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Nacogdoches, A L Mangham Jr. Regional Airport
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
2913:55S 12NAPartly CloudySCT0287564 69%NANA29.77NA
2913:35SW 7NAPartly CloudyFEW030 SCT0357364 74%NANA29.77NA
2913:15SW 8NAPartly CloudySCT0337263 73%NANA29.78NA
2912:55SW 10NAA Few CloudsFEW0267263 726373%NANA29.78NA0.05
2912:35SW 10 G 31NAA Few CloudsFEW0247263 73%NANA29.77NA
2912:15SW 16 G 25NAFairCLR7063 78%NANA29.77NA
2911:55S 17 G 35NAA Few CloudsFEW0197063 78%NANA29.76NA0.03
2911:35SE 17 G 35NAA Few CloudsFEW016 FEW0376663 88%NANA29.75NA0.03
2911:15SE 35 G 44NAPartly Cloudy and WindyFEW018 SCT038 SCT0606461 88%NANA29.72NA0.02
2910:55SE 18 G 31NAPartly CloudyFEW025 SCT046 SCT0656461 88%NANA29.75NA0.01
2910:35E 16NAPartly CloudyFEW046 SCT060 SCT0756461 88%NANA29.78NA0.01
2910:15SE 10NAMostly CloudyFEW037 FEW047 BKN0756461 88%NANA29.86NA
2909:55S 8NAPartly CloudySCT0756461 88%NANA29.87NA0.01
2909:35SE 9NAPartly CloudySCT0756361 94%NANA29.83NA
2909:15SE 7NAPartly CloudySCT0756361 94%NANA29.84NA
2908:55E 5NAPartly CloudyFEW075 SCT0956361 94%NANA29.85NA
2908:35CalmNAA Few CloudsFEW0956361 94%NANA29.87NA
2908:15SE 3NAFairCLR6361 94%NANA29.85NA
2907:55SE 6NAPartly CloudySCT0706361 94%NANA29.84NA0.01
2907:35SE 5NAMostly CloudyBKN0706359 88%NANA29.85NA0.01
2907:15SE 5NAMostly CloudyBKN0656359 88%NANA29.85NA0.01
2906:55CalmNA ThunderstormFEW014 SCT024 BKN0396359 726388%NANA29.85NA0.230.23
2906:35NW 9 G 37NA ThunderstormSCT014 SCT027 BKN0406459 83%NANA29.87NA0.21
2906:15S 3NAA Few CloudsFEW0806864 88%NANA29.84NA
2905:55S 5NAFairCLR6864 88%NANA29.81NA
2905:35S 7NAPartly CloudySCT0957064 83%NANA29.81NA
2905:15S 8NAMostly CloudyFEW032 SCT043 BKN0957064 83%NANA29.81NA
2904:55SW 7NAOvercastSCT030 BKN039 OVC0607064 83%NANA29.82NA
2904:35SW 6NAOvercastSCT021 BKN037 OVC0507264 78%NANA29.81NA
2904:15SW 6NAOvercastSCT021 BKN027 OVC0487264 78%NANA29.77NA
2903:55S 9NAOvercastFEW026 SCT032 OVC0467264 78%NANA29.73NA
2903:35SE 10 G 16NAMostly CloudyBKN0477264 78%NANA29.72NA
2903:15SE 14 G 20NAMostly CloudySCT030 BKN0477264 78%NANA29.72NA
2902:55S 8NAMostly CloudyFEW025 BKN033 BKN0437264 78%NANA29.75NA
2902:35SE 9NAMostly CloudyFEW020 SCT028 BKN0367264 78%NANA29.75NA
2902:15SE 8NAOvercastFEW021 BKN028 OVC0377264 78%NANA29.76NA
2901:55S 10NAOvercastFEW028 BKN038 OVC0437264 78%NANA29.76NA
2901:35S 8NAOvercastFEW019 SCT025 OVC0367264 78%NANA29.76NA
2901:15S 9NAOvercastFEW019 BKN025 OVC0357264 78%NANA29.74NA
2900:55SE 10 G 20NAOvercastSCT019 BKN032 OVC0407264 817278%NANA29.74NA
2900:35SE 12 G 17NAOvercastBKN019 BKN023 OVC0407264 78%NANA29.75NA
2900:15SE 12 G 17NAOvercastSCT021 BKN027 OVC0467264 78%NANA29.75NA
2823:55SE 12 G 17NAOvercastFEW021 BKN029 OVC0407264 78%NANA29.77NA
2823:35SE 12 G 16NAOvercastSCT021 OVC0297264 78%NANA29.77NA
2823:15SE 12 G 17NAOvercastSCT023 BKN029 OVC0347263 73%NANA29.77NA
2822:55SE 13 G 21NAOvercastSCT027 OVC0347263 73%NANA29.78NA
2822:35S 12 G 23NAOvercastOVC0247263 73%NANA29.78NA
2822:15S 16 G 22NAMostly CloudyBKN0247263 73%NANA29.79NA
2821:55SE 13 G 20NAFairCLR7263 73%NANA29.77NA
2821:35SE 13 G 17NAFairCLR7261 69%NANA29.78NA
2821:15SE 12 G 16NAFairCLR7361 65%NANA29.79NA
2820:55S 13NAFairCLR7359 61%NANA29.78NA
2820:35SE 13 G 17NAFairCLR7559 57%NANA29.78NA
2820:15SE 9NAFairCLR7557 54%NANA29.77NA
2819:55SE 8NAFairCLR7557 54%NANA29.77NA
2819:35SE 12NAFairCLR7957 48%NA8029.76NA
2819:15S 10 G 21NAFairCLR7957 48%NA8029.76NA
2818:55S 14 G 24NAFairCLR8157 868145%NA8129.77NA
2818:35S 14 G 22NAFairCLR8159 48%NA8129.76NA
2818:15S 17 G 23NAFairCLR8261 48%NA8229.76NA
2817:55S 14 G 20NAA Few CloudsFEW0508261 48%NA8229.76NA
2817:35S 15 G 22NAA Few CloudsFEW0508263 51%NA8329.76NA
2817:15S 13 G 18NAFairCLR8263 51%NA8329.77NA
2816:55SE 14 G 20NAPartly CloudySCT060 SCT0708263 51%NA8329.77NA
2816:35SE 14 G 23NAMostly CloudyBKN0608463 48%NA8529.77NA
2816:15SE 16 G 28NAMostly CloudyBKN060 BKN0708463 48%NA8529.78NA
2815:55SE 12NAMostly CloudyBKN060 BKN0708463 48%NA8529.79NA
2815:35S 9 G 18NAMostly CloudyFEW048 BKN060 BKN0708466 55%NA8629.80NA
2815:15SE 14 G 21NAMostly CloudySCT047 BKN0508466 55%NA8629.81NA
2814:55S 18 G 24NAMostly CloudySCT048 BKN0508464 51%NA8529.82NA
2814:35SE 15 G 18NAMostly CloudySCT048 BKN0508464 51%NA8529.83NA
2814:15SE 13 G 20NAPartly CloudyFEW046 SCT0498264 55%NA8429.84NA
2813:55S 12 G 20NAA Few CloudsFEW038 FEW0468264 55%NA8429.86NA
2813:35S 9NAMostly CloudySCT038 SCT044 BKN0508166 62%NA8329.87NA
2813:15S 12NAPartly CloudyFEW030 FEW037 SCT0468166 62%NA8329.88NA
2812:55SE 10NAPartly CloudyFEW025 SCT0338166 816662%NA8329.89NA
2812:35SE 9NAMostly CloudySCT025 BKN031 BKN0387966 65%NA8129.90NA
2812:15S 10NAMostly CloudyFEW021 BKN0297968 70%NA8129.91NA
2811:55SE 9NAMostly CloudySCT021 BKN0297566 74%NANA29.91NA
2811:35SE 10NAPartly CloudySCT0217566 74%NANA29.92NA
2811:15SE 9NAPartly CloudyFEW017 SCT0237566 74%NANA29.92NA
2810:55SE 12NAOvercastSCT014 OVC0217266 83%NANA29.93NA
2810:35S 5NAOvercastOVC0177266 83%NANA29.93NA
2810:15SE 8NAOvercastOVC0177266 83%NANA29.92NA
2809:55S 7NAOvercastSCT010 OVC0157266 83%NANA29.92NA
2809:35S 9NAOvercastBKN008 OVC0157066 88%NANA29.92NA
2809:15SE 7NAOvercastBKN006 OVC0157066 88%NANA29.91NA
2808:55S 9NAOvercastOVC0066866 94%NANA29.90NA
2808:35S 8NAOvercastOVC0046866 94%NANA29.90NA
2808:15S 7NAOvercastOVC0036866 94%NANA29.90NA
2807:55SE 8NAOvercastOVC0026866 94%NANA29.89NA
2807:35SE 8NAOvercastOVC0026664 94%NANA29.88NA
2807:15SE 7NAOvercastOVC0026664 94%NANA29.88NA
2806:55SE 5NAMostly CloudyBKN002 BKN0196664 706694%NANA29.88NA
2806:35SE 5NAMostly CloudyBKN0196664 94%NANA29.88NA
2806:15SE 5NAMostly CloudyBKN0176664 94%NANA29.87NA
2805:55SE 3NAOvercastOVC0176664 94%NANA29.87NA
2805:35SE 3NAOvercastOVC0176664 94%NANA29.87NA
2805:15CalmNAOvercastOVC0176664 94%NANA29.87NA
2804:55SE 3NAOvercastOVC0176664 94%NANA29.87NA
2804:35SE 3NAMostly CloudyBKN0156664 94%NANA29.87NA
2804:15SE 5NAMostly CloudyBKN0156664 94%NANA29.87NA
2803:55SE 3NAOvercastOVC0136664 94%NANA29.88NA
2803:35SE 3NAMostly CloudyBKN0116664 94%NANA29.88NA
2803:15SE 5NAMostly CloudyBKN0116664 94%NANA29.88NA
2802:55SE 5NAMostly CloudyBKN011 BKN0556664 94%NANA29.88NA
2802:35SE 3NAOvercastBKN011 BKN047 OVC0556864 88%NANA29.88NA
2802:15SE 3NAOvercastBKN011 OVC0416864 88%NANA29.89NA
2801:55S 3NAOvercastBKN011 OVC0416864 88%NANA29.88NA
2801:35S 6NAOvercastOVC0117064 83%NANA29.88NA
2801:15S 6NAOvercastOVC0117064 83%NANA29.88NA
2800:55SE 6NAMostly CloudyBKN0117064 796683%NANA29.88NA
2800:35S 6NAFairCLR7064 83%NANA29.88NA
2800:15S 7NAFairCLR7064 83%NANA29.88NA
2723:55S 7NAFairCLR7064 83%NANA29.88NA
2723:35SE 6NAMostly CloudySCT032 BKN0387266 83%NANA29.88NA
2723:15S 6NAOvercastOVC0327266 83%NANA29.88NA
2722:55S 5NAMostly CloudyBKN032 BKN0407266 83%NANA29.88NA
2722:35CalmNAMostly CloudySCT030 BKN040 BKN0507066 88%NANA29.87NA
2722:15S 3NAMostly CloudySCT030 BKN037 BKN0477066 88%NANA29.87NA
2721:55SE 6NAPartly CloudySCT0396864 88%NANA29.86NA
2721:35SE 3NAPartly CloudySCT0396664 94%NANA29.85NA
2721:15CalmNAFairCLR6663 88%NANA29.84NA
2720:55CalmNAFairCLR6664 94%NANA29.84NA
2720:35CalmNAFairCLR6864 88%NANA29.84NA
2720:15CalmNAFairCLR7064 83%NANA29.83NA
2719:55CalmNAFairCLR7266 83%NANA29.83NA
2719:35CalmNAFairCLR7366 78%NANA29.83NA
2719:15CalmNAFairCLR7566 74%NANA29.82NA
2718:55CalmNAFairCLR7966 797365%NA8129.82NA
2718:35SW 3NAFairCLR7966 65%NA8129.82NA
2718:15SW 3NAFairCLR7966 65%NA8129.82NA
2717:55W 5NAFairCLR7966 65%NA8129.82NA
2717:35W 3NAPartly CloudyFEW045 SCT0507966 65%NA8129.82NA
2717:15W 8NAFairCLR7966 65%NA8129.83NA
2716:55NW 6NAA Few CloudsFEW0607966 65%NA8129.84NA
2716:35NW 6NAMostly CloudyBKN0607966 65%NA8129.84NA
2716:15W 7NAMostly CloudyFEW030 BKN0607966 65%NA8129.85NA
2715:55W 8NAMostly CloudySCT027 BKN035 BKN0607966 65%NA8129.85NA
2715:35NW 7NAMostly CloudyFEW030 BKN0507966 65%NA8129.85NA
2715:15SW 6NAOvercastOVC0507566 74%NANA29.86NA
2714:55SW 6NAOvercastFEW025 OVC0507766 69%NA7929.87NA
2714:35SW 8NAOvercastFEW025 OVC0507566 74%NANA29.87NA
2714:15SW 9NAOvercastBKN045 OVC0507566 74%NANA29.88NA
2713:55S 10NAMostly CloudyFEW024 SCT033 BKN0457564 69%NANA29.88NA
2713:35SW 8NAOvercastBKN024 OVC0337364 74%NANA29.89NA
2713:15SW 6NAOvercastSCT024 BKN033 OVC0417564 69%NANA29.89NA
2712:55SW 10NAOvercastBKN034 OVC0417564 756869%NANA29.90NA
2712:35W 9NAOvercastBKN035 OVC0427564 69%NANA29.90NA
2712:15SW 8NAOvercastSCT025 BKN039 OVC0457564 69%NANA29.91NA
2711:55SW 7NAOvercastBKN025 OVC0327364 74%NANA29.91NA
2711:35SW 8NAOvercastSCT025 OVC0367364 74%NANA29.91NA
2711:15SW 8NAOvercastFEW023 SCT034 OVC0417364 74%NANA29.91NA
2710:55SW 7 G 17NAOvercastFEW023 BKN037 OVC0437364 74%NANA29.91NA
2710:35SW 10NAMostly CloudySCT020 BKN027 BKN0317364 74%NANA29.91NA
2710:15SW 10 G 18NAMostly CloudySCT020 BKN0277566 74%NANA29.90NA
2709:55SW 10 G 20NAMostly CloudySCT018 SCT022 BKN0357264 78%NANA29.90NA
2709:35SW 10NAOvercastSCT015 BKN023 OVC0307266 83%NANA29.90NA
2709:15SW 8NAOvercastBKN015 OVC0237266 83%NANA29.89NA
2708:55SW 7NAOvercastSCT015 BKN021 OVC0277264 78%NANA29.88NA
2708:35SW 5NAOvercastSCT015 OVC0217064 83%NANA29.88NA
2708:15S 7NAOvercastBKN021 OVC0267064 83%NANA29.87NA
2707:55S 7NAOvercastBKN021 OVC0276864 88%NANA29.85NA
2707:35S 6NAOvercastBKN020 OVC0276864 88%NANA29.85NA
2707:15S 6NAOvercastSCT018 OVC0256864 88%NANA29.84NA
2706:55S 3NAOvercastSCT020 BKN027 OVC0316864 706688%NANA29.84NA
2706:35S 5NAOvercastFEW017 BKN025 OVC0356864 88%NANA29.84NA
2706:15S 6NAOvercastSCT019 BKN026 OVC0346864 88%NANA29.85NA
2705:55S 6NAMostly CloudyFEW012 SCT017 BKN0266864 88%NANA29.84NA
2705:35S 7NAOvercastSCT012 BKN019 OVC0266864 88%NANA29.83NA
2705:15S 9NAOvercastSCT012 BKN021 OVC0256864 88%NANA29.83NA
2704:55S 12NAOvercastBKN010 OVC0197064 83%NANA29.84NA
2704:35S 12 G 18NAOvercastBKN010 OVC0176864 88%NANA29.83NA
2704:15S 12NAOvercastBKN010 OVC0176864 88%NANA29.84NA
2703:55S 8NAOvercastOVC0106864 88%NANA29.83NA
2703:35S 9NAOvercastOVC0106864 88%NANA29.83NA
2703:15S 8NAOvercastOVC0106864 88%NANA29.85NA
2702:55S 10NAMostly CloudyBKN0126863 83%NANA29.86NA
2702:35S 13 G 16NAA Few CloudsFEW0126863 83%NANA29.84NA
2702:15S 10NAA Few CloudsFEW0146663 88%NANA29.85NA
2701:55S 10NAA Few CloudsFEW0166863 83%NANA29.85NA
2701:35S 12NAMostly CloudyBKN0166863 83%NANA29.86NA
2701:15S 10NAMostly CloudyBKN0166863 83%NANA29.87NA
2700:55S 10NAPartly CloudySCT0166863 796883%NANA29.87NA
2700:35S 13 G 17NAFairCLR6863 83%NANA29.86NA
2700:15S 13 G 17NAPartly CloudySCT0217063 78%NANA29.86NA
2623:55S 10 G 16NAA Few CloudsFEW0197063 78%NANA29.88NA
2623:35S 10NAA Few CloudsFEW0197063 78%NANA29.88NA
2623:15S 13NAA Few CloudsFEW1207063 78%NANA29.88NA
2622:55S 12 G 18NAMostly CloudyBKN1207063 78%NANA29.89NA
2622:35S 10NAOvercastOVC1207263 73%NANA29.88NA
2622:15S 9 G 17NAOvercastOVC1107263 73%NANA29.88NA
2621:55S 10 G 16NAMostly CloudyBKN1007263 73%NANA29.88NA
2621:35S 13NAMostly CloudyBKN1007263 73%NANA29.85NA
2621:15S 10NAA Few CloudsFEW1007261 69%NANA29.85NA
2620:55S 10 G 17NAFairCLR7361 65%NANA29.84NA
2620:35S 15 G 20NAFairCLR7361 65%NANA29.82NA
2620:15S 12 G 21NAA Few CloudsFEW1207561 61%NANA29.82NA
2619:55S 10 G 23NAA Few CloudsFEW1207559 57%NANA29.83NA
2619:35S 13 G 18NAFairCLR7557 54%NANA29.82NA
2619:15S 12 G 17NAFairCLR7757 51%NA7929.83NA
2618:55S 12 G 16NAFairCLR7957 847948%NA8029.83NA
2618:35S 13 G 18NAFairCLR8157 45%NA8129.83NA
2618:15S 18 G 28NAFairCLR8155 42%NA8129.82NA
2617:55S 16 G 23NAFairCLR8257 42%NA8229.81NA
2617:35S 15 G 23NAFairCLR8257 42%NA8229.82NA
2617:15S 14 G 24NAA Few CloudsFEW0708255 40%NA8129.82NA
2616:55S 13 G 18NAA Few CloudsFEW0608259 45%NA8229.82NA
2616:35SE 16 G 22NAPartly CloudySCT0608259 45%NA8229.82NA
2616:15S 16 G 22NAMostly CloudyBKN0608461 45%NA8429.83NA
2615:55S 10 G 18NAMostly CloudySCT050 BKN0708261 48%NA8229.84NA
2615:35S 17 G 21NAMostly CloudyBKN0508263 51%NA8329.85NA
2615:15SE 9 G 21NAPartly CloudyFEW048 SCT0608263 51%NA8329.86NA
2614:55S 16 G 20NAA Few CloudsFEW0428263 51%NA8329.87NA
2614:35S 14 G 23NAA Few CloudsFEW0428163 54%NA8229.88NA
2614:15SE 14 G 20NAFairCLR8163 54%NA8229.89NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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