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Cleburne, Cleburne Municipal Airport
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºC)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (cm)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
2801:15S G 3413FairCLR27.223.9 84%NA30.675.67NA
2800:55S G 3513FairCLR27.223.9 84%NA30.675.69NA
2800:35S G 3913FairCLR27.223.9 84%NA30.675.67NA
2800:15S G 3913FairCLR27.823.9 79%NA31.775.67NA
2723:55S G 4811Fair and BreezyCLR27.825 84%NA32.275.67NA
2723:35S G 4211FairCLR27.825 84%NA32.275.64NA
2723:15S G 4811Fair and BreezyCLR27.825 84%NA32.275.64NA
2722:55S 2911FairCLR27.825 84%NA32.275.64NA
2722:35S 2911FairCLR28.925 79%NA34.475.67NA
2722:15S 2710Fair with HazeCLR27.825 84%NA32.275.67NA
2721:55S 2310Fair with HazeCLR27.826.1 89%NA32.875.67NA
2721:35S 1610Fair with HazeCLR27.826.1 89%NA32.875.67NA
2721:15S 1610Fair with HazeCLR27.826.1 89%NA32.875.67NA
2720:55S 168Fair with HazeCLR28.926.1 84%NA35.675.67NA
2720:35S 146Fair with HazeCLR28.926.1 84%NA35.675.67NA
2720:15S 146Fair with HazeCLR28.926.1 84%NA35.675.67NA
2719:55S G 276Fair with HazeCLR3026.1 79%NA37.275.67NA
2719:35S 216Fair with HazeCLR3026.1 79%NA37.275.67NA
2719:15S 236 Light RainCLR3026.1 79%NA37.275.67NA
2718:55S G 326A Few Clouds with HazeFEW03831.126.1 75%NA39.475.69NA
2718:35S 296Mostly Cloudy with HazeBKN03631.126.1 75%NA39.475.69NA
2717:35S G 406Mostly Cloudy with HazeSCT030 BKN03931.125 70%NA37.875.69NA
2717:15S G 398Mostly Cloudy with HazeBKN030 BKN03731.125 70%NA37.875.72NA
2716:55S G 378Partly Cloudy with HazeSCT031 SCT03832.226.1 71%NA41.775.72NA
2716:35S 266Mostly Cloudy with HazeSCT030 BKN03631.126.1 75%NA39.475.72NA
2716:15S 325Mostly Cloudy with HazeSCT028 BKN0353026.1 79%NA37.275.72NA
2715:55S G 376Partly Cloudy with HazeSCT026 SCT03332.226.1 71%NA41.775.74NA
2715:35S G 355Mostly Cloudy with HazeBKN025 BKN030 BKN0343026.1 79%NA37.275.77NA
2715:15S G 426Mostly Cloudy with HazeBKN026 BKN03331.126.1 75%NA39.475.77NA
2714:55S G 405Mostly Cloudy with HazeBKN025 BKN0333026.1 79%NA37.275.79NA
2714:35S G 376Mostly Cloudy with HazeBKN023 BKN0293026.1 79%NA37.275.82NA
2714:15S 346Mostly Cloudy with Haze and BreezyBKN023 BKN03631.126.1 75%NA39.475.82NA
2713:55S G 376Overcast with HazeSCT021 OVC0373026.1 79%NA37.275.84NA
2713:35S G 378Overcast with HazeBKN020 BKN026 OVC0373026.1 79%NA37.275.87NA
2713:15S G 358Overcast with HazeOVC01927.826.1 89%NA32.875.9NA
2712:55S 2110Overcast with HazeBKN018 OVC02327.826.1 89%NA32.875.92NA
2712:35S G 276 Fog/MistOVC01727.826.1 89%NA32.875.92NA
2712:15S 2310 Fog/MistBKN019 OVC02627.826.1 89%NA32.875.92NA
2711:55S 2611OvercastSCT020 OVC02627.826.1 89%NA32.875.92NA
2711:35SW G 3714OvercastBKN019 OVC02728.926.1 84%NA35.675.9NA
2711:15S 2614OvercastSCT019 OVC02828.926.1 84%NA35.675.9NA
2710:55S 2914OvercastSCT018 OVC02628.926.1 84%NA35.675.87NA
2710:35S G 3514OvercastSCT016 OVC02428.926.1 84%NA35.675.9NA
2710:15S G 3714Mostly CloudyBKN015 BKN020 BKN02627.826.1 89%NA32.875.9NA
2709:55S G 3414Partly CloudyFEW015 SCT02327.826.1 89%NA32.875.9NA
2709:35S 2714OvercastFEW014 OVC02327.226.1 94%NA31.775.9NA
2709:15S G 3413OvercastSCT012 BKN018 OVC02227.226.1 94%NA31.775.9NA
2708:55S 2713OvercastBKN012 OVC01826.126.1 100%NA28.975.9NA
2708:35S 2610 Fog/MistBKN01226.126.1 100%NA28.975.87NA
2708:15S G 356 Fog/MistSCT009 SCT01326.126.1 100%NA28.975.87NA
2707:55S G 356 Fog/MistSCT009 BKN01326.126.1 100%NA28.975.87NA
2707:35S 235 Fog/MistSCT009 BKN0132525 100%NA25.675.87NA
2707:15S 214 Fog/MistSCT011 SCT0162525 100%NA25.675.84NA
2706:55S 215 Fog/MistFEW014 BKN0242525 100%NA25.675.84NA
2706:35S 19NANA2525 100%NA25.675.84NA
2706:15S G 298 Fog/MistOVC0232525 100%NA25.675.82NA
2705:55S G 348 Fog/MistOVC0212525 100%NA25.675.79NA
2705:35S 248 Fog/MistOVC0192525 100%NA25.675.79NA
2705:15S 168 Fog/MistOVC0182525 100%NA25.675.79NA
2704:55S 148 Fog/MistOVC0182525 100%NA25.675.77NA
2704:35S G 278 Fog/MistOVC0182525 100%NA25.675.77NA
2704:15S 1910 Fog/MistOVC0182525 100%NA25.675.77NA
2703:55S 1910 Fog/MistOVC0182525 100%NA25.675.77NA
2703:35S G 2710 Fog/MistOVC0182525 100%NA25.675.77NA
2703:15S G 3411OvercastOVC01626.125 94%NA28.375.77NA
2702:55S G 3211OvercastOVC01426.125 94%NA28.375.77NA
2702:35S G 3511OvercastOVC0142525 100%NA25.675.77NA
2702:15S 2611OvercastOVC0142525 100%NA25.675.77NA
2701:55S 2310 Fog/MistBKN0142525 100%NA25.675.79NA
2701:35S G 2911FairCLR2525 100%NA25.675.79NA
2701:15S 2311FairCLR2525 100%NA25.675.82NA
2700:55S 2311FairCLR2525 100%NA25.675.79NA
2700:35S G 3213FairCLR2523.9 94%NA25.675.82NA
2700:15S 2116FairCLR2523.9 94%NA25.675.82NA
2623:55S 1616FairCLR2523.9 94%NA25.675.82NA
2623:35S 1416FairCLR2523.9 94%NA25.675.82NA
2623:15S 1416FairCLR2523.9 94%NA25.675.79NA
2622:55S 1416FairCLR2523.9 94%NA25.675.79NA
2622:35S 1316FairCLR2523.9 94%NA25.675.79NA
2622:15S 1016FairCLR26.123.9 89%NA28.375.77NA
2621:55S 1116FairCLR26.123.9 89%NA28.375.77NA
2621:35S 1416FairCLR26.123.9 89%NA28.375.74NA
2621:15S 1416FairCLR27.223.9 84%NA30.675.72NA
2620:55S G 2716FairCLR27.223.9 84%NA30.675.72NA
2620:35S G 3216FairCLR27.823.9 79%NA31.775.69NA
2620:15S G 3216FairCLR27.825 84%NA32.275.69NA
2619:55S 2316FairCLR27.825 84%NA32.275.69NA
2619:35S 2416FairCLR27.825 84%NA32.275.69NA
2619:15S 2416FairCLR27.825 84%NA32.275.67NA
2618:55S 2314FairCLR28.925 79%NA34.475.67NA
2618:35S G 3416FairCLR28.925 79%NA34.475.67NA
2617:55S 2616FairCLR3025 75%NA36.175.67NA
2617:35S 2414FairCLR31.125 70%NA37.875.67NA
2617:15S G 3716FairCLR31.125 70%NA37.875.67NA
2616:55S 2416FairCLR31.123.9 66%NA36.775.67NA
2616:35S 2716FairCLR32.225 67%NA4075.67NA
2616:15S 2416FairCLR32.225 67%NA4075.69NA
2615:55S G 3916FairCLR32.223.9 63%NA38.375.69NA
2615:35S G 3716A Few CloudsFEW04032.223.9 63%NA38.375.69NA
2615:15S 3216A Few CloudsFEW03932.823.9 59%NA38.975.69NA
2614:55S G 3516A Few CloudsFEW03932.223.9 63%NA38.375.72NA
2614:35S G 3916A Few CloudsFEW03932.823.9 59%NA38.975.72NA
2614:15S G 4016FairCLR32.823.9 59%NA38.975.69NA
2613:55S G 3916A Few CloudsFEW03732.823.9 59%NA38.975.69NA
2612:55SW G 4214FairCLR31.123.9 66%NA36.775.74NA
2612:35SW G 4216A Few CloudsFEW03231.123.9 66%NA36.775.74NA
2612:15SW G 4016A Few CloudsFEW03231.123.9 66%NA36.775.77NA
2611:55S 2716FairCLR3023.9 70%NA3575.74NA
2611:35SW G 4216FairCLR3023.9 70%NA3575.74NA
2611:15SW G 4516A Few CloudsFEW0293023.9 70%NA3575.74NA
2610:55SW G 4714FairCLR3023.9 70%NA3575.72NA
2610:35SW G 4814FairCLR28.923.9 74%NA33.375.72NA
2610:15SW G 4816A Few Clouds and BreezyFEW02528.923.9 74%NA33.375.72NA
2609:55SW G 4516FairCLR27.822.8 74%NA30.675.72NA
2609:35S 3514Fair and BreezyCLR27.222.8 79%NA3075.72NA
2609:15S G 5016FairCLR27.222.8 79%NA3075.69NA
2608:55SW G 4214FairCLR26.122.8 84%NA28.375.69NA
2608:35SW 2616FairCLR2522.8 89%NA25.675.69NA
2608:15S G 4016FairCLR2522.8 89%NA25.675.67NA
2607:55S 2716FairCLR23.922.8 94%NANA75.67NA
2607:35S G 3516FairCLR23.922.8 94%NANA75.64NA
2607:15S 2314FairCLR23.922.8 94%NANA75.64NA
2606:55S 2116FairCLR22.822.2 94%NANA75.62NA
2606:35S 2116FairCLR22.822.2 94%NANA75.62NA
2606:15S G 3516FairCLR22.822.8 100%NANA75.59NA
2605:55S 2416Partly CloudySCT01822.822.8 100%NANA75.59NA
2605:35S G 3216Partly CloudySCT01822.822.8 100%NANA75.57NA
2605:15S 2316Partly CloudySCT01722.822.8 100%NANA75.57NA
2604:55S G 2916Mostly CloudyBKN01722.822.8 100%NANA75.57NA
2604:35S G 3516A Few CloudsFEW01622.822.2 94%NANA75.54NA
2604:15S G 3916Partly CloudySCT01622.822.2 94%NANA75.51NA
2603:55S G 3516Mostly CloudyBKN01622.822.2 94%NANA75.54NA
2602:55S 2416FairCLR22.822.2 94%NANA75.49NA
2602:35S 2416FairCLR22.822.2 94%NANA75.49NA
2602:15S 2316FairCLR22.821.1 89%NANA75.46NA
2601:55S G 3216FairCLR22.821.1 89%NANA75.46NA
2601:15S G 3516FairCLR23.921.1 83%NANA75.46NA
2600:55S G 4216FairCLR23.921.1 83%NANA75.46NA
2600:35S 2716FairCLR23.920 78%NANA75.46NA
2600:15S G 3516FairCLR2520 74%NA26.175.44NA
2523:55S 2716NANA2520 74%NA26.175.44NA
2523:35S 2316NANA NA-28.3NA75.41NA
2522:55S G 3416FairCLR26.117.8 61%NA27.275.39NA
2522:35S G 3516FairCLR26.117.8 61%NA27.275.36NA
2522:15S G 3516FairCLR27.217.8 58%NA28.375.34NA
2521:55S 2316FairCLR27.217.8 58%NA28.375.31NA
2521:35S G 3216FairCLR27.217.8 58%NA28.375.31NA
2521:15S 2316FairCLR27.817.8 55%NA28.975.29NA
2520:55S 2116FairCLR27.817.8 55%NA28.975.29NA
2520:35S G 2916FairCLR27.817.2 51%NA28.375.29NA
2520:15S G 3416FairCLR28.917.2 48%NA29.475.26NA
2519:55S 2316NANA28.917.2 48%NA29.475.26NA
2519:35S G 3716FairCLR3017.2 46%NA30.675.26NA
2519:15S 3216FairCLR31.117.2 43%NA31.775.26NA
2518:55S G 4016FairCLR31.116.1 40%NA31.175.23NA
2518:35S G 3916FairCLR31.116.1 40%NA31.175.26NA
2518:15S G 4516FairCLR32.216.1 38%NA32.275.26NA
2517:55S G 4216NANA32.216.1 38%NA32.275.26NA
2517:35S G 4816FairCLR32.815 34%NA32.275.26NA
2517:15S G 4516Fair and BreezyCLR32.816.1 36%NA32.875.26NA
2516:55S G 5616Fair and BreezyCLR32.815 34%NA32.275.29NA
2516:35S G 5616Fair and BreezyCLR32.815 34%NA32.275.29NA
2516:15S G 5116FairCLR31.113.9 35%NA30.675.29NA
2515:55S G 4216FairCLR31.113.9 35%NA30.675.31NA
2514:15S G 4716Fair and BreezyCLR31.112.8 33%NA3075.39NA
2513:55S G 5116NANA31.112.8 33%NA3075.39NA
2513:35S G 5116 Light RainCLR3012.2 33%NA28.975.41NA
2513:15S 3416 Light Rain and BreezyCLR3012.8 35%NA29.475.41NA
2512:55S G 4816 Light Drizzle and BreezyCLR3012.2 33%NA28.975.44NA
2512:35S 3716 Light Rain and BreezyCLR28.912.2 35%NA28.375.46NA
2512:15S G 4516FairCLR28.912.2 35%NA28.375.49NA
2511:55S G 5116 Light Rain and BreezyCLR27.812.2 37%NA27.275.49NA
2511:35S G 4516 Light RainCLR27.812.8 40%NA27.275.49NA
2511:15S G 3416 Light RainCLR27.213.9 45%NA27.275.51NA
2510:55S G 3716FairCLR26.113.9 48%NA26.775.51NA
2510:35S G 3416FairCLR2513.9 51%NA26.175.51NA
2510:15SW G 3516FairCLR23.912.8 50%NANA75.51NA
2509:55S G 3916FairCLR22.812.8 53%NANA75.51NA
2509:35SW G 3716FairCLR22.212.8 57%NANA75.51NA
2509:15S 2616FairCLR22.212.8 57%NANA75.49NA
2508:55S G 2916FairCLR21.112.8 60%NANA75.49NA
2508:35S 2316FairCLR2012.8 64%NANA75.51NA
2508:15S G 2716FairCLR18.912.8 68%NANA75.49NA
2507:55S G 2916FairCLR17.812.8 73%NANA75.49NA
2507:35S G 2416FairCLR17.212.8 77%NANA75.49NA
2507:15S 1316FairCLR16.112.8 83%NANA75.51NA
2506:55S 1416FairCLR1512.8 88%NANA75.49NA
2506:35S 1416FairCLR1512.2 82%NANA75.49NA
2506:15S 1616FairCLR1512.2 82%NANA75.49NA
2505:55S 1416FairCLR1512.2 82%NANA75.46NA
2505:35SE 1316FairCLR1512.2 82%NANA75.44NA
2505:15SE 1416FairCLR1512.2 82%NANA75.44NA
2504:55SE 1416FairCLR1512.2 82%NANA75.44NA
2503:15SE 1116NANA16.112.2 77%NANA75.44NA
2502:55SE 13NANA NA-25.6NA75.44NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºC)PressurePrecipitation (cm)

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