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Chester, Chester Airport
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºC)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (cm)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
2209:15N 816OvercastOVC0657.2-2.2 53%5.6NA77.7NA
2208:55NE 1116OvercastOVC0657.2-2.2 53%5NA77.67NA
2208:35N 1016OvercastOVC0607.2-1.1 57%5.6NA77.67NA
2208:15NE 1116OvercastOVC0607.20 61%5NA77.65NA
2207:55N 1016OvercastOVC0606.11.1 71%3.9NA77.67NA
2207:35N 1016OvercastFEW023 FEW031 OVC0606.11.1 71%3.9NA77.65NA
2207:15N 105 Light RainFEW023 SCT032 BKN0456.12.2 76%3.9NA77.62NA
2206:55Calm16OvercastFEW045 FEW050 OVC0606.12.8 81%NANA77.62NA
2206:35N 816 Light RainFEW048 OVC0606.12.2 76%4.4NA77.6NA
2206:15N 1014 Light RainFEW036 SCT047 OVC0556.12.2 76%3.9NA77.62NA
2205:55N 1016 Light RainFEW001 FEW048 OVC0557.25 87%5.6NA77.62NA
2205:35NE 810 Light RainSCT001 BKN035 OVC0557.23.9 81%5.6NA77.57NA
2205:15N 1010 Light RainFEW020 SCT031 BKN0497.23.9 81%5.6NA77.57NA
2204:55N G 218 Light RainFEW021 SCT031 BKN0437.82.8 71%6.1NA77.55NA
2204:35NW 1414 Light RainFEW032 FEW041 OVC0508.92.8 66%6.7NA77.52NA
2204:15N 1316OvercastOVC0508.92.2 62%6.7NA77.47NA
2203:55Vrbl 1016OvercastOVC050102.8 62%8.9NA77.44NA
2203:35N 1616OvercastOVC050103.9 67%7.8NA77.39NA
2203:15N 1416 Light RainFEW037 OVC0498.93.9 71%6.7NA77.37NA
2202:55N G 2916 Light RainFEW036 OVC048103.9 67%7.8NA77.37NA
2202:35N G 2716 Light RainOVC04711.15 67%NANA77.37NA
2202:15N G 3216OvercastOVC04612.23.9 58%NANA77.32NA
2201:55N 2116OvercastOVC04412.25 63%NANA77.32NA
2201:35N G 2316OvercastOVC04212.26.1 67%NANA77.29NA
2201:15N 1916OvercastOVC04312.26.1 67%NANA77.27NA
2200:55N G 2916OvercastOVC04412.86.1 63%NANA77.27NA
2200:35N 2416OvercastOVC04512.86.1 63%NANA77.24NA
2200:15N G 2716OvercastOVC04413.96.1 59%NANA77.24NA
2123:55N G 2716OvercastOVC04413.96.1 59%NANA77.17NA
2123:35NW 1616OvercastOVC04513.97.2 63%NANA77.17NA
2123:15NW 1416OvercastOVC04413.97.2 63%NANA77.17NA
2122:55N G 2416OvercastOVC043157.2 59%NANA77.14NA
2122:15NW G 3516Mostly CloudyBKN040 BKN065 BKN090157.2 59%NANA77.09NA
2121:55N G 2716Mostly CloudyFEW039 SCT060 BKN070157.8 63%NANA77.06NA
2121:35N G 3516Mostly CloudyFEW043 FEW060 BKN07516.17.8 59%NANA77.06NA
2121:15N G 2616Mostly CloudyBKN075 BKN08516.18.9 63%NANA77.04NA
2120:55NW G 3516Mostly CloudyBKN048 BKN07516.18.9 63%NANA77.01NA
2120:35NW 2616Mostly CloudyBKN04817.28.9 60%NANA77.04NA
2120:15N 2416FairCLR17.210 64%NANA76.99NA
2119:55NW G 2916Partly CloudyFEW050 FEW055 SCT07017.212.2 73%NANA76.96NA
2119:35NW 1116Mostly CloudyFEW029 SCT050 BKN05517.213.9 83%NANA76.94NA
2119:15NW G 2616Partly CloudySCT0551512.8 88%NANA76.89NA
2118:55SW 1116FairCLR1512.8 88%NANA76.84NA
2118:35SW 1416FairCLR1512.8 88%NANA76.81NA
2118:15SW 1416FairCLR16.112.8 83%NANA76.78NA
2117:55SW 1416FairCLR16.112.8 83%NANA76.73NA
2117:35SW 1016FairCLR16.113.9 88%NANA76.73NA
2116:55Vrbl 1114FairCLR17.813.9 78%NANA76.71NA
2116:35SW G 2416FairCLR18.913.9 73%NANA76.71NA
2116:15S 1616FairCLR2013.9 69%NANA76.71NA
2115:55SW 1914FairCLR2015 73%NANA76.71NA
2115:35SW G 2614FairCLR2015 73%NANA76.71NA
2115:15SW G 2314FairCLR2013.9 69%NANA76.71NA
2114:55SW G 3514FairCLR18.913.9 73%NANA76.71NA
2114:35SW 1613FairCLR18.913.9 73%NANA76.71NA
2114:15SW 2113A Few CloudsFEW00717.813.9 78%NANA76.71NA
2113:55SW 1411Mostly CloudyBKN004 BKN00717.213.9 83%NANA76.73NA
2113:35SW G 246 Fog/MistOVC0031513.9 94%NANA76.71NA
2113:15SW G 245 Fog/MistOVC00213.912.8 94%NANA76.73NA
2112:55SW 163 Fog/MistOVC00213.912.8 94%NANA76.76NA
2112:35S G 242 Fog/MistOVC00113.913.9 100%NANA76.76NA
2112:15SW G 261 Fog/MistOVC00113.913.9 100%NANA76.81NA
2111:55SW 130 FogOVC00113.913.9 100%NANA76.81NA
2111:35SW 140 FogOVC00113.913.9 100%NANA76.84NA
2111:15SW 110 FogOVC00113.912.8 94%NANA76.86NA
2110:55SW 140 FogOVC00112.812.8 100%NANA76.91NA
2110:35SW G 260 FogOVC00112.812.8 100%NANA76.91NA
2110:15SW G 240 FogOVC00112.812.8 100%NANA76.91NA
2109:55SW 140 FogOVC00112.812.8 100%NANA76.91NA
2109:35SW G 260 FogOVC00112.212.2 100%NANA76.91NA
2109:15SW 140 FogOVC00112.812.8 100%NANA76.91NA
2108:55SW 160 FogOVC00112.812.8 100%NANA76.94NA
2108:35SW G 260 FogOVC00112.812.8 100%NANA76.94NA
2108:15SW G 271 FogOVC00212.812.8 100%NANA76.94NA
2107:55SW 215 Fog/MistOVC00313.913.9 100%NANA76.94NA
2107:35SW 165 Fog/MistOVC00212.812.8 100%NANA76.94NA
2107:15SW G 240 FogOVC00112.212.2 100%NANA76.94NA
2106:55SW 130 FogOVC00112.212.2 100%NANA76.94NA
2106:35Vrbl G 232 Fog/MistOVC00112.212.2 100%NANA76.91NA
2106:15SW 132 Fog/MistOVC00112.212.2 100%NANA76.91NA
2105:55SW 131 Fog/MistOVC00112.212.2 100%NANA76.91NA
2105:35SW G 241 Fog/MistOVC00112.212.2 100%NANA76.94NA
2105:15SW 140 FogOVC00112.212.2 100%NANA76.94NA
2104:55SW 130 FogOVC00112.212.2 100%NANA76.94NA
2104:35SW 110 FogOVC00112.212.2 100%NANA76.96NA
2104:15Vrbl 100 FogOVC00112.212.2 100%NANA76.96NA
2103:55Vrbl 80 FogOVC00112.212.2 100%NANA76.96NA
2103:35SW 130 FogOVC00111.111.1 100%NANA76.96NA
2103:15SW 100 FogOVC00111.111.1 100%NANA76.96NA
2102:55Vrbl G 190 FogOVC00111.111.1 100%NANA76.99NA
2102:35Vrbl G 190 FogOVC00111.111.1 100%NANA76.99NA
2102:15SW 100 FogOVC00111.111.1 100%NANA76.99NA
2101:55Vrbl G 190 FogOVC00111.111.1 100%NANA77.01NA
2101:35SW G 210 FogOVC00111.111.1 100%NANA77.01NA
2101:15SW 130 FogOVC0011010 100%8.3NA77.01NA
2100:55Vrbl 100 FogOVC0011010 100%8.9NA77.04NA
2100:35S 100 FogOVC0011010 100%8.9NA77.04NA
2100:15Vrbl 80 FogOVC0011010 100%8.9NA77.04NA
2023:55S 80 FogOVC0018.98.9 100%7.8NA77.06NA
2023:35S 80 FogOVC0018.98.9 100%7.8NA77.06NA
2023:15S 80 FogOVC0018.98.9 100%7.8NA77.06NA
2022:55S 54 Fog/MistOVC001108.9 94%NANA77.04NA
2022:35S 105 Fog/MistSCT002108.9 94%8.9NA77.04NA
2022:15SW 106 Fog/MistCLR108.9 94%8.9NA77.04NA
2021:55SW 86 Fog/MistCLR1010 100%8.9NA77.04NA
2021:35SW 85 Fog/MistCLR108.9 94%8.9NA77.04NA
2021:15S 55 Fog/MistFEW002108.9 94%NANA77.04NA
2020:55S 56 Fog/MistFEW0021010 100%NANA77.04NA
2020:35S 88 Fog/MistCLR1010 100%8.9NA77.01NA
2020:15S 108 Fog/MistCLR11.110 94%NANA77.01NA
2019:55S 510 Fog/MistCLR11.110 94%NANA76.99NA
2019:35S 511FairCLR11.110 94%NANA76.99NA
2019:15SW 1011FairCLR11.110 94%NANA76.99NA
2018:55S 1313FairCLR12.211.1 94%NANA76.99NA
2018:35S 811FairCLR12.211.1 94%NANA76.99NA
2018:15SW 813FairCLR12.211.1 94%NANA76.99NA
2017:55SW 1014FairCLR12.811.1 88%NANA76.96NA
2017:35Vrbl 813FairCLR13.911.1 82%NANA76.96NA
2017:15Vrbl 1014FairCLR1511.1 77%NANA76.94NA
2016:55SW 1414FairCLR16.112.2 77%NANA76.91NA
2016:35SW G 2316FairCLR17.211.1 68%NANA76.91NA
2016:15SW G 2616NANA16.111.1 72%NANA76.89NA
2015:55SW G 2616NANA16.111.1 72%NANA76.89NA
2015:35SW G 3214FairCLR16.111.1 72%NANA76.89NA
2015:15SW G 3416FairCLR16.111.1 72%NANA76.89NA
2014:55SW G 2916FairCLR16.111.1 72%NANA76.89NA
2014:35SW G 2716FairCLR17.211.1 68%NANA76.89NA
2014:15Vrbl 1114FairCLR16.111.1 72%NANA76.89NA
2013:55S 1614FairCLR1511.1 77%NANA76.86NA
2013:35SW G 2611Partly CloudySCT00613.911.1 82%NANA76.89NA
2013:15SW G 2410Overcast with HazeOVC00612.811.1 88%NANA76.89NA
2012:55SW 218 Fog/MistOVC00512.811.1 88%NANA76.91NA
2012:35SW G 2910 Fog/MistOVC00512.211.1 94%NANA76.91NA
2012:15SW G 3210 Fog/MistOVC00512.211.1 94%NANA76.94NA
2011:55SW G 3210 Fog/MistOVC00512.211.1 94%NANA76.96NA
2011:35SW G 378 Light RainOVC00312.211.1 94%NANA76.96NA
2011:15SW G 394 Fog/MistOVC00211.111.1 100%NANA76.96NA
2010:55SW G 321 Fog/MistOVC00111.111.1 100%NANA76.96NA
2010:35SW G 371 Fog/MistOVC00111.111.1 100%NANA76.96NA
2010:15SW G 340 FogOVC00111.111.1 100%NANA76.96NA
2009:55SW G 320 FogOVC00111.111.1 100%NANA76.96NA
2009:35SW G 290 FogOVC0011010 100%8.3NA76.99NA
2009:15SW 160 FogOVC0011010 100%7.8NA76.99NA
2008:55SW 160 FogOVC0011010 100%7.8NA76.99NA
2008:35SW 140 FogOVC0018.98.9 100%6.7NA76.99NA
2008:15SW 140 FogOVC0018.98.9 100%6.7NA76.99NA
2007:55Vrbl 110 FogOVC0018.98.9 100%7.2NA76.96NA
2007:35SW 140 FogOVC0018.98.9 100%6.7NA76.99NA
2007:15SW 140 FogOVC0018.98.9 100%6.7NA76.99NA
2006:55Vrbl 110 FogOVC0018.98.9 100%7.2NA76.96NA
2006:35SW G 270 FogOVC0018.98.9 100%7.2NA76.96NA
2006:15SW 130 FogOVC0018.98.9 100%6.7NA76.94NA
2005:55SW 140 FogOVC0018.98.9 100%6.7NA76.91NA
2005:35SW G 240 FogOVC0018.98.9 100%6.7NA76.91NA
2005:15Vrbl 110 FogOVC0018.98.9 100%7.2NA76.91NA
2004:55SW 140 FogOVC0018.98.9 100%6.7NA76.91NA
2004:35Vrbl G 230 FogOVC0018.98.9 100%7.2NA76.89NA
2004:15Vrbl 80 FogOVC0018.98.9 100%7.8NA76.89NA
2003:55SW 110 FogOVC0018.98.9 100%7.2NA76.89NA
2003:35Vrbl 110 FogOVC0018.98.9 100%7.2NA76.89NA
2003:15Vrbl 100 FogOVC0018.98.9 100%7.2NA76.91NA
2002:55SW G 240 FogOVC0018.98.9 100%6.7NA76.91NA
2002:35Vrbl 110 FogOVC0018.98.9 100%7.2NA76.91NA
2002:15Vrbl G 260 FogOVC0018.98.9 100%7.2NA76.91NA
2001:55SW G 370 FogOVC0018.98.9 100%6.1NA76.91NA
2001:35SW 210 FogOVC001108.9 94%7.2NA76.91NA
2001:15S G 340 FogOVC001108.9 94%7.2NA76.91NA
2000:55S 230 FogOVC0011010 100%7.2NA76.94NA
2000:35SW G 321 Fog/MistOVC0011010 100%7.8NA76.94NA
2000:15SW G 272 Fog/MistOVC0011010 100%7.2NA76.96NA
1923:55Vrbl G 232 Fog/MistOVC0018.98.9 100%7.2NA76.99NA
1923:35SW 111 Light DrizzleOVC0018.98.9 100%7.2NA77.04NA
1923:15SW 131 Fog/MistOVC0018.98.9 100%6.7NA77.09NA
1922:55SW 143 Light RainOVC0018.98.9 100%6.7NA77.09NA
1922:35SW 164 Light RainOVC0018.98.9 100%6.7NA77.04NA
1922:15SW 144 Light RainOVC0018.98.9 100%6.7NA77.04NA
1921:55SW G 246 Light RainOVC0018.98.9 100%6.7NA77.06NA
1921:35SW 165 Light RainOVC0018.98.9 100%6.7NA77.09NA
1921:15SW 145 Light RainOVC0028.98.9 100%6.7NA77.09NA
1920:55SW 146 Light RainOVC0028.97.8 94%6.7NA77.09NA
1920:35SW G 246 Light RainOVC0038.97.8 94%6.7NA77.09NA
1920:15SW 136 Light RainOVC0038.97.8 94%6.7NA77.06NA
1919:55SW G 276 Light RainOVC0038.97.8 94%6.7NA77.06NA
1919:35SW 166 Light RainOVC0037.87.8 100%5NA77.09NA
1919:15S 166 Light RainBKN003 OVC0157.87.2 93%5NA77.06NA
1918:55S 145 Light RainSCT001 BKN009 OVC0147.87.2 93%5NA77.06NA
1918:35S 1313OvercastBKN013 OVC0187.87.2 93%5.6NA77.11NA
1918:15S 1110 Light RainBKN016 BKN023 OVC0297.27.2 100%5NA77.11NA
1917:55S 138 Light RainFEW001 BKN018 OVC0307.26.1 93%5NA77.11NA
1917:35S 135 Light RainFEW001 OVC0197.26.1 93%5NA77.11NA
1917:15S 136 Light RainFEW001 BKN023 OVC0277.26.1 93%5NA77.11NA
1916:55S 118 Light RainFEW020 BKN026 OVC0337.85 82%5.6NA77.14NA
1916:35S 1314 Light DrizzleFEW020 BKN029 OVC0367.85 82%5.6NA77.17NA
1916:15S 1116OvercastOVC0378.95 76%7.2NA77.17NA
1915:55S 1116OvercastOVC0378.93.9 71%7.2NA77.17NA
1915:35S 1316OvercastOVC0378.93.9 71%6.7NA77.19NA
1915:15S G 2416OvercastOVC0408.93.9 71%7.2NA77.22NA
1914:55SW 1416OvercastOVC0428.93.9 71%6.7NA77.22NA
1914:35S 1116OvercastOVC0418.93.9 71%7.2NA77.19NA
1914:15S 1116OvercastOVC0408.93.9 71%7.2NA77.22NA
1913:55SW 1416OvercastOVC0428.92.8 66%6.7NA77.22NA
1913:35S G 2916OvercastFEW023 FEW034 OVC0448.92.8 66%6.7NA77.27NA
1913:15S G 3216OvercastFEW023 BKN047 OVC075102.8 62%7.2NA77.27NA
1912:55S G 2616Mostly CloudyFEW026 SCT050 BKN065102.8 62%8.3NA77.29NA
1912:35S 2116Mostly CloudySCT027 BKN043 BKN0658.92.2 62%6.1NA77.37NA
1912:15SW G 3416Partly CloudyFEW025 SCT042 SCT0608.92.2 62%6.7NA77.37NA
1911:55S G 3414A Few CloudsFEW024 FEW1208.92.2 62%6.1NA77.39NA
1911:35S G 3416A Few CloudsFEW0238.92.2 62%6.1NA77.42NA
1911:15S 2316A Few CloudsFEW0217.82.2 66%4.4NA77.44NA
1910:55S 2316A Few CloudsFEW0227.81.1 62%4.4NA77.47NA
1910:35S G 2616FairCLR7.81.1 62%5NA77.47NA
1910:15S G 3516FairCLR7.21.1 66%3.9NA77.5NA
1909:55S 2316FairCLR7.20 61%3.9NA77.5NA
1909:35S G 2416FairCLR7.20 61%4.4NA77.55NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºC)PressurePrecipitation (cm)

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