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Atka, Atka Airport
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºC)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (cm)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
3011:36E 2116NANA6.13.9 87%2.2NA75.95NA
3011:16E 2114NANA6.12.8 81%2.2NA75.95NA
3010:56E 2116NANA6.12.8 81%2.2NA75.97NA
3010:36E 2116NANA6.12.8 81%2.2NA75.97NA
3010:16E 2116NANA6.12.8 81%2.2NA75.97NA
3009:56E 2316NANA6.12.8 81%2.2NA75.97NA
3009:36E 2116NANA6.12.2 76%2.2NA75.97NA
3009:16E 1616NANA6.12.2 76%2.8NA75.97NA
3008:56E 1913NANA6.12.2 6.1576%2.8NA75.97NA
3008:36E 196NANA6.12.8 81%2.8NA75.97NA
3008:16E 2116NANA6.12.2 76%2.2NA75.95NA
3007:56E 1316NANA6.12.8 81%3.3NA75.97NA
3007:36E 1416NANA6.12.8 81%3.3NA75.97NA
3007:16E 1416NANA6.12.8 81%3.3NA75.97NA
3006:56SE 2116NANA6.12.8 81%2.2NA75.97NA
3006:36E 1616NANA6.12.8 81%2.8NA75.97NA
3006:16E 1416NANA52.2 81%1.7NA75.97NA
3005:56E 1116NANA52.2 81%2.2NA75.97NA
3005:36SE 1114NANA52.2 81%2.2NA76NA
3005:16SE 138NANA6.12.2 76%3.3NA76NA
3004:56E 1316NANA6.11.1 71%3.3NA76NA
3004:36E 1416NANA6.11.1 71%3.3NA76NA
3004:16SE 1616NANA6.10 66%2.8NA76NA
3003:56SE 1616NANA6.11.1 71%2.8NA76.02NA
3003:36SE 1416NANA6.11.1 71%3.3NA76.02NA
3003:16SE 1416NANA6.12.2 76%3.3NA76.02NA
3002:56SE 1316NANA6.12.2 7.2576%3.3NA76.02NA
3002:36SE 1016NANA6.11.1 71%3.9NA76.02NA
3002:16SE 1116NANA6.11.1 71%3.9NA76.05NA
3001:56SE 1316NANA6.11.1 71%3.3NA76.05NA
3001:36S 1016NANA6.11.1 71%3.9NA76.05NA
3001:16S 1116NANA6.11.1 71%3.9NA76.05NA
3000:56SE 1116NANA6.11.1 71%3.9NA76.05NA
3000:36S 1316NANA6.12.2 76%3.3NA76.05NA
3000:16S 1416NANA6.12.2 76%3.3NA76.05NA
2923:56S 1316NANA51.1 76%2.2NA76.05NA
2923:36S 2116NANA6.12.2 76%2.2NA76.05NA
2923:16S G 3216NANA6.12.2 76%1.7NA76.02NA
2922:56S 2316NANA6.12.2 76%2.2NA76.02NA
2922:36S 2316NANA6.12.2 76%2.2NA76.02NA
2922:16S 2616NANA6.12.2 76%1.7NA76NA
2921:56S 2716NANA6.12.2 76%1.7NA75.97NA
2921:36SW 2416NANA6.12.2 76%2.2NA76NA
2921:16S 2416NANA7.22.8 76%3.3NA76NA
2920:56S 2416NANA7.22.2 8.97.271%3.3NA75.97NA
2920:36S 2316NANA7.22.8 76%3.9NA75.97NA
2920:16S 2416NANA7.22.2 71%3.3NA75.97NA
2919:56S 3216NANA7.22.2 71%2.8NA75.95NA
2919:36S G 3516NANA7.22.2 71%2.8NA75.92NA
2919:16S G 3416NANA7.82.2 66%4.4NA75.92NA
2918:56S 2716NANA7.82.2 66%3.9NA75.92NA
2918:36S G 3516NANA7.82.2 66%3.9NA75.92NA
2918:16S 2616NANA7.22.2 71%3.3NA75.92NA
2917:56S G 3516NANA7.22.2 71%3.9NA75.92NA
2917:36S G 3416NANA7.82.2 66%3.9NA75.92NA
2917:16S 2116NANA7.82.2 66%4.4NA75.92NA
2916:56S G 3516NANA7.82.2 66%3.9NA75.9NA
2916:36S G 3416NANA8.92.8 66%5.6NA75.9NA
2916:16S G 3416NANA7.82.8 71%4.4NA75.9NA
2915:56S G 3416NANA7.82.8 71%4.4NA75.87NA
2915:36S G 3416NANA7.82.8 71%4.4NA75.87NA
2915:16S G 2916NANA7.82.8 71%4.4NA75.87NA
2914:56S G 3416NANA7.82.2 8.96.166%4.4NA75.87NA
2914:36SW G 3916NANA8.92.8 66%5.6NA75.84NA
2914:16S G 3516NANA7.82.2 66%3.9NA75.84NA
2913:56SW G 3516NANA7.82.8 71%3.9NA75.82NA
2913:36S G 3716NANA7.22.2 71%3.3NA75.82NA
2913:16S G 3916NANA7.82.2 66%4.4NA75.79NA
2912:56S 2416NANA7.82.8 71%4.4NA75.79NA
2912:36S G 3516NANA7.22.2 71%3.3NA75.77NA
2912:16S G 2716NANA7.22.2 71%3.9NA75.77NA
2911:56S G 3516NANA7.22.2 71%3.9NA75.74NA
2911:36S G 2916NANA7.22.8 76%3.9NA75.74NA
2911:16S G 2916NANA7.22.2 71%3.9NA75.72NA
2910:56S 1916NANA7.22.2 71%3.9NA75.69NA
2910:36SW G 2916NANA7.22.2 71%3.9NA75.67NA
2910:16SW 2316NANA6.12.2 76%2.2NA75.67NA
2909:56SW G 2716NANA6.12.2 76%2.8NA75.64NA
2909:36S G 3916NANA6.12.2 76%2.2NA75.62NA
2909:16SW G 3216NANA6.12.2 76%1.7NA75.62NA
2908:56S G 4016NANA6.12.2 6.16.176%1.7NA75.57NA
2908:36S G 3916NANA6.12.2 76%1.7NA75.57NA
2908:16S G 3416NANA6.12.2 76%1.7NA75.54NA
2907:56S G 2916NANA6.12.2 76%2.2NA75.54NA
2907:36SW 2116NANA6.12.2 76%2.2NA75.54NA
2907:16SW 1414NANA6.12.2 76%3.3NA75.51NA
2906:56S G 3713NANA6.12.2 76%2.8NA75.49NA
2906:36S G 3714NANA6.12.2 76%1.7NA75.46NA
2906:16S G 3516NANA6.12.2 76%2.8NA75.44NA
2905:56S G 3916NANA6.12.2 76%1.7NA75.44NA
2905:36S G 3916NANA6.12.2 76%1.7NA75.39NA
2905:16S G 3416NANA6.12.2 76%2.2NA75.39NA
2904:56S G 3416NANA6.12.2 76%2.2NA75.36NA
2904:36SW 2416NANA6.12.2 76%2.2NA75.34NA
2904:16S G 3916NANA6.12.2 76%1.7NA75.31NA
2903:56SW G 3916NANA6.12.2 76%1.7NA75.31NA
2903:36S G 4216NANA6.12.2 76%1.1NA75.29NA
2903:16SW G 4516NANA6.12.2 76%2.2NA75.26NA
2902:56S G 4516NANA6.12.2 76%2.2NA75.23NA
2902:36S G 3516NANA6.11.1 71%2.2NA75.23NA
2808:16SE G 642WindyNA7.23.9 81%1.7NA74.6NA
2807:56SE G 643WindyNA7.23.9 81%1.7NA74.63NA
2807:36SE G 643WindyNA7.23.9 81%1.1NA74.68NA
2807:16SE G 663WindyNA6.13.9 87%0NA74.7NA
2806:56SE G 633WindyNA6.12.8 81%0NA74.73NA
2806:36SE G 693WindyNA6.12.8 81%0.6NA74.78NA
2806:16SE G 714WindyNA6.12.8 81%0NA74.8NA
2805:56SE G 645WindyNA6.12.8 81%0NA74.85NA
2805:36SE G 615WindyNA6.12.8 81%0.6NA74.9NA
2805:16E G 604WindyNA6.12.8 81%0.6NA74.93NA
2804:56SE G 645WindyNA52.2 81%-1.7NA75.01NA
2804:36SE G 715WindyNA52.2 81%-1.7NA75.06NA
2804:16SE G 715WindyNA52.2 81%-1.7NA75.13NA
2803:56SE G 748WindyNA52.2 81%-1.7NA75.16NA
2803:36SE G 7210WindyNA6.12.2 76%-0.6NA75.23NA
2803:16SE G 6911WindyNA6.11.1 71%0NA75.29NA
2802:56SE G 6614WindyNA6.11.1 6.16.171%0NA75.34NA
2802:36SE G 6316WindyNA6.11.1 71%0NA75.39NA
2802:16SE G 6116WindyNA6.11.1 71%0.6NA75.41NA
2801:56SE G 6016WindyNA6.11.1 71%0NA75.44NA
2801:36SE G 5616WindyNA6.11.1 71%0.6NA75.49NA
2801:16SE G 6416WindyNA6.11.1 71%0NA75.57NA
2800:56SE G 6116WindyNA6.11.1 71%0.6NA75.59NA
2800:36SE G 6116WindyNA6.11.1 71%0.6NA75.64NA
2800:16SE G 6116WindyNA6.11.1 71%0.6NA75.67NA
2723:56SE G 5316BreezyNA6.11.1 71%0.6NA75.69NA
2723:36SE G 5316WindyNA6.11.1 71%0.6NA75.72NA
2723:16SE G 5616WindyNA6.11.1 71%0.6NA75.77NA
2722:56SE G 4816BreezyNA6.11.1 71%0.6NA75.77NA
2722:36SE 3716BreezyNA6.11.1 71%1.1NA75.77NA
2722:16SE G 4716BreezyNA6.12.2 76%0.6NA75.79NA
2721:56E 2914NANA6.12.2 76%1.7NA75.84NA
2721:36SE 3516BreezyNA6.12.2 76%1.1NA75.9NA
2721:16SE 3716BreezyNA6.12.2 76%1.1NA75.92NA
2720:56SE 3514BreezyNA6.12.2 7.86.176%1.1NA75.92NA
2720:36SE G 4516BreezyNA6.12.2 76%1.1NA75.92NA
2720:16SE G 4516BreezyNA6.12.2 76%1.1NA75.95NA
2719:56SE G 4216BreezyNA6.12.2 76%1.1NA75.95NA
2719:36SE G 4516BreezyNA7.22.2 71%2.8NA75.97NA
2719:16SE G 3916BreezyNA7.22.2 71%2.8NA75.95NA
2718:56SE G 4716BreezyNA7.22.2 71%2.8NA76NA
2718:36SE G 4516BreezyNA7.22.2 71%2.2NA76NA
2718:16SE G 4016NANA7.21.1 66%2.8NA76.02NA
2717:56SE G 4516BreezyNA7.22.2 71%2.8NA76.02NA
2717:36SE G 4716BreezyNA7.22.2 71%2.2NA76NA
2717:16SE G 4516BreezyNA7.22.2 71%2.8NA76.02NA
2716:56SE G 4216NANA7.82.2 66%3.9NA76.02NA
2716:36SE G 4216BreezyNA7.82.2 66%3.3NA76.05NA
2716:16SE G 3916NANA7.82.2 66%3.9NA76.05NA
2715:56SE G 4016NANA7.21.1 66%2.8NA76.07NA
2715:36SE G 3716NANA7.22.2 71%2.8NA76.07NA
2715:16SE 2716NANA7.22.2 71%3.3NA76.07NA
2714:56S G 3916NANA7.22.2 7.26.171%3.3NA76.1NA
2714:36SE G 3716NANA7.22.2 71%2.8NA76.1NA
2714:16S G 3516NANA7.22.2 71%3.3NA76.1NA
2713:56S G 3416NANA7.22.8 76%3.9NA76.1NA
2713:36SE G 4016NANA7.22.2 71%3.3NA76.1NA
2713:16S G 4016NANA7.22.2 71%3.9NA76.1NA
2712:56S 3416BreezyNA7.22.2 71%2.8NA76.07NA
2712:36S 2416NANA7.22.2 71%3.3NA76.05NA
2712:16S G 4014NANA6.11.1 71%1.7NA76.05NA
2711:56S 2616NANA6.12.2 76%1.7NA76.05NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºC)PressurePrecipitation (cm)

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