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Le Raizet
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
2400:00S 6NA Showers RainNA7370 89%NANANANA
2323:30S 7NA Showers RainBKN023 BKN015TCU7570 83%NANANANA
2323:00E 3NA Showers RainNA7568 78%NANANANA
2322:30E 5NA Showers RainBKN015TCU7570 83%NANANANA
2322:00E 5NA Showers RainFEW024 BKN015TCU7568 78%NANANANA
2321:30E 5NA Showers RainBKN015TCU7568 78%NANANANA
2321:00E 6NA Showers RainBKN015TCU7768 74%NA79NANA
2320:30E 7NA Showers RainBKN015TCU7768 74%NA79NANA
2320:00E 5NA Showers RainBKN015TCU7768 74%NA79NANA
2319:30E 5NA Showers RainFEW029 BKN015TCU7768 74%NA79NANA
2319:00E 6NANANA7768 74%NA79NANA
2318:30SE 9NAA Few CloudsFEW0307968 70%NA81NANA
2318:00E 9NAMostly CloudyBKN030 BKN0358168 66%NA84NANA
2317:30E 12NAMostly CloudyBKN0328268 62%NA85NANA
2317:00SE 14NAA Few CloudsFEW0428266 58%NA84NANA
2316:30SE 16NAA Few CloudsFEW0388266 58%NA84NANA
2316:00E 15NAMostly CloudyBKN035 BKN0448268 62%NA85NANA
2315:30E 14NAMostly CloudyBKN038 BKN0448468 58%NA87NANA
2315:00SE 16NAPartly CloudySCT039 SCT0808468 58%NA87NANA
2314:30E 16NAA Few CloudsFEW0418466 55%NA86NANA
2314:00SE 17NAMostly CloudyFEW040 SCT048 BKN0648666 52%NA88NANA
2313:30E 18NAMostly CloudyBKN042 BKN054 BKN0708668 55%NA89NANA
2313:00E 16NA Showers RainSCT042 SCT049 BKN015TCU8668 55%NA89NANA
2312:30SE 18NA Showers RainBKN036 BKN048 BKN015TCU8466 55%NA86NANA
2312:00SE 17NA Showers RainBKN036 BKN047 BKN054 BKN015TCU8670 59%NA91NANA
2311:30SE 17NA Showers RainSCT037 SCT043 BKN015TCU8468 58%NA87NANA
2311:00SE 16NA Showers RainBKN037 OVC056 BKN015TCU8470 62%NA88NANA
2310:30SE 17NA Showers RainFEW035 BKN042 BKN052 BKN015TCU8468 58%NA87NANA
2310:00E 14NA Showers RainSCT034 BKN041 BKN015TCU8470 62%NA88NANA
2309:30SE 13NA Showers RainSCT033 BKN039 BKN049 BKN015TCU8466 55%NA86NANA
2309:00E 13NA Showers RainBKN033 BKN042 BKN015TCU8270 66%NA86NANA
2308:30E 12NA Showers RainSCT027 BKN032 BKN015TCU8170 70%NA85NANA
2308:00E 9NA Showers RainFEW023 BKN015TCU8170 70%NA85NANA
2307:30E 8NA Showers RainBKN015TCU7970 74%NA82NANA
2307:00E 3NANANA7770 79%NA79NANA
2306:30Vrbl 2NAA Few CloudsFEW0247570 83%NANANANA
2306:00E 5NAA Few CloudsFEW0267568 78%NANANANA
2305:30E 6NAA Few CloudsFEW0237570 83%NANANANA
2305:00E 7NANANA7570 83%NANANANA
2304:30E 7NANANA7570 83%NANANANA
2304:00E 6NAA Few CloudsFEW0267570 83%NANANANA
2303:30E 5NAA Few CloudsFEW0347570 83%NANANANA
2303:00E 3NAA Few CloudsFEW0547570 83%NANANANA
2302:30E 5NAA Few CloudsFEW0257570 83%NANANANA
2302:00E 3NANANA7570 83%NANANANA
2301:30E 2NAA Few CloudsFEW0237570 83%NANANANA
2301:00E 6NANANA7570 83%NANANANA
2300:30E 3NANANA7570 83%NANANANA
2300:00E 5NANANA7770 79%NA79NANA
2223:30E 3NANANA7770 79%NA79NANA
2223:00SE 5NAA Few CloudsFEW0257772 83%NA78NANA
2222:30E 6NANANA7772 83%NA78NANA
2222:00E 6NAA Few CloudsFEW0407772 83%NA78NANA
2221:30E 6NANANA7770 79%NA79NANA
2221:00E 6NAMostly CloudyFEW035 BKN0547772 83%NA78NANA
2220:30E 7NANANA7772 83%NA78NANA
2220:00E 7NANANA7770 79%NA79NANA
2219:30E 7NANANA7970 74%NA82NANA
2219:00E 8NAA Few CloudsFEW0237970 74%NA82NANA
2218:30E 12NAA Few CloudsFEW0257970 74%NA82NANA
2218:00SE 13NAA Few CloudsFEW0277970 74%NA82NANA
2217:30SE 15NAPartly CloudySCT028 SCT0388170 70%NA85NANA
2217:00SE 16NAPartly CloudySCT0288170 70%NA85NANA
2216:30SE 16NANANA8270 66%NA86NANA
2216:00SE 16NANANA8268 62%NA85NANA
2215:30SE 18NAA Few CloudsFEW0368468 58%NA87NANA
2215:00SE 17NAMostly CloudyFEW036 SCT047 BKN0548468 58%NA87NANA
2214:30SE 18NAMostly CloudyBKN039 BKN0458468 58%NA87NANA
2214:00SE 16NAMostly CloudyBKN0338670 59%NA91NANA
2213:30SE 17NAMostly CloudySCT033 SCT049 BKN0608470 62%NA88NANA
2213:00SE 17NAPartly CloudyFEW034 SCT0478470 62%NA88NANA
2212:30SE 18NAMostly CloudySCT032 BKN049 BKN0568472 66%NA89NANA
2212:00SE 17NAMostly CloudySCT034 SCT041 BKN0568470 62%NA88NANA
2211:30SE 17NAOvercastBKN034 BKN054 OVC1008470 62%NA88NANA
2211:00SE 18NAOvercastFEW038 OVC1008672 62%NA92NANA
2210:30SE 17NANANA8668 55%NA89NANA
2210:00SE 18NAOvercastFEW033 OVC1108470 62%NA88NANA
2209:30SE 18NANANA8468 58%NA87NANA
2209:00SE 21NAA Few Clouds and BreezyFEW0318268 62%NA85NANA
2208:30SE 16NAA Few CloudsFEW0328268 62%NA85NANA
2208:00SE 15NAA Few CloudsFEW0298170 70%NA85NANA
2207:30SE 14NANANA8170 70%NA85NANA
2207:00SE 10NAA Few CloudsFEW0257970 74%NA82NANA
2206:30SE 9NAA Few CloudsFEW0267770 79%NA79NANA
2206:00SE 10NANANA7770 79%NA79NANA
2205:30SE 10NANANA7770 79%NA79NANA
2205:00SE 12NANANA7770 79%NA79NANA
2204:30SE 9NAA Few CloudsFEW0247770 79%NA79NANA
2204:00SE 10NANANA7770 79%NA79NANA
2203:30E 13NANANA7770 79%NA79NANA
2203:00E 9NAA Few CloudsFEW0217770 79%NA79NANA
2202:30E 7NAA Few CloudsFEW0347770 79%NA79NANA
2202:00SE 7NAA Few CloudsFEW0257770 79%NA79NANA
2201:30SE 7NANANA7770 79%NA79NANA
2201:00SE 8NAPartly CloudySCT0237770 79%NA79NANA
2200:30SE 8NAPartly CloudyFEW030 SCT0587770 79%NA79NANA
2200:00SE 12NANANA7970 74%NA82NANA
2123:30E 9NANANA7770 79%NA79NANA
2123:00E 9NAA Few CloudsFEW0567770 79%NA79NANA
2122:30E 10NAA Few CloudsFEW0237970 74%NA82NANA
2122:00E 9NAA Few CloudsFEW0237772 83%NA78NANA
2121:30E 8NAPartly CloudyFEW023 SCT0487772 83%NA78NANA
2121:00E 7NAMostly CloudySCT024 SCT032 BKN0397972 79%NA82NANA
2120:30E 7NAPartly CloudyFEW025 SCT0397972 79%NA82NANA
2120:00SE 8NAA Few CloudsFEW0297972 79%NA82NANA
2119:30E 8NAPartly CloudyFEW024 SCT0307972 79%NA82NANA
2119:00E 8NA Showers RainFEW023 SCT015CB7972 79%NA82NANA
2118:30E 9NA Showers RainFEW023 SCT015CB7970 74%NA82NANA
2118:00E 10NA Showers RainFEW028 SCT150 SCT015CB8170 70%NA85NANA
2117:30E 15NA Showers RainBKN027 SCT015CB8170 70%NA85NANA
2117:00SE 14NA Showers RainSCT030 SCT035 BKN140 SCT015CB8270 66%NA86NANA
2116:30SE 14NA Showers RainBKN030 BKN037 SCT015CB8270 66%NA86NANA
2116:00SE 17NA Showers RainBKN029 BKN049 SCT015CB8470 62%NA88NANA
2115:30E 12NA Showers RainBKN024 BKN031 BKN039 SCT015CB8273 74%NA87NANA
2115:00SE 17NA Showers RainBKN025 BKN031 OVC054 SCT015CB8173 79%NA86NANA
2114:30E 9NA Showers RainFEW015 BKN024 OVC029 SCT015CB8172 74%NA85NANA
2114:00SE 17NA Showers RainSCT015CB8173 79%NA86NANA
2113:30E 9NA Showers RainSCT015CB8172 74%NA85NANA
2113:00E 17 G 29NA Showers RainSCT0258172 74%NA85NANA
2112:30E 17 G 29NA Showers RainSCT0257772 83%NA78NANA
2112:00E 17 G 29NA Showers RainNA7972 79%NA82NANA
2111:30E 17 G 29NA Showers RainNA8472 66%NA89NANA
2111:00E 17 G 29NA Showers RainNA8272 70%NA86NANA
2110:30E 17 G 29NA Showers RainNA8472 66%NA89NANA
2110:00E 17 G 29NA Showers RainFEW028 OVC076 BKN015TCU BKN0408272 70%NA86NANA
2109:30E 17 G 29NA Showers RainFEW027 SCT033 OVC084 BKN015TCU BKN0408270 66%NA86NANA
2109:00E 17 G 29NA Showers RainBKN025 BKN074 BKN088 BKN015TCU BKN0408170 70%NA85NANA
2108:30E 17 G 29NA Showers RainBKN024 BKN033 BKN015TCU BKN0408172 74%NA85NANA
2108:00E 17 G 29NA Showers RainSCT023 BKN015TCU BKN0408172 74%NA85NANA
2107:30E 17 G 29NA Showers RainBKN015TCU BKN0407772 83%NA78NANA
2107:00E 12NA Showers RainBKN015TCU7572 89%NANANANA
2106:30Vrbl 3NA Showers RainBKN015TCU7570 83%NANANANA
2106:00Vrbl 2NA Showers RainBKN015TCU7570 83%NANANANA
2105:30E 8NA Showers RainBKN015TCU7570 83%NANANANA
2105:00E 5NA Showers RainFEW025 SCT060 BKN082 BKN015TCU7572 89%NANANANA
2104:30E 8NA Showers RainFEW025 BKN068 OVC080 BKN015TCU7572 89%NANANANA
2104:00E 7NA Showers RainBKN023 BKN084 BKN015TCU7572 89%NANANANA
2103:30E 5NA Showers RainFEW025 SCT050 BKN080 BKN015TCU7572 89%NANANANA
2103:00E 10NA Light RainBKN024 BKN049 OVC0787772 83%NA78NANA
2102:30E 13NAMostly CloudyFEW023 SCT044 BKN0787770 79%NA79NANA
2102:00E 8NANANA7770 79%NA79NANA
2101:30E 10NAPartly CloudyFEW023 SCT0787770 79%NA79NANA
2101:00E 8NANANA7770 79%NA79NANA
2100:30E 7NANANA7770 79%NA79NANA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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