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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºC)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (cm)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
0905:15N 1116NANA-15 78%-21.7NA77.65NA
0904:55N 1316NANA-15 78%-22.2NA77.65NA
0904:35N 1616NANA-15 78%-23.3NA77.65NA
0904:15N 1616NANA-15-17.2 85%-23.3NA77.65NA
0903:55N 196 Light SnowNA-13.9-17.2 78%-22.8NA77.67NA
0903:35N 146 Light SnowNA-13.9-17.2 78%-21.1NA77.65NA
0903:15N 1611 Light SnowNA-13.9-17.2 78%-21.7NA77.65NA
0902:55NW 1414 Light SnowNA-13.9-17.2 78%-21.1NA77.67NA
0902:35NW 1416NANA-13.9-17.2 78%-21.1NA77.67NA
0902:15NW 1416 Light SnowNA-13.9-17.2 78%-21.1NA77.65NA
0901:55NW 1314 Light SnowNA-13.9-17.2 78%-21.1NA77.67NA
0901:35W 1616 Light SnowNA-13.9-17.2 78%-21.7NA77.65NA
0901:15W 1416 Light SnowNA-13.9-17.2 78%-21.1NA77.67NA
0900:55W 1116 Light SnowNA-12.8-17.2 72%-18.9NA77.67NA
0900:35W 1416NANA-12.8-17.2 72%-20NA77.65NA
0900:15W 1416NANA-12.8-17.2 72%-20NA77.65NA
0823:55W 1616 Light SnowNA-12.8-17.2 72%-20.6NA77.65NA
0823:35W 816NANA-12.8-16.1 78%-17.8NA77.65NA
0823:15W 816NANA-12.8-17.2 72%-17.8NA77.67NA
0822:55W 1016NANA-12.8-17.2 72%-18.3NA77.67NA
0822:35W 1116NANA-12.8-16.1 78%-18.9NA77.67NA
0822:15NW 1116 Light SnowNA-12.8-16.1 78%-18.9NA77.67NA
0821:55NW 1010 Light SnowNA-12.8-15 85%-18.3NA77.67NA
0821:35N 1016 Light SnowNA-12.8-15 85%-18.3NA77.67NA
0821:15N 816NANA-12.8-15 85%-17.8NA77.67NA
0820:55N 1016NANA-12.8-15 85%-18.3NA77.67NA
0820:35N 1316NANA-12.8-15 85%-19.4NA77.67NA
0820:15N 1116NANA-12.8-15 85%-18.9NA77.67NA
0819:55N 1316NANA-12.8-15 85%-19.4NA77.7NA
0819:35N 1316NANA-12.8-15 85%-19.4NA77.7NA
0819:15N 1416NANA-12.8-15 85%-20NA77.7NA
0818:55N 1316NANA-12.8-15 85%-19.4NA77.7NA
0818:35N 1913 Light SnowNA-12.2-15 79%-20.6NA77.7NA
0818:15NW 1616NANA-12.2-15 79%-20NA77.7NA
0817:55NW 1916 Light SnowNA-12.2-13.9 85%-20.6NA77.7NA
0817:35NW 1316 Light SnowNA-12.2-15 79%-18.9NA77.7NA
0817:15NW 1316NANA-12.2-15 79%-18.9NA77.7NA
0816:55NW 1116 Light SnowNA-12.2-15 79%-18.3NA77.7NA
0816:35NW 1916NANA-12.2-15 79%-20.6NA77.7NA
0816:15NW 1416NANA-12.2-15 79%-19.4NA77.7NA
0815:55NW 1911NANA-12.2-13.9 85%-20.6NA77.7NA
0815:35N 238 Fog/MistNA-12.2-13.9 85%-21.1NA77.67NA
0815:15NW 245 Light SnowNA-12.2-13.9 85%-21.7NA77.67NA
0814:55NW 2314NANA-11.1-13.9 79%-20NA77.65NA
0814:35NW 268 Light SnowNA-11.1-13.9 79%-20.6NA77.65NA
0814:15NW 2414NANA-10-13.9 73%-18.3NA77.62NA
0813:55NW G 355 Light SnowNA-10-12.8 79%-17.8NA77.62NA
0813:35NW 238 Fog/MistNA-10-12.8 79%-18.3NA77.6NA
0813:15NW 295 Light SnowNA-10-12.8 79%-19.4NA77.6NA
0812:55N G 376 HazeNA-10-12.8 79%-19.4NA77.6NA
0812:35NW G 356 Light SnowNA-10-12.8 79%-18.9NA77.6NA
0812:15NW G 376 HazeNA-10-12.8 79%-18.9NA77.6NA
0811:55NW G 395 Light SnowNA-10-12.8 79%-20NA77.57NA
0811:35NW 265 HazeNA-10-12.8 79%-18.9NA77.57NA
0811:15NW G 395 HazeNA-10-12.8 79%-18.9NA77.57NA
0810:55NW G 394 Fog/MistNA-10-12.2 85%-18.9NA77.55NA0.05
0810:35NW G 393 Light SnowNA-10-12.2 85%-19.4NA77.55NA0.03
0810:15NW G 392 Light SnowNA-10-12.2 85%-18.9NA77.55NA0.03
0809:55NW G 372 Light SnowNA-10-12.2 85%-18.9NA77.52NA0.13
0809:35NW G 402 Light Snow and BreezyNA-10-12.2 85%-20NA77.5NA0.08
0809:15NW G 472 Light Snow and BreezyNA-10-12.2 85%-20NA77.5NA0.03
0808:55NW G 402 Light SnowNA-10-12.2 85%-19.4NA77.47NA0.18
0808:35NW G 451 Light SnowNA-10-12.2 85%-20NA77.44NA0.1
0808:15NW G 421 Light SnowNA-10-12.8 79%-20NA77.42NA0.03
0807:55NW G 452 Light SnowNA-10-12.8 79%-19.4NA77.39NA0.13
0807:35NW G 472 Light Snow and BreezyNA-10-12.2 85%-20NA77.37NA0.08
0807:15NW G 392 Light Snow and BreezyNA-10-12.2 85%-20NA77.37NA0.03
0806:55NW G 392 Light SnowNA-10-12.2 85%-20NA77.34NA0.2
0806:35NW G 402 Light SnowNA-10-12.2 85%-18.9NA77.32NA0.13
0806:15NW G 423 Light SnowNA-10-12.2 85%-19.4NA77.32NA0.05
0805:55NW G 423 Light SnowNA-10-12.2 85%-20NA77.29NA0.08
0805:35NW G 483 Light Snow and BreezyNA-10-12.2 85%-20NA77.27NA0.03
0805:15NW G 425 Light SnowNA-10-12.2 85%-20NA77.24NA
0804:55NW G 486 Light Snow and BreezyNA-10-12.2 85%-20NA77.22NA
0804:35NW G 475 Fog/MistNA-10-12.2 85%-20NA77.22NA
0804:15NW G 486 Haze and BreezyNA-8.9-12.2 79%-18.3NA77.19NA
0803:55NW G 513 Unknown Precip and WindyNA-8.9-12.2 79%-19.4NA77.17NA0.03
0803:35NW G 534 Light Snow and BreezyNA-8.9-12.2 79%-18.3NA77.17NA
0803:15NW G 483 Light Snow and BreezyNA-8.9-12.2 79%-18.9NA77.14NA
0802:55NW G 535 Light Snow and BreezyNA-8.9-12.2 79%-18.9NA77.14NA0.03
0802:35NW G 504 Light SnowNA-8.9-11.1 86%-18.3NA77.11NA
0802:15NW G 534 Light Snow and BreezyNA-8.9-11.1 86%-18.3NA77.09NA
0801:55NW G 513 Light Snow and BreezyNA-8.9-11.1 86%-18.9NA77.06NA
0801:35NW G 473 Light Snow and BreezyNA-8.9-10 93%-18.3NA77.04NA
0801:15NW G 473 Light SnowNA-8.9-10 93%-18.3NA77.01NA
0800:55NW G 505 Light Snow and BreezyNA-7.8-10 86%-17.2NA77.01NA0.08
0800:35NW G 503 Light Snow and BreezyNA-7.8-10 86%-17.2NA76.99NA0.05
0800:15NW G 513 Light Snow and BreezyNA-7.8-10 86%-17.8NA76.96NA0.03
0723:55NW G 514 Light Snow and BreezyNA-7.8-10 86%-17.8NA76.94NA0.15
0723:35NW G 505 Light Snow and BreezyNA-7.8-10 86%-17.2NA76.91NA0.1
0723:15NW G 513 Light Snow and BreezyNA-7.8-8.9 93%-17.2NA76.91NA0.03
0722:55NW G 562 Light Snow and WindyNA-7.8-8.9 93%-17.8NA76.89NA0.43
0722:35NW G 472 Light Snow and BreezyNA-7.2-8.9 86%-16.1NA76.86NA0.25
0722:15NW G 503 Light Snow and BreezyNA-7.2-8.9 86%-16.7NA76.84NA0.13
0721:55NW G 473 Light Snow and BreezyNA-7.2-8.9 86%-16.7NA76.81NA1.12
0721:35NW G 502 Light Snow and BreezyNA-7.2-8.9 86%-16.7NA76.78NA0.91
0721:15NW G 482 Light Snow and BreezyNA-7.2-7.8 93%-16.7NA76.76NA0.66
0720:55NW G 482 Light Snow and BreezyNA-7.2-7.8 93%-17.2NA76.73NA0.89
0720:35NW G 502 Light Snow and BreezyNA-7.2-7.8 93%-16.1NA76.71NA0.48
0720:15NW G 452 Light Snow and BreezyNA-7.2-7.8 93%-16.7NA76.68NA0.18
0719:55NW G 472 Light Snow and BreezyNA-7.2-7.8 93%-16.7NA76.68NA1.07
0719:35NW G 512 Light Snow and BreezyNA-7.2-7.8 93%-16.7NA76.66NA0.66
0719:15NW G 483 Light Snow and BreezyNA-7.2-7.8 93%-16.7NA76.63NA0.23
0718:55NW G 561 Light Snow and BreezyNA-7.2-7.8 93%-16.1NA76.61NA1.6
0718:35NW G 482 Light Snow and BreezyNA-7.2-7.8 93%-16.7NA76.58NA0.94
0718:15NW G 482 Light Snow and BreezyNA-7.2-7.8 93%-16.7NA76.53NA0.33
0717:55NW G 472 Light Snow and BreezyNA-7.2-7.8 93%-16.1NA76.5NA1.96
0717:35NW G 532 Light Snow and BreezyNA-6.1-7.8 86%-15NA76.48NA1.07
0717:15NW G 602 Light Snow and WindyNA-6.1-7.8 86%-16.1NA76.45NA0.43
0716:55NW G 511 Light Snow and WindyNA-6.1-7.8 86%-15.6NA76.43NA0.99
0716:35NW G 561 Light Snow and BreezyNA-6.1-7.8 86%-15.6NA76.4NA0.64
0716:15NW G 581 Snow and BreezyNA-6.1-7.8 86%-15NA76.35NA0.33
0715:55NW G 561 Snow and BreezyNA-6.1-7.8 86%-15.6NA76.33NA1.32
0715:35NW G 611 Snow and WindyNA-6.1-7.8 86%-15.6NA76.3NA0.86
0715:15NW G 531 Light Snow and BreezyNA-6.1-7.8 86%-15.6NA76.25NA0.38
0714:55NW G 581 Light Snow and WindyNA-6.1-7.8 86%-15.6NA76.23NA1.27
0714:35NW G 452 Light Snow and BreezyNA-7.2-7.8 93%-16.7NA76.2NA0.86
0714:15NW G 482 Light Snow and BreezyNA-7.2-8.9 86%-16.7NA76.17NA0.41
0713:55NW G 481 SnowNA-7.2-8.9 86%-16.1NA76.17NA2.26
0713:35NW G 511 Snow and BreezyNA-7.2-8.9 86%-16.7NA76.15NA1.4
0713:15NW G 531 Light Snow and BreezyNA-7.2-8.9 86%-16.7NA76.12NA0.53
0712:55NW G 502 Light Snow and BreezyNA-7.2-8.9 86%-16.7NA76.1NA3.15
0712:35NW G 561 Light Snow and BreezyNA-7.2-8.9 86%-16.7NA76.1NA0.51
0712:15NW G 562 Light Snow and WindyNA-7.2-8.9 86%-17.2NA76.07NA0.18
0711:55NW G 631 Light Snow and BreezyNA-7.8-8.9 93%-17.2NA76.07NA1.42
0711:35NW G 511 Light Snow and BreezyNA-7.8-8.9 93%-17.2NA76.05NA0.97
0711:15NW G 581 Light Snow and WindyNA-7.8-10 86%-17.8NA76.05NA0.2
0710:55NW G 581 Light Snow and WindyNA-7.8-10 86%-18.3NA76.05NA0.3
0710:35NW G 562 Light Snow and WindyNA-7.8-10 86%-17.8NA76.02NA0.18
0710:15NW G 642 Light Snow and WindyNA-7.8-10 86%-17.8NA76NA0.13
0709:55NW G 641 Snow and WindyNA-7.8-10 86%-18.3NA76NA2.18
0709:35NW G 561 Snow and BreezyNA-7.8-10 86%-17.8NA75.97NA0.71
0709:15NW G 632 Light Snow and BreezyNA-7.8-11.1 79%-17.2NA75.95NA0.08
0708:55NW G 582 Light Snow and BreezyNA-7.8-11.1 79%-17.8NA75.95NA0.41
0708:35NW G 563 Light Snow and BreezyNA-7.8-11.1 79%-17.8NA75.92NA0.23
0708:15NW G 562 Haze and BreezyNA-7.8-11.1 79%-17.8NA75.9NA
0707:55NW G 563 Haze and BreezyNA-8.9-12.2 79%-18.9NA75.87NA
0707:35NW G 615 Haze and BreezyNA-8.9-12.2 79%-18.9NA75.84NA
0707:15NW G 61WindyNA-8.9-12.2 79%-20NA75.82NA
0706:55NW G 61WindyNA-8.9-12.2 79%-19.4NA75.82NA0.48
0706:35NW G 563 Light Snow and BreezyNA-8.9-12.2 79%-18.9NA75.79NA0.48
0706:15NW G 614 Light Snow and WindyNA-8.9-12.2 79%-20NA75.79NA0.2
0705:55NW G 603 Haze and BreezyNA-8.9-12.2 79%-19.4NA75.77NA
0705:35NW G 603 Haze and WindyNA-8.9-12.2 79%-19.4NA75.74NA
0705:15NW G 694 Haze and WindyNA-8.9-12.2 79%-20NA75.74NA
0704:55NW G 664 Haze and WindyNA-8.9-12.2 79%-19.4NA75.72NA
0704:35NW G 584 Haze and WindyNA-8.9-12.2 79%-19.4NA75.72NA
0704:15NW G 583 Haze and WindyNA-8.9-12.2 79%-20NA75.69NA
0703:55NW G 535 Haze and BreezyNA-8.9-12.2 79%-19.4NA75.67NA
0703:35NW G 533 Haze and BreezyNA-8.9-12.2 79%-18.9NA75.67NA
0703:15NW G 633 Haze and BreezyNA-8.9-12.2 79%-19.4NA75.64NA
0702:55NW G 663 Fog/Mist and WindyNA-8.9-11.1 86%-20NA75.62NA
0702:35NW G 613 Fog/Mist and WindyNA-8.9-11.1 86%-20NA75.62NA
0702:15NW G 564 Fog/Mist and WindyNA-8.9-11.1 86%-19.4NA75.59NA
0701:55NW G 603 Haze and BreezyNA-7.8-11.1 79%-17.2NA75.57NA
0701:35NW G 712 Fog/Mist and WindyNA-7.8-10 86%-18.3NA75.54NA
0701:15NW G 603 Fog/Mist and WindyNA-7.8-10 86%-17.8NA75.51NA
0700:55NW G 712 Haze and WindyNA-7.8-10 86%-18.3NA75.49NA
0700:35NW G 602 Fog/Mist and WindyNA-7.8-10 86%-17.8NA75.46NA
0700:15NW G 632 Fog/Mist and WindyNA-7.8-10 86%-17.8NA75.46NA
0623:55NW G 602 Fog/Mist and WindyNA-7.8-10 86%-18.3NA75.44NA
0623:35NW G 632 Fog/Mist and BreezyNA-7.8-8.9 93%-17.8NA75.41NA
0623:15NW G 601 Fog/Mist and WindyNA-7.8-8.9 93%-18.9NA75.41NA
0622:55NW G 581 Freezing Fog and WindyNA-7.8-8.9 93%-18.3NA75.39NA
0622:35NW G 631 Freezing Fog and WindyNA-7.8-8.9 93%-18.3NA75.36NA
0622:15NW G 641 Fog/Mist and WindyNA-7.2-8.9 86%-17.8NA75.34NA
0621:55NW G 611 Freezing Fog and WindyNA-7.2-7.8 93%-17.8NA75.34NA
0621:35NW G 691 Freezing Fog and WindyNA-7.2-7.8 93%-17.8NA75.29NA
0621:15NW G 631 Fog/Mist and BreezyNA-7.2-7.8 93%-17.2NA75.29NA
0620:55NW G 631 Fog/Mist and WindyNA-7.2-7.8 93%-17.8NA75.26NA
0620:35NW G 611 Fog/Mist and WindyNA-7.2-7.8 93%-17.8NA75.23NA
0620:15NW G 661 Freezing Fog and WindyNA-7.2-7.8 93%-17.8NA75.23NA
0619:55NW G 561 Freezing Fog and WindyNA-7.2-7.8 93%-17.2NA75.21NA
0619:35NW G 561 Freezing Fog and WindyNA-6.1-7.2 93%-15.6NA75.18NA
0619:15NW G 581 Freezing Fog and WindyNA-5-6.1 93%-14.4NA75.18NA
0618:55NW G 601 Freezing Fog and BreezyNA-5-7.2 86%-13.9NA75.16NA
0618:35NW G 721 Freezing Fog and WindyNA-5-6.1 93%-15NA75.16NA
0618:15NW G 711 Freezing Fog and WindyNA-5-7.2 86%-15NA75.13NA
0617:55NW G 741 Freezing Fog and WindyNA-5-7.2 86%-14.4NA75.11NA
0617:35NW G 711 Fog/Mist and WindyNA-5-7.2 86%-14.4NA75.08NA
0617:15NW G 631 Fog/Mist and WindyNA-5-7.2 86%-15NA75.06NA
0616:55NW G 691 Freezing Fog and WindyNA-5-7.2 86%-15NA75.03NA
0616:35NW G 661 Freezing Fog and WindyNA-5-7.2 86%-15NA75.01NA
0616:15NW G 641 Freezing Fog and WindyNA-5-7.2 86%-14.4NA74.98NA
0615:55NW G 710 Freezing Fog and WindyNA-5-7.2 86%-15NA74.93NA
0615:35NW G 690 Freezing Fog and WindyNA-5-7.2 86%-15NA74.9NA
0615:15NW G 720 Freezing Fog and WindyNA-5-6.1 93%-14.4NA74.88NA
0614:55NW G 660 Freezing Fog and WindyNA-5-6.1 93%-15NA74.85NA
0614:35NW G 690 Freezing Fog and WindyNA-5-6.1 93%-15NA74.83NA
0614:15NW G 740 Freezing Fog and WindyNA-3.9-5 93%-12.8NA74.8NA
0613:35NW G 720 Freezing Fog and WindyNA-3.9-5 93%-13.3NA74.78NA3.1
0613:15NW G 740 Heavy Snow and WindyNA-3.9-5 93%-13.9NA74.75NA1.96
0612:55NW G 690 Heavy Snow and WindyNA-3.9-5 93%-13.3NA74.73NA9.96
0612:15NW G 720 Heavy Snow and WindyNA-3.9-5 93%-13.9NA74.7NA1.98
0611:55NW G 640 Heavy Snow and WindyNA-3.9-5 93%-13.3NA74.7NA3.61
0611:35NW G 660 Heavy Snow and WindyNA-2.2-2.8 93%-10.6NA74.7NA1.98
0611:15N G 720 Heavy Snow and WindyNA-2.2-2.8 93%-11.1NA74.68NA0.43
0610:55N G 691 Light Snow and WindyNA-2.2-2.8 93%-11.1NA74.65NA1.75
0610:35N G 711 Snow and WindyNA-2.2-2.8 93%-11.7NA74.63NA1.32
0610:15N G 710 Heavy Snow and WindyNA-2.2-2.8 93%-11.1NA74.63NA0.61
0609:55N G 740 Heavy Snow and WindyNA-2.2-2.8 93%-11.1NA74.6NA4.55
0609:35N G 740 Heavy Snow and WindyNA-2.2-2.8 93%-11.1NA74.57NA3.3
0609:15N G 720 Heavy Snow and WindyNA-2.2-2.8 93%-11.1NA74.57NA1.14
0608:55N G 710 Heavy Snow and WindyNA-2.2-2.8 93%-11.7NA74.55NA3.73
0608:35N G 790 Heavy Snow and WindyNA-2.2-2.8 93%-11.7NA74.52NA1.63
0608:15N G 741 Snow and WindyNA-2.2-2.8 93%-11.1NA74.52NA0.46
0607:55N G 661 Light Snow and WindyNA-2.2-2.8 93%-11.1NA74.52NA3.38
0607:35N G 661 Light Snow and WindyNA-2.2-2.8 93%-11.1NA74.52NA1.88
0607:15N G 691 Light Snow and WindyNA-2.2-2.8 93%-11.1NA74.52NA0.58
0606:55N G 661 Snow and WindyNA-2.2-2.2 100%-11.1NA74.52NA6.3
0606:35N G 641 Snow and WindyNA-2.2-2.2 100%-11.1NA74.52NA4.14
0606:15N G 661 Snow and WindyNA-2.2-2.2 100%-10.6NA74.52NA1.63
0605:55N G 581 Snow and BreezyNA-2.2-2.2 100%-10NA74.55NA1.8
0605:35N G 601 Snow and BreezyNA-2.2-2.2 100%-10.6NA74.55NA1.19
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºC)PressurePrecipitation (cm)

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