 BKN018 BKN05528.927.2 89%NA36.775.46NA
2814:24NW 1116Mostly CloudySCT014 BKN06028.927.2 89%NA36.775.44NA
2814:16W 1416Mostly CloudyBKN014 BKN06028.926.1 84%NA35.675.41NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºC)PressurePrecipitation (cm)

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