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Middleton Island, Middleton Island Airport
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºC)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (cm)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
2922:16W G 3413FairCLR107.8 88%7.2NA76.53NA
2921:56W G 3414FairCLR107.8 12.81088%7.2NA76.56NA
2921:36W G 3416FairCLR11.17.8 82%NANA76.56NA
2921:16W G 3516FairCLR11.17.8 82%NANA76.56NA
2920:56W G 3416FairCLR11.17.8 82%NANA76.56NA
2920:36W G 3716FairCLR11.17.8 82%NANA76.56NA
2920:16W G 3916FairCLR11.17.8 82%NANA76.58NA
2919:56W G 3516FairCLR11.17.8 82%NANA76.56NA
2919:36W G 4216FairCLR11.17.8 82%NANA76.58NA
2919:16W G 3416FairCLR12.27.8 77%NANA76.58NA
2918:56W G 3716FairCLR12.27.8 77%NANA76.58NA
2918:36W G 3716FairCLR12.27.8 77%NANA76.61NA
2918:16W G 3516FairCLR12.27.8 77%NANA76.63NA
2917:56W G 3916FairCLR12.27.8 77%NANA76.63NA
2917:36W G 3516FairCLR12.28.9 82%NANA76.66NA
2917:16W G 3916FairCLR12.27.8 77%NANA76.66NA
2916:56W G 3716FairCLR12.87.8 72%NANA76.68NA
2916:36W G 3716FairCLR12.28.9 82%NANA76.68NA
2916:16W G 3416FairCLR12.88.9 77%NANA76.68NA
2915:56W G 3716FairCLR12.88.9 12.811.177%NANA76.71NA
2915:36W G 3216FairCLR12.88.9 77%NANA76.71NA
2915:16W G 2716FairCLR12.88.9 77%NANA76.73NA
2914:56W G 3416FairCLR12.28.9 82%NANA76.73NA
2914:36W G 2916FairCLR12.88.9 77%NANA76.73NA
2914:16W G 2716FairCLR12.28.9 82%NANA76.73NA
2913:56W 2616FairCLR12.27.8 77%NANA76.73NA
2913:36W G 3216FairCLR12.88.9 77%NANA76.73NA
2913:16W 2616FairCLR12.27.8 77%NANA76.73NA
2912:56SW 2416FairCLR12.27.8 77%NANA76.76NA
2912:36W 1916FairCLR12.27.8 77%NANA76.73NA
2912:16W 2316FairCLR11.17.8 82%NANA76.73NA
2911:56W 2416FairCLR11.17.8 82%NANA76.73NA
2911:36W 1616FairCLR12.28.9 82%NANA76.73NA
2911:16W G 2716FairCLR11.17.8 82%NANA76.76NA
2910:56W 2316FairCLR11.17.8 82%NANA76.76NA
2910:36W 1616FairCLR11.17.8 82%NANA76.76NA
2910:16W 1916FairCLR11.17.8 82%NANA76.76NA
2909:56W 2116FairCLR11.17.8 11.18.982%NANA76.78NA
2909:36W 1916FairCLR11.17.8 82%NANA76.78NA
2909:16W 1116FairCLR11.17.8 82%NANA76.78NA
2908:56W 1114FairCLR11.17.8 82%NANA76.78NA
2908:36W 1114FairCLR107.8 88%8.3NA76.78NA
2908:16W 1913FairCLR107.8 88%7.2NA76.78NA
2907:56W 1611FairCLR107.8 88%7.8NA76.78NA
2907:36W 1613FairCLR107.8 88%7.8NA76.81NA
2907:16W 1411FairCLR107.8 88%7.8NA76.81NA
2906:56W 1411FairCLR8.97.8 94%6.7NA76.81NA
2906:36W 1611FairCLR8.97.8 94%6.7NA76.81NA
2906:16W 1411FairCLR8.97.2 87%6.7NA76.81NA
2905:56W 168FairCLR8.97.2 87%6.7NA76.81NA
2905:36W 1910FairCLR8.97.2 87%6.1NA76.81NA
2905:16W G 2610FairCLR8.97.2 87%6.7NA76.81NA
2904:56W 2111FairCLR8.97.2 87%6.1NA76.84NA
2904:36W 1911FairCLR8.97.2 87%6.1NA76.84NA
2904:16W 2111FairCLR8.97.2 87%6.1NA76.84NA
2903:56W 2111FairCLR8.97.2 8.98.987%6.1NA76.84NA
2903:36W 2111FairCLR8.97.2 87%6.1NA76.84NA
2903:16W 2111FairCLR8.97.2 87%6.1NA76.84NA
2902:56W G 3213FairCLR8.97.2 87%5.6NA76.86NA
2902:36W G 3514FairCLR8.97.2 87%5.6NA76.86NA
2902:16W 2613FairCLR8.97.2 87%5.6NA76.86NA
2901:56W G 3514FairCLR8.97.2 87%5.6NA76.86NA
2901:36W G 3513FairCLR8.97.2 87%5.6NA76.86NA
2901:16W G 4013FairCLR8.97.2 87%5.6NA76.86NA
2900:56W G 3711FairCLR8.97.2 87%5.6NA76.89NA
2900:36W G 3713FairCLR8.97.2 87%5.6NA76.89NA
2900:16W G 3411FairCLR8.97.2 87%5.6NA76.89NA
2823:56W 2713FairCLR8.97.2 87%5.6NA76.89NA
2823:36W G 3413FairCLR8.97.2 87%5.6NA76.91NA
2823:16W G 3713FairCLR8.97.2 87%5.6NA76.91NA
2822:56W G 3714FairCLR8.97.2 87%5.6NA76.91NA
2822:36W G 3714FairCLR8.97.2 87%5.6NA76.94NA
2822:16W G 3714FairCLR8.97.2 87%5.6NA76.91NA
2821:56W G 3516FairCLR8.97.2 12.28.987%5.6NA76.94NA
2821:36W G 3516FairCLR8.97.2 87%5.6NA76.94NA
2821:16W G 3716FairCLR8.96.1 82%5.6NA76.94NA
2820:56W G 3716FairCLR107.2 82%7.2NA76.94NA
2820:36W G 4016FairCLR107.2 82%6.7NA76.94NA
2820:16W G 4016FairCLR11.17.2 77%NANA76.94NA
2819:56W G 3516FairCLR11.17.2 77%NANA76.94NA
2819:36W G 3716FairCLR11.17.2 77%NANA76.96NA
2819:16W G 3516FairCLR11.17.2 77%NANA76.96NA
2818:56W G 3916FairCLR11.17.2 77%NANA76.96NA
2818:36W G 3716A Few CloudsFEW01011.17.2 77%NANA76.99NA
2818:16W G 3416Mostly CloudyBKN01012.27.2 72%NANA76.99NA
2817:56W G 3716OvercastOVC01011.17.2 77%NANA77.01NA
2817:36W G 3716OvercastOVC01011.17.2 77%NANA77.04NA
2817:16W G 3916OvercastOVC01011.17.2 77%NANA77.01NA
2816:56W G 3716OvercastOVC01011.17.2 77%NANA77.04NA
2816:36W G 4016OvercastOVC01011.17.2 77%NANA77.04NA
2816:16W G 3916OvercastOVC01011.17.2 77%NANA77.04NA
2815:56W G 3716OvercastOVC01211.17.2 11.11077%NANA77.04NA
2815:36W G 3916OvercastOVC01211.17.2 77%NANA77.06NA
2815:16W G 3716OvercastOVC01211.17.2 77%NANA77.06NA
2814:56W G 3716OvercastOVC01211.17.2 77%NANA77.06NA
2814:36W G 4016OvercastOVC01211.17.2 77%NANA77.06NA
2814:16W G 3916OvercastOVC01211.17.2 77%NANA77.06NA
2813:56W G 4516Mostly CloudyBKN01211.17.2 77%NANA77.06NA
2813:36W G 4016Mostly CloudyBKN01211.16.1 72%NANA77.09NA
2813:16W G 3916OvercastOVC01211.17.2 77%NANA77.09NA
2812:56W G 3916OvercastOVC01211.17.2 77%NANA77.09NA
2812:36W G 3916Mostly CloudyBKN01211.17.2 77%NANA77.09NA
2812:16W G 3716Partly CloudySCT01211.16.1 72%NANA77.09NA
2811:56W G 3516A Few CloudsFEW01211.16.1 72%NANA77.06NA
2811:36W G 3516FairCLR11.16.1 72%NANA77.06NA
2811:16W G 4216FairCLR11.16.1 72%NANA77.06NA
2810:56W G 3716FairCLR11.16.1 72%NANA77.06NA
2810:36W G 3916FairCLR106.1 76%7.2NA77.06NA
2810:16W G 3916FairCLR106.1 76%6.7NA77.06NA
2809:56W G 3516FairCLR106.1 107.876%6.7NA77.06NA
2809:36W G 3516FairCLR106.1 76%6.7NA77.06NA
2809:16W G 3416FairCLR106.1 76%7.2NA77.06NA
2808:56W G 3516FairCLR106.1 76%6.7NA77.06NA
2808:36W G 3716FairCLR8.96.1 82%5NA77.06NA
2808:16W G 3516FairCLR8.96.1 82%6.1NA77.06NA
2807:56W 2616FairCLR8.96.1 82%5.6NA77.06NA
2807:36W 2316FairCLR8.96.1 82%5.6NA77.06NA
2807:16W 2316FairCLR8.96.1 82%5.6NA77.06NA
2806:56W G 2916FairCLR8.96.1 82%6.1NA77.06NA
2806:36W 2316FairCLR8.96.1 82%5.6NA77.06NA
2806:16W G 2714FairCLR8.96.1 82%6.1NA77.06NA
2805:56W G 2716FairCLR8.96.1 82%6.1NA77.04NA
2805:36W G 3216FairCLR8.96.1 82%5.6NA77.06NA
2805:16W G 2716FairCLR8.96.1 82%6.1NA77.06NA
2804:56W G 2916FairCLR8.96.1 82%6.1NA77.04NA
2804:36W G 3416FairCLR7.86.1 87%4.4NA77.04NA
2804:16W G 3516FairCLR7.86.1 87%4.4NA77.06NA
2803:56W G 3416FairCLR7.86.1 8.97.887%4.4NA77.04NA
2803:36W G 3216FairCLR7.86.1 87%4.4NA77.04NA
2803:16W G 3216FairCLR7.86.1 87%4.4NA77.04NA
2802:56W G 3216FairCLR7.86.1 87%4.4NA77.06NA
2802:36W 2416FairCLR7.86.1 87%4.4NA77.06NA
2802:16W G 3216FairCLR7.86.1 87%4.4NA77.06NA
2801:56W G 3416FairCLR7.85 82%3.9NA77.06NA
2801:36W G 3216FairCLR7.85 82%4.4NA77.06NA
2801:16W 3216FairCLR7.85 82%3.3NA77.06NA
2800:56W G 3516FairCLR7.85 82%3.9NA77.06NA
2800:36W 2116FairCLR7.85 82%4.4NA77.06NA
2800:16W 2916FairCLR7.85 82%3.9NA77.04NA
2723:56W G 3416FairCLR7.85 82%3.9NA77.06NA
2723:36W 2916FairCLR7.85 82%3.9NA77.04NA
2723:16W G 3216A Few CloudsFEW0147.85 82%4.4NA77.04NA
2722:56W G 3716Partly CloudySCT0147.85 82%3.9NA77.04NA
2722:36W 2716A Few CloudsFEW0147.85 82%3.9NA77.04NA
2722:16W G 3916FairCLR7.85 82%3.3NA77.01NA
2721:56W G 4216FairCLR8.95 11.18.976%5.6NA76.99NA
2721:36W G 4016FairCLR8.95 76%5.6NA76.99NA
2721:16W G 3916FairCLR8.95 76%5.6NA76.99NA
2720:56W 3216FairCLR8.95 76%5NA76.99NA
2720:36W G 3916FairCLR8.95 76%5.6NA76.99NA
2720:16W G 3916FairCLR106.1 76%7.2NA76.99NA
2719:56W G 4216FairCLR106.1 76%6.7NA76.96NA
2719:36W G 4016FairCLR105 71%6.7NA76.96NA
2719:16W G 4216FairCLR11.13.9 62%NANA76.96NA
2718:56W G 3916FairCLR11.16.1 72%NANA76.96NA
2718:36W G 3916FairCLR11.16.1 72%NANA76.96NA
2718:16W G 4216Fair and BreezyCLR11.16.1 72%NANA76.94NA
2717:56W G 4716A Few CloudsFEW01411.16.1 72%NANA76.94NA
2717:36W G 4016A Few Clouds and BreezyFEW01411.16.1 72%NANA76.94NA
2717:16W G 4516Fair and BreezyCLR11.16.1 72%NANA76.91NA
2716:56W G 4716FairCLR11.16.1 72%NANA76.91NA
2716:36W G 4816Fair and BreezyCLR11.16.1 72%NANA76.91NA
2716:16W G 4816A Few CloudsFEW01211.16.1 72%NANA76.89NA
2715:56W G 4216FairCLR11.17.2 11.11077%NANA76.89NA
2715:36W G 5016Fair and BreezyCLR11.16.1 72%NANA76.89NA
2715:16W G 4816Fair and BreezyCLR11.16.1 72%NANA76.89NA
2714:56W G 5316Fair and BreezyCLR11.16.1 72%NANA76.86NA
2714:36W G 4716FairCLR11.16.1 72%NANA76.86NA
2714:16W G 5016FairCLR11.16.1 72%NANA76.84NA
2713:56W G 5016FairCLR11.16.1 72%NANA76.81NA
2713:36W G 5116Fair and BreezyCLR11.16.1 72%NANA76.81NA
2713:16W G 5016Fair and BreezyCLR11.17.2 77%NANA76.81NA
2712:56W G 5116Fair and BreezyCLR11.16.1 72%NANA76.78NA
2712:36W G 4816FairCLR11.16.1 72%NANA76.81NA
2712:16W G 4216Fair and BreezyCLR11.16.1 72%NANA76.81NA
2711:56W G 4516FairCLR11.16.1 72%NANA76.78NA
2711:36W G 4516FairCLR11.16.1 72%NANA76.78NA
2711:16W G 4516FairCLR11.16.1 72%NANA76.76NA
2710:56W G 4216Fair and BreezyCLR11.16.1 72%NANA76.76NA
2710:36W G 4216FairCLR11.17.2 77%NANA76.73NA
2710:16W G 4516FairCLR11.16.1 72%NANA76.73NA
2709:56W G 3916FairCLR107.2 11.17.882%6.7NA76.76NA
2709:36W G 4516FairCLR107.2 82%6.7NA76.73NA
2709:16W G 4016FairCLR106.1 76%6.7NA76.73NA
2708:56W G 4514Fair and BreezyCLR107.2 82%6.1NA76.73NA
2708:36W G 4214FairCLR8.97.2 87%5.6NA76.73NA
2708:16W 3414Fair and BreezyCLR8.97.2 87%5NA76.73NA
2707:56W G 4516FairCLR8.96.1 82%5.6NA76.73NA
2707:36W G 4516FairCLR8.96.1 82%5NA76.71NA
2707:16W G 4516FairCLR8.96.1 82%5NA76.71NA
2706:56W G 4716FairCLR8.96.1 82%5NA76.71NA
2706:36W G 4014FairCLR8.96.1 82%5.6NA76.73NA
2706:16W G 4216FairCLR8.96.1 82%5NA76.73NA
2705:56W G 4214FairCLR8.96.1 82%5NA76.73NA
2705:36W G 4014FairCLR7.86.1 87%3.9NA76.73NA
2705:16W G 4216FairCLR7.86.1 87%3.9NA76.73NA
2704:56W G 4016FairCLR8.96.1 82%5NA76.73NA
2704:36W G 4216FairCLR7.86.1 87%3.9NA76.73NA
2704:16W G 4016FairCLR7.86.1 87%4.4NA76.76NA
2703:56W G 4516FairCLR7.86.1 8.97.887%3.9NA76.73NA
2703:36W G 4216FairCLR7.86.1 87%3.9NA76.73NA
2703:16W G 4216FairCLR7.86.1 87%3.9NA76.73NA
2702:56W G 4016FairCLR7.86.1 87%4.4NA76.76NA
2702:36W G 3916FairCLR7.86.1 87%3.9NA76.76NA
2702:16W G 4216FairCLR7.86.1 87%4.4NA76.78NA
2701:56W G 4016FairCLR7.86.1 87%3.9NA76.78NA
2701:36W G 4216Partly CloudySCT0147.85 82%3.9NA76.76NA
2701:16W G 4016Mostly CloudyBKN0147.85 82%3.9NA76.76NA
2700:56W G 3916Mostly CloudyBKN0148.96.1 82%5.6NA76.78NA
2700:36W G 4516Mostly CloudyBKN0148.95 76%5.6NA76.78NA
2700:16W G 3916Partly CloudySCT0147.85 82%3.9NA76.78NA
2623:56W G 3716Mostly CloudyBKN0167.86.1 87%4.4NA76.78NA
2623:36W G 4016OvercastOVC0148.96.1 82%5.6NA76.78NA
2623:16W G 3516Partly CloudySCT0148.95 76%5.6NA76.78NA
2622:56W G 3416A Few CloudsFEW0167.85 82%4.4NA76.81NA
2622:36W G 3716Partly CloudySCT0167.85 82%4.4NA76.78NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºC)PressurePrecipitation (cm)

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