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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºC)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (cm)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
0222:35NW G 4816Fair and BreezyCLR3.3-6.7 48%-2.8NA76.56NA
0222:15W G 4516FairCLR3.3-6.7 47%-1.7NA76.53NA
0221:55NW G 5116FairCLR3.9-6.7 47%-1.7NA76.5NA
0221:35NW G 4816Fair and BreezyCLR3.9-6.1 49%-1.7NA76.5NA
0221:15NW G 4816Fair and BreezyCLR3.9-5.6 49%-1.7NA76.5NA
0220:55NW G 6016Fair and BreezyCLR3.9-6.1 49%-2.2NA76.5NA
0220:35NW G 5116Fair and BreezyCLR3.9-5.6 50%-2.2NA76.53NA
0220:15NW G 5616Fair and BreezyCLR3.9-6.1 49%-2.2NA76.5NA
0219:55NW G 4516FairCLR3.9-5.6 50%-1.1NA76.48NA
0219:35W G 4716Fair and BreezyCLR3.9-5.6 52%-2.2NA76.5NA
0219:15NW G 4216FairCLR3.9-5 52%-1.1NA76.5NA
0218:55W G 5316Fair and BreezyCLR3.9-5 6.13.952%-2.2NA76.48NA
0218:35W G 5016FairCLR3.9-5 52%-1.7NA76.45NA
0218:15NW G 5016Fair and BreezyCLR3.9-5.6 51%-2.2NA76.45NA
0217:55W G 5016Fair and BreezyCLR4.4-5.6 50%-1.1NA76.43NA
0217:35W G 4816Fair and BreezyCLR4.4-5.6 49%-1.1NA76.45NA
0217:15W G 4516FairCLR4.4-5.6 48%-0.6NA76.45NA
0216:55NW G 5616FairCLR5-5.6 47%0NA76.43NA
0216:35NW G 4816Fair and BreezyCLR5-5.6 46%0NA76.43NA
0216:15NW G 5816Fair and BreezyCLR5.6-6.1 45%0NA76.45NA
0215:55NW G 4816FairCLR5.6-6.1 44%1.1NA76.45NA
0215:35NW G 5816Fair and WindyCLR5.6-6.7 42%0NA76.45NA
0215:15NW G 5816Fair and BreezyCLR6.1-6.7 41%1.1NA76.45NA
0214:55NW G 5116Fair and BreezyCLR6.1-6.1 41%0.6NA76.43NA
0214:35NW G 4816FairCLR5.6-6.1 42%1.1NA76.43NA
0214:15NW G 5616Fair and BreezyCLR5.6-6.1 43%0NA76.43NA
0213:55NW G 6016Fair and BreezyCLR5.6-6.1 44%0NA76.45NA
0213:35NW G 6116Fair and BreezyCLR5-5.6 46%-0.6NA76.45NA
0213:15NW G 5016FairCLR5.6-5.6 45%1.1NA76.48NA
0212:55NW G 5316Fair and BreezyCLR5.6-5 5.6046%0.6NA76.48NA
0212:35NW G 6016Fair and BreezyCLR5.6-5 47%0NA76.45NA
0212:15W G 6016Fair and BreezyCLR5.6-4.4 49%0NA76.45NA
0211:55NW G 5816Fair and BreezyCLR4.4-4.4 52%-1.1NA76.48NA
0211:35NW G 5016Fair and BreezyCLR3.9-4.4 54%-1.7NA76.48NA
0211:15NW G 5616FairCLR3.3-5 55%-1.7NA76.5NA
0210:55NW G 5016Fair and BreezyCLR3.3-4.4 57%-2.8NA76.5NA
0210:35NW G 4016FairCLR2.8-4.4 59%-2.2NA76.53NA
0210:15W G 4816Fair and BreezyCLR2.8-4.4 60%-3.3NA76.5NA
0209:55NW G 3916FairCLR1.7-4.4 64%-3.9NA76.48NA
0209:35W G 4516FairCLR1.7-4.4 65%-3.3NA76.48NA
0209:15NW G 3216FairCLR1.1-4.4 68%-3.3NA76.48NA
0208:55W G 3416FairCLR0.6-4.4 70%-3.9NA76.48NA
0208:35NW G 3916FairCLR0-4.4 72%-4.4NA76.43NA
0208:15NW G 3216FairCLR0-4.4 73%-5.6NA76.4NA
0207:55NW G 3516FairCLR0-4.4 74%-5.6NA76.4NA
0207:35W G 4016FairCLR0-4.4 74%-6.1NA76.35NA
0207:15W G 3916FairCLR0-3.9 75%-6.1NA76.33NA
0206:55NW G 4216FairCLR0-3.9 1.7-0.675%-5.6NA76.33NA
0206:35NW G 3916FairCLR0-3.9 75%-6.1NA76.33NA
0206:15NW G 3516FairCLR0-3.9 75%-5.6NA76.33NA
0205:55N 816Mostly CloudyBKN0200-3.3 77%-2.8NA76.35NA
0205:35W 816Mostly CloudyBKN0200-3.3 77%-2.8NA76.35NA
0205:15Calm16FairCLR0-3.9 77%NANA76.35NA
0204:55W 516FairCLR0-3.3 77%NANA76.3NA
0204:35NW G 2616FairCLR0-3.3 77%NANA76.3NA
0204:15NW G 2616FairCLR0-3.3 77%-4.4NA76.28NA
0203:55W G 3416FairCLR0.6-3.3 76%-3.3NA76.25NA
0203:35W G 4516FairCLR0.6-3.3 77%-6.1NA76.23NA
0203:15NW G 4516FairCLR0.6-3.3 77%-4.4NA76.2NA
0202:55NW G 4016FairCLR0.6-3.3 76%-4.4NA76.2NA
0202:35NW 1416FairCLR0.6-3.3 75%-3.9NA76.2NA
0202:15NW G 2916FairCLR1.1-3.3 74%-3.9NA76.17NA
0201:55NW 816FairCLR1.1-3.3 74%-1.7NA76.17NA
0201:35W G 2616FairCLR1.1-2.8 74%-2.8NA76.17NA
0201:15NW 1416FairCLR1.7-2.8 73%-2.2NA76.17NA
0200:55NW G 3416FairCLR1.7-2.8 2.81.772%-3.3NA76.2NA
0200:35NW 1316FairCLR1.7-2.8 72%-2.2NA76.2NA
0200:15NW 1316FairCLR1.7-2.8 72%-2.2NA76.23NA
0123:55W 1316FairCLR1.7-2.8 72%-2.2NA76.23NA
0123:35NW 1316Partly CloudySCT0241.7-2.8 74%-2.2NA76.23NA
0123:15NW 1416Mostly CloudyBKN0241.7-2.8 74%-2.2NA76.17NA
0122:55W G 2916FairCLR1.7-2.8 74%-0.6NA76.17NA
0122:35N 1116FairCLR1.7-2.8 74%-1.7NA76.17NA
0122:15NW 1416FairCLR1.7-2.8 74%-2.2NA76.15NA
0121:55NW 1016FairCLR1.7-2.8 74%-1.1NA76.12NA
0121:35NW 1016FairCLR1.7-2.2 74%-1.1NA76.12NA
0121:15NW 1016FairCLR1.7-2.2 74%-1.1NA76.12NA
0120:55NW 1316FairCLR1.7-2.2 73%-2.2NA76.1NA
0120:35N G 2616FairCLR1.7-2.2 74%-2.2NA76.07NA
0120:15NW G 2916FairCLR1.7-2.2 74%-2.8NA76.1NA
0119:55NW 1916FairCLR2.2-2.2 73%-2.2NA76.12NA
0119:35N G 2916FairCLR2.2-2.2 73%-2.8NA76.1NA
0119:15NW G 2916FairCLR2.2-2.2 72%-1.7NA76.1NA
0118:55NW G 2916FairCLR2.8-2.2 7.22.870%-1.1NA76.07NA
0118:35NW G 2716FairCLR2.8-2.2 69%-1.1NA76.07NA
0118:15NW 1316Partly CloudySCT0242.8-2.2 69%-0.6NA76.07NA
0117:55NW 1316Partly CloudySCT0242.8-2.2 68%-0.6NA76.07NA
0117:35NW G 2616FairCLR3.3-2.2 66%0NA76.05NA
0117:15NW G 3216FairCLR3.9-2.2 64%0.6NA76.05NA
0116:55NW G 3216FairCLR4.4-2.2 63%0.6NA76.05NA
0116:35NW G 2916FairCLR4.4-2.2 60%0NA76.05NA
0116:15W G 3516FairCLR5.6-2.2 58%2.2NA76.02NA
0115:55W 1416FairCLR5.6-2.2 56%2.8NA76NA
0115:35NW G 3916FairCLR6.1-2.2 55%1.7NA75.97NA
0115:15W G 3416FairCLR6.7-2.2 53%3.9NA75.92NA
0114:55NW G 4716FairCLR6.7-2.8 52%2.8NA75.9NA
0114:35W G 4016FairCLR7.2-2.2 52%3.3NA75.9NA
0114:15NW G 4716FairCLR6.7-2.2 52%2.8NA75.87NA
0113:55NW G 4716FairCLR6.7-2.8 52%2.2NA75.87NA
0113:35W G 4216FairCLR6.7-2.2 53%2.8NA75.87NA
0113:15W G 4716FairCLR6.7-2.2 54%2.2NA75.9NA
0112:55NW G 5016Fair and BreezyCLR6.1-2.2 6.12.854%1.1NA75.87NA
0112:35W G 4816FairCLR6.1-2.2 54%1.1NA75.87NA
0112:15W G 5116FairCLR6.1-2.2 55%1.7NA75.87NA
0111:55W G 5616Fair and BreezyCLR5.6-2.8 55%0NA75.87NA
0111:35W G 6016Fair and WindyCLR5.6-2.8 56%0NA75.9NA
0111:15NW G 5116Fair and BreezyCLR5-2.2 60%-0.6NA75.9NA
0110:55W G 5816FairCLR4.4-2.2 62%-1.1NA75.9NA
0110:35W G 5816Fair and WindyCLR4.4-2.2 63%-1.7NA75.9NA
0110:15NW G 6616Fair and WindyCLR3.9-2.2 64%-2.2NA75.9NA
0109:55W G 6416Fair and BreezyCLR3.3-2.2 69%-2.8NA75.87NA
0109:35W G 6416Fair and WindyCLR2.8-2.2 68%-3.9NA75.87NA
0109:15W G 5816Fair and BreezyCLR2.8-1.7 73%-3.9NA75.84NA
0108:55W G 5316Fair and BreezyCLR2.8-1.7 74%-3.3NA75.84NA
0108:35NW G 6116FairCLR2.8-1.7 73%-2.8NA75.82NA
0108:15W G 5116Fair and BreezyCLR2.8-1.1 76%-3.3NA75.82NA
0107:55W G 5616Partly Cloudy and BreezySCT0162.8-1.1 77%-3.9NA75.79NA
0107:35W G 5016FairCLR2.8-1.1 77%-2.8NA75.79NA
0107:15W G 4816FairCLR2.8-1.1 77%-2.8NA75.79NA
0106:55W G 5316FairCLR2.8-1.1 8.32.877%-2.8NA75.77NA0.03
0106:35W G 5316Fair and BreezyCLR2.8-1.1 76%-3.3NA75.77NA
0106:15W G 5116Fair and BreezyCLR2.8-1.1 76%-3.3NA75.77NA
0105:55NW G 4816FairCLR2.8-1.1 74%-2.8NA75.74NA
0105:35W G 5016Partly Cloudy and BreezySCT0193.3-1.1 75%-2.8NA75.74NA
0105:15W G 5616Partly Cloudy and BreezySCT0213.3-1.1 74%-2.8NA75.74NA
0104:55NW G 5116Partly Cloudy and WindySCT0213.3-1.1 73%-2.8NA75.72NA
0104:35W G 5116Fair and BreezyCLR3.3-0.6 74%-2.8NA75.72NA
0104:15W G 5316Fair and WindyCLR3.9-0.6 72%-2.2NA75.69NA
0103:55W G 5616FairCLR3.9-0.6 73%-1.1NA75.69NA0.03
0103:35W G 5016FairCLR4.40 74%-1.1NA75.69NA
0103:15W G 5316Fair and BreezyCLR4.40 72%-1.1NA75.69NA
0102:55NW G 5816Fair and BreezyCLR50.6 72%-0.6NA75.69NA0.03
0102:35NW G 5316Fair and BreezyCLR5.61.1 72%0NA75.67NA0.03
0102:15NW G 6316Fair and WindyCLR6.10.6 68%0.6NA75.64NA0.03
0101:55W G 5016Fair and BreezyCLR6.71.7 69%1.7NA75.64NA
0101:35W G 4816Fair and BreezyCLR7.82.2 69%3.3NA75.67NA
0101:15W G 4516Partly CloudySCT022 SCT0297.81.7 64%3.9NA75.67NA
0100:55W G 3716Partly CloudySCT022 SCT028 SCT0338.33.9 14.48.372%5NA75.67NA
0100:35W G 2716Partly CloudySCT021 SCT029 SCT0348.94.4 74%6.1NA75.69NA
0100:15W G 3716Partly CloudySCT025 SCT030 SCT0399.44.4 70%7.2NA75.69NA
3023:55W G 2616Partly CloudySCT025 SCT039 SCT0479.44.4 72%7.2NA75.69NA
3023:35W 1316Partly CloudySCT027 SCT031 SCT0479.44.4 71%7.8NA75.69NA
3023:15W 816Partly CloudySCT0279.44.4 70%8.3NA75.69NA
3022:55W 816Partly CloudySCT0309.43.9 67%8.3NA75.69NA
3022:35W G 3516Partly CloudySCT030 SCT050103.3 63%8.3NA75.69NA
3022:15NW G 3216FairCLR102.8 59%7.2NA75.69NA
3021:55W G 3216FairCLR10.62.2 56%NANA75.69NA
3021:35NW G 3916Partly CloudySCT038 SCT060 SCT08511.12.8 56%NANA75.64NA
3021:15NW 1416Partly CloudySCT020 SCT031 SCT03811.76.1 69%NANA75.64NA
3020:55NW G 4516Mostly CloudySCT010 SCT016 BKN02212.28.3 77%NANA75.62NA
3020:35W 2316 RainSCT022 SCT037 BKN05513.312.2 91%NANA75.59NA
3020:15SW 516Mostly CloudySCT065 SCT085 BKN12013.912.8 94%NANA75.54NA
3019:55SW 516Partly CloudySCT12014.411.1 80%NANA75.57NA
3019:35SW 1316FairCLR14.411.1 81%NANA75.57NA
3019:15SW 1016FairCLR13.912.2 90%NANA75.51NA
3018:35S 516Partly CloudySCT12013.312.8 94%NANA75.51NA
3018:15W 1016Partly CloudySCT11013.911.7 84%NANA75.54NA
3017:55SE 1111 Light RainSCT040 SCT055 SCT07513.910.6 82%NANA75.49NA0.15
3017:35SW 1311 RainBKN07514.410.6 79%NANA75.59NA0.08
3017:15W G 2716 Light RainSCT060 BKN07514.411.1 83%NANA75.59NA0.03
3016:55NW 511 RainSCT015 SCT032 BKN06013.312.8 97%NANA75.62NA0.91
3016:35W 133 Heavy RainSCT010 BKN013 OVC02212.812.8 98%NANA75.62NA0.81
3016:15W G 273 Heavy RainBKN011 OVC01812.812.8 98%NANA75.59NA0.38
3015:55W G 294 Heavy RainSCT009 BKN014 OVC0201514.4 97%NANA75.59NA0.971.37
3015:35W 136 RainBKN009 OVC0141514.4 97%NANA75.59NA0.56
3015:15S 143 RainOVC0091514.4 98%NANA75.57NA0.36
3014:55S 118 Light RainSCT007 SCT013 SCT09014.414.4 98%NANA75.57NA0.33
3014:35S 113 RainBKN009 OVC01314.414.4 97%NANA75.59NA0.28
3014:15SW G 295 Heavy RainBKN007 OVC01314.414.4 98%NANA75.62NA0.05
3013:55SW 1016OvercastBKN009 OVC01414.413.9 96%NANA75.64NA0.08
3013:35S G 296 RainBKN011 OVC0171514.4 96%NANA75.67NA0.05
3013:15W 1016OvercastBKN009 OVC0151513.9 93%NANA75.69NA
3012:55S 1116 Light RainSCT009 OVC0151513.9 15.614.493%NANA75.72NA
3012:35S G 2616OvercastBKN011 BKN018 OVC02715.612.8 86%NANA75.77NA
3012:15W G 2716OvercastBKN011 OVC0191512.8 86%NANA75.74NA
3011:55S G 3516OvercastSCT011 BKN015 OVC0211512.8 87%NANA75.77NA
3011:35SW G 3416OvercastBKN009 OVC0161513.3 90%NANA75.77NA
3011:15SW 1616 Light DrizzleBKN003 OVC00914.414.4 98%NANA75.82NA
3010:55S G 3216 RainOVC00314.414.4 100%NANA75.84NA
3010:35SW 1311 Light RainOVC00314.414.4 100%NANA75.87NA
3010:15S 148 Light RainOVC00114.414.4 100%NANA75.87NA
3009:55Calm8 Fog/MistOVC00114.414.4 100%NANA75.9NA
3009:35W 85 Fog/MistOVC00114.414.4 100%NANA75.92NA
3009:15S G 2711OvercastOVC0051515 99%NANA75.92NA
3008:55S 516OvercastOVC0051514.4 98%NANA75.92NA
3008:35S 816OvercastOVC00514.414.4 99%NANA75.9NA
3008:15SW 1116OvercastOVC0051514.4 98%NANA75.9NA
3007:55S G 2916OvercastOVC0051514.4 99%NANA75.9NA
3007:35S G 3416OvercastOVC00514.414.4 99%NANA75.9NA
3007:15SW G 2616OvercastOVC0051514.4 99%NANA75.92NA
3006:55SW G 3916OvercastOVC0051514.4 151098%NANA75.9NA0.23
3006:35S G 3416OvercastBKN005 BKN009 OVC0201514.4 99%NANA75.87NA
3006:15SW G 3516Mostly CloudySCT007 BKN012 BKN0181514.4 96%NANA75.87NA
3005:55SW G 2716OvercastBKN005 BKN011 OVC0171514.4 97%NANA75.87NA
3005:35Calm16OvercastOVC00514.414.4 100%NANA75.87NA
3005:15SW G 3411OvercastOVC00214.414.4 100%NANA75.87NA
3004:55S G 275 Fog/MistOVC00214.414.4 100%NANA75.87NA0.03
3004:35S G 268 Fog/MistOVC00214.414.4 100%NANA75.9NA0.03
3004:15SE 86 Light RainOVC00414.414.4 100%NANA75.92NA
3003:55SW 56 DrizzleOVC00414.414.4 100%NANA75.95NA0.050.2
3003:35SW 55 DrizzleOVC00414.414.4 100%NANA75.95NA0.03
3003:15Calm6 DrizzleOVC00614.414.4 100%NANA75.95NA0.03
3002:55Calm8 DrizzleOVC00613.913.9 100%NANA75.97NA0.1
3002:35Calm6 DrizzleOVC00613.913.9 100%NANA76NA0.08
3002:15SE 56 Heavy DrizzleOVC00613.913.9 100%NANA75.97NA0.03
3001:55Calm11 DrizzleBKN006 OVC01013.313.3 100%NANA75.97NA0.05
3001:35S 516 Light DrizzleSCT010 BKN10012.212.2 100%NANA76NA0.03
3001:15Calm16 DrizzleSCT010 SCT021 SCT03212.212.2 100%NANA76.02NA0.03
3000:55SE 142 Heavy RainBKN0041010 12.28.3100%7.8NA76.02NA0.180.18
3000:35Calm6 RainOVC0041010 100%NANA76.05NA0.03
3000:15Calm8 Fog/MistOVC0069.49.4 100%NANA76.05NA
2923:55Calm3 Fog/MistSCT001 OVC0068.98.9 100%NANA76.07NA
2923:35Calm6 Fog/MistBKN004 BKN0119.49.4 100%NANA76.1NA
2923:15Calm2 Fog/MistBKN0049.49.4 100%NANA76.12NA
2922:55Calm2 Fog/MistVV0079.49.4 100%NANA76.15NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºC)PressurePrecipitation (cm)

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