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Chicago, Chicago-O'Hare International Airport
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
2923:51NE 183.00 Light Rain Fog/MistBKN008 OVC0124441 89%36NA29.981015.40.03
2922:51NE 24 G 352.50 Light Rain Fog/Mist and BreezyBKN008 OVC0104542 90%36NA30.001016.20.41
2921:51NE 24 G 352.00 Heavy Rain Fog/Mist and BreezyBKN008 OVC0124442 93%35NA29.981015.50.320.73
2920:51NE 24 G 363.00 Heavy Rain Fog/Mist and BreezyOVC0084441 89%35NA29.991016.00.12
2919:51NE 18 G 284.00 Light Rain Fog/MistOVC0074139 93%32NA30.071018.60.29
2918:51NE 18 G 262.50 Heavy Rain Fog/MistOVC0084038 424093%31NA30.111020.00.210.75
2917:51NE 183.00 Rain Fog/MistBKN007 OVC0424037 89%31NA30.121020.20.18
2916:51N 172.50 Heavy Rain Fog/MistBKN009 BKN019 OVC0454037 89%31NA30.141021.00.11
2915:51NE 224.00 Light Rain Fog/Mist and BreezySCT009 BKN047 OVC0954037 89%30NA30.101019.60.090.25
2914:51NE 17 G 264.00 Rain Fog/MistSCT010 BKN050 OVC0954036 86%31NA30.131020.70.07
2913:51N 21 G 314.00 Light Rain Fog/Mist and BreezySCT028 OVC0504036 86%30NA30.161021.50.09
2912:51NE 16 G 257.00 Light RainFEW030 BKN060 BKN090 OVC1404235 464276%34NA30.191022.60.020.02
2911:51NE 22 G 2810.00 Light Rain and BreezyFEW030 BKN065 BKN090 OVC2204433 65%35NA30.201023.1
2910:51NE 22 G 3210.00Overcast and BreezyFEW030 BKN065 OVC1804532 61%37NA30.151021.3
2909:51NE 24 G 3210.00Overcast and BreezyFEW032 SCT055 OVC1804633 61%38NA30.131020.6
2908:51NE 2110.00Overcast and BreezySCT032 BKN055 OVC2004532 61%37NA30.161021.4
2907:51NE 17 G 2610.00OvercastBKN031 OVC0504530 56%38NA30.151021.2
2906:51NE 12 G 2310.00OvercastBKN031 OVC0404635 464566%40NA30.161021.4
2905:51NE 1810.00OvercastBKN035 OVC0554636 68%39NA30.131020.3
2904:51NE 16 G 2510.00OvercastBKN026 BKN041 OVC0484637 71%39NA30.071018.3
2903:51NE 16 G 2310.00OvercastOVC0254637 71%39NA30.051017.6
2902:51NE 1310.00OvercastFEW011 OVC0274639 77%40NA30.061017.9
2901:51NE 1410.00OvercastSCT011 SCT021 OVC0294639 77%40NA30.041017.3
2900:51NE 149.00OvercastBKN012 OVC0294640 554679%40NA30.001016.0
2823:51NE 159.00OvercastOVC0304739 74%41NA30.021016.7
2822:51N 13 G 2110.00Mostly CloudyBKN032 BKN043 BKN0604839 71%43NA29.991015.7
2821:51NE 1310.00OvercastBKN047 OVC0555040 68%45NA29.971014.9
2820:51NE 98.00OvercastBKN033 OVC0605042 74%46NA29.941014.0
2819:51NE 79.00OvercastOVC0335242 69%NANA29.911013.0
2818:51NE 89.00OvercastOVC0395544 605567%NANA29.881011.9
2817:51NE 1010.00Mostly CloudyFEW080 BKN100 BKN1805845 62%NANA29.871011.5
2816:51E 1010.00OvercastBKN090 OVC1805844 60%NANA29.861011.2
2815:51E 108.00OvercastBKN075 OVC1905845 62%NANA29.851010.9
2814:51E 108.00OvercastOVC0705746 67%NANA29.871011.8
2813:51Vrbl 69.00OvercastFEW028 SCT050 OVC0805845 62%NANA29.911012.9
2812:51SE 910.00OvercastSCT030 BKN080 OVC1005846 584165%NANA29.931013.5
2811:51S 1010.00OvercastFEW075 OVC1005845 62%NANA29.931013.7
2810:51Vrbl 510.00OvercastBKN120 OVC2505541 59%NANA29.941013.9
2809:51NE 510.00Mostly CloudyFEW090 FEW170 BKN2505137 59%NANA29.931013.7
2808:51Calm10.00Mostly CloudyFEW019 FEW110 BKN2504834 58%NANA29.941014.2
2807:51Calm10.00OvercastBKN020 OVC2504432 63%NANA29.931013.8
2806:51S 510.00Mostly CloudyFEW095 SCT120 BKN2504234 434073%39NA29.931014.0
2805:51NW 510.00Mostly CloudyBKN100 BKN2504234 73%39NA29.891012.4
2804:51NW 710.00OvercastOVC1104234 73%38NA29.871011.9
2803:51W 310.00OvercastSCT170 OVC2504236 79%NANA29.861011.6
2802:51W 510.00Partly CloudyFEW033 SCT2504136 82%38NA29.871011.7
2801:51W 610.00Mostly CloudyBKN0334337 80%39NA29.871011.7
2800:51SW 710.00A Few CloudsFEW0344236 464279%38NA29.871011.8
2723:51SW 510.00A Few CloudsFEW0344236 79%39NA29.861011.4
2722:51SW 910.00A Few CloudsFEW0344335 74%38NA29.851011.0
2721:51SW 910.00Mostly CloudyBKN0344434 68%39NA29.821010.3
2720:51W 13 G 2010.00OvercastOVC0284534 66%39NA29.791009.1
2719:51W 1510.00OvercastOVC0254534 66%38NA29.771008.3
2718:51SW 16 G 2510.00OvercastOVC0254636 464568%39NA29.741007.1
2717:51SW 16 G 2510.00OvercastOVC0264636 68%39NA29.721006.5
2716:51W 18 G 3010.00OvercastBKN022 OVC0274637 71%39NA29.701005.7
2715:51W 17 G 3010.00OvercastBKN022 OVC0254637 71%39NA29.681005.2
2714:51W 20 G 2810.00OvercastOVC0224637 71%38NA29.661004.5
2713:51W 20 G 2410.00OvercastOVC0194637 71%38NA29.621003.2
2712:51W 17 G 2910.00OvercastOVC0184637 524471%39NA29.601002.20.01
2711:51W 20 G 2810.00OvercastOVC0204637 71%38NA29.581001.6
2710:51SW 21 G 2910.00Overcast and BreezyOVC0184739 74%39NA29.531000.0
2709:51W 21 G 3010.00Overcast and BreezyOVC0144741 80%39NA29.49998.70.01
2708:51W 21 G 337.00Overcast and BreezyBKN010 OVC0174743 86%39NA29.47997.8
2707:51W 26 G 323.00 Light Rain Fog/Mist and WindySCT007 BKN012 OVC0214845 89%40NA29.40995.60.01
2706:51W 17 G 242.00 Light Rain Fog/MistBKN010 OVC0135250 625293%NANA29.31992.40.070.14
2705:51S 145.00 Light Rain Fog/MistBKN018 BKN025 OVC0655855 90%NANA29.27991.10.01
2704:51S 17 G 2610.00 Light RainFEW029 BKN043 OVC0506055 84%NANA29.29991.60.01
2703:51S 16 G 2310.00 Light RainSCT013 BKN018 OVC0346057 90%NANA29.31992.10.020.05
2702:51S 1210.00 Light RainSCT011 BKN016 OVC0256057 90%NANA29.35993.5
2701:51S 1410.00 Light RainFEW011 BKN017 OVC0436057 90%NANA29.37994.10.03
2700:51S 95.00 Light Rain Fog/MistBKN010 BKN030 OVC0906159 676093%NANA29.39995.00.060.21
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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