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Cleburne, Cleburne Municipal Airport
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºC)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (cm)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
1615:35NW 1616FairCLR18.98.9 52%NANA76.15NA
1615:15NW 1416FairCLR18.98.9 52%NANA76.15NA
1614:55NW 1316FairCLR17.88.9 56%NANA76.15NA
1614:35NW G 1916FairCLR17.88.9 56%NANA76.17NA
1614:15W 1616FairCLR17.88.9 56%NANA76.17NA
1613:55Vrbl G 2116FairCLR17.810 60%NANA76.2NA
1613:35W G 2116FairCLR17.28.9 60%NANA76.2NA
1613:15W 1316FairCLR17.28.9 60%NANA76.2NA
1612:55W 1616FairCLR17.28.9 60%NANA76.2NA
1612:35W G 2116FairCLR17.210 64%NANA76.23NA
1612:15W 1416FairCLR16.110 68%NANA76.25NA
1611:55W 1616FairCLR16.110 68%NANA76.28NA
1611:35W 1916FairCLR1510 72%NANA76.28NA
1611:15W 1916FairCLR1510 72%NANA76.3NA
1610:55W 1916FairCLR13.910 77%NANA76.3NA
1610:35W 1316FairCLR12.811.1 88%NANA76.3NA
1610:15W 1016FairCLR11.111.1 100%NANA76.3NA
1609:55W 1116FairCLR1010 100%8.3NA76.28NA
1609:35Calm16FairCLR1010 100%NANA76.25NA
1609:15Calm16FairCLR8.98.9 100%NANA76.23NA
1608:55Calm16FairCLR7.87.8 100%NANA76.2NA
1608:35Calm16FairCLR7.27.2 100%NANA76.17NA
1608:15Calm16FairCLR6.16.1 100%NANA76.17NA
1607:55W 816FairCLR55 100%3.3NA76.15NA
1607:35W 112 Fog/MistCLR55 100%2.2NA76.15NA
1607:15W 88 Fog/MistCLR6.16.1 100%4.4NA76.12NA
1606:55W 105 Fog/MistCLR6.16.1 100%3.9NA76.1NA
1606:35NW 100 FogVV0026.16.1 100%3.9NA76.1NA
1606:15W 50 FogVV0027.27.2 100%NANA76.07NA
1605:55NW 80 FogVV0027.27.2 100%5.6NA76.05NA
1605:35Calm0 FogBKN001 BKN0186.16.1 100%NANA76.02NA
1605:15W 80 FogOVC0017.27.2 100%5.6NA76.05NA
1604:55W 80 FogBKN0017.27.2 100%5.6NA76.05NA
1604:35W 102 Fog/MistCLR7.87.8 100%6.1NA76.05NA
1604:15W 811Mostly CloudyBKN0808.98.9 100%7.8NA76.05NA
1603:55NW 513Mostly CloudyBKN0808.98.9 100%NANA76.05NA
1603:35Calm0 FogSCT001 SCT009 BKN0807.87.8 100%NANA76.05NA
1603:15W 80 FogBKN001 OVC0098.98.9 100%7.8NA76.02NA
1602:55SW 50 FogOVC0011010 100%NANA76NA
1602:35Calm0 FogNA1010 100%NANA76.02NA
1517:55E 143 Thunderstorm RainNA17.217.2 100%NANA75.87NA0.99
1517:35SE 118 Thunderstorm in Vicinity RainNA17.217.2 100%NANA75.84NA
1517:15E 23 Thunderstorm in VicinityNA17.217.2 100%NANA75.87NA
1516:55E 238 Thunderstorm in Vicinity Fog/MistNA17.217.2 100%NANA75.9NA0.03
1516:35E G 346 Thunderstorm in Vicinity Fog/MistNA17.217.2 100%NANA75.92NA
1516:15E 193 Thunderstorm in Vicinity Fog/MistNA17.217.2 100%NANA75.97NA
1515:55E 193 Thunderstorm in Vicinity Fog/MistNA16.116.1 100%NANA75.97NA
1515:35E 191 Fog/MistNA16.116.1 100%NANA76.02NA
1515:15E 140 Thunderstorm in Vicinity FogNA1515 100%NANA76.07NA
1514:55E 160 FogNA1515 100%NANA76.1NA
1514:35E 160 FogNA13.913.9 100%NANA76.12NA
1514:15E 160 FogNA13.913.9 100%NANA76.12NA
1513:55E 160 FogNA13.913.9 100%NANA76.15NA
1513:35E 160 FogNA12.812.8 100%NANA76.2NA
1513:15E 110 FogNA12.812.8 100%NANA76.25NA
1512:55NE 14NANA12.812.8 100%NANA76.28NA0.03
1512:35NE 130 FogNA12.212.2 100%NANA76.35NA
1512:15E 81 FogNA12.212.2 100%NANA76.43NA
1511:55Calm0 FogNA12.212.2 100%NANA76.48NA
1511:35NE 110 FogNA11.111.1 100%NANA76.53NA
1511:15NE 50 FogNA11.111.1 100%NANA76.58NA
1510:55NE 110 FogNA11.111.1 100%NANA76.61NA
1510:35N 101 FogNA1010 100%8.9NA76.66NA
1510:15Calm1 FogNA8.98.9 100%NANA76.68NA
1509:55Calm0 FogNA8.98.9 100%NANA76.68NA
1509:35Calm0 FogNA7.87.8 100%NANA76.68NA
1509:15N 80 FogNA7.87.8 100%6.7NA76.66NA
1508:55NE 80 FogNA7.87.8 100%6.7NA76.68NA
1508:35NE 100 FogNA7.27.2 100%5.6NA76.68NA
1508:15N 100 Light RainNA7.27.2 100%5.6NA76.68NA
1507:55NW 50 FogNA7.27.2 100%NANA76.68NA
1507:35N 80 FogNA7.27.2 100%5.6NA76.68NA
1507:15N 130 FogNA7.27.2 100%5NA76.68NA
1506:55N 80 FogNA7.27.2 100%5.6NA76.68NA
1506:35N 100 FogNA7.27.2 100%5.6NA76.68NA
1506:15N 130 FogNA7.27.2 100%5NA76.68NA
1505:55N 110 FogNA7.27.2 100%5NA76.71NA
1505:35NE 110 FogNA7.27.2 100%5NA76.73NA
1505:15NE 100 FogNA7.27.2 100%5.6NA76.73NA
1504:55N 100 FogNA6.16.1 100%3.9NA76.76NA
1504:35NE 80 FogNA6.16.1 100%4.4NA76.76NA
1504:15N 100 FogNA6.16.1 100%3.9NA76.78NA
1503:55N 101 FogNA6.16.1 100%3.9NA76.81NA
1503:35N 101 FogNA6.16.1 100%3.9NA76.84NA
1503:15N 80 FogNA6.16.1 100%4.4NA76.84NA
1502:55N 110 FogNA6.16.1 100%3.9NA76.86NA
1502:35NW 80 FogNA6.16.1 100%4.4NA76.89NA
1502:15N 50 FogNA6.16.1 100%NANA76.89NA
1501:55NW 80 FogNA6.16.1 100%4.4NA76.91NA
1501:35NW 80 FogNA6.16.1 100%4.4NA76.94NA
1501:15N 100 FogNA6.16.1 100%3.9NA76.94NA
1500:55N 100 FogNA6.16.1 100%3.9NA76.94NA
1500:35N 50 FogNA6.16.1 100%NANA76.94NA
1500:15N 130 FogNA6.16.1 100%3.3NA76.94NA
1423:55N 100 FogOVC0016.16.1 100%3.9NA76.99NA
1423:35N 110 FogNA6.16.1 100%3.9NA76.99NA
1423:15N 110 FogNA6.16.1 100%3.9NA77.01NA
1422:55N 110 FogNA6.16.1 100%3.9NA77.01NA
1422:35N 100 FogNA6.16.1 100%3.9NA77.01NA
1422:15N 110 FogNA6.16.1 100%3.9NA77.04NA
1421:55N 110 FogNA6.16.1 100%3.9NA77.04NA
1421:35N 110 FogNA6.16.1 100%3.9NA77.04NA
1421:15N 110 FogNA6.16.1 100%3.9NA77.06NA
1420:55N 130 FogNA6.16.1 100%3.3NA77.06NA
1420:35N 130 FogNA6.16.1 100%3.3NA77.06NA
1420:15N 13NANA6.16.1 100%3.3NA77.09NA
1419:55N 111 Fog/MistNA6.16.1 100%3.9NA77.09NA
1419:35N 132 Fog/MistNA6.16.1 100%3.3NA77.09NA
1419:15N 113 Fog/MistNA6.16.1 100%3.9NA77.06NA
1418:55N 112 Fog/MistNA6.16.1 100%3.9NA77.06NA
1418:35N 112 Fog/MistNA6.16.1 100%3.9NA77.09NA
1418:15N 102 Fog/MistNA6.16.1 100%3.9NA77.09NA
1417:55N 112 Light Unknown PrecipNA6.16.1 100%3.9NA77.09NA
1417:35N 82 Fog/MistNA6.16.1 100%4.4NA77.09NA
1417:15N 112 Fog/MistNA6.16.1 100%3.9NA77.06NA
1416:55N 133 Fog/MistNA6.16.1 100%3.3NA77.06NA
1416:35N 131 Fog/MistNA6.16.1 100%3.3NA77.06NA
1416:15N 131 Fog/MistNA6.16.1 100%3.3NA77.06NA
1415:55N 142 Fog/MistNA6.16.1 100%3.3NA77.09NA
1415:35N 141 Fog/MistNA6.16.1 100%3.3NA77.09NA
1414:55NW 111 Fog/MistNA55 100%2.2NA77.11NA
1414:35NW 100 Light RainNA55 100%2.8NA77.11NA
1414:15N 140 FogNA55 100%1.7NA77.11NA
1413:55NW 110 FogNA55 100%2.2NA77.14NA
1413:35NW G 230 FogNA55 100%2.2NA77.17NA
1413:15NW 100 FogNA55 100%2.8NA77.19NA
1412:55NW 110 FogNA3.93.9 100%1.1NA77.22NA
1412:35NW 130 FogNA3.93.9 100%0.6NA77.24NA
1412:15NW 110 FogNA3.93.9 100%1.1NA77.27NA
1411:55N 110 FogNA3.93.9 100%1.1NA77.29NA
1411:35N 100 FogNA3.93.9 100%1.7NA77.32NA
1411:15N 111 FogNA3.93.9 100%1.1NA77.34NA
1410:55N 131 Fog/MistNA3.93.9 100%0.6NA77.37NA
1410:35N 161 FogNA3.93.9 100%0NA77.34NA
1410:15N G 261 FogNA3.93.9 100%0NA77.34NA
1409:55N G 231 Fog/MistNA2.82.8 100%0NA77.37NA
1409:35N 131 Fog/MistNA2.82.8 100%-0.6NA77.34NA
1409:15N 141 Fog/MistNA2.82.8 100%-1.1NA77.34NA
1408:55NW 111 Fog/MistNA2.82.8 100%0NA77.32NA
1408:35N 141 FogNA2.82.8 100%-1.1NA77.32NA
1408:15NW 130 FogNA2.82.8 100%-0.6NA77.32NA
1407:55NW 130 FogNA2.82.8 100%-0.6NA77.29NA
1407:35N 131 Fog/MistNA2.82.8 100%-0.6NA77.29NA
1407:15N 141 FogNA2.82.8 100%-1.1NA77.27NA
1406:55N 16NANA2.82.8 100%-1.1NA77.27NA
1406:35N 211 Fog/MistNA2.82.8 100%-1.7NA77.27NA
1406:15NW 141 Fog/MistNA2.82.8 100%-1.1NA77.27NA
1405:55NW 141 Fog/MistNA2.82.8 100%-1.1NA77.27NA
1405:35N 141 FogNA2.82.8 100%-1.1NA77.24NA
1405:15NW 191 FogNA2.82.8 100%-1.7NA77.27NA
1404:55NW 141 FogNA2.82.8 100%-1.1NA77.24NA
1404:35NW 161 Fog/MistNA2.82.8 100%-1.1NA77.24NA
1404:15N G 271 Fog/MistNA2.82.8 100%-1.1NA77.24NA
1403:55N 161 FogNA2.82.8 100%-1.1NA77.24NA
1403:35NW 161 FogNA2.82.8 100%-1.1NA77.27NA
1403:15NW 161 Fog/MistNA2.82.8 100%-1.1NA77.27NA
1402:55NW 141 Fog/MistNA2.82.8 100%-1.1NA77.27NA
1402:35NW 142 Fog/MistNA3.93.9 100%0.6NA77.24NA
1402:15N G 263 Fog/MistNA3.93.9 100%0.6NA77.24NA
1401:55NW 134 Fog/MistNA3.93.9 100%0.6NA77.27NA
1401:35N 133 Fog/MistNA3.93.9 100%0.6NA77.27NA
1401:15N 112 Fog/MistNA2.82.8 100%0NA77.27NA
1400:55NW 132 Fog/MistNA2.82.8 100%-0.6NA77.27NA
1400:35NW 132 Fog/MistNA2.82.8 100%-0.6NA77.27NA
1400:15N 142 Fog/MistNA2.82.8 100%-1.1NA77.27NA
1323:55NW 133 Fog/MistNA2.82.8 100%-0.6NA77.29NA
1323:35NW 113 Fog/MistNA3.93.9 100%1.1NA77.29NA
1323:15NW 133 Fog/MistNA2.82.8 100%-0.6NA77.29NA
1322:55N 19NANA3.93.9 100%0NA77.29NA
1322:35N 144 Fog/MistNA3.93.9 100%0.6NA77.29NA
1322:15NW 135 Fog/MistNA3.93.9 100%0.6NA77.29NA
1321:55NW 113 Fog/MistNA3.93.9 100%1.1NA77.29NA
1321:35N G 263 Fog/MistNA3.93.9 100%0NA77.29NA
1321:15N 134 Fog/MistNA3.93.9 100%0.6NA77.27NA
1320:55NW 114 Fog/MistNA3.93.9 100%1.1NA77.27NA
1320:35NW G 266 Fog/MistNA3.93.9 100%0NA77.27NA
1320:15NA6 Fog/MistNA3.93.9 100%NANANA
1319:55N 216 Fog/MistNA3.93.9 100%-0.6NA77.24NA
1319:35N 215 Fog/MistNA3.93.9 100%-0.6NA77.24NA
1319:15N 213 Fog/MistNA3.93.9 100%-0.6NA77.22NA
1318:55NW G 354 Fog/MistNA55 100%1.1NA77.22NA
1318:35NW G 295 Fog/MistNA55 100%1.1NA77.22NA
1317:55NW G 236 Fog/MistNA55 100%2.2NA77.24NA
1317:35NW G 236 Fog/MistNA55 100%2.2NA77.22NA
1317:15NA6 Fog/MistNA6.16.1 100%NANA77.19NA
1316:55NW 168 Fog/MistNA6.16.1 100%2.8NA77.17NA
1316:35NW 168 Fog/MistNA6.16.1 100%2.8NA77.19NA
1316:15N 2111NANA7.27.2 100%3.9NA77.14NA
1315:55N 1911NANA7.27.2 100%3.9NA77.14NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºC)PressurePrecipitation (cm)

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