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Brownwood, Brownwood Regional Airport
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºC)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (cm)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
2703:55N G 358 Light RainNA7.87.2 93%4.4NA76.56NA0.43
2703:35N G 275 Light RainNA8.97.8 94%6.1NA76.53NA0.28
2703:15N G 344 RainNA108.9 94%6.7NA76.5NA0.18
2702:55NW 2614NANA11.111.1 100%NANA76.5NA
2702:35NW 88 Light RainNA2020 100%NANA76.4NA
2702:15SE 58 Light RainNA2020 100%NANA76.4NA
2701:55E 811NANA2020 100%NANA76.4NA
2701:35E 813NANA2020 100%NANA76.43NA
2701:15E 516NANA2020 100%NANA76.4NA
2700:55Calm13NANA2020 100%NANA76.4NA
2700:35E 816NANA2020 100%NANA76.4NA
2700:15SE 816NANA2020 100%NANA76.4NA
2623:55SE 816NANA2020 100%NANA76.4NA
2623:35SE 816NANA2020 100%NANA76.4NA
2623:15S 1016NANA2020 100%NANA76.4NA
2622:55S 1116NANA2020 100%NANA76.4NA
2622:35S 1116NANA2020 100%NANA76.43NA
2622:15S 1316NANA2020 100%NANA76.43NA
2621:55S 1316NANA2020 100%NANA76.4NA
2621:35S 1116NANA2020 100%NANA76.38NA
2621:15S 138 Fog/MistNA2020 100%NANA76.38NA
2620:55S 138 Fog/MistNA2020 100%NANA76.38NA0.08
2620:35SE 144 Light RainNA2020 100%NANA76.38NA0.05
2620:15SE 1313NANA2020 100%NANA76.38NA
2619:55S 514NANA18.918.9 100%NANA76.38NA
2619:35SE 1013NANA18.918.9 100%NANA76.38NA
2619:15SE 88 Fog/MistNA18.918.9 100%NANA76.35NA
2618:55SE 813NANA18.918.9 100%NANA76.33NA
2618:35SE 1116NANA2020 100%NANA76.35NA
2618:15S 1111NANA2020 100%NANA76.35NA
2617:55SW 132 Heavy RainNA2020 100%NANA76.35NA2.21
2617:35SW 142 Heavy RainNA2020 100%NANA76.38NA1.14
2617:15SW 111 RainNA2018.9 94%NANA76.33NA0.08
2616:55SW 111 Light RainNA2018.9 94%NANA76.33NA0.1
2616:35S 132 Light RainNA2018.9 94%NANA76.3NA0.08
2616:15S G 3216NANA21.118.9 88%NANA76.3NA
2615:55S 1916NANA21.118.9 88%NANA76.28NA
2615:35S G 3216NANA21.118.9 88%NANA76.28NA
2615:15SE 2116NANA2018.9 94%NANA76.28NA
2614:55SE 2116NANA2018.9 94%NANA76.3NA
2614:35S 2116NANA2018.9 94%NANA76.3NA
2614:15SE G 2916NANA2018.9 94%NANA76.33NA
2613:55SE G 2916NANA2018.9 94%NANA76.35NA
2613:35SE G 2911NANA2018.9 94%NANA76.35NA
2613:15SE G 3416NANA2018.9 94%NANA76.4NA
2612:55S G 2711NANA2018.9 94%NANA76.43NA
2612:35SE 1610 Fog/MistNA18.918.9 100%NANA76.45NA
2612:15SE 166 Light RainNA18.918.9 100%NANA76.5NA
2611:55S 1614NANA18.918.9 100%NANA76.5NA0.03
2611:35SE 142 Light RainNA18.917.8 94%NANA76.5NA0.03
2611:15SE 146 Light RainNA18.917.8 94%NANA76.53NA
2610:55SE 194 Light RainNA18.917.8 94%NANA76.56NA0.03
2610:35S 164 Fog/MistNA18.917.8 94%NANA76.58NA0.03
2610:15SE 163 Light RainNA18.917.8 94%NANA76.58NA0.03
2609:35SE 146 Light RainNA18.917.2 88%NANA76.56NA0.03
2609:15SE 1614 Light RainNA2017.2 83%NANA76.53NA
2608:55S G 2616NANA2017.2 83%NANA76.5NA
2608:35SE G 3516NANA18.917.2 88%NANA76.48NA
2608:15SE 1916NANA18.917.2 88%NANA76.48NA
2607:55SE G 3216NANA18.917.2 88%NANA76.45NA
2607:35SE G 3516NANA18.917.2 88%NANA76.43NA
2607:15S G 3516NANA18.917.2 88%NANA76.43NA
2606:55SE G 3216NANA18.917.2 88%NANA76.4NA
2606:35SE G 3716NANA18.917.2 88%NANA76.35NA
2606:15SE G 3716NANA18.917.2 88%NANA76.35NA
2605:55SE G 3216NANA18.916.1 83%NANA76.35NA
2605:35SE G 2916NANA18.916.1 83%NANA76.33NA
2605:15SE G 3716NANA18.916.1 83%NANA76.35NA
2604:55SE G 3416NANA18.917.2 88%NANA76.35NA
2604:35SE G 2716NANA18.917.2 88%NANA76.35NA
2604:15SE G 2716NANA18.916.1 83%NANA76.35NA
2603:55SE G 3216NANA18.917.2 88%NANA76.35NA
2603:35S 2316NANA18.916.1 83%NANA76.35NA
2603:15SE G 3514NANA18.917.2 88%NANA76.35NA
2602:55S G 2616NANA18.916.1 83%NANA76.38NA
2602:35S G 3216NANA18.916.1 83%NANA76.38NA
2602:15S G 2716NANA18.916.1 83%NANA76.38NA
2601:55S 2116NANA18.915 78%NANA76.4NA
2601:35S 2116NANA18.915 78%NANA76.4NA
2601:15S G 2716NANA18.915 78%NANA76.38NA
2600:55S G 3516NANA18.915 78%NANA76.4NA
2600:35S G 3916NANA18.916.1 83%NANA76.4NA
2600:15S G 4016NANA17.816.1 88%NANA76.38NA
2523:55S G 4014BreezyNA18.916.1 83%NANA76.38NA
2523:35S G 3916NANA18.916.1 83%NANA76.38NA
2523:15S G 4516NANA18.916.1 83%NANA76.38NA
2522:55S G 4716NANA18.916.1 83%NANA76.35NA
2522:35S G 3516NANA18.917.2 88%NANA76.35NA
2522:15SE G 3516NANA17.817.2 94%NANA76.35NA
2521:55SE G 3716NANA17.817.2 94%NANA76.35NA
2521:35SE G 2913NANA17.817.2 94%NANA76.35NA
2521:15SE G 426 Fog/MistNA17.817.2 94%NANA76.35NA
2520:55SE G 3911NANA18.917.2 88%NANA76.33NA
2520:35SE G 3716NANA2017.2 83%NANA76.33NA
2520:15SE G 3516NANA2017.2 83%NANA76.33NA
2519:55S G 3716NANA2017.2 83%NANA76.3NA
2519:35SE G 3716NANA2017.2 83%NANA76.28NA
2519:15SE G 3916NANA2017.2 83%NANA76.28NA
2518:55SE G 4016NANA2017.2 83%NANA76.25NA
2518:35SE G 3916NANA2017.2 83%NANA76.23NA
2518:15SE G 3716NANA2017.2 83%NANA76.23NA
2517:55SE G 3416NANA2017.2 83%NANA76.2NA
2517:35SE G 4216NANA22.217.2 73%NANA76.2NA
2517:15SE G 3716NANA22.217.2 73%NANA76.17NA
2516:55SE G 3716NANA22.817.2 69%NANA76.17NA
2516:35S G 3516NANA23.913.9 54%NANA76.15NA
2516:15S G 4016NANA23.913.9 54%NANA76.15NA
2515:55S G 4016NANA23.913.9 54%NANA76.15NA
2515:35S G 4216BreezyNA2513.9 51%NA26.176.12NA
2515:15S G 4016NANA23.913.9 54%NANA76.12NA
2514:55S G 3916NANA23.913.9 54%NANA76.15NA
2514:35S G 4216NANA2513.9 51%NA26.176.12NA
2514:15S G 4216BreezyNA2513.9 51%NA26.176.12NA
2513:55S G 4516NANA2513.9 51%NA26.176.15NA
2513:35S G 4216NANA2513.9 51%NA26.176.17NA
2513:15S G 3416NANA23.913.9 54%NANA76.2NA
2512:55S G 3916NANA23.913.9 54%NANA76.23NA
2512:35S G 4516NANA23.913.9 54%NANA76.25NA
2512:15S G 4016NANA23.913.9 54%NANA76.25NA
2511:55S G 4016NANA23.915 57%NANA76.28NA
2511:35S G 4716NANA22.815 61%NANA76.3NA
2511:15S G 4016NANA22.215 65%NANA76.33NA
2510:55S G 4016NANA21.115 69%NANA76.33NA
2510:35S G 3516NANA2015 73%NANA76.33NA
2510:15S G 3716NANA2015 73%NANA76.33NA
2509:55S G 3216NANA18.915 78%NANA76.35NA
2509:35S 1916NANA17.815 83%NANA76.35NA
2509:15SE 2316NANA17.815 83%NANA76.33NA
2508:55S G 2616NANA17.215 88%NANA76.33NA
2508:35SE 1916NANA17.215 88%NANA76.3NA
2508:15SE 1616NANA16.115 94%NANA76.3NA
2507:55SE 1616NANA1515 100%NANA76.28NA
2507:35SE 1316NANA1515 100%NANA76.25NA
2507:15SE 1316NANA1515 100%NANA76.25NA
2506:55SE 1316NANA1513.9 94%NANA76.25NA
2506:35SE 1116NANA1513.9 94%NANA76.23NA
2506:15SE 516NANA1513.9 94%NANA76.25NA
2505:55SE 816NANA1513.9 94%NANA76.25NA
2505:35SE 1116NANA1513.9 94%NANA76.23NA
2505:15SE 816NANA1513.9 94%NANA76.23NA
2504:55SE 1016NANA1512.8 88%NANA76.25NA
2504:35SE 1116NANA1512.8 88%NANA76.23NA
2504:15SE 1116NANA1512.8 88%NANA76.23NA
2503:55SE 816NANA1512.8 88%NANA76.25NA
2503:35SE 1016NANA1512.8 88%NANA76.25NA
2503:15SE 816NANA1512.8 88%NANA76.28NA
2502:55SE 1016NANA1512.8 88%NANA76.25NA
2502:35SE 816NANA1512.8 88%NANA76.28NA
2502:15S 1016NANA1512.8 88%NANA76.25NA
2501:55S 1116NANA1512.8 88%NANA76.25NA
2501:35S 1116NANA1512.8 88%NANA76.25NA
2501:15S 1116NANA1512.8 88%NANA76.28NA
2500:55S 1116NANA1512.8 88%NANA76.28NA
2500:35S 1316NANA1512.8 88%NANA76.3NA
2500:15S 1416NANA1512.8 88%NANA76.3NA
2423:55S 1416NANA1512.8 88%NANA76.28NA
2423:35S 1316NANA1512.8 88%NANA76.3NA
2423:15S 1416NANA1512.8 88%NANA76.3NA
2422:55S G 2616NANA1512.2 82%NANA76.3NA
2422:35S G 2916NANA1512.2 82%NANA76.3NA
2422:15S G 2716NANA1512.2 82%NANA76.28NA
2421:55S 1616NANA1512.2 82%NANA76.3NA
2421:35S G 2916NANA16.112.2 77%NANA76.3NA
2421:15S G 2916NANA16.112.2 77%NANA76.3NA
2420:55S G 2616NANA16.112.2 77%NANA76.3NA
2420:35S 2116NANA16.112.2 77%NANA76.3NA
2420:15S G 2716NANA16.112.2 77%NANA76.3NA
2419:55S G 3216NANA17.212.2 73%NANA76.3NA
2419:35S G 3416NANA17.212.2 73%NANA76.3NA
2419:15S G 3516NANA17.212.2 73%NANA76.28NA
2418:55S G 3416NANA17.212.2 73%NANA76.28NA
2418:35S G 4016NANA17.212.2 73%NANA76.25NA
2418:15S G 2916NANA17.212.2 73%NANA76.25NA
2417:55S G 3216NANA16.112.2 77%NANA76.23NA
2417:35S G 2716NANA17.212.2 73%NANA76.25NA
2417:15SE 198 HazeNA17.212.2 73%NANA76.23NA
2416:55S 2116NANA17.212.2 73%NANA76.23NA
2416:35S G 3516NANA17.812.2 68%NANA76.23NA
2416:15S G 3516NANA17.811.1 64%NANA76.23NA
2415:55S G 3716NANA17.811.1 64%NANA76.23NA
2415:35S 2116NANA17.811.1 64%NANA76.23NA
2415:15S G 3416NANA17.811.1 64%NANA76.23NA
2414:55S G 2916NANA17.811.1 64%NANA76.25NA
2414:35S G 3516NANA17.210 64%NANA76.25NA
2414:15S G 3516NANA17.210 64%NANA76.28NA
2413:55S 2116NANA17.210 64%NANA76.3NA
2413:35S G 3516NANA17.210 64%NANA76.3NA
2413:15S 2316NANA16.110 68%NANA76.35NA
2412:55SE 1316NANA1510 72%NANA76.38NA
2412:35S 2316NANA1510 72%NANA76.4NA
2412:15S G 3216NANA1510 72%NANA76.43NA
2411:55S 2316NANA13.98.9 72%NANA76.48NA
2411:35S 1916NANA13.98.9 72%NANA76.5NA
2411:15S 1616NANA12.88.9 77%NANA76.53NA
2410:55SE 1916NANA12.88.9 77%NANA76.56NA
2410:35S G 2716NANA12.27.8 77%NANA76.58NA
2410:15S 1616NANA12.27.8 77%NANA76.58NA
2409:55S 1416NANA12.27.8 77%NANA76.58NA
2409:35S 1616NANA11.17.8 82%NANA76.56NA
2409:15S 1416NANA107.2 82%7.8NA76.58NA
2408:55S 1316NANA107.2 82%8.3NA76.56NA
2408:35SE 1316NANA8.96.1 82%6.7NA76.56NA
2408:15SE 1316NANA8.95 76%6.7NA76.56NA
2407:55SE 1116NANA7.85 82%5.6NA76.56NA
2407:35S 1116NANA7.83.9 76%5.6NA76.56NA
2407:15S 516NANA7.83.9 76%NANA76.56NA
2406:55S 816NANA7.22.8 76%5.6NA76.56NA
2406:35S 816NANA6.12.8 81%4.4NA76.56NA
2406:15S 1116NANA6.12.8 81%3.9NA76.53NA
2405:55SE 1016NANA6.12.2 76%3.9NA76.53NA
2405:35S 816NANA7.22.2 71%5.6NA76.56NA
2405:15SE 1116NANA7.22.2 71%5NA76.53NA
2404:55SE 1116NANA7.82.2 66%5.6NA76.56NA
2404:35SE 1316NANA7.82.2 66%5.6NA76.56NA
2404:15SE 1116NANA7.81.1 62%5.6NA76.56NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºC)PressurePrecipitation (cm)

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