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Graham, Graham Municipal Airport
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
2019:35CalmNANANA5927 29%NANA30.02NA
2019:15W 7NANANA6228 27%NANA30.01NA
2018:55CalmNANANA6327 655626%NANA30.01NA
2018:35NW 5NANANA6426 24%NANA30.01NA
2018:15CalmNANANA6427 25%NANA30.01NA
2017:55N 7NANANA6427 25%NANA30.00NA
2017:35NW 8NANANA6426 23%NANA30.01NA
2017:15NW 8NANANA6426 24%NANA30.02NA
2016:55N 6NANANA6328 26%NANA30.02NA
2016:35W 6 G 9NANANA6127 27%NANA30.02NA
2016:15W 6 G 12NANANA6326 24%NANA30.03NA
2015:55CalmNANANA6329 28%NANA30.04NA
2015:35NW 5NANANA6229 28%NANA30.05NA
2015:15W 12 G 17NANANA6229 29%NANA30.06NA
2014:55NW 9NANANA6130 31%NANA30.07NA
2014:35NW 7 G 18NANANA6030 32%NANA30.08NA
2014:15NW 10 G 20NANANA5930 33%NANA30.09NA
2013:55W 14 G 21NANANA5830 34%NANA30.10NA
2013:35NW 12 G 18NANANA5831 36%NANA30.11NA
2013:15N 8 G 16NANANA5732 38%NANA30.11NA
2012:55NW 6 G 21NANANA5631 563739%NANA30.11NA
2012:35NW 12 G 21NANANA5532 41%NANA30.13NA
2012:15NW 10 G 17NANANA5432 43%NANA30.13NA
2011:55W 13 G 17NANANA5432 45%NANA30.14NA
2011:35W 14 G 21NANANA5232 46%NANA30.15NA
2011:15NW 14 G 20NANANA5233 49%NANA30.14NA
2010:55NW 15 G 21NANANA5133 50%NANA30.13NA
2010:35NW 16 G 22NANANA4933 53%43NA30.13NA
2010:15NW 15 G 21NANANA4933 55%43NA30.11NA
2009:55N 14 G 21NANANA4733 59%41NA30.10NA
2009:35NW 10 G 17NANANA4633 62%41NA30.10NA
2009:15NW 13 G 16NANANA4333 68%36NA30.10NA
2008:55NW 9NANANA4233 72%37NA30.10NA
2008:35NW 9NANANA4033 77%34NA30.10NA
2008:15NW 8NANANA3934 83%33NA30.10NA
2007:55NW 7NANANA3833 84%33NA30.09NA
2007:35NW 6NANANA3833 84%33NA30.08NA
2007:15NW 8NANANA3733 84%31NA30.09NA
2006:55NW 7NANANA3732 463782%32NA30.07NA
2006:35NW 7NANANA3933 80%34NA30.06NA
2006:15NW 8NANANA3933 80%33NA30.06NA
2005:55NW 7NANANA3933 79%34NA30.05NA
2005:35NW 9NANANA4033 79%34NA30.06NA
2005:15NW 8NANANA4034 78%35NA30.04NA
2004:50NW 10NANANA4134 77%35NA30.03NA
2004:35NW 8NANANA4034 78%35NA30.03NA
2004:10NW 7NANANA4134 75%36NA30.02NA
2003:55NW 8NANANA4234 74%37NA30.02NA
2003:35N 9NANANA4134 75%35NA30.01NA
2003:15NW 7NANANA4134 76%36NA30.02NA
2002:55NW 8NANANA4234 73%37NA30.01NA
2002:35NW 7NANANA4234 72%38NA30.01NA
2002:15NW 7NANANA4334 71%39NA30.01NA
2001:55NW 7NANANA4434 68%40NA30.01NA
2001:35NW 8NANANA4534 66%41NA30.00NA
2001:15NW 7NANANA4534 66%41NA30.00NA
2000:55N 10 G 17NANANA4634 624664%41NA29.99NA
2000:35NW 9NANANA4634 63%41NA29.99NA
2000:15NW 8NANANA4735 63%43NA29.99NA
1923:55NW 9NANANA4835 61%44NA29.98NA
1923:35N 14 G 21NANANA4935 57%44NA29.98NA
1923:15N 15 G 23NANANA5035 55%45NA29.98NA
1922:55NW 13 G 20NANANA5134 53%NANA29.96NA
1922:35NW 12 G 17NANANA5234 51%NANA29.96NA
1922:15NW 10 G 16NANANA5335 50%NANA29.95NA
1921:55NW 14 G 21NANANA5434 48%NANA29.94NA
1921:35NW 16 G 24NANANA5534 47%NANA29.94NA
1921:15NW 17 G 25NANANA5535 46%NANA29.93NA
1920:55NW 14 G 23NANANA5635 44%NANA29.92NA
1920:35NW 13NANANA5735 44%NANA29.90NA
1920:15NW 12 G 18NANANA5735 44%NANA29.89NA
1919:55NW 10 G 16NANANA5836 43%NANA29.88NA
1919:35NW 14 G 21NANANA6035 40%NANA29.86NA
1919:15NW 10 G 25NANANA6235 38%NANA29.86NA
1918:55NW 16 G 21NANANA6235 686237%NANA29.85NA
1918:35NW 17 G 23NANANA6436 36%NANA29.83NA
1918:15NW 13NANANA6335 36%NANA29.82NA
1917:55NW 20 G 26NANANA6436 34%NANA29.82NA
1917:35NW 15 G 25NANANA6536 34%NANA29.81NA
1917:15NW 17 G 22NANANA6536 34%NANA29.81NA
1916:55NW 15 G 28NANANA6636 33%NANA29.81NA
1916:35NW 16 G 29NANANA6636 33%NANA29.80NA
1916:15W 21 G 25NABreezyNA6737 33%NANA29.81NA
1915:55NW 15 G 26NANANA6637 34%NANA29.81NA
1915:35NW 18 G 26NANANA6637 33%NANA29.81NA
1915:15NW 20 G 29NANANA6737 33%NANA29.81NA
1914:55NW 21 G 31NABreezyNA6737 34%NANA29.81NA
1914:35NW 14 G 29NANANA6537 35%NANA29.82NA
1914:15NW 17 G 30NANANA6537 35%NANA29.82NA
1913:55NW 22 G 28NABreezyNA6537 36%NANA29.81NA
1913:35NW 24 G 32NABreezyNA6539 39%NANA29.82NA
1913:15NW 24 G 31NABreezyNA6641 41%NANA29.81NA
1912:55NW 16 G 33NANANA6541 665641%NANA29.81NA
1912:35NW 18 G 32NANANA6542 43%NANA29.81NA
1912:15NW 23 G 28NABreezyNA6641 41%NANA29.80NA
1911:55W 22 G 35NABreezyNA6441 43%NANA29.79NA
1911:35NW 22 G 33NABreezyNA6441 43%NANA29.79NA
1911:15NW 26 G 36NAWindyNA6341 45%NANA29.78NA
1910:55W 28 G 38NAWindyNA6239 43%NANA29.77NA
1910:35W 24 G 36NABreezyNA6333 33%NANA29.76NA
1910:15NW 29 G 35NAWindyNA6231 31%NANA29.76NA
1909:55W 25 G 37NABreezyNA6128 29%NANA29.74NA
1909:35W 25 G 33NABreezyNA6026 27%NANA29.74NA
1909:15W 21 G 30NABreezyNA5925 27%NANA29.72NA
1908:55W 22 G 30NABreezyNA5824 27%NANA29.72NA
1908:35W 20 G 33NANANA5722 26%NANA29.71NA
1908:15W 18 G 31NANANA5722 26%NANA29.71NA
1907:55W 17 G 23NANANA5621 26%NANA29.70NA
1907:35W 14 G 22NANANA5620 25%NANA29.69NA
1907:15W 15 G 23NANANA5620 24%NANA29.69NA
1906:55W 17 G 22NANANA5619 635523%NANA29.68NA
1906:35W 15 G 23NANANA5618 22%NANA29.68NA
1906:15W 15 G 23NANANA5717 21%NANA29.67NA
1905:55W 12 G 17NANANA5815 19%NANA29.67NA
1905:35W 17 G 26NANANA5915 18%NANA29.66NA
1905:15W 9NANANA5717 20%NANA29.65NA
1904:55SW 13 G 18NANANA5717 21%NANA29.65NA
1904:35SW 12NANANA5620 24%NANA29.65NA
1904:15SW 8NANANA5621 26%NANA29.66NA
1903:55SW 10NANANA5523 28%NANA29.67NA
1903:35SW 7NANANA5524 30%NANA29.68NA
1903:15SW 7NANANA5525 31%NANA29.70NA
1902:55S 6NANANA5626 31%NANA29.71NA
1902:35SW 3NANANA5825 28%NANA29.71NA
1902:15W 5NANANA5926 28%NANA29.71NA
1901:55W 5NANANA6025 26%NANA29.71NA
1901:35W 6NANANA6224 24%NANA29.71NA
1901:15W 5NANANA6326 24%NANA29.69NA
1900:55W 6NANANA6428 786326%NANA29.70NA
1900:35NW 7NANANA6431 29%NANA29.70NA
1900:15NW 16 G 23NANANA6534 31%NANA29.69NA
1823:55W 23 G 45NABreezyNA6646 49%NANA29.69NA
1823:35SE 6NANANA6358 86%NANA29.62NA
1823:15S 6NANANA6458 84%NANA29.62NA
1822:55SE 7NANANA6459 85%NANA29.61NA
1822:35SE 7NANANA6461 90%NANA29.61NA
1822:15SE 8NANANA6561 85%NANA29.61NA
1821:55SE 8NANANA6661 83%NANA29.61NA
1821:35SE 10 G 16NANANA6761 81%NANA29.61NA
1821:15SE 9NANANA6861 79%NANA29.61NA
1820:55SE 12NANANA6961 76%NANA29.61NA
1820:35SE 10NANANA7061 74%NANA29.62NA
1820:15SE 12 G 17NANANA7160 68%NANA29.62NA
1819:55SE 9NANANA7360 64%NANA29.62NA
1819:35SE 10NANANA7459 58%NANA29.61NA
1819:15SE 9NANANA7758 52%NA7929.61NA
1818:55SE 8NANANA7856 806747%NA7929.60NA
1818:35SE 8NANANA7856 47%NA7929.61NA
1818:15SE 6NANANA7956 46%NA8029.63NA
1817:55CalmNANANA7855 46%NA7929.64NA
1817:35SE 3NANANA7855 45%NA7929.65NA
1817:15CalmNANANA7855 45%NA7929.66NA
1816:55S 3NANANA7855 44%NA7929.67NA
1816:35W 6NANANA7855 44%NA7929.68NA
1816:15CalmNANANA7857 47%NA7929.69NA
1815:55W 7NANANA7859 51%NA7929.71NA
1815:35W 6NANANA7559 57%NANA29.72NA
1815:15CalmNANANA7759 54%NA7929.73NA
1814:55SW 6NANANA7359 62%NANA29.74NA
1814:35W 6NANANA7359 63%NANA29.76NA
1814:15CalmNANANA7260 66%NANA29.76NA
1813:55SE 8NANANA7160 69%NANA29.77NA
1813:35SE 10NANANA6960 72%NANA29.79NA
1813:15S 6NANANA6960 74%NANA29.80NA
1812:55E 8NANANA6761 675580%NANA29.78NA
1812:35SE 8NANANA6761 79%NANA29.80NA
1812:15SW 5NANANA6765 95%NANA29.84NA
1811:55CalmNANANA6565 100%NANA29.83NA
1811:35CalmNANANA6565 100%NANA29.82NA
1811:15CalmNANANA6464 100%NANA29.83NA
1810:35N 3NANANA61NA NANANA29.84NA
1810:15W 3NANANA61NA NANANA29.87NA
1809:55CalmNANANA61NA NANANA29.87NA
1809:35CalmNANANA59NA NANANA29.86NA
1809:15CalmNANANA59NA NANANA29.86NA
1808:15CalmNANANA59NA NANANA29.84NA
1807:55CalmNANANA5757 100%NANA29.85NA
1807:35W 3NANANA5858 100%NANA29.86NA
1807:15CalmNANANA57NA NANANA29.83NA
1806:55CalmNANANA5551 555287%NANA29.83NA
1806:35CalmNANANA5551 88%NANA29.83NA
1806:15CalmNANANA5452 94%NANA29.83NA
1805:55CalmNANANA5353 99%NANA29.83NA
1805:35CalmNANANA5350 91%NANA29.83NA
1805:15CalmNANANA5353 99%NANA29.83NA
1804:55CalmNANANA5349 86%NANA29.84NA
1804:35CalmNANANA5348 85%NANA29.83NA
1804:15CalmNANANA5448 81%NANA29.83NA
1803:55CalmNANANA5448 79%NANA29.83NA
1803:35CalmNANANA5448 79%NANA29.85NA
1803:15CalmNANANA5547 77%NANA29.85NA
1802:55CalmNANANA5547 76%NANA29.86NA
1802:35CalmNANANA5545 70%NANA29.86NA
1802:15CalmNANANA5544 67%NANA29.87NA
1801:55CalmNANANA5543 66%NANA29.88NA
1801:35CalmNANANA5542 62%NANA29.88NA
1801:15CalmNANANA5541 61%NANA29.89NA
1800:55CalmNANANA5541 685559%NANA29.89NA
1800:35CalmNANANA5641 57%NANA29.89NA
1800:15CalmNANANA5741 56%NANA29.89NA
1723:55NE 6NANANA5741 55%NANA29.89NA
1723:35E 5NANANA5740 54%NANA29.90NA
1723:15CalmNANANA5841 54%NANA29.90NA
1722:55CalmNANANA5841 52%NANA29.89NA
1722:35NE 5NANANA6041 50%NANA29.89NA
1722:15NE 6NANANA6042 52%NANA29.89NA
1721:55E 8NANANA6043 53%NANA29.88NA
1721:35E 3NANANA6145 56%NANA29.88NA
1721:15NE 5NANANA6245 55%NANA29.88NA
1720:55NE 5NANANA6345 52%NANA29.87NA
1720:35NE 6NANANA6444 50%NANA29.86NA
1720:15NE 3NANANA6545 49%NANA29.85NA
1719:55NE 7NANANA6545 48%NANA29.84NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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