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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
2402:20E 1810.00Partly CloudySCT0228877 70%NA10029.77NA
2402:00E 207.00Partly CloudySCT0228877 70%NA10029.78NA
2401:40E 2010.00Partly CloudySCT0228878 71%NA10129.78NA
2401:20E 20 G 237.00Partly CloudySCT020 SCT028 SCT0368878 72%NA10129.79NA
2401:00E 18 G 247.00Partly CloudySCT020 SCT026 SCT0368878 72%NA10129.80NA
2400:40E 1710.00Partly CloudySCT020 SCT0428877 71%NA10129.81NA
2400:20E 187.00Partly CloudySCT019 SCT033 SCT0428777 72%NA9929.81NA
2400:00E 1710.00Partly CloudySCT019 SCT027 SCT0368777 72%NA9929.83NA
2323:40E 207.00Partly CloudySCT019 SCT027 SCT0368777 72%NA9929.83NA
2323:20E 187.00Mostly CloudySCT019 BKN0258777 73%NA9929.83NA
2323:00E 187.00Partly CloudySCT019 SCT0268877 70%NA10029.83NA
2322:40E 187.00Partly CloudySCT0198777 73%NA9929.83NA
2322:20E 207.00FairCLR8677 74%NA9729.84NA
2322:00E 207.00FairCLR8677 75%NA9729.84NA
2321:40E 2010.00Partly CloudySCT0188577 75%NA9529.84NA
2321:20E 187.00Partly CloudySCT0198577 77%NA9629.84NA
2321:00E 1810.00FairCLR8477 79%NA9429.84NA
2320:40E 1710.00Partly CloudySCT020 SCT0288476 79%NA9429.83NA
2320:20E 18 G 2210.00Partly CloudySCT020 SCT0308376 80%NA9129.83NA
2320:00E 1610.00Partly CloudySCT020 SCT0288376 81%NA9229.83NA
2319:40E 1610.00Partly CloudySCT0188376 82%NA9229.83NA
2319:20E 1610.00Partly CloudySCT0188276 82%NA8929.83NA
2319:00E 1610.00Partly CloudySCT018 SCT026 SCT0318277 83%NA9029.82NA
2318:40E 1710.00Partly CloudySCT0188277 83%NA9029.82NA
2318:20E 17 G 2310.00FairCLR8277 83%NA9029.81NA
2318:00E 2010.00Partly CloudySCT018 SCT0248277 84%NA9029.81NA
2317:40E 1610.00Partly CloudySCT017 SCT0238277 84%NA9029.80NA
2317:20E 1810.00Partly CloudySCT0178277 84%NA9029.80NA
2317:00E 1410.00Partly CloudySCT0178277 84%NA9029.80NA
2316:40E 18 G 2310.00Partly CloudySCT017 SCT0228277 84%NA9029.80NA
2316:20E 1710.00Partly CloudySCT017 SCT0298277 84%NA9029.80NA
2316:00E 1610.00Partly CloudySCT0178277 84%NA9029.79NA
2315:40E 1510.00Partly CloudySCT0198277 84%NA9029.79NA
2315:20E 18 G 2310.00 Thunderstorm in VicinitySCT019 SCT0248277 83%NA9029.79NA
2315:00E 1810.00Mostly CloudySCT018 SCT023 BKN0608277 84%NA9029.80NA
2314:40E 177.00Mostly CloudySCT018 BKN030 BKN0448277 84%NA9029.81NA
2314:20E 1510.00Partly CloudySCT020 SCT024 SCT0378277 83%NA9029.82NA
2314:00E 1710.00Partly CloudySCT018 SCT024 SCT0378277 83%NA9029.82NA
2313:40E 167.00 Thunderstorm in VicinitySCT0188277 83%NA9029.83NA
2313:20E 177.00 Thunderstorm in VicinitySCT0188277 84%NA9029.83NA
2313:00E 187.00FairCLR8277 84%NA9029.83NA
2312:40E 207.00Partly CloudySCT0198278 86%NA9029.84NA
2312:20E 23 G 267.00Partly Cloudy and BreezySCT0178278 86%NA9029.85NA
2312:00E 187.00Partly CloudySCT017 SCT0228277 84%NA9029.87NA
2311:40E 177.00Partly CloudySCT019 SCT027 SCT0348378 85%NA9329.88NA0.03
2311:20E 225.00 Light Rain and BreezySCT018 SCT028 BKN0348378 85%NA9329.88NA0.03
2311:00E 217.00Partly Cloudy and BreezySCT021 SCT0288277 84%NA9029.88NA
2310:40E 217.00Partly Cloudy and BreezySCT017 SCT023 SCT0298378 84%NA9329.88NA
2310:20E 177.00Partly CloudySCT017 SCT0428378 84%NA9329.88NA
2310:00E 227.00Fair and BreezyCLR8378 84%NA9329.88NA
2309:40E 20 G 257.00Partly CloudySCT0188378 85%NA9329.87NA
2309:20E 21 G 247.00Partly Cloudy and BreezySCT0188378 85%NA9329.87NA
2309:00E 177.00Partly CloudySCT018 SCT023 SCT0378279 89%NA9129.86NA
2308:40E 187.00Partly CloudySCT017 SCT0238378 86%NA9329.86NA
2308:20E 17 G 237.00Partly CloudySCT017 SCT0228378 86%NA9329.85NA
2308:00E 167.00Partly CloudySCT015 SCT0228378 86%NA9329.85NA
2307:40E 177.00FairCLR8378 86%NA9329.85NA
2307:20E 15 G 217.00Partly CloudySCT018 SCT0228378 87%NA9429.84NA
2307:00E 187.00Partly CloudySCT0188279 89%NA9129.83NA
2306:40E 177.00Partly CloudySCT0188378 87%NA9429.82NA
2306:20E 17 G 227.00FairCLR8378 85%NA9329.81NA
2306:00E 167.00Partly CloudySCT016 SCT028 SCT0388378 85%NA9329.81NA
2305:40E 15 G 212.50 RainSCT014 BKN028 BKN0388478 83%NA9529.80NA0.05
2305:20E 17 G 237.00Partly CloudySCT016 SCT034 SCT0478478 81%NA9429.80NA
2305:00E 167.00Mostly CloudySCT016 SCT024 BKN0558578 80%NA9729.79NA
2304:40E 135.00Fair with HazeCLR8578 80%NA9729.79NA
2304:20NE 157.00Partly CloudySCT015 SCT028 SCT0558678 77%NA9829.79NA
2304:00E 157.00Partly CloudySCT015 SCT0288678 77%NA9829.80NA
2303:40NE 147.00FairCLR8678 77%NA9829.80NA
2303:20E 137.00FairCLR8779 77%NA10129.81NA
2303:00NE 137.00 Thunderstorm in VicinityCLR8779 77%NA10129.81NA
2302:40NE 135.00Partly Cloudy with HazeSCT0178679 78%NA9929.81NA
2302:20NE 127.00Partly CloudySCT0178779 77%NA10129.83NA
2302:00NE 127.00FairCLR8778 76%NA10129.83NA
2301:40NE 127.00FairCLR8778 76%NA10129.84NA
2301:20NE 127.00FairCLR8778 76%NA10129.84NA
2301:00NE 137.00FairCLR8778 76%NA10129.84NA
2300:40NE 147.00FairCLR8678 77%NA9829.85NA
2300:20E 147.00Partly CloudySCT017 SCT0258678 78%NA9929.86NA
2300:00E 137.00Mostly CloudySCT019 BKN029 BKN0378679 79%NA9929.87NA
2223:40NE 147.00Mostly CloudySCT019 BKN026 BKN0378578 80%NA9729.88NA
2223:20E 147.00Mostly CloudyBKN019 BKN0268579 81%NA9729.88NA
2223:00NE 135.00Mostly Cloudy with HazeBKN019 BKN026 BKN0408579 83%NA9829.88NA
2222:40E 105.00Mostly Cloudy with HazeSCT016 SCT027 BKN0508480 86%NA9629.88NA
2222:20NE 105.00Partly Cloudy with HazeSCT016 SCT0288380 88%NA9429.88NA
2222:00E 95.00Fair with HazeCLR8279 89%NA9129.88NA
2221:40E 95.00 Fog/MistCLR8280 93%NA9229.89NA
2221:20E 105.00 Fog/MistSCT019 SCT027 SCT0358279 93%NA9229.89NA
2221:00E 62.00 Light RainSCT013 BKN021 OVC0448179 94%NA8929.88NA
2220:40NE 810.00Partly CloudySCT0238179 94%NA8929.88NA
2220:20Calm10.00Partly CloudySCT0198179 94%NA8929.88NA
2220:00Calm10.00Partly CloudySCT0218078 94%NA8629.87NA
2219:40NE 510.00FairCLR8078 95%NA8629.86NA
2219:20NE 510.00FairCLR7978 95%NA8329.85NA
2219:00E 610.00FairCLR7978 95%NA8329.85NA
2218:40E 610.00FairCLR7977 95%NA8329.84NA
2218:20E 510.00FairCLR7977 96%NA8329.84NA
2218:00E 510.00FairCLR7977 94%NA8329.83NA
2217:40E 510.00FairCLR7877 97%NA8129.82NA
2217:20E 610.00FairCLR7877 96%NA8129.82NA
2217:00E 610.00FairCLR7877 96%NA8129.82NA
2216:40E 810.00FairCLR7876 95%NA8129.82NA
2216:20E 710.00Partly CloudySCT1207876 95%NA8129.82NA
2216:00SE 710.00 RainSCT049 SCT1207876 95%NA8129.82NA
2215:40SE 97.00 Light DrizzleSCT011 SCT030 BKN0487876 95%NA8129.83NA0.02
2215:20SE 1410.00 Light RainSCT013 BKN033 OVC0507876 94%NA8129.83NA0.02
2215:00SE 165.00 RainSCT009 BKN023 OVC0387977 94%NA8329.84NA
2214:40E 1010.00 Light RainSCT023 BKN032 BKN0397977 92%NA8329.84NA0.02
2214:20E 1310.00 Light RainSCT036 SCT0468077 92%NA8629.85NA0.01
2214:00E 1610.00 RainSCT036 SCT0468177 89%NA8829.84NA
2213:40E 20 G 2410.00 RainSCT012 SCT033 SCT0468077 92%NA8629.85NA
2213:20E 1710.00OvercastSCT012 BKN044 OVC0708077 93%NA8629.86NA
2213:00E 1610.00Mostly CloudyBKN0757977 93%NA8329.87NA
2212:40E 12 G 2010.00Partly CloudySCT075 SCT1207977 92%NA8329.87NA
2212:20E 1210.00FairCLR8077 90%NA8629.87NA
2212:00SE 107.00 Light RainSCT013 SCT019 SCT0318177 89%NA8829.88NA
2211:40SE 20 G 234.00 RainSCT011 SCT017 BKN0428177 87%NA8829.88NA0.07
2211:20E 1710.00Partly CloudySCT017 SCT022 SCT0358277 86%NA9029.87NA
2211:00E 1610.00Partly CloudySCT014 SCT0208277 84%NA9029.87NA
2210:40NE 1710.00Partly CloudySCT014 SCT0278278 86%NA9029.87NA
2210:20E 1810.00Mostly CloudyBKN016 BKN024 BKN0308277 86%NA9029.88NA
2210:00E 22 G 2610.00Partly Cloudy and BreezySCT018 SCT027 SCT0358277 84%NA9029.87NA
2209:40E 1710.00FairCLR8277 86%NA9029.87NA
2209:20NE 1610.00FairCLR8277 85%NA9029.87NA
2209:00NE 1810.00FairCLR8177 89%NA8829.86NA
2208:40E 1710.00FairCLR8176 86%NA8829.86NA
2208:20E 1710.00Partly CloudySCT1208176 86%NA8829.86NA
2208:00E 16 G 2110.00Partly CloudySCT1208076 87%NA8529.86NA
2207:40E 1710.00Partly CloudySCT1108076 87%NA8529.85NA
2207:20E 1410.00FairCLR8176 86%NA8829.85NA
2207:00E 1810.00FairCLR8276 84%NA9029.83NA
2206:40E 17 G 2810.00FairCLR8377 82%NA9229.83NA0.01
2206:20E 2210.00Partly Cloudy and BreezySCT016 SCT024 SCT0318477 80%NA9429.82NA0.01
2206:00E 25 G 2910.00Mostly Cloudy and BreezySCT016 BKN022 BKN0278577 77%NA9629.82NA
2205:40E 1410.00Mostly CloudySCT018 SCT025 BKN0348678 76%NA9829.80NA
2205:20E 1710.00Partly CloudySCT018 SCT025 SCT0448677 75%NA9729.79NA
2205:00E 18 G 2310.00Mostly CloudySCT020 SCT025 BKN0468677 75%NA9729.79NA
2204:40E 1610.00Partly CloudySCT021 SCT0288677 75%NA9729.79NA
2204:20E 17 G 2210.00Partly CloudySCT021 SCT0408677 75%NA9729.79NA
2204:00E 18 G 2210.00Partly CloudySCT021 SCT026 SCT0348778 75%NA10029.79NA
2203:40E 1810.00Mostly CloudySCT021 SCT025 BKN0348778 75%NA10029.79NA
2203:20E 18 G 2310.00Mostly CloudySCT018 BKN025 BKN0328778 76%NA10129.80NA
2203:00E 17 G 2210.00Mostly CloudyBKN018 BKN025 BKN0328778 76%NA10129.80NA
2202:40E 1710.00Mostly CloudySCT018 BKN024 BKN0308779 77%NA10129.79NA
2202:20E 1810.00Mostly CloudySCT017 BKN023 BKN0288678 77%NA9829.80NA
2202:00E 18 G 2310.00Mostly CloudyBKN017 BKN025 BKN0308679 79%NA9929.80NA
2201:40NE 1510.00Mostly CloudySCT017 SCT023 BKN0288778 77%NA10129.80NA
2201:20NE 1810.00Partly CloudySCT0178778 76%NA10129.81NA
2201:00NE 20 G 2510.00FairCLR8879 75%NA10329.81NA
2200:40E 20 G 2510.00Partly CloudySCT017 SCT1108778 74%NA10029.82NA
2200:20E 1710.00Partly CloudySCT017 SCT1108778 74%NA10029.83NA
2200:00E 20 G 2310.00FairCLR8778 73%NA9929.84NA
2123:40E 1610.00Partly CloudySCT019 SCT0258778 73%NA9929.85NA
2123:20E 1710.00Partly CloudySCT0198778 74%NA10029.86NA
2123:00E 1710.00FairCLR8778 74%NA10029.87NA
2122:40E 1510.00Partly CloudySCT019 SCT0298678 76%NA9829.87NA
2122:20E 1510.00Partly CloudySCT019 SCT024 SCT0298678 77%NA9829.88NA
2122:00E 1710.00Mostly CloudySCT022 SCT029 BKN0358578 78%NA9629.88NA
2121:40E 187.00Partly CloudySCT015 SCT020 SCT0268578 79%NA9629.88NA
2121:20NE 167.00Mostly CloudyBKN015 BKN023 BKN0348577 79%NA9629.88NA
2121:00E 1610.00Partly CloudySCT018 SCT023 SCT0448577 78%NA9629.87NA
2120:40E 1710.00Partly CloudySCT016 SCT025 SCT0448477 79%NA9429.87NA
2120:20E 18 G 2410.00Partly CloudySCT027 SCT0348477 80%NA9429.87NA
2120:00E 1810.00Partly CloudySCT019 SCT026 SCT0348377 81%NA9229.86NA
2119:40E 1710.00Mostly CloudySCT020 BKN0278377 82%NA9229.86NA
2119:20E 167.00Mostly CloudyBKN020 BKN0278377 82%NA9229.86NA
2119:00E 177.00Mostly CloudyBKN018 BKN0258277 84%NA9029.84NA
2118:40E 2010.00Partly CloudySCT018 SCT0238377 82%NA9229.84NA
2118:20E 1710.00Partly CloudySCT0188377 82%NA9229.83NA
2118:00E 18 G 2210.00Partly CloudySCT0188377 83%NA9229.83NA
2117:40E 17 G 2410.00Partly CloudySCT020 SCT0258377 82%NA9229.83NA
2117:20E 21 G 2610.00Partly Cloudy and BreezySCT018 SCT0258377 83%NA9229.83NA
2117:00E 16 G 257.00Partly CloudySCT018 SCT0258377 82%NA9229.83NA
2116:40E 177.00Partly CloudySCT0168377 83%NA9229.83NA
2116:20E 22 G 2910.00Partly Cloudy and BreezySCT019 SCT027 SCT0338377 83%NA9229.83NA
2116:00E 21 G 257.00Mostly Cloudy and BreezyBKN020 BKN027 BKN0338377 83%NA9229.83NA
2115:40E 18 G 267.00Partly CloudySCT018 SCT0248377 83%NA9229.83NA
2115:20E 207.00Partly CloudySCT0168377 83%NA9229.83NA
2115:00NE 187.00Partly CloudySCT018 SCT023 SCT0318277 84%NA9029.83NA
2114:40E 177.00Mostly CloudySCT018 SCT023 BKN0318377 83%NA9229.84NA
2114:20E 23 G 267.00Partly Cloudy and BreezySCT018 SCT0318277 84%NA9029.85NA
2114:00E 22 G 267.00Partly Cloudy and BreezySCT018 SCT027 SCT0338377 82%NA9229.85NA
2113:40E 22 G 267.00Mostly Cloudy and BreezySCT018 BKN024 BKN0398377 83%NA9229.85NA
2113:20E 177.00Mostly CloudySCT018 BKN027 BKN0398377 82%NA9229.86NA
2113:00E 227.00Mostly Cloudy and BreezySCT016 BKN029 BKN0368377 81%NA9229.87NA
2112:40E 217.00Mostly Cloudy and BreezyBKN018 BKN028 BKN0358376 80%NA9129.88NA
2112:20E 187.00Partly CloudySCT020 SCT0288377 80%NA9129.88NA
2112:00E 18 G 267.00Partly CloudySCT020 SCT025 SCT0338377 80%NA9129.89NA
2111:40E 20 G 257.00Partly CloudySCT020 SCT025 SCT0318377 81%NA9229.89NA
2111:20E 18 G 257.00Partly CloudySCT020 SCT0278377 81%NA9229.89NA
2111:00E 18 G 237.00Partly CloudySCT016 SCT0238377 82%NA9229.89NA
2110:40E 177.00Partly CloudySCT020 SCT0268377 82%NA9229.89NA
2110:20E 21 G 257.00Partly Cloudy and BreezySCT018 SCT0268377 82%NA9229.89NA
2110:00E 217.00Partly Cloudy and BreezySCT018 SCT0238377 82%NA9229.88NA
2109:40E 20 G 267.00Partly CloudySCT018 SCT0238377 82%NA9229.88NA
2109:20E 22 G 257.00Partly Cloudy and BreezySCT0178378 82%NA9229.88NA
2109:00E 187.00Partly CloudySCT017 SCT0248378 82%NA9229.87NA
2108:40E 21 G 247.00Partly Cloudy and BreezySCT017 SCT0248377 82%NA9229.86NA
2108:20E 21 G 267.00Partly Cloudy and BreezySCT019 SCT0268377 82%NA9229.86NA
2108:00E 18 G 237.00Partly CloudySCT017 SCT030 SCT0358477 81%NA9429.86NA
2107:40E 187.00Mostly CloudySCT017 SCT022 BKN0298477 81%NA9429.85NA
2107:20E 207.00Mostly CloudySCT020 BKN027 BKN0328477 81%NA9429.84NA
2107:00E 21 G 257.00Partly Cloudy and BreezySCT020 SCT027 SCT0328477 81%NA9429.84NA
2106:40E 227.00Partly Cloudy and BreezySCT0218477 80%NA9429.83NA
2106:20E 20 G 257.00Partly CloudySCT017 SCT023 SCT0298577 79%NA9629.82NA
2106:00E 225.00Partly Cloudy with Haze and BreezySCT017 SCT023 SCT0298577 78%NA9629.82NA
2105:40NE 16 G 237.00Partly CloudySCT017 SCT0418677 76%NA9829.81NA
2105:20NE 21 G 287.00Fair and BreezyCLR8677 76%NA9829.80NA
2105:00E 177.00FairCLR8677 75%NA9729.81NA
2104:40NE 1710.00Partly CloudySCT019 SCT024 SCT0348678 77%NA9829.80NA
2104:20NE 187.00Partly CloudySCT017 SCT0248678 77%NA9829.80NA
2104:00E 18 G 227.00Partly CloudySCT017 BKN028 SCT0378678 76%NA9829.80NA
2103:40E 217.00Mostly Cloudy and BreezySCT017 SCT028 BKN0378778 76%NA10129.80NA
2103:20NE 177.00Partly CloudySCT017 SCT0258778 75%NA10029.80NA
2103:00E 1710.00Partly CloudySCT017 SCT025 SCT0508879 75%NA10329.80NA
2102:40NE 187.00Partly CloudySCT017 SCT023 SCT0348778 75%NA10029.80NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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