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South Padre Island
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
2500:15S 16NANANA8477 79%NA9429.90NA
2423:55S 17NANANA8475 74%NA9229.91NA
2423:35S 17 G 22NANANA8675 70%NA9529.91NA
2423:15S 17 G 22NANANA8677 75%NA9729.91NA
2422:55S 15 G 21NANANA8677 75%NA9729.91NA
2422:35S 16 G 21NANANA8677 75%NA9729.91NA
2422:15S 13 G 22NANANA8677 75%NA9729.91NA
2421:55S 15 G 20NANANA8677 75%NA9729.90NA
2421:35S 18 G 23NANANA8677 75%NA9729.90NA
2421:15S 17 G 22NANANA8677 75%NA9729.89NA
2420:55SE 18 G 23NANANA8677 75%NA9729.89NA
2420:35S 17 G 23NANANA8675 70%NA9529.88NA
2420:15S 17 G 22NANANA8677 75%NA9729.88NA
2419:55S 17 G 22NANANA8677 75%NA9729.87NA
2419:35S 15 G 22NANANA8675 70%NA9529.87NA
2419:15S 15 G 22NANANA8677 75%NA9729.87NA
2418:55S 16 G 21NANANA8677 75%NA9729.86NA
2418:35S 15 G 21NANANA8677 75%NA9729.86NA
2418:15S 17 G 21NANANA8877 70%NA10029.86NA
2417:55S 15NANANA8877 70%NA10029.86NA
2417:35S 12NANANA8877 70%NA10029.87NA
2417:15S 14NANANA9077 67%NA10429.87NA
2416:55S 16NANANA9077 67%NA10429.88NA
2416:35SE 14NANANA9077 67%NA10429.88NA
2416:15S 14NANANA9075 63%NA10129.89NA
2415:55S 15NANANA9075 63%NA10129.89NA
2415:35S 14 G 21NANANA9077 67%NA10429.90NA
2415:15S 16NANANA9077 67%NA10429.90NA
2414:55S 16 G 21NANANA9077 67%NA10429.91NA
2414:35S 15NANANA9077 67%NA10429.92NA
2414:15S 14 G 22NANANA9077 67%NA10429.92NA
2413:55S 18NANANA9177 63%NA10429.92NA
2413:35SE 16NANANA9077 67%NA10429.93NA
2413:15S 16NANANA9177 63%NA10429.94NA
2412:55S 14 G 18NANANA9177 63%NA10429.95NA
2412:35S 16NANANA9075 63%NA10129.96NA
2412:15S 16 G 20NANANA9075 63%NA10129.96NA
2411:55S 14NANANA9077 67%NA10429.97NA
2411:35S 15NANANA9077 67%NA10429.97NA
2411:15S 15 G 20NANANA9075 63%NA10129.96NA
2410:55S 15NANANA9077 67%NA10429.96NA
2410:35S 16NANANA9077 67%NA10429.96NA
2410:15S 15 G 20NANANA8877 70%NA10029.96NA
2409:55S 14NANANA8877 70%NA10029.96NA
2409:35S 13NANANA8677 75%NA9729.97NA
2409:15S 14NANANA8675 70%NA9529.97NA
2408:55S 12 G 18NANANA8675 70%NA9529.97NA
2408:35S 13NANANA8675 70%NA9529.96NA
2408:15S 10NANANA8475 74%NA9229.96NA
2407:55S 12NANANA8475 74%NA9229.95NA
2407:35S 10NANANA8475 74%NA9229.95NA
2407:15S 13NANANA8475 74%NA9229.94NA
2406:55S 13NANANA8475 74%NA9229.94NA
2406:35S 13NANANA8475 74%NA9229.93NA
2406:15S 12NANANA8477 79%NA9429.93NA
2405:55S 13 G 18NANANA8477 79%NA9429.93NA
2405:35S 14NANANA8477 79%NA9429.93NA
2405:15S 13NANANA8475 74%NA9229.92NA
2404:55S 13NANANA8475 74%NA9229.92NA
2404:35S 14NANANA8475 74%NA9229.91NA
2404:15S 14 G 17NANANA8477 79%NA9429.91NA
2403:55S 15NANANA8477 79%NA9429.91NA
2403:35S 12NANANA8477 79%NA9429.91NA
2403:15S 14NANANA8477 79%NA9429.92NA
2402:55S 13 G 18NANANA8475 74%NA9229.92NA
2402:35S 14NANANA8475 74%NA9229.92NA
2402:15S 14NANANA8477 79%NA9429.92NA
2401:55S 13NANANA8475 74%NA9229.92NA
2401:35S 13NANANA8475 74%NA9229.92NA
2401:15S 13NANANA8677 75%NA9729.93NA
2400:55S 13 G 20NANANA8477 79%NA9429.93NA
2400:35S 12NANANA8677 75%NA9729.94NA
2400:15SE 15NANANA8677 75%NA9729.94NA
2323:55SE 15NANANA8677 75%NA9729.94NA
2323:35SE 16NANANA8477 79%NA9429.94NA
2323:15S 15NANANA8677 75%NA9729.93NA
2322:55S 15NANANA8677 75%NA9729.93NA
2322:35S 12 G 18NANANA8677 75%NA9729.93NA
2322:15S 10NANANA8677 75%NA9729.92NA
2321:55S 14NANANA8677 75%NA9729.91NA
2321:35S 13NANANA8675 70%NA9529.91NA
2321:15SE 15NANANA8677 75%NA9729.91NA
2320:55SE 15NANANA8675 70%NA9529.90NA
2320:35SE 15NANANA8677 75%NA9729.90NA
2320:15SE 14NANANA8677 75%NA9729.90NA
2319:55SE 15NANANA8677 75%NA9729.89NA
2319:35SE 16NANANA8675 70%NA9529.89NA
2319:15SE 16NANANA8677 75%NA9729.88NA
2318:55SE 14NANANA8677 75%NA9729.88NA
2318:35SE 15 G 20NANANA8677 75%NA9729.88NA
2318:15SE 14 G 17NANANA8877 70%NA10029.88NA
2317:55SE 15NANANA8877 70%NA10029.88NA
2317:35SE 15NANANA9077 67%NA10429.89NA
2317:15SE 14NANANA9075 63%NA10129.89NA
2316:55S 14NANANA9077 67%NA10429.88NA
2316:35SE 13NANANA9077 67%NA10429.88NA
2316:15SE 14NANANA9075 63%NA10129.89NA
2315:55SE 13NA Thunderstorm in VicinityNA9077 67%NA10429.89NA
2315:35SE 14NANANA9075 63%NA10129.90NA
2315:15S 12NANANA9077 67%NA10429.90NA
2314:55S 12NANANA9075 63%NA10129.91NA
2314:35SE 13NANANA9077 67%NA10429.92NA
2314:15SE 14NANANA8877 70%NA10029.92NA
2313:55S 12NANANA9075 63%NA10129.92NA
2313:35S 15NANANA9177 63%NA10429.93NA
2313:15SE 12NANANA9075 63%NA10129.94NA
2312:55S 12NANANA9075 63%NA10129.94NA
2312:35S 12NANANA9075 63%NA10129.95NA
2312:15S 12 G 16NANANA9077 67%NA10429.95NA
2311:55S 13 G 16NANANA9075 63%NA10129.96NA
2311:35S 13NANANA9075 63%NA10129.96NA
2311:15S 12NANANA9075 63%NA10129.96NA
2310:55S 13 G 16NANANA9075 63%NA10129.96NA
2310:35S 12NANANA8875 66%NA9829.96NA
2310:15S 13NANANA8875 66%NA9829.96NA
2309:55S 12NANANA8875 66%NA9829.96NA
2309:35S 12NANANA8675 70%NA9529.95NA
2309:15S 12NANANA8675 70%NA9529.95NA
2308:55S 9NANANA8677 75%NA9729.95NA
2308:35S 8NANANA8675 70%NA9529.95NA
2308:15S 8NANANA8477 79%NA9429.94NA
2307:55SW 7NANANA8275 79%NA8929.94NA
2307:35S 7NANANA8275 79%NA8929.94NA
2307:15S 8NANANA8275 79%NA8929.93NA
2306:55S 8NANANA8475 74%NA9229.92NA
2306:35S 10 G 17NANANA8477 79%NA9429.92NA
2306:15S 8NANANA8477 79%NA9429.92NA
2305:55S 13NANANA8477 79%NA9429.92NA
2305:35S 14NANANA8477 79%NA9429.92NA
2305:15S 14NANANA8477 79%NA9429.91NA
2304:55S 10NANANA8477 79%NA9429.91NA
2304:35S 14 G 18NANANA8475 74%NA9229.91NA
2304:15S 15NANANA8477 79%NA9429.91NA
2303:55S 15NANANA8475 74%NA9229.91NA
2303:35S 12NANANA8477 79%NA9429.92NA
2303:15S 12NANANA8477 79%NA9429.92NA
2302:55S 15NANANA8475 74%NA9229.92NA
2302:35S 15 G 18NANANA8475 74%NA9229.93NA
2302:15S 14 G 17NANANA8475 74%NA9229.93NA
2301:55S 14NANANA8473 70%NA9029.93NA
2301:35S 14NANANA8473 70%NA9029.93NA
2301:15S 14 G 20NANANA8475 74%NA9229.93NA
2300:55S 16 G 20NANANA8473 70%NA9029.93NA
2300:35S 15 G 20NANANA8673 66%NA9329.93NA
2300:15SE 16NANANA8475 74%NA9229.93NA
2223:55SE 18NANANA8675 70%NA9529.93NA
2223:35SE 17NANANA8475 74%NA9229.92NA
2223:15SE 16NANANA8477 79%NA9429.92NA
2222:55SE 15NANANA8675 70%NA9529.91NA
2222:35SE 17NANANA8475 74%NA9229.91NA
2222:15SE 15NANANA8475 74%NA9229.91NA
2221:55SE 17NANANA8675 70%NA9529.90NA
2221:35SE 18NANANA8475 74%NA9229.90NA
2221:15SE 14NANANA8475 74%NA9229.90NA
2220:55SE 16NANANA8675 70%NA9529.90NA
2220:35SE 16NANANA8675 70%NA9529.89NA
2220:15SE 16NANANA8675 70%NA9529.89NA
2219:55SE 15NANANA8675 70%NA9529.89NA
2219:35SE 16NANANA8673 66%NA9329.89NA
2219:15SE 16NANANA8673 66%NA9329.88NA
2218:55SE 16NANANA8673 66%NA9329.88NA
2218:35SE 17 G 21NANANA8875 66%NA9829.88NA
2218:15SE 14NANANA8875 66%NA9829.88NA
2217:55SE 14NANANA8875 66%NA9829.88NA
2217:35SE 15 G 20NANANA9075 63%NA10129.88NA
2217:15SE 15NANANA8875 66%NA9829.88NA
2216:55SE 14 G 18NANANA9075 63%NA10129.88NA
2216:35SE 14NANANA9075 63%NA10129.89NA
2216:15SE 13NANANA9075 63%NA10129.89NA
2215:55SE 13NANANA9073 59%NA9929.89NA
2215:35SE 13NANANA9073 59%NA9929.90NA
2215:15SE 14NANANA9075 63%NA10129.90NA
2214:55SE 13NANANA9075 63%NA10129.91NA
2214:35SE 13NANANA9075 63%NA10129.92NA
2214:15E 13NANANA9075 63%NA10129.92NA
2213:55SE 13NANANA9073 59%NA9929.93NA
2213:35E 9NANANA8873 62%NA9629.93NA
2213:15E 9NANANA8875 66%NA9829.94NA
2212:55E 7NANANA8875 66%NA9829.95NA
2212:35E 6NANANA8875 66%NA9829.95NA
2212:15E 6NANANA8875 66%NA9829.96NA
2211:55NE 5NANANA8875 66%NA9829.96NA
2211:35E 5NANANA8675 70%NA9529.96NA
2211:15CalmNANANA8673 66%NA9329.96NA
2210:55CalmNANANA8675 70%NA9529.96NA
2210:35CalmNANANA8673 66%NA9329.96NA
2210:15W 3NANANA8475 74%NA9229.95NA
2209:55W 3NANANA8475 74%NA9229.95NA
2209:35NW 5NANANA8475 74%NA9229.95NA
2209:15NW 5NANANA8475 74%NA9229.94NA
2208:55NW 5NANANA8275 79%NA8929.94NA
2208:35NW 5NANANA8275 79%NA8929.94NA
2208:15NW 6NANANA8175 84%NA8729.93NA
2207:55NW 5NANANA8173 79%NA8629.93NA
2207:35W 7NANANA7975 89%NA8329.93NA
2207:15W 8NANANA8173 79%NA8629.92NA
2206:55W 8NANANA8173 79%NA8629.92NA
2206:35W 9NANANA8175 84%NA8729.92NA
2206:15SW 8NANANA8275 79%NA8929.91NA
2205:55W 6NANANA8275 79%NA8929.91NA
2205:35W 5NANANA8173 79%NA8629.91NA
2205:15W 7NANANA8275 79%NA8929.90NA
2204:55SW 9NANANA8475 74%NA9229.91NA
2204:35SW 5NANANA8475 74%NA9229.90NA
2204:15S 6NANANA8475 74%NA9229.90NA
2203:55SE 7NANANA8475 74%NA9229.90NA
2203:35SE 8NANANA8475 74%NA9229.91NA
2203:15SE 9NANANA8475 74%NA9229.91NA
2202:55SE 8NANANA8475 74%NA9229.91NA
2202:35SE 9NANANA8475 74%NA9229.91NA
2202:15SE 10NA Thunderstorm in VicinityNA8475 74%NA9229.91NA
2201:55SE 12NANANA8475 74%NA9229.92NA
2201:35SE 13NANANA8475 74%NA9229.92NA
2201:15SE 15NANANA8475 74%NA9229.93NA
2200:55SE 10NANANA8677 75%NA9729.93NA
2200:35E 13NANANA8677 75%NA9729.94NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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