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Key West International Airport
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
2720:53S 9 G 202.00 Thunderstorm in Vicinity Light Rain Fog/MistFEW012 BKN018 OVC0277979 100%NA8429.811009.50.21
2719:53Calm0.75 Thunderstorm Light Rain Fog/MistFEW012 BKN034 OVC0477776 847496%NA7829.811009.50.230.24
2718:53S 178.00 Thunderstorm in Vicinity Light RainFEW013 BKN037 BKN0557979 100%NA8429.801009.00.01
2717:53S 21 G 268.00 Light Rain and BreezySCT024 SCT048 BKN0608178 91%NA8929.771008.2
2716:53S 1710.00Mostly CloudyFEW013 SCT035 BKN0448279 90%NA9129.781008.4
2715:53S 1310.00A Few CloudsFEW0608479 85%NA9629.771008.1
2714:53S 1510.00FairCLR8378 85%NA9329.791008.7
2713:53S 1510.00FairCLR8478 847982%NA9529.791008.9
2712:53S 1610.00FairCLR8378 85%NA9329.801009.1
2711:53S 18 G 2910.00A Few CloudsFEW1008278 88%NA9129.801008.9
2710:53S 18 G 2810.00FairCLR8278 88%NA9129.771008.2
2709:53S 18 G 3010.00Partly CloudyFEW019 SCT0278178 91%NA8929.771008.0
2708:53S 23 G 3210.00Partly Cloudy and BreezyFEW022 SCT050 SCT0908077 90%NA8629.751007.5
2707:53S 25 G 3510.00Partly Cloudy and BreezyFEW019 SCT0478077 807890%NA8629.731006.6
2706:53S 26 G 3510.00Mostly Cloudy and WindyBKN023 BKN0297976 90%NA8329.711005.9
2705:53S 22 G 2910.00Overcast and BreezySCT020 BKN029 OVC0807977 94%NA8329.691005.4
2704:53S 24 G 3210.00Overcast and BreezySCT018 BKN023 OVC0387977 94%NA8329.691005.3
2703:53SE 29 G 3710.00Overcast and WindyFEW014 BKN021 OVC0327877 97%NA8129.691005.3
2702:53SE 29 G 3610.00Mostly Cloudy and WindyFEW014 SCT035 BKN0437877 97%NA8129.691005.4
2701:53SE 24 G 359.00 Light Rain and BreezyFEW016 BKN029 OVC0367877 787697%NA8129.721006.30.17
2700:53SE 23 G 376.00 Light Rain Fog/Mist and BreezySCT015 BKN028 OVC0407777 100%NA7829.731006.80.05
2623:53SE 23 G 379.00 Light Rain and BreezySCT011 BKN018 OVC0357777 100%NA7829.751007.30.07
2622:53SE 31 G 377.00 Light Rain and WindySCT016 BKN023 OVC0507777 100%NA7829.751007.50.030.05
2621:53SE 30 G 375.00 Rain Fog/Mist and WindyBKN014 BKN024 OVC0907777 100%NA7829.741007.20.02
2620:53SE 28 G 3510.00Mostly Cloudy and WindyBKN020 BKN027 BKN0907876 93%NA8129.751007.3
2619:53SE 30 G 3810.00 Light Rain and WindySCT024 SCT055 OVC0907674 797594%NA7629.751007.40.040.19
2618:53SE 25 G 386.00 Light Rain Fog/Mist and BreezySCT018 BKN028 OVC1107776 96%NA7829.771007.90.01
2617:53SE 29 G 3510.00Mostly Cloudy and WindyBKN022 BKN038 BKN0477873 85%NA8029.781008.3
2616:53SE 2410.00Mostly Cloudy and BreezySCT021 BKN0297875 90%NA8029.771008.10.14
2615:53SE 26 G 323.00 Light Rain Fog/Mist and WindyFEW025 BKN039 OVC0507774 90%NA7829.801009.00.03
2614:53SE 159.00 Light RainFEW022 BKN050 OVC1007876 93%NA8129.831010.10.11
2613:53SE 2110.00 Light Rain and BreezyFEW026 BKN060 OVC0907874 807887%NA8029.871011.30.02
2612:53SE 1410.00 Light RainFEW021 BKN050 OVC1007976 90%NA8329.871011.40.02
2611:53SE 1310.00 Light RainFEW024 BKN040 OVC0757974 85%NA8329.881011.8
2610:53SE 1510.00OvercastFEW029 OVC0707975 88%NA8329.891012.1
2609:53SE 1210.00Partly CloudyFEW075 SCT1107973 82%NA8229.891012.0
2608:53SE 13 G 2010.00Mostly CloudyFEW026 BKN070 BKN1007974 85%NA8329.881011.7
2607:53SE 1210.00A Few CloudsFEW0757974 797785%NA8329.871011.5
2606:53SE 1310.00OvercastFEW024 SCT060 OVC0707875 90%NA8029.861011.0
2605:53E 1310.00 Light RainOVC0757774 90%NA7829.861011.0
2604:53SE 1210.00 Light RainBKN0757772 85%NA7829.861011.2
2603:53SE 1210.00 Light RainFEW070 FEW090 SCT1107872 82%NA8029.871011.4
2602:53SE 1610.00 Light RainCLR7774 90%NA7829.881011.7
2601:53SE 1710.00 Light RainFEW085 BKN1107774 787590%NA7829.911012.70.05
2600:53SE 1510.00 Light RainOVC0707774 90%NA7829.931013.4
2523:53SE 1210.00OvercastBKN090 OVC1107772 85%NA7829.951014.0
2522:53SE 1610.00 Light RainFEW049 OVC0657674 94%NA7629.961014.30.05
2521:53SE 1410.00 Light RainFEW015 SCT070 SCT1007675 97%NA7529.951014.10.01
2520:53SE 1810.00 Light RainSCT1207574 96%NANA29.931013.50.04
2519:53E 18 G 286.00 Heavy Rain Fog/MistSCT013 BKN025 BKN0707776 797496%NA7829.921013.20.230.76
2518:53SE 25 G 312.00 Heavy Rain Fog/Mist and BreezySCT017 SCT022 OVC0427776 96%NA7829.921013.20.49
2517:53E 18 G 269.00Mostly CloudyFEW015 SCT020 BKN1107876 93%NA8129.911012.9
2516:53E 1210.00Partly CloudySCT1107976 90%NA8329.921013.20.04
2515:53SE 910.00A Few CloudsFEW0557875 90%NA8029.921013.2
2514:53SE 810.00 Light RainBKN090 OVC1107777 100%NA7829.951014.00.04
2513:53S 59.00 Light RainSCT070 BKN090 OVC1207676 7672100%NA7529.981015.00.052.49
2512:53Calm5.00 Light Rain Fog/MistFEW050 FEW070 OVC0957474 100%NANA29.991015.50.42
2511:53NE 31.50 Rain Fog/MistSCT037 BKN049 OVC0857373 100%NANA30.001015.70.38
2510:53N 32.00 Heavy Rain Fog/MistBKN037 OVC0507272 100%NANA30.021016.41.101.64
2509:53NE 9 G 180.50 Heavy Rain FogBKN023 OVC0707373 100%NANA30.021016.40.53
2508:53S 96.00 Light Rain Fog/MistSCT020 BKN075 OVC0957675 97%NA7530.001015.70.01
2507:53E 610.00 Light RainSCT075 OVC0907575 7874100%NANA29.971014.80.040.11
2506:53SE 1410.00 Light RainFEW030 OVC0757572 90%NANA29.981015.00.03
2505:53E 810.00OvercastBKN018 BKN025 OVC1007573 94%NANA29.961014.4
2504:53E 310.00OvercastFEW080 OVC1007675 97%NA7529.961014.60.04
2503:53Calm10.00OvercastOVC1107777 100%NA7829.971014.80.01
2502:53Calm10.00 Light RainFEW016 FEW075 OVC1007574 96%NANA29.991015.50.03
2501:53N 310.00A Few CloudsFEW1207875 797890%NA8030.001015.8
2500:53N 310.00FairCLR7875 90%NA8030.021016.4
2423:53E 310.00A Few CloudsFEW1207876 93%NA8130.021016.7
2422:53NE 310.00FairCLR7875 90%NA8030.021016.4
2421:53Calm10.00A Few CloudsFEW1207875 90%NA8030.021016.6
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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