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Charlotte, Fitch H Beach Airport
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
1321:15N 12 G 162.50 Light SnowBKN025 OVC0312017 87%8NA29.42NA
1320:55N 102.00 Light SnowOVC0232017 87%9NA29.41NA
1320:35N 91.75 Light SnowSCT020 OVC0262118 87%11NA29.39NA
1320:15N 103.00 Light SnowOVC0262118 87%10NA29.38NA
1319:55NE 124.00 Light SnowSCT017 BKN021 OVC0262118 88%9NA29.37NA
1319:35NE 92.00 Light SnowBKN011 OVC0192118 88%11NA29.36NA
1319:15NE 81.25 SnowBKN011 OVC0152017 89%10NA29.36NA
1318:55E 82.50 Light SnowBKN021 OVC0282017 212088%10NA29.36NA
1318:35E 71.75 Light SnowOVC0182017 87%11NA29.35NA
1318:15E 71.75 Light SnowOVC0142017 87%11NA29.36NA
1317:55E 91.25 Light SnowOVC0122017 87%10NA29.36NA
1317:35E 90.50 SnowOVC0082017 88%10NA29.36NA
1317:15E 90.50 SnowOVC0082017 88%10NA29.37NA
1316:55E 80.50 SnowOVC0082017 88%10NA29.37NA
1316:35E 80.50 SnowOVC0102017 88%10NA29.37NA
1316:15E 70.50 Light SnowOVC0102017 87%11NA29.37NA
1315:55E 70.75 Light SnowOVC0122016 87%11NA29.37NA
1315:35E 91.75 Light SnowSCT014 BKN018 OVC0432016 83%10NA29.37NA
1315:15SE 77.00OvercastSCT012 SCT017 OVC0412016 84%11NA29.39NA
1314:55SE 91.00 Light SnowOVC0142016 83%10NA29.40NA
1314:35SE 12 G 161.00 Light SnowOVC0142015 81%8NA29.39NA
1314:15SE 12 G 183.00 Light SnowSCT028 BKN036 OVC0432114 75%9NA29.40NA
1313:55SE 12 G 1710.00OvercastBKN036 OVC0432114 75%9NA29.43NA
1313:35SE 710.00OvercastBKN032 OVC0372114 75%12NA29.47NA
1313:15SE 810.00OvercastOVC0322014 76%10NA29.48NA
1312:55SE 910.00 Light SnowOVC0321913 191778%8NA29.50NA
1312:35SE 87.00 Light SnowOVC0321914 79%9NA29.52NA
1312:15SE 97.00 Light SnowOVC0321914 80%8NA29.54NA
1311:55SE 8 G 1610.00 Light SnowOVC0321914 82%9NA29.56NA
1311:35SE 101.75 Light SnowBKN009 BKN014 OVC0321814 83%6NA29.60NA
1311:15SE 7 G 170.50 SnowOVC0091814 84%9NA29.63NA
1310:55SE 81.00 Light SnowBKN010 OVC0171814 85%8NA29.64NA
1310:35SE 80.75 Light SnowOVC0101814 85%8NA29.65NA
1310:15SE 80.75 Light SnowOVC0101814 86%8NA29.67NA
1309:55S 101.00 Light SnowOVC0121814 86%6NA29.69NA
1309:35S 80.75 Light SnowOVC0101714 86%7NA29.69NA
1309:15S 70.75 Light SnowOVC0101714 85%7NA29.69NA
1308:55S 61.75 Light SnowSCT020 BKN026 OVC0361813 82%10NA29.69NA
1308:35S 85.00 Light SnowSCT036 BKN060 OVC0751712 80%7NA29.69NA
1308:15S 73.00 Light SnowOVC0381813 81%9NA29.71NA
1307:55S 77.00 Light SnowBKN041 OVC0481813 81%9NA29.74NA
1307:35S 710.00OvercastBKN048 OVC0601713 81%7NA29.74NA
1307:15S 610.00OvercastOVC0601712 80%8NA29.74NA
1306:55S 610.00OvercastOVC0601712 171680%8NA29.75NA
1306:35S 710.00OvercastOVC0601712 80%7NA29.76NA
1306:15S 610.00OvercastOVC0601712 80%8NA29.77NA
1305:55S 710.00OvercastBKN014 OVC0601712 80%7NA29.77NA
1305:35S 710.00OvercastOVC0141712 80%7NA29.78NA
1305:15S 610.00OvercastOVC0181712 79%8NA29.79NA
1304:55S 510.00OvercastOVC0201711 78%9NA29.80NA
1304:35SW 310.00OvercastOVC0221711 79%NANA29.81NA
1304:15SW 510.00OvercastOVC0241711 77%9NA29.81NA
1303:55SW 610.00OvercastOVC0281710 76%8NA29.81NA
1303:35SW 610.00OvercastOVC0281710 76%8NA29.81NA
1303:15SW 610.00OvercastBKN030 OVC0421710 74%8NA29.82NA
1302:55SW 710.00OvercastSCT032 OVC042169 73%6NA29.83NA
1302:35SW 510.00OvercastOVC040179 70%9NA29.82NA
1302:15SW 510.00OvercastOVC042179 70%9NA29.82NA
1301:55SW 610.00OvercastOVC042179 69%8NA29.83NA
1301:35SW 510.00OvercastOVC042178 68%9NA29.84NA
1301:15SW 310.00OvercastOVC040178 68%NANA29.84NA
1300:55W 310.00OvercastOVC040178 181567%NANA29.85NA
1300:35W 510.00OvercastOVC040178 66%9NA29.85NA
1300:15W 510.00OvercastOVC042178 65%9NA29.86NA
1223:55W 510.00OvercastOVC042177 64%9NA29.86NA
1223:35W 510.00OvercastOVC042187 63%11NA29.87NA
1223:15N 510.00OvercastOVC040177 63%9NA29.87NA
1222:55NW 610.00OvercastOVC040187 62%10NA29.88NA
1222:35NW 510.00OvercastOVC040187 64%11NA29.88NA
1222:15NW 610.00OvercastOVC042187 63%10NA29.89NA
1221:55NW 710.00OvercastOVC042177 64%7NA29.89NA
1221:35W 710.00OvercastOVC046187 63%9NA29.89NA
1221:15NW 810.00OvercastOVC046187 63%8NA29.89NA
1220:55NW 810.00OvercastOVC046178 65%7NA29.90NA
1220:35W 710.00OvercastOVC046178 65%7NA29.90NA
1220:15NW 10 G 1610.00OvercastOVC048177 64%5NA29.90NA
1219:55NW 710.00OvercastOVC048177 63%7NA29.90NA
1219:35NW 8 G 1610.00OvercastOVC048176 62%7NA29.90NA
1219:15W 710.00Mostly CloudyBKN048166 64%6NA29.90NA
1218:55W 710.00Partly CloudySCT050153 211560%5NA29.90NA
1218:35W 610.00Partly CloudySCT050153 58%6NA29.89NA
1218:15NW 710.00Partly CloudySCT050164 59%6NA29.89NA
1217:55NW 710.00Partly CloudySCT050175 58%7NA29.89NA
1217:35NW 10 G 1610.00OvercastOVC050185 56%6NA29.89NA
1217:15NW 13 G 2310.00Mostly CloudyBKN055184 53%5NA29.88NA
1216:55NW 12 G 2210.00OvercastOVC048195 53%6NA29.88NA
1216:35NW 12 G 1810.00OvercastSCT044 OVC050204 50%8NA29.87NA
1216:15NW 9 G 1610.00Mostly CloudyBKN048204 49%10NA29.86NA
1215:55NW 13 G 1810.00OvercastOVC048204 49%7NA29.86NA
1215:35NW 15 G 2210.00OvercastBKN046 OVC050204 49%6NA29.86NA
1215:15NW 16 G 2310.00OvercastSCT035 OVC042216 52%7NA29.86NA
1214:55NW 910.00OvercastSCT027 SCT033 OVC038198 60%8NA29.86NA
1214:35NW 1010.00OvercastSCT028 BKN035 OVC0492011 68%9NA29.86NA
1214:15N 710.00OvercastSCT029 SCT042 OVC0601911 69%10NA29.86NA
1213:55N 84.00 Light SnowSCT029 BKN040 OVC0601811 76%8NA29.87NA
1213:35NW 85.00 Light SnowSCT029 BKN034 OVC0401711 76%7NA29.87NA
1213:15N 75.00Overcast with HazeSCT029 BKN036 OVC0501911 71%10NA29.87NA
1212:55N 910.00Mostly CloudySCT033 SCT041 BKN0491711 201778%6NA29.88NA
1212:35N 9 G 164.00 Light SnowSCT024 BKN033 OVC0491811 76%7NA29.88NA
1212:15N 8 G 161.00 Light SnowBKN010 OVC0191712 81%7NA29.88NA
1211:55NW 92.00 Light SnowSCT010 BKN021 OVC0341810 70%7NA29.88NA
1211:35NW 10 G 1810.00Mostly CloudySCT031 SCT041 BKN055197 59%8NA29.89NA
1211:15NW 18 G 2410.00Partly CloudySCT031 SCT041 SCT055196 58%4NA29.89NA
1210:55NW 16 G 2310.00Partly CloudySCT029197 58%4NA29.89NA
1210:35NW 16 G 2310.00Mostly CloudyBKN028 BKN032188 64%3NA29.89NA
1210:15NW 14 G 1810.00Mostly CloudySCT009 BKN023 BKN0311912 75%5NA29.89NA
1209:55NW 91.00 Light SnowOVC0091713 82%6NA29.89NA
1209:35NW 10 G 214.00 Light SnowSCT010 SCT019 BKN0451811 74%6NA29.88NA
1209:16NW 910.00Partly CloudySCT0501811 73%7NA29.88NA
1208:55NW 9 G 1610.00Partly CloudySCT015 SCT026 SCT0311810 73%7NA29.87NA
1208:35NW 910.00Mostly CloudySCT028 SCT036 BKN0501810 71%7NA29.87NA
1208:15NW 12 G 2110.00Mostly CloudySCT028 BKN037 BKN045189 68%5NA29.87NA
1207:55NW 15 G 207.00OvercastSCT025 BKN040 OVC0451911 72%5NA29.86NA
1207:35NW 12 G 1610.00OvercastBKN025 BKN032 OVC0401912 72%6NA29.85NA
1207:15NW 87.00Mostly CloudySCT024 SCT032 BKN0411911 72%9NA29.84NA
1206:55NW 1010.00Partly CloudySCT0471910 301968%8NA29.84NA
1206:35NW 12 G 2310.00Partly CloudySCT0471910 67%6NA29.84NA
1206:15NW 14 G 2410.00Partly CloudySCT0441910 67%5NA29.83NA
1205:55NW 13 G 2110.00Mostly CloudySCT036 BKN0442011 67%7NA29.81NA
1205:35NW 16 G 2310.00Mostly CloudySCT028 BKN036 BKN0432113 70%7NA29.81NA
1205:15NW 13 G 2210.00Mostly CloudyBKN029 BKN036 BKN0502211 64%10NA29.79NA
1204:55NW 16 G 257.00 Light SnowBKN027 BKN031 OVC0502315 70%10NA29.78NA
1204:35NW 17 G 2510.00OvercastSCT028 SCT033 OVC0502314 66%9NA29.77NA
1204:15NW 16 G 317.00OvercastBKN026 BKN046 OVC0502414 66%11NA29.77NA
1203:55NW 20 G 2510.00OvercastSCT026 OVC0482417 73%9NA29.76NA
1203:35NW 16 G 2310.00OvercastSCT039 OVC0482517 74%12NA29.76NA
1203:15NW 18 G 295.00 Light SnowSCT032 OVC0412618 74%13NA29.76NA
1202:55NW 16 G 247.00 Light SnowSCT021 SCT026 OVC0322720 75%15NA29.74NA
1202:35NW 15 G 225.00 Light SnowSCT012 BKN020 OVC0262722 81%15NA29.73NA
1202:15NW 104.00 Light SnowOVC0122825 86%19NA29.71NA
1201:55NW 13 G 202.00 Light SnowOVC0122925 85%19NA29.70NA
1201:35NW 7 G 165.00 Light SnowOVC0142926 86%22NA29.70NA
1201:15NW 10 G 227.00OvercastOVC0143026 85%21NA29.70NA
1200:55NW 13 G 1810.00OvercastOVC0123026 312885%20NA29.69NA
1200:35NW 13 G 207.00OvercastOVC0103127 86%21NA29.68NA
1200:15NW 14 G 213.00 Fog/MistBKN005 OVC0103128 91%21NA29.67NA
1123:55NW 7 G 102.50 Fog/MistOVC0053128 92%24NA29.67NA
1123:35W 62.50 Unknown PrecipBKN005 OVC0143028 91%24NA29.67NA
1123:15W 54.00 Fog/MistSCT007 BKN014 OVC0263027 90%25NA29.67NA
1122:55Calm4.00 Fog/MistOVC0252927 90%NANA29.67NA
1122:35W 34.00 Fog/MistOVC0312927 90%NANA29.67NA
1122:15Calm4.00 Fog/MistSCT016 OVC0332927 90%NANA29.68NA
1121:55W 34.00 Fog/MistOVC0162927 90%NANA29.68NA
1121:35Calm4.00 Fog/MistOVC0182927 91%NANA29.69NA
1121:15Calm4.00 Fog/MistOVC0222927 91%NANA29.69NA
1120:55Calm4.00 Fog/MistOVC0222927 92%NANA29.70NA
1120:35Calm3.00 Light SnowOVC0262827 93%NANA29.70NA
1120:15Calm1.75 Light SnowOVC0262927 92%NANA29.71NA
1119:55S 31.50 Light SnowSCT005 BKN013 OVC0262927 92%NANA29.71NA
1119:35S 51.50 Light SnowSCT005 OVC0132927 91%24NA29.71NA
1119:15S 61.50 Light SnowBKN005 BKN017 OVC0252927 92%23NA29.71NA
1118:55S 71.75 Light SnowSCT005 BKN011 OVC0252926 312892%22NA29.71NA
1118:35S 61.00 SnowBKN005 OVC0122926 92%23NA29.70NA
1118:15S 61.75 Light SnowSCT007 OVC0162926 91%23NA29.70NA
1117:55S 51.75 Light SnowSCT007 OVC0162826 91%22NA29.71NA
1117:35S 61.00 Light SnowOVC0162926 90%23NA29.71NA
1117:15S 71.25 Light SnowBKN017 OVC0282925 85%22NA29.71NA
1116:55SE 77.00OvercastBKN043 BKN050 OVC0703024 77%23NA29.71NA
1116:35S 610.00OvercastSCT050 OVC0603023 75%24NA29.72NA
1116:15S 810.00OvercastOVC0603024 77%22NA29.72NA
1115:55S 710.00OvercastOVC0603124 75%24NA29.73NA
1115:35S 810.00OvercastSCT019 OVC0503024 76%22NA29.73NA
1115:16S 710.00OvercastSCT019 SCT046 OVC0503124 75%24NA29.75NA
1114:55S 710.00OvercastSCT019 SCT044 OVC0503024 77%23NA29.76NA
1114:35S 1310.00OvercastBKN019 OVC0503023 76%20NA29.77NA
1113:55S 910.00OvercastOVC0173024 79%22NA29.79NA
1113:35S 910.00OvercastOVC0152924 80%21NA29.81NA
1113:15S 810.00OvercastBKN013 OVC0182824 83%20NA29.82NA
1112:55S 810.00OvercastBKN011 OVC0142824 282384%20NA29.83NA
1111:35S 83.00 Fog/MistBKN009 OVC0342824 86%20NA29.90NA
1111:15S 95.00 Unknown PrecipSCT009 BKN031 OVC0652824 87%19NA29.91NA
1110:55S 61.75 Light SnowSCT007 BKN028 OVC0352724 88%20NA29.91NA
1110:35S 51.25 Light SnowSCT007 BKN027 OVC0352624 90%20NA29.93NA
1110:15S 51.00 Light SnowBKN009 OVC0202523 89%19NA29.94NA
1109:55S 30.75 Light SnowBKN009 OVC0122422 89%NANA29.94NA
1109:35SE 31.00 Light SnowBKN010 OVC0172421 89%NANA29.94NA
1109:15Calm1.00 Light SnowOVC0162320 88%NANA29.95NA
1108:55SE 61.00 Light SnowOVC0162319 87%16NA29.94NA
1108:35E 61.25 Light SnowOVC0232319 84%16NA29.96NA
1108:15E 67.00 Light SnowBKN024 OVC0302317 78%16NA29.97NA
1107:55E 310.00OvercastSCT017 OVC0292317 78%NANA29.99NA
1107:35E 510.00OvercastOVC0312418 79%18NA29.99NA
1107:15SE 310.00OvercastOVC0312417 77%NANA29.99NA
1106:55E 310.00OvercastOVC0312417 262475%NANA29.99NA
1106:35SE 310.00OvercastSCT014 OVC0312417 74%NANA29.99NA
1106:15E 510.00OvercastBKN014 OVC0312417 75%18NA29.99NA
1105:55E 510.00OvercastSCT012 OVC0312418 77%18NA29.98NA
1105:35E 610.00OvercastBKN012 OVC0312419 81%17NA29.98NA
1105:15E 310.00OvercastBKN012 OVC0312419 81%NANA29.98NA
1104:55Calm10.00OvercastSCT014 OVC0332419 78%NANA29.99NA
1104:35NE 510.00OvercastSCT013 OVC0332418 77%18NA29.99NA
1104:15Calm10.00OvercastSCT013 OVC0332519 77%NANA30.01NA
1103:55NE 310.00OvercastOVC0352519 78%NANA30.01NA
1103:35Calm10.00OvercastOVC0352520 80%NANA30.02NA
1103:15N 310.00OvercastOVC0352520 81%NANA30.01NA
1102:55Calm10.00OvercastOVC0332520 81%NANA30.01NA
1102:35NW 310.00OvercastOVC0332620 81%NANA30.00NA
1102:15Calm10.00OvercastOVC0332621 81%NANA29.99NA
1101:55NW 310.00OvercastOVC0352620 80%NANA29.99NA
1101:35NW 310.00OvercastOVC0352620 81%NANA30.00NA
1101:15NW 310.00OvercastOVC0352621 80%NANA29.99NA
1100:55Calm10.00OvercastBKN035 OVC0432621 272680%NANA29.99NA
1100:35NW 510.00 Light SnowOVC0452621 79%20NA30.00NA
1100:15NW 610.00OvercastSCT030 SCT038 OVC0452621 79%19NA30.00NA
1023:55NW 310.00OvercastBKN032 OVC0452721 79%NANA30.00NA
1023:35NW 610.00 Light SnowSCT030 OVC0402721 78%20NA29.99NA
1023:15NW 610.00 Light SnowBKN036 OVC0432721 78%20NA29.98NA
1022:55NW 610.00OvercastOVC0342721 78%20NA29.98NA
1022:35W 710.00OvercastOVC0342721 78%19NA29.97NA
1022:15W 610.00OvercastOVC0342721 79%20NA29.97NA
1021:55W 610.00OvercastOVC0342721 79%20NA29.97NA
1021:35W 710.00OvercastOVC0342721 80%19NA29.97NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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